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Thursday, December 24th, 2009


I miss these billboards *sigh*

But I miss seeing HIM period.

Well, as of yesterday that wait/missing ended, because I saw Vinnie!

I don’t know what it is but this whole fucking season I have hardly seen Vinnie at work. I think I’ve seen him a total of maybe 2 or 3 times, but it was always from afar or him leaving….pretty much he didn’t see me.

Yesterday at work we were really busy, which is odd for a hockey game setup because it’s pretty much our ‘default’ event at work, but we were kinda behind because the crew from the night before didn’t get the majority of the stuff done, so we had to finish it.

santa hat

Also it being the last game before Christmas we had to worry about the santa hat give away we had to put out for the game. I of course decided to wear my awesome santa hat, since I knew people would be wearing them, which ended up not being true. I didn’t see someone wearing a santa hat until like 30 mintues before it was time for me to leave!

If I had a dollar for everytime someone said ‘nice hat’ or asked me where I got it or asked FOR IT altogether, I would be a rich girl, no bullshit, but then again I knew that would happen, because even though I got this from Spencer’s years ago, I have still til this day never seen anyone with one…..EVER.

Which to be honest I thought they would give me hell for wearing the hat, because of how long it was, it could get in the way of working and could be a hazard towards me..? I dunno I could see them saying that, lol. Plus that day I didn’t have any clean work shirts, so I ended up wearing my Vinnie shirt.

I think should be a rule/suggestion towards staff, to either wear your work shirts or Lightning shirts on game days, to show support and stuff. But then again I guess that’s just me being the fan that I am *shrugs*

Anyways, I don’t know what I was walking back from, but I was walking towards our office and I had just unwrapped my santa hat from around my neck (i’d wrap it around my neck like a scarf if it got in my way while I was working) to let it hang behind me, when I looked up to see someone walking towards me.


Now all day I would get a ping of nervousness, but would immediately squash it because of how I really haven’t seen Vinnie at all so far this season (which started at the beginning of October). So like any other time I shrugged the nervousness off, just telling myself it was just some other hockey player.

As we got closer to passing each other, I finally looked up at him, since I could tell he was on his phone from my side view. I was not expecting what I saw when I looked up at the guy.


Not only was it Vinnie in all his glory yumminess, but on top of that his hair was………..are their really words to describe it? It was pretty much sex hair, it was sticking up ALL OVER THE PLACE, but then on top of that it was wet or at least look like it, I didn’t really get enough time to commit to memory because within those seconds of looking, he looked up at me, still on the phone and 4 things happened….haha ‘4′ that’s his number :)

1. He did this double take thing, like he was looking at me just to be polite and give me a nod hello like he would with anyone passing him in the hall.

2. Realizing it was me, he then smiled the biggest and cutest smile I have seen from him in a long time.

3. He ‘finger’ waved at me. You know instead of waving with your hand, you wave your individual fingers at the person? Yea, he did that – still smiling.

4. I died.

I was just overwhelmed, first I was seeing Vinnie for the first time in months, he was SMILING at me AND he fucking did that cute as finger wave that he’s done to me a few other times.

Just OMG, his finger waves are like he’s casting some sorta magical dazzle spell on you, but I fall victim to EVERYTIME.

In fact if he didn’t stop finger waving at me, I would of never heard him ask me, “How are you?”….yes I would of still been staring at his fingers like they were the most talented things in the world.

I practically whispered ‘Goooood’ because I realized I hadn’t breathed the whole time and immediately asked him how he was, which he said ‘good’ as well and that was it.

He was on the phone and I didn’t wanna bother him so I let him walk on by, but seriously, omg.

I know this really isn’t anything at all and believe me half the time I don’t think he likes me at all, but then he constantly does cute shit like that and I cant help but just *sigh*

I mean seriously, an EXTREMELY good looking talented man, goes out of his way to smile, wave AND ask me how i’m doing? That has to mean he at least likes me right? And I don’t mean like he ‘liiiiiiiikes me’ but that he likes seeing me or whatever.

I’d rather have that then nothing at all, because I have seen the looks he’s given other people and I would assume with how he was looking that he didn’t like that person AT ALL, haha.

ANYWAYS as soon as he passed me and was completely out of my sight I immdiately did a silent screen. Opened mouth and all as I walked back to our office. Entered the office and then wrote this on our dry erase board….


….the same dry erase board I drew Jurassic Park’s logo on and some asshole erased a few months back *shakes head*

Co-workers just rolled their eyes at me, cuz they are always making fun of how I am around Vinnie, lol.

Jennifer ended up showing up an hour or so after that to visit everyone and give cookies. She kinda got cockblocked by some of our co-workers since they were talking to her when Vinnie left, but she at least got to ask how he was and wished him a Merry Christmas :)

Definately the best part of the day was seeing him and maybe walking into going to the game, but we lost 5-2…..ugh Smith, but whatever, was still an awesome day because of Vinnie :)

Wide Awake @ 4:44am

Friday, October 30th, 2009

And we’re not talking the normal wide awake at 4:4am because I HAVEN’T gone to sleep yet, but the I went to sleep at 8:40pm last nite and woke up an hour ago and can’t back to sleep, type of awake, haha.

Upside to this, is I’m blogging, but more importantly sitting in my floor in my favorite fucking hoodie that I haven’t been able to wear for like a YEAR because it’s so fucking HOT in Florida, OMG.

Oh and also I have the band, Action Action’s song ‘120 Ways To Kill You: An Illstruated Children’s Book’ on repeat. Ever since I was jamming out on my ipod a few days ago (if u follow me on twitter i’m sure you saw that) I rediscovered how much I love this song and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. So yea it’s been on repeat for the past few days, haha

 Don’t really have much of anything exciting to say, but omg yesterday as a whole was fucking awesome! First of all I dreaded it & expected the worse because for some stupid reason I could not sleep the night before and ended up only getting about 2 hours asleep! Pick Angelina up & get to work just to find out that DJ had CALLED IN O_o

That alone showed such promise in the day, you guys have no idea, especially since it was an event day (hockey game = easy day)! Had fun as always working with Angelina, the only down fall of the day was having to dress about a million tables outside in the 90 degree heat while our lazy ass guys sat around smoking or just shooting the shit with the housekeeping staff >:o

Didn’t get to see Vinnie, but I did get to FINALLY hang up this wall map that has just been rolled up & collecting dust in our office for like well over a month & added some of the places i’ve been :)

I really should hit the central North more.

I really should hit the central North more.

Which I’m sure some asshole will rip down, since we saw how long our ‘fake tv’ lasted – WHICH I STILL NEED TO WRITE ABOUT OMG DRAMA – but whatever, I’m all about trying to find stupid cute things for us to do in the office to help us bond, but I guess there’s just assholes in our department like being destructive? Did I spell that right? Probably not, if it is in fact even a word, lol.

OH! I’ve been meaning to talk about this discovery thanks to my bb Erin (@enthropologie) of! It’s JUST LIKE where you can take a picture with your phone or upload a pic to twitpic & the pic gets tweeted to your twitter. Well instead of pictures it’s video! Which will come in GREAT handy for you peeps stalking me while I attempt at this New Moon premiere craziness next month, haha. The first video I did was the other day to test it out to see if it works and it did!

So I’m really excited about using this for you guys next month and in any future trips! Also yesterday I was bored and random took video at work, which its so funny because it looks totally rehearsed like its for a tv show, but it’s not omg! LOL

Angelina tried to call DIBS on a guy today that I CLEARLY had dibs on FOR A LONG ASS TIME AND she used to MAKE FUN OF ME ABOUT! Funny how sense gets knocked in to people, haha.

Had a discussion about the 97 cookies I made last saturday and how the assholes at work ate em all within 10 minutes, which fucked over ALOT of people in getting cookies – UGH.

Left work, dropped Angelina off and pretty much sped home since my mom had promised to make me taco meat for dinner (i had called her ‘half joking’ at lunch to see if she’d bring me McDonalds knowing she wouldn’t, haha) and 2 streets down from my house I see this huge red ‘STORE CLOSING – EVERYTHING MUST GO’ sign and realized it was for Blockbuster.



Ran into the house yelling “MOM OMG WE HAVE TO GO TO BLOCKBUSTER THEY’RE CLOSING!” She immediately was O_O and was like “SHIT! They have that Michael Jackson frame picture I want! If I give you $60 would you run over there and get it if they still have it?!”

Me: “How much is it?” O_o

Mom: “$20″

Me: “Then wtf why are you giving me $60?”

Mom: “In case you see anything else good!”

LOL – long story short I end up driving back over there with $45 in hand (she obviously forgot spending one of her $20s haha) and had a pic text/phone call discussion with my mom about buying this:


Which she ended up asking me to get it, so I asked the cashier to hold it behind the counter for me while I browsed, which omg I was overwhelmed with how many movies there was! Granted it’s Blockbuster, but I had no idea how long they had that sign out since I go like NO WHERE except to work and back, haha and well I hadn’t worked since Friday!

I was there almost 2 hours and ended up buying $62.77 worth of stuff! Which was only like 4 dvds, the MJ thing, some New Moon chocolate (mmm Edward) and these cool back cover things (20 for $1)!

Got home showed my her MJ thing and she was like,

“Yea that’s not the one I was talking about, but oh well.”

hahaha, it was the only MJ thing they had which was funny because when I had asked the cashier to hold it for me he had just got off the phone telling the person they were out of MJ art, haha

I really didn’t care at that point because right after I gave her the MJ pic I started burping up acid, meaning that I was starving! So I loaded a plate full of taco heaven and went back to my room to eat. The WHOLE time extremely wide awake, which I still can’t believe because like I said earlier I only had like 2 hours asleep, but I knew once I ate that would all change and I’d pass out.

Which is what happened, as soon as I got full my eyelids started getting heavy, hence the reason why I went to be at 8:40pm and i’m awake now HOURS before my alarm clock goes off to wake me up to get ready for work, lol.

Now I think I’ll probably edit some pictures since I have an hour left before getting ready for work, even though I should cook myself some breakfast but i’m ENTIRELY too lazy to do that, haha. Oh well *shrugs*

I am supposed to be going to Howl-O-Scream tonight with Leilani, but I have NO IDEA how that’s gonna work out, lol.

Random Rpattz

Work Drama – TV

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

So yesterday (Oct 18th) at work, I drew this….

Jurassic Park's on TV!

Jurassic Park's on TV!

I walk in this morning to work and see this….



Confused? Oh well i’ll explain EVERYTHING to you, tomorrow, but now it’s bedtime since i have work in a few hours.


To be continued….

Mike’s Last Conversion

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

So today my manager Mike’s last conversion (converting from ice hockey rink to XFC event) and it’s weird because i’ve worked in conversion for almost 3 years now and I’ve maybe talked to him a handful of times, but I dunno what it is, i just feel really sad that he’s leaving. Like when I found out he was leaving (WHICH WAS LAST FUCKING WEEK) I almost teared up and I have no idea why, it was crazy.

You know I think alot of it has to do with the fact that with how people are in that building Mike seemed to be like the ONLY ONE that didn’t take anyone’s shit no matter what and would stick up for us when other departments would be complaining about us for WHATEVER reason >:o

Anyways so today was his last conversion, tomorrow being his last day (i think) or maybe it’s Saturday? I think it is tomorrow cuz it being Saturday would be too good to be true and I could say ‘bye’ to him since I don’t work Friday, but do on Saturday.

So anywho, Debra bought him a cake that we were gonna surprise him with, which was so funny because all day long we were trying to figure out when to give it to him, because we were seriously working today with converting the arena, haha. It went from 12:30 to 1pm to finally a little after 2pm surprising him with it :)

Cake Debra bought for our boss Mike.

Cake Debra bought for our boss Mike.

He of course loved it, but being Mike (stone face) he of course didnt do backflips or gush with happiness but you could see that he was very appreciative of it. He ended up cutting the cake and serving us, which I thought was a bit odd and at one point it got really quiet and i was all like, “we should all be like…SPEECH! SPEECH! SPEECH!”.

Mike turn and was like “Fill out your availablity sheets & show up to work on time.” hahaha it was really funny & totally Mike, lol.

All of conversion (who was still in fact there working today) and some of engineering gathered and ate cake with us and just hung out for a few minutes, before of the course the cake disappeared and we had to go back to work.

Was really a great moment, especially when Mike was just standing off to the side and I was like “You know you’re gonna at least miss some of the people here.”

“To be honest if it wasnt for the people I met here I would of quit a long time ago.” is what Mike said as he ate his cake which I instantly replied with, “You know I feel the SAME WAAAAY.” lol

But yea was a good day at work, got to hang out with Jennifer, Debra, Jay & Angelina most of it and we always tend to make working fun, so that we don’t go completely insane.

Got off an hour early because on conversion days we go until the work is done, sometimes that’s 8 hr days, sometimes it’s just 4 hr days and sometimes it’s like 18 hr days, whatever it takes.

Was gonna go to the mall with Jennifer afterwards, but Leilani texted me telling me that Vinnie was skating in Brandon today O_o so we decided to go see if Vinnie is skating tomorrow and then go to the mall.

I dunno if i’m reading to see funny, just so you guys know. I haven’t seen him since like Feburary or March….I mean it may of even been the April but I dont think I went to any of the last games, I really can’t remember. Wow just thinking about him is making me nervous O_o

Get home, chat with my mom, Murdoch….when out of no where my mom is like “You might wanna go check your room *giggles*”.

Yea she fucking giggled.

I immediately felt like someone set me on fire & then instantly sadness filled my body. Seriously you guys, the thought that my mom cleaned my room not only pissed me off to no other, but also almost had me burst into instant tears right in front of her.

I don’t know what it is, but yea my room is a mess, but it’s a mess because I organized the mess a certain way so I know what everything, you know?


I actually stalled going to my room, just so I can calm down, because I really didnt wanna be angry at her for doing it (even though I really HAD cleaned some of it earlier in the week).

Round the corner of my hallway and took a deep breath & my door was open…..yea that breath came out immediately as a gasp and all I could see was the end of my couch and a darken room, but even from just 20 feet away from my doorway I could tell the change.

Cleaniest my room as been since they put the carpet in.

Cleaniest my room as been since they put the carpet in.

Took another deep breath, walked into my doorway and flicked on my light and couldnt fight it anymore.


Sat down in my floor took off my shoes & socks and fight the urge to rock back and forth and talk to myself….haha ok i kid, but seriously omg.

I had to seriously sit there for like 10 minutes just looking around and flipping out because so much stuff was gone and the first thing that went through my head was….


I then got up and looked in my closet and holy fucking shit she cleaned my closet too O_o

I think that was around the time where I went and sat back down in the middle of my room and just stared off into space when my mom came & stood in the doorway and was like, “Before you go into freak out mode….(too late)….I just want you to know that I didn’t throw ANYTHING away.”

Which I knew she was smarter to do that, but it’s just the first thing I always freak out about & since that was gone, now I was flipping about what exactly was on my floor? Was there stuff that could melt in this unholy heat Florida has to offer? Which I then voiced to her and she told me there wasn’t because she would of left it in here O_o

I felt bad for being this upset at a cleaned room because you could hear in my mom’s voice that her feelings were hurt, but it’s like I dunno I’ve told her so many times that even though it looks like a mess of stuff people dont normally keep, i’m obviously keeping it for some reason….and half the time if not ALL THE TIME the reasons for it being in my floor is cuz i don’t want to put it up because I wanna put the stuff in a scrapbook. Which never ends up happening cuz I get lazy, haha.

I’m actually sitting in my floor right now typing this, haha. I’m ok now, but I’ve lost all motivation to do my 10 minute fitness today because I have so much more room now and I think today is ‘cardio’ day and just UGH there’s running in circles involved with that & just BLAH.

Speaking of which I weigh myself every 1st & 15th of each month & since I weighed myself few days ago, I’ve lost an additional 3 pounds. Which I think i’ve lost around 12 pounds now? I’d have to look to see, but I can’t remember. I’ve been on Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer since May…….yea 12 pounds for that many months isnt much, but it works for me and they keep coming off, so hey i like it! :)

Anyway my stomach is telling me i’m hungry now & i’m sure NO ONE will read this because of how long it is, so i’m gonna go. Maybe I’ll start packing for Vancouver tonight? PFFFFFFFFFFFFF right, hahaha. I leave for Seattle at 6am on Sunday and I haven’t even started packing for this 9 or 10 Day vacation!

LoL i’m so retarded.

: ) amber ( :