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Thursday, December 24th, 2009


I miss these billboards *sigh*

But I miss seeing HIM period.

Well, as of yesterday that wait/missing ended, because I saw Vinnie!

I don’t know what it is but this whole fucking season I have hardly seen Vinnie at work. I think I’ve seen him a total of maybe 2 or 3 times, but it was always from afar or him leaving….pretty much he didn’t see me.

Yesterday at work we were really busy, which is odd for a hockey game setup because it’s pretty much our ‘default’ event at work, but we were kinda behind because the crew from the night before didn’t get the majority of the stuff done, so we had to finish it.

santa hat

Also it being the last game before Christmas we had to worry about the santa hat give away we had to put out for the game. I of course decided to wear my awesome santa hat, since I knew people would be wearing them, which ended up not being true. I didn’t see someone wearing a santa hat until like 30 mintues before it was time for me to leave!

If I had a dollar for everytime someone said ‘nice hat’ or asked me where I got it or asked FOR IT altogether, I would be a rich girl, no bullshit, but then again I knew that would happen, because even though I got this from Spencer’s years ago, I have still til this day never seen anyone with one…..EVER.

Which to be honest I thought they would give me hell for wearing the hat, because of how long it was, it could get in the way of working and could be a hazard towards me..? I dunno I could see them saying that, lol. Plus that day I didn’t have any clean work shirts, so I ended up wearing my Vinnie shirt.

I think should be a rule/suggestion towards staff, to either wear your work shirts or Lightning shirts on game days, to show support and stuff. But then again I guess that’s just me being the fan that I am *shrugs*

Anyways, I don’t know what I was walking back from, but I was walking towards our office and I had just unwrapped my santa hat from around my neck (i’d wrap it around my neck like a scarf if it got in my way while I was working) to let it hang behind me, when I looked up to see someone walking towards me.


Now all day I would get a ping of nervousness, but would immediately squash it because of how I really haven’t seen Vinnie at all so far this season (which started at the beginning of October). So like any other time I shrugged the nervousness off, just telling myself it was just some other hockey player.

As we got closer to passing each other, I finally looked up at him, since I could tell he was on his phone from my side view. I was not expecting what I saw when I looked up at the guy.


Not only was it Vinnie in all his glory yumminess, but on top of that his hair was………..are their really words to describe it? It was pretty much sex hair, it was sticking up ALL OVER THE PLACE, but then on top of that it was wet or at least look like it, I didn’t really get enough time to commit to memory because within those seconds of looking, he looked up at me, still on the phone and 4 things happened….haha ‘4′ that’s his number :)

1. He did this double take thing, like he was looking at me just to be polite and give me a nod hello like he would with anyone passing him in the hall.

2. Realizing it was me, he then smiled the biggest and cutest smile I have seen from him in a long time.

3. He ‘finger’ waved at me. You know instead of waving with your hand, you wave your individual fingers at the person? Yea, he did that – still smiling.

4. I died.

I was just overwhelmed, first I was seeing Vinnie for the first time in months, he was SMILING at me AND he fucking did that cute as finger wave that he’s done to me a few other times.

Just OMG, his finger waves are like he’s casting some sorta magical dazzle spell on you, but I fall victim to EVERYTIME.

In fact if he didn’t stop finger waving at me, I would of never heard him ask me, “How are you?”….yes I would of still been staring at his fingers like they were the most talented things in the world.

I practically whispered ‘Goooood’ because I realized I hadn’t breathed the whole time and immediately asked him how he was, which he said ‘good’ as well and that was it.

He was on the phone and I didn’t wanna bother him so I let him walk on by, but seriously, omg.

I know this really isn’t anything at all and believe me half the time I don’t think he likes me at all, but then he constantly does cute shit like that and I cant help but just *sigh*

I mean seriously, an EXTREMELY good looking talented man, goes out of his way to smile, wave AND ask me how i’m doing? That has to mean he at least likes me right? And I don’t mean like he ‘liiiiiiiikes me’ but that he likes seeing me or whatever.

I’d rather have that then nothing at all, because I have seen the looks he’s given other people and I would assume with how he was looking that he didn’t like that person AT ALL, haha.

ANYWAYS as soon as he passed me and was completely out of my sight I immdiately did a silent screen. Opened mouth and all as I walked back to our office. Entered the office and then wrote this on our dry erase board….


….the same dry erase board I drew Jurassic Park’s logo on and some asshole erased a few months back *shakes head*

Co-workers just rolled their eyes at me, cuz they are always making fun of how I am around Vinnie, lol.

Jennifer ended up showing up an hour or so after that to visit everyone and give cookies. She kinda got cockblocked by some of our co-workers since they were talking to her when Vinnie left, but she at least got to ask how he was and wished him a Merry Christmas :)

Definately the best part of the day was seeing him and maybe walking into going to the game, but we lost 5-2…..ugh Smith, but whatever, was still an awesome day because of Vinnie :)

“I freaking LOVE THAT MAN!”

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Woke up at 9am today and looked at my alarm clock like “why the FUCK are you going off?!” Then I remembered that I told Jennifer last night that I would go with her to practice tomorrow. Which was at 10am, yea I didn’t end up leaving the house until a little after 10am, parked and walked around the front to go in.

It was really weird that once I got inside I saw that no one was really here. Like counting Jennifer & me there was a total of maybe 6-10 fans there to watch them practice. Me & Jennifer the whole practice pretty much just took pictures and caught up on what happened last week on my trip and her with work & her family.

We ended up kidnapping Miracle’s credit card and car to go buy him McDonald’s for lunch, since he was stuck at work. McDonald’s ended up messing up his order by giving us a bag with a big mac & mcfilet (or w/e its called) instead of his nugget meal & hamburger, haha.

Got back & gave him his food, sad goodbye and I thought Jennifer was parked where I was, but she ended up being parked in the other parking lot, so we took the long way back to her car and then drove around so she could drop me back off at my car. On the way she mentioned about wanting to go to Chipotle, so I told her I’d go with her, so we ended up deciding to leave me car there and pick it up later.

As we drove passed the parking lot, I looked over at where the hockey players park their cars and right when I did I saw this hot guy with a white v-neck shirt & baseball cap come walking out of the building. I didn’t know who it was, i just knew that from that distance that they’re height and built was hot, so I told Jennifer that it LOOKED like someone that COULD BE Vinnie.

So she stopped at the stop light and then backed up and was like “CAN YOU SEE ANYTHING?!” which I couldnt because she didn’t back up enough for me to see, but right then a black truck came around and was leaving the hockey parking lot, which I told her and we started freaking out cuz Vinnie had an esculade (sp?). I was then like ‘watch he’ll go the other way’ (mind you we’re stopped at the red light the whole time), but he ended up turning our way and stopping right behind us.

The truck had the tented-ist windows I have ever seen, so even with him sitting in his car behind us I couldnt tell who it is, but then Jennifer looked and was like ‘OMG THATS HIS HAND!’ haha yea I dont think I could recognize him by his hand, but she did, lol.

The light turns green then and she goes and tries to drive slow so that he could pull up beside us 2 lights down if it in fact turns red, which luckly it did! So we’re sitting there (Jennifer was freaking out the whole time by the way) with Vinnie’s car sitting on our left, so Jennifer starts waving at him to see if he’d wave back or if he’d even roll his window down.

He didn’t notice at first, but after a few minutes you could see his head turn and the window start slowly going down. While the window was going down all I kept saying in my head was “what if it’s not him? what if it’s not him? its not gonna be him, yea its not gonna be him” then I saw this white guy looking at us from the passenger seat like “wtf?” and was like “shit it isnt him” but then the driver leaned over and was like…

“Hey, how are you?”

Yea I heard angels sing in that moment, because it was Vinnie.

I decided right then that since Jennifer was closest to him and plus I really couldnt see that I wasn’t gonna say anything just observe & stare at him, since the attention wasn’t on me at all :-D

Oh and forgive me because I don’t remember the conversation that much, but here’s what I do remember…..

Vinnie: “Hey how are you?”
Vinnie: “Some of us are playing, i dunno, why?”
Jennifer: “I was just wondering since……….i’m leaving.” (dont remember)
Vinnie: “Yea I’m playing, why?”

At that point he kept looking at her like ‘wtf?’ so that’s when I decided to speak up.

Me: “It’s her last game tomorrow.”
Vinnie: “What?”
Me: “Tomorrow, it’s her last game.”
Vinnie: “Why?”
Jennifer: “I’m going to basic.”
Vinnie: “What?”
Jennifer: “I’m going to basic training.”

And when I saw ‘greatest face of all time’ I really mean the cutest fucking sad pouty face I have EVER SEEN ON THAT FACE O_o

I think that’s when Jennifer went on to explain the military stuff, because I zoned out and totally  just stared at Vinnie’s face for that entire time. But at one point he interupted her and asked…..

Vinnie: “When are you coming back?”
Jennifer: “*shrugs* I dunno….” and went on to explain more about the stuff she has to do in the military.
Vinnie: “Wow…..” and I think he said something like ‘congratulations? I really can’t remember, haha.

At that point the light changed green and Jennifer’s nerves got the best of her because she saw that it changed and freaked like she always does when trying to close a conversation with Vinnie.

Jennifer: “Ok…well bye!”
Vinnie: “Be safe…”

And Jennifer peeled out, lol. The whole way to chipotle was listening to Jennifer’s hilarious thoughts on what just happened and how she’d throw all her Mormon beliefs away for Vinnie, haha. You know to be honest the discussion pretty much lasted the rest of the time we hung out that day. Which after we ate at Chipotle we went to Sonic to get our slush cravings in check and then went to Best Buy to look around.

Which was pretty much us playing rock band/guitar hero and just checking out the sales going on for dvds, which I ended up finding two tv series I wanted to buy on dvd (The State & Entourage) but I ended up talking myself out of it and convincing myself to just wait til this weekend to buy them, since I still have to go buy Jennifer’s birthday present :)

After Best Buy we went back to my house to show her the ‘This Is It’ trailer since she hadn’t seen it and then watched 10 Things I Hate About You, before she had to leave to go see a movie with her friend Eva.

I then looked for something else to watch and was surprised to find that ‘Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain’ was coming on. I hadn’t seen that movie in YEARS and have been trying to buy it on DVD for that same length of time. Granted it’s a horrible movie in the acting department, but omg I love it so much, me & Travis used to watch it all the time when we were younger.

After that I watched some of The River Wild (love that shit) and showed mom some of ‘Across The Universe’ to show her how they messed up some of the beatles songs, haha. Which I then found that Jaws was on…………………A MOVIE CHANNEL O_o

I’m sorry that was just shocking to me because for like 15 years everytime Jaws has been ON TV was if it was being shown on like TNT, TBS, USA or some other bo-bo movie channel that plays fucking commericals.

To prove my point while i was watching Jaws I could pinpoint everytime it WOULD go to commerical if it was on one of those channels, which is just so sad, but I’m sorry if I see it on tv, i always end up watching some of it :)

After that I came in here and got online to do the twitter & the blog thing, which I finally finished Day 3 of the Vancouver trip, which leaves 4-10 haha, I’M GETTING THERE!

lol this song in Hot Rod where he’s getting ready for the big jump is soooooo addicting


And then everyone starts breaking into stores stealing shit, lol :)

Sorry i have it playing in the background because ‘The Reaping’ just went off (had that playing in the background) – which the ending to that movie ALWAYS pisses me off & provides me with nightmares, thank you Hilary Swank, lol.

Anyways I gotta go to sleep now, work tomorrow (1st preseason game for the Lightning) and I need to take some NyQuil because for some reason during Jaws my fucking nose started running, so I’m getting sick >:o

WTF, rain & cold weather for 10 days and i get since when i get back to the fucking heat here in Florida, yea makes NO SENSE, haha.

So goodnight bbz <3

Some pics from practice coming soon….


Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
Fan & Vinnie

Fan & Vinnie


Ok so yea I know he’s back in town, but i dunno the picture kinda CONFIRMS it you know? You know the saying ‘no picture or it didnt happen’? Yea well that’s how I felt, but OMG!

Plus I think it has alot to do with the fact that he was in the same building as me just AFTER I had left TODAY O_o

Wow, i am fucking ridiculous.

Oh and this isn’t me in the picture above, it’s some fan that won some grand prize of a locker room tour & I guess Vinnie was her tour guide? I can only imagine how many ‘umm’s & ‘uh’s were used in the tour, lol.