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I miss Kevin & Skinny AJ

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

So I’ve been listening/watching this video on repeat for the past hour….

Which I havent listened or watched this video in almost 4 yrs (which is when it came out) because it reminds me of my grandma who passed away when this single was released. And its weird cuz I just noticed that there is like NO BRIAN parts in this song, it was replaced with Nasaly Nick *sigh*

So upon watching that I was looking for a embed code for it since EVERYONE that i found that had it refused to let you do that, and that’s when I came across this video for their single ‘Drowning’ that I have NEVER seen before.

Why? Because BSB hated how it turned out (after watching this i don’t blame em) and redid the video to what everyone probably remembers and more importantly the video for this song that I love….

The ‘wet version’ of ‘Drowning’ is really bad granted fucking AJ looks good in his lameass fish net shirt, but I DONT CARE OK? He can drown in my life WHENEVER HOWEVER so be quiet.

Watching these videos I have come to realize one thing – why THE FUCK does Nick insist on his lip sycing to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO dramatic? Over moving his mouth for certain notes and just his movements & facial expressions, its pathetically funny (is that a word) especially since everyone else seems natural in the videos with their singing and stuff.

*shakes head*

Also I’m thinking the departure of Kevin has cursed this group, not only with hits, but also made Nick skinny & AJ fat, and that my friend is fucking wrong, because AJ is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay finer then Nick’s crackhead ass.



Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

So I’m going through my Forks, WA/Vancouver, BC pictures and go to my pictures from the Bobby Long show I saw in Vancouver and um….




Yea I don’t think of Bobby Long like that AT ALL, but I can’t deny the thoughts in my head as I came across this in my batch of pictures. I mean don’t get me wrong he is cute as hell and his accent is mouth watering, but I really am all about his music….but OMG this picture is just….

I dont even know, you know?

BSB seriously WTF?!

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Ok I have a few questions after watching this video:

1. Why are you guys in Japan?

2. Why is AJ wearing eyeliner?

3. Why are ya’ll still allowing Brian to play/sing in the streets? Especially in a different country? Didn’t you see ‘Closer’ how Natalie Portman got hit by a car?

4. Why the FUCK is there SO MUCH NICK in this video?

5. What does this have to do with the actual song ‘Bigger’?

6. Why does Nick look like a crack addict?


This video makes me sad and so did the ‘Straight Through My Heart Video’ because that is SUCH AN AWESOME song! And you messed it up with making it all vampire related…..I don’t even know because I still haven’t seen the whole video, but I do love the shit out of that song and ‘Bigger’.

This video also pisses me off because there’s SO MUCH FUCKING NICK shots in it and he doesn’t really have that big of a singing part in it, just like the chorus and shit, or at least I think so. I dunno this video just makes it seems like it’s Nick Carter & the Backstreet Boys.


7. When is Kevin coming back?

Wide Awake @ 4:44am

Friday, October 30th, 2009

And we’re not talking the normal wide awake at 4:4am because I HAVEN’T gone to sleep yet, but the I went to sleep at 8:40pm last nite and woke up an hour ago and can’t back to sleep, type of awake, haha.

Upside to this, is I’m blogging, but more importantly sitting in my floor in my favorite fucking hoodie that I haven’t been able to wear for like a YEAR because it’s so fucking HOT in Florida, OMG.

Oh and also I have the band, Action Action’s song ‘120 Ways To Kill You: An Illstruated Children’s Book’ on repeat. Ever since I was jamming out on my ipod a few days ago (if u follow me on twitter i’m sure you saw that) I rediscovered how much I love this song and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. So yea it’s been on repeat for the past few days, haha

 Don’t really have much of anything exciting to say, but omg yesterday as a whole was fucking awesome! First of all I dreaded it & expected the worse because for some stupid reason I could not sleep the night before and ended up only getting about 2 hours asleep! Pick Angelina up & get to work just to find out that DJ had CALLED IN O_o

That alone showed such promise in the day, you guys have no idea, especially since it was an event day (hockey game = easy day)! Had fun as always working with Angelina, the only down fall of the day was having to dress about a million tables outside in the 90 degree heat while our lazy ass guys sat around smoking or just shooting the shit with the housekeeping staff >:o

Didn’t get to see Vinnie, but I did get to FINALLY hang up this wall map that has just been rolled up & collecting dust in our office for like well over a month & added some of the places i’ve been :)

I really should hit the central North more.

I really should hit the central North more.

Which I’m sure some asshole will rip down, since we saw how long our ‘fake tv’ lasted – WHICH I STILL NEED TO WRITE ABOUT OMG DRAMA – but whatever, I’m all about trying to find stupid cute things for us to do in the office to help us bond, but I guess there’s just assholes in our department like being destructive? Did I spell that right? Probably not, if it is in fact even a word, lol.

OH! I’ve been meaning to talk about this discovery thanks to my bb Erin (@enthropologie) of! It’s JUST LIKE where you can take a picture with your phone or upload a pic to twitpic & the pic gets tweeted to your twitter. Well instead of pictures it’s video! Which will come in GREAT handy for you peeps stalking me while I attempt at this New Moon premiere craziness next month, haha. The first video I did was the other day to test it out to see if it works and it did!

So I’m really excited about using this for you guys next month and in any future trips! Also yesterday I was bored and random took video at work, which its so funny because it looks totally rehearsed like its for a tv show, but it’s not omg! LOL

Angelina tried to call DIBS on a guy today that I CLEARLY had dibs on FOR A LONG ASS TIME AND she used to MAKE FUN OF ME ABOUT! Funny how sense gets knocked in to people, haha.

Had a discussion about the 97 cookies I made last saturday and how the assholes at work ate em all within 10 minutes, which fucked over ALOT of people in getting cookies – UGH.

Left work, dropped Angelina off and pretty much sped home since my mom had promised to make me taco meat for dinner (i had called her ‘half joking’ at lunch to see if she’d bring me McDonalds knowing she wouldn’t, haha) and 2 streets down from my house I see this huge red ‘STORE CLOSING – EVERYTHING MUST GO’ sign and realized it was for Blockbuster.



Ran into the house yelling “MOM OMG WE HAVE TO GO TO BLOCKBUSTER THEY’RE CLOSING!” She immediately was O_O and was like “SHIT! They have that Michael Jackson frame picture I want! If I give you $60 would you run over there and get it if they still have it?!”

Me: “How much is it?” O_o

Mom: “$20″

Me: “Then wtf why are you giving me $60?”

Mom: “In case you see anything else good!”

LOL – long story short I end up driving back over there with $45 in hand (she obviously forgot spending one of her $20s haha) and had a pic text/phone call discussion with my mom about buying this:


Which she ended up asking me to get it, so I asked the cashier to hold it behind the counter for me while I browsed, which omg I was overwhelmed with how many movies there was! Granted it’s Blockbuster, but I had no idea how long they had that sign out since I go like NO WHERE except to work and back, haha and well I hadn’t worked since Friday!

I was there almost 2 hours and ended up buying $62.77 worth of stuff! Which was only like 4 dvds, the MJ thing, some New Moon chocolate (mmm Edward) and these cool back cover things (20 for $1)!

Got home showed my her MJ thing and she was like,

“Yea that’s not the one I was talking about, but oh well.”

hahaha, it was the only MJ thing they had which was funny because when I had asked the cashier to hold it for me he had just got off the phone telling the person they were out of MJ art, haha

I really didn’t care at that point because right after I gave her the MJ pic I started burping up acid, meaning that I was starving! So I loaded a plate full of taco heaven and went back to my room to eat. The WHOLE time extremely wide awake, which I still can’t believe because like I said earlier I only had like 2 hours asleep, but I knew once I ate that would all change and I’d pass out.

Which is what happened, as soon as I got full my eyelids started getting heavy, hence the reason why I went to be at 8:40pm and i’m awake now HOURS before my alarm clock goes off to wake me up to get ready for work, lol.

Now I think I’ll probably edit some pictures since I have an hour left before getting ready for work, even though I should cook myself some breakfast but i’m ENTIRELY too lazy to do that, haha. Oh well *shrugs*

I am supposed to be going to Howl-O-Scream tonight with Leilani, but I have NO IDEA how that’s gonna work out, lol.

Random Rpattz

Good Moods Break Twitters

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

So I’m enjoying my AAR Day of work and decide instead of listening to iTunes to actually put in my headphones and listen to my iPod, which resulted in me forgetting about all the great jams I have on it vs. my iTunes (new computer). Needless to say I turned my twitter into a dance party of lyrics to songs I was listening to or would randomly pop up on my iPod.

Yes, I was doing this.

Yes, I was doing this.

And on top of all this dance party lyrics deal I’m doing on Twitter, I’m actually having awesome fucking conversations with some new people I befriended today or this past week: @PokerStarlight @RobIsTheDevil; as well as bbz ive been friends with: @TTLindsay & @annechantal

I’m in the middle of telling them about seeing Robert in person this passed June when I get that lame ass ‘you have exceeded your limit try back in a few hours’ bullshit. Telling me that I have reached the fucking Hourly Twitter Limit YET AGAIN!

Now I have to fucking wait until like 7:20pm just to jump into an awesome rpattz conversation they’re having right now *cries* But in the spirit of the 1st time I broke the Twitter Hourly Limit, I leave you with this message to Twitter & their stupid hourly limit….

Work Drama – TV

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

So yesterday (Oct 18th) at work, I drew this….

Jurassic Park's on TV!

Jurassic Park's on TV!

I walk in this morning to work and see this….



Confused? Oh well i’ll explain EVERYTHING to you, tomorrow, but now it’s bedtime since i have work in a few hours.


To be continued….

Come on Kstew

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Come on gurl….

…you know I don’t like you because of your acting and the vibes you give off, but I can SEE that you MIGHT be able to actually do a good job, but it’s like you just don’t.


Please dazzle me with your performance in New Moon, because with all the clips & trailers I’ve seen so far, I really don’t see that happening and god damnit there are TONS of unknown actress that would KILL to have that part and would own it.

And it pisses me off that you just always seem like you don’t fucking care.

So please come off your high horse and own this shit, PLEASE?

Sidenote: Why doesn’t Bella break her hand when she punches Paul like it does in the book? Just wondering….

I love rpattz, but DAMN.

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

First of all, look how adorable….

That smile & laugh is just so fucking cute, omg.

From: - If anyone has the HQ version of this please send it my way!

From: - If anyone has the HQ version of this please send it my way!

But this is my favorite find from today….

I seriously need to watch this movie again, like ASAP, lol. By the way for those of you that dont know it’ll be available on DVD for us US of A peeps November 17th & you can preorder it now (i think) on :)

Anyways I was looking for a specific robert/rpattz picture and upon looking for it I came across this: Project F.L.A.N.S.

Which ‘F.L.A.N.S.’ stands for ‘Fangirl Leaders Against Needless Stalking’.


Don’t get me wrong I am all against the craziness that is the stalking fans and the aggressive pappz, but as soon as I read this it just got this weird twi-hard vibe.

Because it’s pretty much a……not a pointless effort but a hopless one I guess?

I mean I hate the harassment this poor kid has to deal with like all the rest of my closest bbz, but stuff like making ‘projects’ for it, just makes it seem like you’re doing it more for the ‘attention’ then the actually effort, when in fact it won’t really make much of a difference.

And that was it, that was just how I felt, but then I clicked on the ‘get involved’ link and I just couldnt stop shaking my head the more and more I read.

To get involved that want you to do this:

» Don’t buy tabloids or other paparazzi publications.
» Don’t visit gossip sites that feed off paparazzi and rumours.
» Write to websites that host and spread paparazzi material and tell them how you feel.
» Don’t spread links to gossip sites, etc.
» Put banners, etc. on your personal sites to show your support for Rob. (see below)

Its almost like you cant watch tv or read magazines, because that’s all thats on tv and in print now a days and god forbid the shit you see online, when it comes to twilight/robert news its almost IMPOSSIBLE not to be exposed to this kinda stuff. Doesn’t make it right, but I’m not obsessing over having to SEE EVERY SINGLE PICTURE OF ROBERT. Plus I mean anyone with a heart or common sense finds the pappz pics creepy, so when we do see them, we just express our rage towards the papz or fans that are harassing him and move on, because I dunno I feel like there’s nothing we can do about it.

To be honest all you really can do is just wait it out, I mean remember Titanic & the shit Leo DiCaprio had to go through? His shit was AWFUL and he didn’t even have the craze tha the internet causes for celebs now.

Plus you gotta think, what about the other celebs? You’re just focusing on one celebrity and not all in a whole, if you’re gonna do a ‘project’ like this, you should just make it a general celebrity thing, not just Rob. Granted you’re a rob fansite, but when you just single him out like that makes it seem like you really are just doing it to get his attention :(

Also when you continue to read the ‘get involved’ page, they list websites/magazines not to purchase or look out and a few of them I understood but one, I was like “really? wtf?”, are you serious? Dude they JUST put out ON STANDS a New Moon EXCLUSIVE magazine, but I guess we can’t read those cuz they theatren Rob’s safety?


The ONTD site I can understand, but to be honest I dont go there for the gossip and I know its not just me when I say that I go there to read the comments, cuz they’re fucking hilarious.

But anyways I’m not trying to piss on anyone’s front yard, I was just expressing my opinion on something I agree with what you’re trying to do, but just doesn’t feel right.


Oh yeah, now i remember.

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Remember how the other day I was all like “i cant fucking remember what else i wanted to say…….” bullshit? Yea well I finally remembered, it was about these weird fucking dreams I had the night before that blog.

When I have very detailed dreams, they tend to either just be one huge full length movie, staring me (obviously) or just a bunch of short stories, in which I keep waking up in between each one.

Well that night it was one of those very detailed short stories dreams, haha.

The first one I was in some sorta restraunt, but it looked more like a small cafeteria. Had the long metal picnic type of table they’d have in the cafeteria at one of my schools I went to. Except in this restraunt it was the ONLY table in the restraunt, which it stretched from 5 ft from the entrance all the way to the back wall was.

So I’m sitting at the end nearest to the entrance, rpattz is sitting next to me and across from him is kstew (no one is sitting in front of me by the way which is kristen’s left side) and then the rest of the eclipse cast & crew filled up the rest of the table.

I have NO IDEA why I was there, but in the dream I was invited to go eat with them and the dream starts with us already being there and just waiting around for our food in an awkward sorta noisy silence. Since the end of the table i was at was quiet (i’m with kstew & rpattz) where is the rest of the table is just noisy with tons of different conversations going on at once.

I don’t really remember what started it or what we exactly was talking about, but I remember thinking how nice Kristen was and it was mostly because she was laughing at just about EVERYTHING I said that I meant to be funny. Robert on the other hand, sat with his head down the whole time and I just got the vibe that he wasn’t allowed to speak unless spoken to or given some sorta of silent approval from whoever, i have no idea.

And the only reason why i picked up on this, was not only cuz of his head being down the whole time, but at some point he started to comment on something I was talking about, but stopped hisself when I guess he realized what he was doing wasn’t allowed. I had looked over at him to see him stop mid sentence to see him TRY to tuck his head even farther down, then saw that Kristen was giving him this evil ass eye as into say “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” kinda look.

It was really quite odd.

But it was cute because a few times I caught him snickering at a few funny things I had said trying to be as quiet as he possibly could. And I shit you not, it looked just like this, when I would look over at him….

so cute :)

I wake up from that dream thinking ‘OMG why was Kristen so freaking nice, but then so controling poor robert’, yea I blame that fucking ‘elevator video’ of Kristen & Robert at their hotel I saw a week ago *shakes head*

The next dream was even more random & made absolutely no sense at all, haha.

Me & Leilani we walking down a street and we were discussing ‘baby names’ which made NO SENSE because neither one of us was pregnant in the dream nor are either one of us in real life.

But the weirdest part is in the dream I had a ‘lightbulb’ moment and thought I had figured out the best kid name ever, so I turn to Leilani and was all like “DUDE OMG! I know what I could name my kid if I had a son!”

Just thinking its the fucking awesomest name EVER for a little boy.

She of course asked me and I blurt out Balboa.

Yea as in Rocky Balboa.

In fact in the dream I think its the greatest name because not only would it be a tribute to Rocky, but also his nicknames would be fucking awesome.

Bal or Boa

Yea I woke up right after that saying, “Balboa? wtFUCK?!”

So all day long I was pretty much walking around saying ‘balboa? lol wtf dude?’ but now i dunno it’s actually kinda cool. Not that I would name my kid that, maybe a dog, but its kinda a cool name, haha.

Ok that’s done, now on to random shit that I’ve done or have thought of this week.

First things first.





Here’s why……………those are 2 different days by the way if you couldnt tell that his shirt is different.

Ok this motherfucker for like 2 or 3 years now is out on Aremina (sp?) & Waters EVERYDAY asking people for money. Walking up and down the medium reading from the bible, blessing people for any donation they give him or his wife that is USUALLY with him, but I havent seen her in a few months.


Not ONCE has this motherfucker had ANY KINDA signs or badges associating himself with ANY KINDA CHURCH.



ANYONE can walk and up and down a street preaching the bible, saying they’re with a church and get money that way, but what it all boils down to is that its fucking WRONG.

Especially now with people are losing their jobs and everyone’s money has pretty much gone to shit, they STILL are out everyday HOUNDING people for money. This motherfucker even tapped on my fucking WINDOW a few fucking times over the years!

This guys pisses me off so much that not once but twice I have seen him and almost just jumped the medium/curb to run his ass over.

I mean I’m sorry, just because you saw that Oprah episode where she had that guy that pretty much did what they were doing and ended up a millionaire, doesnt mean you should.

And what pisses me off even more is seeing people actually GIVING HIM MONEY! Yea that shouldnt piss me off, but it does. IGNORANCE PISSES ME OFF!

Cuz I KNOW its those SAME FUCKING PEOPLE that are complaining about NEVER HAVING ANY MONEY that are the ones falling for this man’s shit and GIVING HIM MONEY! Just handing him $1s & fucking $5s *shakes head*

It blows my mind.

Moving on, cuz omg I just can not stand that guy….the Tampa Bay Lightning’s game home opener was on Thursday (the 8th) and since Jennifer left for boot camp last week, one of the secruity guys told me that it was my duty to pick up Jennifer’s ‘cookie duties’. Which means i was supposed to bake chocolate chip cookies for him on game day.

I decided to do it and bake a few extras for my department as well :) so I went out and bought some cookie dough and the night before the game I baked the cookies (which I almost went to bed totally forgetting about! haha)…….

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

350 Degrees for 15 mins; let cool for 1 minute.

350 Degrees for 15 mins; let cool for 1 minute.

Spoon cookie dough & place on pan.

Spoon cookie dough & place on pan.

Bake for 15 minutes.

Bake for 15 minutes.

After cooled, I put em in a container for tomorrow.

After cooled, I put em in a container for tomorrow.

Top - Home; Middle - Secruity; Bottom - My Department

Top - Home; Middle - Secruity; Bottom - My Department

In the middle of me baking the cookies my dad comes into the kitchen and in his mocking cheery voice is all like, “WHATCHA DOING?!” with a huge smile on his face, so I matched him and with my mocking cheery voice was like, “I’M BAKING COOKIES!” and he was like, “COOKIES?!” and I was like, “YEAH!” and in his normal voice he was all like, “Well i’m making popcorn.” haha

He then started asking me why i was making cookies and stuff, which I told him about the whole secruity thing and how Jennifer used to do it for them last year, which the mention of her name had him asking about her joining the army, lol.

But after that I finished baking and ended up baking 56 chocolate chip cookies!

Since my dad had asked about the cookies I figured that meant that he wanted some, so I ended up leaving 6 cookies in a container for him & maybe mom. Then took 50 to work, 25 for secruity & 25 for my department :)

The day at work however………………………..OMG, had to be the fucking HOTTEST DAY KNOWN TO MAN!

Setting up the tailgate party.

Setting up the tailgate party.

Seriously me and 4 others were outside for 4 fucking hours setting up all the gates and parties that were outside for the game that night and I swear to you it felt like it was 150 degrees with how the heat was, omg!

I mean it was so hot that two of the guys that were out there setting up the stuff with me put their shirts over their head or even one of the linens we needed to dress one of the tables with on their heads to help block the sun. It was THAT HOT!

Thankfully I only had to go out there one other time and it was later in the afternoon, which wasn’t much of a difference, but omg 11am-noon could kill a smile child with that heat, it was no joke.

After work since I was Angelina’s ride to and from work & while I was AT WORK I found out that Leilani was at home and not working like I originally thought….we went and picked Leilani up, so I wouldnt have to rush later to do it. Which halfway there turns out my dad needed my help with picking up or dropping off his car from the dealership, haha.

Got Leilani, played with her puppy for a few and was on our way, when she realized that she forgot her phone, upon reaching her door she realizes she forgot her keys as well, haha. So yea we left after that…dropped Angelina off at home and then went to what I thought was to pick up my dad, but pulled up and turns out he had drove my brother’s car and we were picking up his car.

So since I can’t drive manual, he drove my brother’s car, I drove his truck and Leilani drove my car back to my house, haha.


Get to my house, just so I can change and then leave for the game since it started at 7:30 and it being the home opener, I wanted to see the new intro video. Since last year’s failed so hard it wasn’t even funny. This one from the 07-08 season has got to be the BEST ONE i’ve seen being a fan for 9 years……

DIBS on that tall drink of water on the left walking in – JUST SAYING.

I pretty much walk/ran to the arena since we park out in BFE (bum fucking egypt) since its cheap as hell. Got up to the gate we usually go in to see that it’s closed off cuz of some lame ass party that they were having right in front of it, so we had to go around the front to get in. Which I ALWAYS try to avoid, it just takes waaaaaaaaaaaay longer to get in through the front since that’s where EVERYONE goes through.

Got our thundersticks & magent calendars, ran up the stairs and got inside right as the intro video started.

It was alright, DEFINATE improvement from last year’s gay shit. Seriously last year it was like, hold on i might can find it on youtube…….nope, see that just shows I wasnt the only one that thought it was stupid. I mean it shows the whole downtown area turn into ice after a lightning bolt hits the middle of the city and then our hockey players are SKATING UP TALL FUCKING BUILDINGS shooting pucks.

Yea lame sauce my friend.

Anyways we get to the game and have tickets in the 300s but no where near us (cuz I got HOSED) since I had to buy Leilani’s ticket, but being Going To Lightning Game Fanatics we knew or at least I did that we could go sit in the very last row of any of the end zones and wouldnt be bothered at all, so thats what we did :)

OWNING the last row!

OWNING the last row!

Oh did I forget to mention that I hadn’t eaten all day (well besides lunch) so on the way to the game we stopped at McDonalds to get food. Which for WHATEVER reason Leilani thought she had to eat it in the car before we got there, um NO MY FRIEND. We or at least I WAS gonna sneak my Mickey Ds into the game, because I knew if I ate before the game that once I got INTO the game and smelled all that food I’d be hungry again.

So like the amazing observant person that I am, I stuck in 2 hamburgers and 10 piece mcnuggets into the Lightning game, which as soon as we got to our last row I started grubbing, haha.

Freaking Devils scored on us almost right away, which was no surprise to me since Smith was in goal that night. I have NOTHING GOOD to say about him, so I just simply wont talk about him and will end this sentence with one word: Khabibulin.


Me & Leilani are big supporters of the 2000-2004 Lightning team, mainly because during that time period we had alot of the same players for so long and became very attached to those players & their personalities. This season we only have 2 players from that time period left and wow that’s really depressing to actually type out, cuz I thought we had more then that, but i just realized we dont :(

So when we go to games now, we usually just go to watch (of course) the game, but also to talk shit about alot of the crazy fans that caused us so much drama over the years AND more importantly we go to just……………………..DANCE.

I’m not gonna lie to you at hockey games they tend to play JAMS so me & Leilani to pick a specific dance and dance when they play jams at the games. And well at this game the dance of choice was the ‘Rpattz Dancing on Prince’ dance.

No idea what I’m talking about? Here, let me educate you….

The Rpattz Dancing On Prince Dance

The Rpattz Dancing On Prince Dance

 Not only is the .gif hilarious, but actually trying to do this dance with NO PRINCE or anyone in front of you is almost as funny too. Not to mention we were doing this dance to like EVERY SONG even if it was a slow one or had no beat at all, which made it even funnier, haha. Finally I decided I should take a picture of Leilani, because she does the face so well, haha.

Leilani doing the Rpattz Dance.

Leilani doing the Rpattz Dance.

Also before we got to the game I asked Leilani what she predicted would be the score and I forgot what she said, but I said someone (didnt say who) was gonna win 3-2.

Well after the Devils took the lead we came back in the 2nd & 3rd period and took the lead making it 3-2 O_o

We were all happy cuz the 3rd period was seconds away from ending and we still had the lead, but then the green light went off symbolizing the end of the period but then the red goal one went off right after that, symbolizing that the Devils scored.


Yea they had to review the goal and they even played the replay on the jumbotron and from what I SAW at 0.1 & 0.0 seconds there was no fucking puck in the damn net. But for some reason the refs saw otherwise and gave it to the Devils, meaning we had to go into Overtime.


That is exactly how last season started lots of overtimes & shoot outs that we of course ended up LOSING, so going into overtime wasn’t a good feeling for me.

*sigh* overtime.

*sigh* overtime.

Overtime came and went, which I knew would happen, which meant we had to go into shoot out, which equals a huge aggrvated sigh. Me & Leilani made our predictions on who they’d choose from the Lighting to do the shootout. We thought of course Vinnie, Marty & Stamkos.

Which we were right on one because Stamkos made it to center ice to wait to start the shoot out. Which he ended up getting his shot block *sigh* so the Devils went and of course scored.

Which I then shouted, “Well I think we just lost the game, Leilani” turned back to the ice to see Vinnie skate to center ice, but was alarmed to see our #13 at center ice instead.


He of course got his shot blocked as well and the Devils of course scored again on their next try, ending the game with an overtime lose for the Lightning.

Let Leilani rant a bit while I watched for the Stars of the Game, which ended up being all Lightning players (odd) and then we left.

Leilani left the bag, she was THAT mad.

Leilani left the bag, she was THAT mad.

Drove to drop Leilani off, but got gas for my car first and had a Sonic Slurpee craving, so drove over there just to see that the assholes closed 30 minutes early >:o

So I took Leilani home after that, since I had to work in the morning and went home myself.

The next day at work was pretty chill, we didn’t have much to do, but we kept busy with little things until around 12:30pm when we needed to go put the black floor down.

HUH? You must be saying, lol.

Yea turning a hockey arena into a concert set up, is probably my favorite part of the job, because we get to walk on the NHL ice and put down the black concert floor.

Push the stack of black floor onto the ice.

Push the stack of black floor onto the ice.

Place the floor boards on ice like putting a huge puzzle together!

Place the floor boards on ice like putting a huge puzzle together!

The funny part about this process is pretty much 98% of my department hates walking on the ice, because they’re afraid of falling. The only people that love this, is the ice crew and myself  :)

Angelina also hates doing this.

Angelina also hates doing this.

Once we were done with that, we finished a few little jobs before it was almost time to leave for the day, so we went back to the office and I dont know what came over me, but the thought of using tape to make a mustache instead of just drawing it on your finger was ingenius. So the rest of the time at work was spent making mustaches……..

Trying on my new mustache, lol!

Trying on my new mustache, lol!

Tape Stache #1 - Creepy how real it looks, haha.

Tape Stache #1 - Creepy how real it looks, haha.

Tape Stach #2 - Dali REPRESENT + Unibrow

Tape Stach #2 - Dali REPRESENT + Unibrow

haha, yea I was pretty excited about figuring out that new way to wear mustaches, haha. I ended up putting the mustaches on this stupid fucking skanky calendar the guys hung up in our office. To be honest I think the addition of the staches i made, makes the calendar WAY BETTER, just so ya’ll know.

I love your stache, Ms. November.

I love your stache, Ms. November.

Went home after that to let Angelina borrow some of my movies, then took her home and then came back and died or took a nap since thats what it really is and just fiddled around online for awhile before going to sleep sleep.


Acting Class & Orange Nick Carter

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Not much has been going on with me lately, just kinda laying low, being lazy on my days off & all that jazz.

Getting ready for the home opener for the Lightning tomorow (hockey) which I’m sure is gonna be a fucking madhouse at work *sigh*

Last night though me & Leilani went and observed this acting class that’s at where she works and omg, I wanna sign up so bad, but knowing my luck its gonna be like a $600 class *sigh*

Anyways, we get there & Leilani is FREAKING OUT and I’m just wondering how old the people in the class are gonna be and how many of those ‘know it all’ actors are gonna be in it.

Turns out there was just a handful of people in the class, like seriously like 8 people and we ended up only have ONE know it all, THANK GOD. He drove me crazy even before I KNEW he was in the damn class!

Which I came to realize an hour into the class that he just fucking talks to hear himself talk – OMG the most annoying type of person, right? lol

So we get in there and its this big wide open room, tall ceiling and the walls are lined with black drapes and the floor is a chalk black & to the left when you walk in is bleacher seats that had been compacted & pressed up against the walls.

And lined against them are black chairs which the people in the class started sitting in, so I took it upon myself to sit in the chair next to the last student, which when we sat down I realized there was 2 other people watching the class as well.

The first thing the teacher had us do, was this warm up game where we had to put our chairs in a circle and one person had to stand in the middle & walk up to people and ask “polly wanna cracker” or something like that I know it wasnt ‘polly’ but it was something wants a cracker & whoever the person is asking/saying that to has to respond “go ask my neighbor”.

And while that exchange is going on, the other people in the circle are supposed to try to switch chairs with anyone they make eye contact with. Which the person asking everyone that question is supposed to try to steal their seat while they’re switching. It was alot of fun & was the only time we participated that night because I really just wanted to watch & plus half the time I had no idea what he was talking about, haha.

They ended up doing this exercise where he handed out a sheet of paper with lines people had to memorize and they were simple the sheet looked something like:

A. Hi
B. Hello
A. How is everything?
B. Fine I guess.
A. Do you know what time it is?
B. No.
A. Don’t you have a watch?
B. Not on me.
A. Well?
B. Well what?
A. What did you do last nite?
B. What do you mean?
A. What did you do last nite?
B. Nothing.
A. Nothing?
B. I said nothing.
A. Sorry I asked.
B. It’s alright.

HOLY SHIT I CANT BELIEVE I REMEMBERED THAT WHOLE THING! Seriously that was EVERYTHING on that sheet of paper! lol too weird, lol But the exercise was he had everyone pair up and the one person was ‘A’ and the other was ‘B’. He gave em 5 minutes to memorize their lines and then gave them a ‘plot’ to go with their lines.

For instance, one pair had to play a newlywed couple that had a fight the night before and the husband left & returned the next day and that’s the conversation they have when he walks through the door.

Another pair was some girl that randomly bumps into a friend she knows that just got out of the psych ward for stabbing another friend with a butcher knife, haha.

Then another pair was a drunk mother & son.

It was really cool to watch and I loved how it made me think “well i would of done it like this” or “i would of done this instead of that” kinda shit :)

He gave them a 5-10 minute break after that and then afterwards had them….wait that exercise above is what he had them do after the break, BEFORE the break he had them doing this ‘give & take’ exercise where people were in groups or just pairs and 2 groups went up at the same time and acted out their scenes at the same time, but whoever demanded all the focus from the audience the other scene had to stop and let them have it and then try to retake over that focus from that scene.

And it would just go back and forth like that.

He then passed out scenes to his students that they’re gonna be working on for the next few weeks and went over some memorizing techiniques which I was kinda in awe about, cuz I never thought of some of the way he was talking about would help remember lines.

Like recording the lines before & after yours, leaving a space for you to say your lines and play it in the car or on your ipod over and over.

That’s just fucking genius if you ask me, haha

After that the class was over, which we thanked the teacher (who was fucking AWESOME) for letting us sit in his class and just asked general questions about the class before leaving to go pig out at TGIFridays :)

Then today I didnt do shit ALL DAY LONG, haha.

Well I did end up taking Leilani home around 2:30pm, then came back and just did random shit until I left to go pick up Angelina at 5:30pm for the stupid employee rally we had.


Which unlike every OTHER year where it’s INSIDE & 2 hours long, this one was OUTSIDE and lasted just a little over an hour! Not to mention people were being crazy greedy with the food this year *shakes head*

Took Angelina home and got online for a few minutes before realize I had to bake cookies for Tone tomorrow since it’s the game opener & Jennifer would usually bake them cookies. Tone informed me that it was my job now, lol

Which I’m only going to do it for the opening game, i mean i made 56 fucking cookies!

While I was eating a late dinner (10pm haha) and baking the cookies I was talking to Brianne & Nikki to kill the time. Yea Brianne ended up making my whole existance, because she sent me this link to this song she likes and we got to talking about Nick Carter because he sings in the song. She then asks me if I had seen the ‘orange’ pics, which I of course had no idea what she was talking about.

So she sends me a link to this picture & it made my whole life:


Yea I cant figure out what’s more funny, the fact that Nick Carter is like a ‘throw himself a doo doo’ brown orange or the girl’s eyes being ALL FUCKED UP. I mean I know this is EXTREMELY MEAN BUT OMG I’M SORRY IT’S JUST SO LMAO IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY.

Like I can’t control it. Plus I mean wtf Nick Carter reminds me of Ross from Friends:


And if it could get any better then that Brianne finds more pictures of the orange Nick Carter & granted they’re not as good as that first one, still thought I’d share:

Why does Nick look more hispanic then Howie in this picture?

I'm probably gonna have nightmares of this lady's face tonight.

I’m pretty much gonna have nightmares of that lady’s face and wtf is up with Nick looking more hispanic then Howie in that one picture?! Again I’m not trying to intentionally be mean about these fans, it’s just omg it’s kinda hard not to make a comment on these pictures, you know?

There was some other things I wanted to comment about as well, but can’t remember and I REALLY should be going to bed since it’s almost fucking 2am now *sigh*