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Saturday, April 17th, 2010

What did I SERIOUSLY just fucking watch? I mean REALLY WTF TO EMMA’S CHARACTER >:o (Above Pic via moonskin)

@laylawnknee: he just needed a little concealer….


Saturday, April 17th, 2010

I do NOT approve of Jasper’s Eclipse hair. JS

(via fuckyeahfavouritethings)

This is just all kinds of fucking wrong.

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Link: This is just all kinds of fucking wrong.

I mean wtf? The worst part is I actually want to rent it, bahahaha

Murdoch doesn’t feel gone

Friday, March 26th, 2010

I LITERALLY just got home from my quickie trip to Camp Pendleton, CA to say goodbye to my little brother, Travis who left for Afghanistan early this morning. I went with my mom and his girlfriend Tuty. I was really excited about this trip because it was the first time my mom would be going to the LA area and being able to enjoy it for maybe just a day…….which didn’t happen.

But something that made it better was late last nite my dad surprised us all and flew in to say goodbye to Travis as well. Had a great time all being together laughing & joking around with our last moments with Travis, since he’ll be gone for 7 months.

Well like I said earlier I LITERALLY just got home from the airport and the first thing I do EVERYTIME I come home from a trip is to run into the kitchen area and hug one of my favorite people in the whole god damn world…………my dog, Murdoch.

Upon entering the room I immediately know he’s not there, because he would of been at the gate waiting for me and he wasn’t. So I calming say ‘he’s not here’ which my mom is all like ‘what do u mean he’s not here?!’ If you guys follow me on Twitter then you would know this is pretty normal, Murdoch tends to run away when he’s scared (like during thunderstorms)…….looking for me :(

The first thought in my head was that I’d have to deal with the pound cuz they might of picked him up (those people are ASSHOLES), my mom & I start calling him from the backyard and in one of our neighbors’ back yards was a screened in patio with the lights on and EVERY TIME we’d scream Murdoch’s name 3 different dogs, including one that sounded EXACTLY LIKE MURDOCH would start barking.

And this isn’t normal Murdoch barking (which he rarely does) this is the OMG I’M STUCK I CANT GET TO YOU COME GET ME RIGHT NOW type of hysterical barking he has done a few times over the years. So then my dad checks the voicemails to see if anyone had found him and called to tell us.

After a few minutes he handed my mom the phone who then made a O_O face, which I said, “I dont like the face you’re making”, so I stood there watching her listen and at one point she pulled the phone away from her ear and said, “he’s dead” and then went back to listening, which I immediately was like, “UM EXCUSE ME – WHAT?!”

And kept yelling ‘what?!’ at her until she replayed the voicemail and gave me the phone.

I heard a man’s voice saying that he had found our dog on the road hit by a car, that SHE was dead and that he gave HER a proper burial, but just wanted to let us know that our dog was no longer with us but has gone up to the big dog heaven in the sky.

I can’t even describe to you what happened next, because to be honest I really don’t remember, it was like an outer body experience. All I do know is that I was standing in my room with my hoodie over my head trying to make myself breath but I couldnt exhale at all.

Then when I finally did I did like a gasp choke type of thing and started bawling………..but it was a weird cry, because I dunno like I was sad, but it was like I didnt understand why I was sad because it didn’t seem real at all.

Like Murdoch doesn’t feel dead to me at all………then plus with the dogs barking when we called his name earlier and the shady ass voicemail I dunno it just all seems wrong.

Like something IS wrong, but he’s not dead, so I’m sitting here confused with the feelings I think I should be having but don’t.

The whole thing just sounds like someone took him and am trying to cover the tracks, because on the voicemail they didn’t leave their name, their number or where they found him or where they buried him.

It’s just all so fucking weird.

But then it’s like you don’t want yourself to get clungy to that idea because if it turns out being false and he really is dead, then the heart I own is as good as dead.

I just got off the phone with Leilani which helped alot because she loved Murdoch almost as much as me, so we ended up just talking about him and stuff I would make him say and going through his hilarious pics on his myspace & facebook ( &

So the plan so far is tomorrow my mom is gonna call the number back from the caller id and try and get some more info……so we can go unbury Murdoch and bring him home and bury him next to his brothers Homi & Jack, instead of in some stranger’s yard.

But I’m hoping & praying that instead of doing that, that it ends up not being true and I get to see his sweet dazzling face again.

Remember Me Premiere/Val NYC Trip

Thursday, March 4th, 2010


Me & Robert Pattinson <3

Well maybe i will say a few things……..more coming soon.

Leland saw The Lovely Bones

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

And her review of it as I suspected is epic in all her angry :)

Miley just being Miley?

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

She USED 2 B so cute!

Which means what in particular?

Cause after what I saw today at work I would not want to do anything remotely like Miley. Especially if I had kids that were idolizing her, we would be burning the merch of hers I had bought them right about now.

Let me back up….

Today at work Miley Cyrus’ tour stopped for a show, so all day today I was setting up for it, which is pretty typical on event day. Kinda a calm day even though we were constantly working all day…in fact the Jonas Brothers show was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more stressful then hers today.

Didn’t appreciate the snottiness of one of her crew members……..even when I was BEING NICE and offering her to go ahead of me so she didn’t have to wait for me while I pushed a cart.

*rolls eyes*

Anyways after we finish he crazy chair set…….which I feel bad for the people that got seats in the ‘pit area’, its hard to explain but they’ll be facing the band the whole night, while Miley sings there too but can also walk on this little walk way to this bigger stage behind their seats. Meaning they’d have to turn fully around in their seats to see her.

Like i was saying, after we finished that me & Angelina went looking for a supervisor to find something to do or were we looking for tape? I can’t remember, but anyways leaving the shop we almost ran right into Miley Cyrus…….who was talking on a cellphone, toting TWO PURSES.


That’s not even the worse thing, my short lived giggle at her ‘natural’ snarl was cut short because of the pretty much NOT THERE skirt she was wearing!

Seriously I went from about to barf in my mouth to complete and utter shock.

This 17 year old (she’s 17 now right?) girl is a role model to little girls EVERYWHERE………and I mean LITTLE GIRLS.

Yea, yeah Britney Spears did the same thing too, and I also had this very same opinion about it as well.

What is it with Disney producing whores? I mean seriously….

You know I’ve had a ’shes a skank’ opinion about Miley since she broke up with Nick Jonas, because that’s when she started dressing more trashy and hanging out with that Mandy girl, but I was gonna keep my mind open for if I saw her today or whatever.

Her walking with that skirt on, her nose in the air like she was too good to even look at anyone, her vibe was just all freaking bad. And it threw me into complete & utter shock…….not only because of what she was wearing but how right I was about how she might possibly be!

I’m sure you’re thinking I’m overracting, but obviously I’m not because when she FINALLY appeared for her soundcheck (made her fans wait a little over an hour listening to her band play ‘party in the usa’ over and OVER – without vocals/lyrics) she was wearing shorts!

So obviously she KNOWS how trashy she dresses & that’s just disgusting, i’m sorry.

Then the whole soundcheck I felt bad for her fans because she did maybe a whole ONE song, then took one picture with people and the peaced the hell out. I mean wtf?!

Another thing that pissed me off was the whole time she was on stage for her soundcheck she was interacting with her band/crew, i wanna say she said maybe 4 things to the crowd, it was like she was ignoring them, wtf.

*shakes head*

In conclusion the lesson for the day was that Miley Cyrus in my book is now a confirmed whore…….I’m sorry, but there’s just no coming back from that.


Yea I totally want my future kids idolizing someone like her *shakes head*

Miley I really did use to believe that you really did have the best of both worlds, but your 15 minutes of fame are slowly ticking down, you better come up with a better plan because dressing trashy didn’t work out for Paris Hilton either.

Leaving for California

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Sitting in my floor listening to Leilani go off about the letter i got from Jennifer the other day and how she told her certain things in letters she sent Jen and how Jen called her a terd face or whatever in the letter.

I’m starting to get sick with how sleepy I’m getting and the fact that I’m hungry for whatever reason, but I THINK I might be totally packed, dunno but knowing me i’ll forget something.

Me, Leilani & Katie are leaving for Los Angeles, California at 6:50am and should be there around noon their time. We’ll be there for a full week so if you’re in the area you should totally hit us up on our phones or twitters :)

I don’t know how often I’ll be blogging, but I will be twittering as often as possible. So make sure to follow me on twitter to keep up with me on this week long trip in California for the New Moon Premiere –




The RobSten (fans of the Rob & Kristen relationship) World was on fire today when these pictures were posted up and I freaked the hell out. Some of you should know that I’m not a fan of this relationship for my own retarded reasons, but I’m not an asshole enough to admit when you can tell if there’s something there………and I don’t see anything here.

The reason I freaked out was because EVERYONE around me was pretty much falling in love with how ‘cute’ this picture was of them holding hands, first of all they’re not holding hands, she’s looping her arm through his and pulling him close. Kinda like this….


Yet no one claimed she was dating Taylor when this came out or Nikki Reed for that matter…

But anyways, the whole buzz was that Rob & Kristen got caught holding hands on their way to their plane to leave Paris and then changed it into just looped arms.

Back to WHY I was freaking out……..when these pictures first were posted I felt it was like me against the world with not seeing what everyone else was seeing. Its not like I was ‘forcing’ my opinion on anyone or anything, its just I needed someone to take the time to not just glance at the picture and be sold like all the Robsten Fans were doing.

So in turn I felt a little weird that I seemed like the only one that saw it other then what people thought it was.

Then later when my friend @mrsdazzle sent me the link to all the other pictures at I actually analyzed the pictures and came up with what I think is what happened.

It looks like the pictures start of Rob & Kristen walking with their arms looped (well Kristen’s looped into his), which everyone thought they were holding hands first, but to me it looks like her arm was looped into his, and she’s all smiles.

The manager sees the photog, tells them and as the start to cross the path of the photog you can slowly see Kristen (who also had an annoyed face by then) withdraw her arm from Rob’s. In which Rob is laughing, like he could careless about the whole thing, but it annoyed Kristen :-/

But the funny thing is like almost an hour after I came up with that analyzation (sp?) someone posted this moving pic up on Lion_Lamb….


So my conclusion to this is Kristen was looped to Rob’s arm, but as soon as the manager told them about the photog she got annoyed and let go of Rob, who was laughing the whole thing off, because it either doesnt bother him or he thinks its funny because Kristen is annoyed that she knows that that simple gesture she’s used to doing with friends would be taken wrong since she’s doing this to Rob.

Does that make sense?

I hope it does because no lie I am about to fall over asleep, but Leilani is annoying me so much that I’m barely awake, haha.

I think i’m gonna close this since I still need to pack my laptop and I’m really starting to misspell words and shit. So next time i talk to you guys I will be in Los Angeles! So I’ll talk to ya later until then I leave you with these new outtakes from Vanity Fair……

















Saw Bobby Long last nite

Sunday, November 8th, 2009


And as always was amazing as shit. Not only LIVE playing his music but also afterwards when I got to talk to him for a few minutes. Plus I think it’s cute that he always ask me if I’m ok everytime he seems me now, because the first time we were to see him me & my friends got in a car accident and missed his set completely but went afterwards just to say ‘hi’ :)


The fucking crowd.

First of all me and my friends we’re looking forward to this one lady that we ASSUMED would be going to this show since she was at the other two. And the reason for that was she was talking all through Bobby’s set in August and making really gross flirty comments. Then on top of that after the show in August she took a long time with Bobby (the bar was getting pissed cuz the m&g was taking so long) and we almost didnt get to talk to him or anything.

My friend Jennifer isnt a very paitent person and mumbled something as the lady FINALLY finished with Bobby, which the lady then either called my friend a bitch or said something like ‘wow bitchy?’ or some shit. Which she wouldnt of been that way if you didnt have Bobby sign like a MILLION SHITTY ASS PICTURES and then stand there and try to conversate with him forEVER.

So like I said that was one thing we were really not looking forward to AT ALL about the show, but when we GOT to the show that was a whole other story.

First there was some bullshit where they let everyone in at 8pm, but then kicked everyone out just to re-let everyone BACK IN at 8:30pm. It took us almost an hour and a half just to get in the place just because they didnt fucking know what they were doing and at one point didnt look like they were gonna sell tickets to the people that didn’t have tickets already (i.e. us).

Also all through all this I was literally playing hide & seek with @pokerstarlight via texts since she was at that show as well. I am ALL FOR meeting people, but it’s just so funny how shy I get about it! hahaha – I of course ended up meeting her once we got in and talked for a few minutes before she ditched me to go talk to Phil!!!! lol

We finally get in and have to go stand all the way to the left of the stage since everyone is crowded around the right of the stage. Which our spot wasn’t bad at all since it looked like everyone was gonna sit on the floor like we did last time!


Yea so me and all my friends last time at the Bobby show started a trend and EVERYONE up front sat on the floor during his entire set, true story. It was actually probably one of my favorite concert experience, i dunno it was relaxing and I just could appreciate the music more even though I was taking pictures at the same time. But it wasn’t stressful at all or anything because I didn’t have anyone blocking my view and I knew I wasn’t blocking anyone else’s view.

So we all got happy seeing that people were gonna do that again (sit during his set)………….yea WRONG ANSWER! As soon as Bobby got on stage EVERYONE STOOD THE FUCK UP! Which sucked cuz most of them were either the same height as me or a little bit taller.


That of course depressed me a little because that limited me being able to take pictures at all for this show, which don’t get me wrong I walked around trying to find other angles or openings I could find to take pictures, but couldn’t find anything :(

So I went back to standing with the ladies by the left of the stage.

Enter in first group of girls that almost got their ass stomped to the ground.


Ok this hand doesn’t belong to the main girl I’m about to rant about, but if I remember correctly she was friends with that girl and because of that she would of ended up with a broken camera and an empty can of whoopass.

This one girl stood in front of me and my friends (a person away from the stage) and the ENTIRE TIME while Bobby played she’d either sway back and forth (not to the music) and constantly whisper something into her friend’s ear in which they would then start laughing about WHATEVER.

Then to make matters worse, from what Leilani & Angelina told me was that her big ass purse she was wearing she kept hitting them with it, not on purpose (I HOPE NOT) but still annoying because she kept having to move to tell her friend something.

Oh also did I mention that she was like 3 or 4 inches taller then me?! Yea so if you want a reason to why I don’t have that many pictures of Bobby from this show, you best believe I’m blaming that shit ON HER.

The ONLY good thing about this group of girls was that they seemed to be making fun of the lady (I was talking about above) on how she was taking pictures, which I will admit was funny because we were doing it too at some point, haha.


The other issue we had with the group was right before Bobby played Two Years Old these loud VERY DRUNK girls showed up and was yelling out different songs they wanted him to sing, in which I think he played 2 Years Old since they kept yelling it at one point. Then of course since he played a song they yelled out they very loudly and very DRUNKLY SANG THE LYRICS WITH HIM.


Don’t get me wrong, singing along is fine and all, but when it’s just like 4 girls that are so loud that you cant help but hear them instead of Bobby, yea people should get cut. And I’m being serious, which these girls almost did, because at one point they spilled their beer on Angelina’s feet.

Yea like I said *shakes head* some girls almost got swung on, for real, but I for one didn’t wanna freak Bobby out, because they were annoying him as well, you could tell, so I just let it go, but Angelina & Leilani I think almost went on a murder spree, for real, haha.

Why we had to have all the assholes where we were standing is beyond me, but we did and it almost ruined the whole show, but Leilani shooting people with her iPhone made it down right hilarious. Also some of the remarks Bobby would say in between songs would help as well :)

These were also the same girls that when I was talking to Bobby after the show (having a good convo, which is very rare for me) but in and tried to guilt trip him into leaving with her & her friends, even though he had a HUGE line of fans waiting to talk to him. The girl really had some nerve, if you ask me and I of course was too shocked to have whooped her ass myself, haha.

But seriously I good 90% of that crowd last nite you could tell weren’t there because of the music and was more there to either hit on Bobby or to use him to get to Robert, who he is really close friends with.

Which is fucking LAME.

Don’t get me wrong if it wasn’t for him being friends with Robert I would of never heard his music, but now that I have I’m more focused on just the music aspect, plus it doesnt help that he’s really sweet and funny :)


Wasted day?

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

So I was busy doing some work for the AAR and just overall feeling pretty good about myself because of how productive I was being for the day. I mean I called up a casting agency I was with to cancel it just to find out that they had cancelled it 2 days prior ($50 more for me a month), then I went through  some of my phone mail and just being productive.

The one downfall was I had twitter open the whole time and they have this new system where if you leave it on your main page or you @replies page it’ll tell you when there’s a new tweet or what not. So instead of obsessingly refreshing my @ page all the time, I didnt have to, I just left it on the @ page and waited for the tab to say something like “(1) Twitter / @am13er” that meaning I had one reply I hadn’t read yet.

Well it actually ended up helping me get work done since I knew I didnt have any replies and didnt have to refresh the page, well upon refreshing the main page at some point I came across my friend @_beccaspage_ retweeting tweets that looked like were coming from a New Moon Press Conference LIVE.


I haven’t really been keeping up with the New Moon stuff (and when I say keeping up with, I mean GOING OUT AND LOOKING FOR THE LATEST NEWS) so I had no idea there was a press conference or anything today. Which I also found out today that the press got to see New Moon last nite and alot of people liked it…..which I’ve been saying how good it looks compared to Twilight ever since the teaser trailer was released, but what’s really gonna kill it for me is the acting.

ANYWAYS, so I ended up stopping everything I was doing just to stalk these entertainment news twitters with up to date quotes from the press conference. It was in difference sections, Kstew went first, then the Cullens, then the director, producer & writer; then the volturi (i think); then the wolf pack; then Taylor/FAILcob and then Rob.

All day long waiting around for Rob’s turn, I felt like I was indeed wasting my fucking day away, because I wanted to get off the computer and go finish Twilight so I can start on New Moon, since I know that’s gonna take me weeks to finish, haha man I can’t stand that book, lol.

But then Katie came over to give me the money she owes me for the LA trip which made waiting through Failcob’s interview go by fast and then magically it was Rob’s turn. Everything he said was pretty much hilarious or cute, but it wasn’t until he said this……


…..that I truely felt that I didn’t waste my day away.

Well I did, but that quote made me feel better, because omg we totally need to be friends, like seriously. I mean WHAT GUY admits he has watched Titanic and combines it with trying to be romantic?

A guy like that I need to either:

a) date
b) marry
c) be friends with
d) support
e) all of the above

The only realistic one of the bunch is of course c & d, but seriously OMG! I’ve only known maybe half a handful of guys that would admit that and/or say they enjoyed that movie. So for Robert to say that, even if it was a joke, just for him to say it – MAJOR FUCKING BROWNIE POINTS.

I also saw a few different video interviews he did for ET, Extra and E! and this is probably my favorite one….

He totally just confirmed that he likes having fingers ran through his hair, look how he’s blushing & I’m sorry but was that an almost jizz in my pants face?!


The biggest surprise for me during this whole press conference thing was this awesome Kstew said, which pretty much marks how I feel about how you should live your life (granted i’m failing miserably).


Yea you guys should know by now that I’m not a big supporter of the Kstew, but I’m not a complete asshole, I’ll give credit where credit is due and I really liked this quote from her today :)

In other news today……


Why you ask?


And some of you should know that I WILL be in California for the New Moon Premiere, which oddly enough I thought it was funny to book our flight to California on Leo’s birthday (nov 11th), but TOTALLY forgot he was filming Inception (although it was filming in London for the longest) but I juts looked up what movies were filming and saw it was in Pasadena all this week.

SO I’m HOPING that it’s NOT filming next week.


We’re talking about me possibly seeing my NUMERO UNO celebrity IN THE FLESH EVEN IF ITS FROM FAR AWAY.

BBz, I do not know what to expect of myself, therefore I hope not to be put into that situation…….AT ALL.

Yes BOTH are GQMFs

Yes BOTH are GQMFs