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Day 7: “Are you those cinnamon challenge girls?”

Monday, September 14th, 2009
Some of the line outside of the 100 Monkeys show in Vancouver.

Some of the line outside of the 100 Monkeys show in Vancouver.


Day 6: God Bless America, Oh & Happy 21st Katie

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Woke up around the same time as always and got online to see if there were any details on other filming locations for today.

Past few days really have started just like the others, i wake up an hour or so before one of the ladies starts to wake up & get ready. While they’re getting ready i’m looking up information and/or ways to get to a possible set location, as well as checking my mail, facebook & twitter.

Today though was Katie’s 21st birthday, so we wanted to do what she wanted to do and she did end up wanting to go find the set today.

So a little after noon today we left the hotel for Capalino Park, drove all the way up the street and didnt see anything until we got the end of the road I saw a sign for ‘crew parking’.

We drove up & down that street twice before I realized we were driving on fumes, so we stopped at a Shell but they didnt accept my fucking credit card, so we went down the street to another gas station and got gas.

$37 for 8 fucking gallons, can you believe that shit?! And yea that’s not even a full tank!

We were hungry then so we decided to get something to eat before trying to find the set again. We were gonna go to Earls, but upon parking & walking up to the resturant we saw that it was just way too fucking fancy so we decided on Denny’s next door.

Their fucking Denny’s is fancy & clean as shit compared to our shitty American ones, haha.

The only down fall is Leilani had a cry fest when she found out that they didn’t have Dr. Pepper OR Sweet Tea, haha

While we waiting for our food I asked Leilani to check if she had a wi-fi connection here and she did! I mainly wanted to know because I wanted to see if there was any updated info on a specific location for the filming today.

Which there wasn’t, BUT someone had leaked the New Moon trailer that they’ll be showing on MTV’s VMAs on Sunday, so I tried to watch that and was just blown away.

I seriously can not wait for this movie and I hope to god they give the director at least a chance at directing Breaking Dawn, nothing against the Eclipse director, but just from the New Moon trailer looks fucking epic as shit.


Denny’s of Canada failed in my book simply because their french fries tasted like shit or to be more plain tasted like Burger King’s fries. Sorry their fries are nasty to me, they taste very stale :(

After that since Denny’s was on a one way street we decided to go looking for the Cullen house again since it was supposed to be right around the corner, but because that street was so busy we really couldnt look for it that well.

9/11 Rememberance outside of trail.

9/11 Remembrance on Trail

We then went back to the park to see if we could find any shooting and started where I saw the ‘crew park’ signs. Parked the car and started walking up a mountain trail. NO IDEA why I thought it would be up there, but to be honest I think it was more or less I wanted to go on a trail, but we went halfway up, before Katie decided we should go look at the Dam.

As soon as we left the car and started walking towards the Dam we saw the trailers *face palm* no idea why I didnt check this earlier, haha.

It was pretty much like 4:30ish by the time we got to that area and you could tell they were breaking stuff down, but we decided to walk around anyways. Went up 2 different trails saw them breaking down what looked like fight scene type of equipment. Ladders, spring boards, & landing pads.

Leilani says she thought she saw Bryce Howard, but it was probably her stunt double. The last trail we went on took us down & across the pipeline to almost the bottom of the dam where we ended up seeing them film Victoria’s stunt double doing some sort of stunt on a wire. I guess like she was jumping across a cliff or something?

I dunno we didnt really get to see because this lady was following us with an umbrella, which is kinda creepy. She didn’t say anything just walked behind us until a point where we really couldn’t see anything anymore, then she disappeared.

Leilani at that point was in so much pain for all the walking up & down a fucking mountain that we decided we should finally go get Katie’s bday cupcake (since she ended up not wanting it first thing in the day) and get dinner.

Took us forever & a day to find our way out, which I think they were watching us because the nice traffic secruity guy that gave me the hint to be careful with my big camera – his walkie talkie went off and i think it said something like “the girls are clear” dunno if it was for the stunt doubles or if it were for us, but right after that said that a van came up the trail we were walking up, that probably had the stunt people in them.

Everyone we’ve come in contact with on this shoot was nice (except the creepy umbrella chic, which i would like to point out look like a fucking twi-hard herself), saying ‘hi’ to us and asking us how we’re doing and shit, even though we’re walking through their like headquarters of trailers, haha.

Walking across the dam I look down into it and see that they were setting up another scene right on the side of the dam, so we stood there for awhile watching them set up and realized it was a scene where i guess Victoria lands on the other side of whatever she’s jumping, rolls to get up & takes off running in the woods.

The crazy twi-hard looking umbrella chick kept staring at us, since they didn’t want people to record or take pictures, which I almost did, but decided not too.

I mean I totally understand why we can’t, but it just sucks for me cuz I don’t remember little shit like that and to record it always makes it easier, but of course thinks to crazy attention seeking fans or just the stupid papz filming crews don’t trust anyone :(

We watched a few takes, well until she did one take that we thought was good enough and left.

Drove back to the hotel, but dropped Katie & Leilani off at the cupcake place so they could get their cupcakes and then went into the hotel so Katie could change & Leilani could get more comfortable with her now blustered feet, then we left for La Casita for some mexican food.

Thought we were gonna die, since it’s in a bad part of time and when we parked this smelly bum guy approached me trying to sell me some parking ticket for a dollar less, which I waited for everyone else to get out of the car before we made a decision.

We ended up taking him up for his deal and i’m still trying to figure out how he’s making money out of doing this for us, since we were techincally only paying him cuz it was a dollar more AND he was ‘protecting/watching’ our car for us *rolls eyes*

La Casita was ok, the salad shit they give you with your food was off the chain to mix with your beans and rice, omg, i shit you not. We were maybe there an hour/hour & a half – which no idea why it took them almost 30 minutes to get us our free chips & salsa, but it did, haha.

Left & went back to the car which I didnt see the guy that was supposed to watch our car ANYWHERE, but whatever there was no ticket or boot on my car and that’s all that mattered to me, lol.

Got back to the hotel to chill, but Katie ended up wanting to get something to drink, so I gave her & Leilani directions on how to get to the liquor store a few blocks from here and they left.

I went along with doing my online updates & watching ‘Awakenings’ since thats what they left the tv on. After about almost an hour I started getting worried and looked out the window and was thinking about what I should do.

Right when I decided to just wait and maybe find a way to text them, they knock on the door for me to open it for them. They didnt get any drinks and of course they got lost and was telling me how these guys were hitting on them and wanted them to hang with them at a pub, but of course they declined.

situated the curtains so it wasnt blocking the a/c, found ‘The Bodyguard’ on and watched it for awhile until I couldnt wait for the sleep timer anymore and turned the tv off.


Sunday, September 13th, 2009

cloudy liongateToday started like any other day, me waking up incredibly early, before the other 2 and then trying to find if there’s any info about filming that day. Except this day I really could not find any news of filming that day.

So I decided maybe we should try the location we tired the day before, since there were rumors that they went and filmed at a different location since the weather was so good.

After everyone was ready to go we took off over the Lionsgate Bridge thing, which is funny with how many times we had already gone over this bridge in a matter of days, haha.

I was glad we drove by the location the night before, because it made it completely easy for me in the daylight, but was VERY overwhelming when we turned the last street and it was lined with at least 50 cars!

Not to mention the random secruity guard sitting in the trees at the beginning of the turn onto that road. My worry of ‘nothing happening at this spot’ today was of course destroyed with that site, because why else would a street that was completely empty the night before….at a time of night where everyone that lived on that street would be home, would not have tons of cars lined along it?

Questions were answered as we continued to drive along it when people were walking in & out of the trailers that were set up there last nite. THANKFULLY as we passed the trailers we only saw 2 girls and some weird old guy with a camera and umbrella standing on the opposite of the road from the trailers.

I drove up the street a little more, did a u-turn and came back down that same street & parked within the masses of cars along the street and then tried to figure out what we were doing, because it was raining a little bit. Well more like sprinkling, but you know what I mean, lol.

I knew Leilani & Katie probably didn’t wanna go stand out in the rain, so I volunteered myself to at least go out and ask the people that were there to see if they knew what was going on or if they had seen anything. So I grabbed my hoodie and ventured out into the rain in shorts & flip flops, oh yeah that’s how I roll ;)

Red jacket, true story.

Red jacket, true story.

Day 3: WTF did we do today?

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Woke up and right away freaked out because our internet situation was still all fucked up & I realized if I didn’t find a solution to it today that I would be freaking out the entire time we were in Vancouver. Which is when the awesome idea came to mind….i’d ask if we could get a room closer to the middle of the hotel (where the internet connection is its strongest), because we need internet for ‘work purposes’ which is HALF TRUE, haha.

So I woke up a little and then yelled to wake Leilani up because I needed her ‘customer service skills’ to go downstairs and ask if we could change rooms, which I was expecting her to be like ‘hell no i don’t wanna do that’, but she was actually like ‘true, thats a good idea’. We rehearsed what she should say and then we went (since i offered to at least go with her) down to the front desk.

Luckily it was the idiot (very nice) grandpa that was there last nite AND THANKFULLY this guy was just as nice if not more, because he offered to move us with no problems at all, granted it was a floor up (doesnt matter) and was maybe 4 doors down from where the elevator is (center of the hotel). So we asked him if we could go test it out by the door before we switch which he let us, so we ran back to the hotel room, grabbed my laptop and went up to the room we were about to move to and checked the connection outside the door, which we had a connection!

So we went back downstairs to tell him we had a connection and would love to have that room, so he gave us new keys and we went back up to the new room & for some reason Leilani wanted to pull a prank on Katie, who was busy getting ready in or original room. So she picked up the phone and called our room pretending to be the clerk at the front desk. Telling Katie that something was wrong with her credit card and that we need her to some time today come see them about it.

Katie paused for a few seconds and then was like, “Ok i’ll be down there in a minute.” that’s when Leilani started laughing and was like, “Katie you’re a fucking dumbass.” since she totally believed Leilani was the clerk at the front desk, lol.

Leilani was a little jealous of my strawberry smoothie, lol

Leilani was a little jealous of my strawberry smoothie, lol

We then returned to our hotel room to help Katie move all our stuff to our new room, before heading out to go get lunch. Which we didn’t know where to go, so we decided to just eat at the Blue Mountain Cafe since it was across the street and so Leilani could use the wi-fi to look up the directions to the  capilano suspension bridge, since we had decided to do that today.

It was our first taste of canadian prices at restraunts and such, haha. I ended up getting a strawberry smoothie, shrimp quesadillas and bought Leilani her lunch which I can’t remember what it was, but needless to say the smoothie was delicious.

I was really scared to try the shrimp quesadillas that I ordered, but I thought i’d try something different which is why I got them and omg they were so freaking good! I dunno cheddar cheese & shrimp just didn’t seem like they’d work out well together, but it actually was delicious as hell! :)

I had to go poop after eating, so we went back to the hotel so I could do my business before going to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Needless to say I ended up messing up the toliet. Why don’t they give people in hotel rooms plungers? Granted I guess it’s the hotel’s job to do it, but I mean I’m not snobby enough that I can’t plung a fucking toliet if it’s backed up. Now if it wont unclog after plunging it that’s when I’d calling the front desk about it, but pff fuck being an ass and having someone else do it.

So I figured if we just left it, it would unclog itself. So we left to go find the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which was a big ‘to do’ on list of things to do while we were in Vancouver :)

got bed bugs?

Saw some pretty interesting things on our way to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, like a bus advertising on bed bugs extermination and other things. The LionGate Bridge, or at least I think that’s what it was called, was really pretty as well, but as soon as we got on it I started freaking out, because it was so FREAKING HIGH!liongate bridge

And i’m not talking like bridge high, i’m talking like We were like miles HIGHER then their HIGHEST fucking hotel, it was ridiculous! But I wanted to walk across it so bad the moment I realized how high it was, haha.

We get to Capilano Suspension Bridge just to find out we have to pay $5 for parking, which kinda sucked, but we got over it thinking I’m sure anyone would park there to walk through the park. Little did we know that once we got up to the entrance that it was $30 JUST to get in to see the suspension bridge O_o

That really messed up everything for us, because I only had $90 left in canadian money until Thursday night when I got paid, so if me & Katie went half and half with admission it would be $45 from both of us which would then only leave me with $45 until Thursday. And it was barely Tuesday, so we decided that maybe we could just come a different day.

 So we decided to go back to the hotel to look up the address and directions to the Rickshaw Theater since we had tickets to see 100 Monkeys there on Saturday and directions to Robert Burnaby Park since I heard they were filming there today :)

Get back to the hotel to see that the toliet is still messed up so Leilani calls down to tell them & it’s a totally different guy at the front desk, that apparently hates his life. From what Leilani said he sighed really deeply and told us he was gonna have to move us to a different room, since the guy to fix it was no there. I immediately freaked out because we had JUST moved to this fucking room for the internet, but luckily we only moved 2 doors down.

Granted we still really couldnt get internet, but I figured out if I laid on the floor by the door that I could get internet, so once we moved everything to the new room, I laid down in the floor and looked up directions to Rickshaw Theater & Robert Burnaby Park and left to go find them and better yet get lost in Vancouver :)

Mr. Lube: Doing It Right Before Your Eyes O_o

Mr. Lube: Doing It Right Before Your Eyes O_o

Rickshaw Theater was actually on Hastings, so I didnt even need to write down directions for it, since we had to go down hastings to take Brianne home the night before. It also freaked me out that it was on Hastings, because I didnt want it on the crackhead part of Hastings. We were hoping it was more towards Howe St or Hornby on Hastings, but in the long run couldn’t find it on Hastings at all.

Seriously we drove up & down Hastings a good 3 or 4 times and could not find the Rickshaw Theater, found JACQUES, which I thought was hilariously random, but no Rickshaw Theater :(

Which we gave up and decided to go by the Robert Burnaby Park so we knew how to get there for tomorrow and on the way we found a ‘Mr. Lube’ which I thought was funny cuz their slogan was “Doing It Right Before Your Eyes” hahaha.

We end up thinking we were going the wrong way so we go the other way and still can’t figure it out, so Leilani had to turn on her internet just to guide us in the right direction. Found in after about a 45 minute drive, which was so funny because we were doing all these twists and turns on these random roads to get to it. At some point I was looking down at my ipod to change the song, looked up and was like “HOLY SHIT TRAILERS!”.

Cuz seriously I looked up and was met with white, because we were driving right past all these trailers, NO IDEA why Leilani & Katie didn’t say something about them as we were approaching them & I was looking down, because they would have to be blind to not have noticed them, haha. Right as we passed the trailers, I looked over to my right and saw a small group of girls sitting on the sidewalk eating.

So we turned around and came back around & since Leilani and Katie are DOUCHEBAGS I ended up asking the girls sitting on the sidewalk if they were filming (katie & leilani refused to ask).  One girl was like “no, nothing is going on” kinda like she was trying to lie so we’d go away. Which was when I said, “Well then why are ya’ll sitting here?” She didn’t have anything to say, just went back to eating her sandwich – NO IDEA WHY SHE FELT THE NEED TO GIVE ME ATTITUDE BUT SHE OBVIOUSLY DIDNT LIKE IT WHEN I GAVE IT BACK.

Right then these 2 girls came up to our window to tell us that they heard their was filming today and came by but haven’t seen anyone yet. Which is when I told them that I found out (when we last were at the hotel) that they ended up moving it to the studio since it was too sunny out today, but will probably be back tomorrow.

The girls ended up being really nice & informative and we found out that we were staying at the same hotel! haha, i ended up realizing that they were whispering all their info because they didn’t want these other girls to hear, which I didn’t blame them because they were kinda mean, to be honest, lol.

After that we told em that maybe we’ll see them tomorrow and left to go get something to eat and go back to the hotel. The whole drive up to Vancouver yesterday we kept seeing signs for ‘Taco Time’ so we were kinda obsessed with wanting to eat there, so Leilani looked it up and we actually found one pretty close to the park, so we went searching for it.

We didn’t find the Taco Time, but we did find a Best Buy and a mall that we decided we wanted to go to one of the days. Leilani then looked up a route back to the hotel and we ended up running into a Burger King & McDonalds so we decided on visiting the BK Lounge.

$9 for a Whopper meal?!

$7 for a Whopper meal?!

Ended up getting just a whopper, cheeseburger, hamburger, whopper jr & a drink and it was like $21 O_o yea we decided not to go back to Burger King on our trip…..well at least while we were in Canada, lol.

Get our food and needless to say it smelt like home to Leilani, haha.

bk home smell

We then went back to the hotel after that, ate our food and just watched tv for awhile until of course Leilani’s snoring got to be a little too distracting, so we called it a night and went to sleep.

bosmans sleep leilani

Day 2 of our 10 Day Vaca

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

We woke up to more beautiful Forks weather – POURING RAIN, haha.

Beautiful Forks, WA weather.

Beautiful Forks, WA weather.

Our whole plan was to leave Forks by 11am since it was gonna take 5-6 hrs to get to Vancouver, giving us enough time so we weren’t late for the Bobby Long show that nite.

We got ready & checked out of our little Forks hotel. Saw a twimom & her daughter leave their (probably twilight room), which the mom was wearing a Jasper shirt O_o

Since we got into Forks so late the day before & cuz Katie was sick we didn’t really see much, so we decided to go look at certain places before leaving Forks – HOPEFULLY before 11am like we planned.

Found the 2nd ‘welcome to Forks’ sign that me & Leilani were talking about the night before when we were driving back from Port Angeles.

I'm smiling so big cause Leilani just slipped in the mud trying to get to the Forks sign and well it was kinda funny.

I'm smiling so big cause Leilani just slipped in the mud trying to get to the Forks sign and well it was kinda funny.

Then drove over to Forks Outfitters where me & Katie went in to look at Forks shirts, since I wanted one.

The Twilight Zone at Forks Outfitters

The Twilight Zone at Forks Outfitters

Ended up buying a ‘Team Edward’ shirt that says ‘forks, wa’ under it and Leilani a Jasper shirt (don’t remember what it said, haha).

Forks Hospital

Then we drove over to Forks Community Hospital and visited Dr. Cullen’s parking spot.

In which Katie was trying to steal, lol.

In which Katie was trying to steal, lol.

After that we went over to City Hall since that’s where the police station was & took a picture with one of the cruisers.

Seriously this is like the best mustache picture of ALL TIME, just saying.

Seriously this is like the best mustache picture of ALL TIME, just saying.

Leaving City Hall to turn around we randomly found the ’supposedly’ Cullen House, haha.

Cullen Mailbox

But after that we went to the Dazzled by Twilight store and was in there for awhile trying to figure out what to buy, which I ended up getting something stupid/little for Jennifer & Angelina and Katie got something I don’t remember what it was though, oh wait she bought a shot glass I think, haha

Dazzled By Twilight

Left there to go look at the other Dazzled by Twilight store which was for booking their tours, haha.

After which we left to go fill up the car and then left Forks for Vancouver.

Welcome To Port Angeles

Upon arriving into Port Angeles our directions told us we were taking a ferry from there, so we pull up to the ferry ticket booth – never done this before so completely confused the whole time.

The bubble gum smacking girl (looked like a teenager) said all this shit really fast, something about it being $77, which i repeated “dollars?!” and she’s like “Yea & I need your passports.” Which all of us were like O_O ‘wtf?’ handed it over and just sat there like wtf.

She gave us a ticket for the car, told us the ferry will board at 4:45pm, when drive forward & some guy stamped it and told us where to park. Thats when the car just fell into silence and then I asked Leilani to show me the directions on her phone. Yea the fucking ferry we just paid $77 for was taking us into Canada & then we’d drive a few & then have to take ANOTHER ferry.

Plus it was only like 2pm or some shit and that’s just crazy to sit here and wait that long for a fucking ferry knowing you’d have to be taking another one & no idea how long we’d have to wait for that ferry. So I told Leilani to look up direction to Seattle from where we were, to see how far of a drive that was.

It ended up being like an hour & a half drive and there were ferries leaving at 3:45 & 4:30, so after arguing with Leilani to go back inside & see if we could get a refund, her & Katie went in to see if we could get a refund and leave.

LUCKILY they were and we halled ass out of there and back through Port Angeles towards the Kingston Ferry. The other plus to this route was there was only ONE ferry & then 3 hour drive to Vancouver, which would put is arriving at our hotel around 7pm.

We get to the Kingston pier or whatever it’s called and miss the 3:45 ferry, but pay $15 for the 4:30 one. So not only did we pay less for this ferry but we would also be leaving before the other one (since yea it was loading at 4:45 but it actually left at 5:15).

The Kingston Ferry

The Kingston Ferry

Watched the rain fall & these huge ass seagulls fight over food, before they loaded us onto the ferry, which then Leilani lost her damn mind because we had never been on a ferry WITH A CAR, haha.

I had to go to the bathroom so me & Leilani went and find the bathroom, she went first & then I did. Doing my business when I hear this indian couple arguing outside the door, when all of a sudden the door opens & a guy was like O_O

Which I was like O_O

Da fuck? I thought the door was lock AND on top of that I’m gonna have to kill Leilani cuz she LEFT ME! SOLIDER DOWN!

Luckily they were probably as embarassed as I was because they weren’t outside the door when I left to go back to the car, haha.

Our rental can drive across water, trufax.

Our rental can drive across water, trufax.

Got back to the car and had to deal with my small case of sea sickness & Leilani’s retardness with how cool she thought it was to be on the ferry in a car, lol.

Finally the ferry docks and we leave to start our 3 hr drive to Vancouver.

71 Miles To Vancouver

Which the drive ended up not seeing like it took 3 hours, but that might of been just because we all kept reading the ‘food signs’ and everytime we’d yell ‘Taco Time!’ if there was a Taco Time listed on it, haha.

Pulled up to the canadian border & Leilani lost her shit, dunno why, lol. I of course was nervous as hell, because at this point we were so tight for time that if we had a delay (even though it was like a 30 minute wait line) we might miss the Bobby Long show. We still had to check into the hotel, find an ATM and HOPE it gives me Canadian money (haha yes i was thinking this) andthen go pick up my new twitter frie nd Brianne.

Canadian Border

The Canadian Border

Finally it’s our turn at the border person’s booth, which Leilani falls silent out of no where, haha. He asked us maybe 6 questions, handed us our passports back and that was it O_o

And here the whole time Leilani is pretty much telling us we’re gonna get butt raped with questions O_o

We then turn on our new favorite song which has been dubbed the Canada Song which is the Christian Bale remix. You know the audio of him telling some guy off on the terminator salvation set? Well they remixed it unto this techno dance type of thing and it’s really addicting, especially with all the f bombs, haha.

First thing that hit us with the BEAUTIFUL smell of Canada, which smelled like someone took a gigantic piss then went and gathered all kinds of different animals’ poop mixed it in with the puddle of piss & just let it sit and dry out in the sun.

It smelled DELICIOUS!

Finally entering the city the first thing I realize is we need gas, so I’m about to turn into this Chevron when I look up at the price and saw that it said 112.7


Yea we were all like, “Um wtf does that mean?” haha. We decided just to check into the hotel and ask the front desk guy what that meant since like I said we were kinda tight on time.

To get to downtown you gotta go over this bridge and I dunno what it was but looking at the buildings in downtown for some reason reminded me of the end of the world. It was like driving into a deserted city, it kinda freaked me out to be honest.

Welcome to Downtown Vancouver

Welcome to Downtown Vancouver

Get into downtown Vancouver and it’s totally not what I expected. It’s like NYC mixed with New Orleans; its dirty and old and just so not what I expected it at all. For some reason I guess I was expecting a more natural type of setting, but oh was I surprised, haha.

Found our hotel which me & Leilani both said a “oh…” when we saw the sign, haha. Pulled up & I got out to check in just to be told we were gonna have to pay an extra $80, blah. Luckily he took US Dollars since that’s all we had at the moment. Asked him where the nearest ATM & Bank was (so I could get money out & Katie could exchange her US money) and then went up to our room at 226.

First thing I did while everyone was unpacking was tested the wireless internet we were guaranteed & yea there was none at all.

Made Leilani call down to see what the hell was up, which since it was grandpa around the desk he had no idea what the fuck she was talking about & just repeated what he told me at the desk. Which then reminded me that he did say something about the connection being very weak & having to move towards the center of the hotel.

So I took my laptop out to by the elevators and yea totally worked fine >:O

Not gonna lie, up until that point I was freaking out because when we got to the canadian border I turned my phone off and then just to get to our room to see we have no internet, I freaked the fuck out, because we didn’t know where the bobby long show was at our how to get there. So I NEEDED internet so I knew how to get there, but Leilani ended up just saying ‘fuck it’ and turning her phone on to help us get there.

Everyone got ready and we left to go pick up Brianne at the Sheraton which was right up the street from us, haha. Funny thing is I was actually walking up to the Sheraton to see if they had an ATM, so right as I got to the bellhop/valet people to ask them, Brianne came walking out the hotel, haha.

Ended up being a 7-11 right behind the hotel, so I took her back to where the car was parked, introduced her to Leilani & Katie and then took off for the 7-11.

The whole time I was trying to take money out of the atm, I kept asking if not praying that it would give me Canadian money & not US Dollars. Granted I figured it wouldnt since I was in Canada, but I dunno for some reason there was this fear that I would get US Money.

I giggled out loud when the Canadian money was spit out of the ATM machine. It looks like play money! haha

High roller in TWO countries, lol.

High roller in TWO countries, lol.

Ran back to the car and took off for the Bobby Long show at the Backstage Lounge. Which was an adventure all by itself trying to find, THEN having to find a place to park. Let me just say that the area it was in at night looks like a haunted carnival, which was alone creepy as hell, haha.

Once we did park, I realized that I forgot my professional camera O_o

So I went and got everyone into the show & then me and Leilani left to go back to the hotel to get the camera, haha.

Got the camera and got back to the venue, which we did get lost again, but got there right before Bobby started playing at little after 10:30pm, haha.

Stood dead center about 4 people back, which was fine with me until this girl with a HUGE FUCKING HEAD AND HUGE FUCKING HAIR that she had put up all ‘pretty’ stood right in front of me >:o

Brianne ended up helping me move more to the left of the stage, which I then spotted a small spot up front that no one was standing in, so I cut through the crowd to the spot and sat on the stage for the whole show.

Bobby Long performs at Backstage Lounge in Vancouver.
Bobby Long performs at Backstage Lounge in Vancouver.

Words can not explain to you the amazingness that is Bobby Long. I remember before I left Leilani to go sit on the stage that I told her something was wrong with him and it made me sad. Then as I sat on the stage halfway through his set (which he wasnt talking much) he said something about him being depressed, which really made me sad, because I totally could pick up on it and felt bad and then for all the twimoms that were there to still be acting all flirty with him, when he’s clearly upset with something, but he did still made a few jokes, still didnt shake off the really sad vibe he was giving off :(

At one point towards the end of the show I get a tap on my shoulder & look over at Brianne that was trying to mouth something to me, but I didnt understand, so she gave me her phone and saw all these tweets about some of the cast members being at the show.


Yea that messed up my whole night, but a HUGE part of me wanted to stay and watch the rest of Bobby’s set, but then the other part wanted to at least get a glimpse of the cast that was there, because to be honest I didn’t have my hopes up at seeing them at all this whole trip, just so I could handle the disappointment. So I wait til Bobby finishes the song he was singing and then left the crowd.

She told me that supposedly Nikki Reed, her boyfriend Paris, Jackson, Elizabeth, Kristen & Robert were there and standing somewhere near the door/merch. We ended up walking to the bathroom to see if we could see anything, which I didn’t, but once we got in the bathroom Brianne thinks she saw Nikki & Elizabeth.

Some lady that was in the bathroom said that Elizabeth took some pictures with fans in the bathroom, so not to take away from the show, but other then that no one was bothering them, which I thought was good.

We then thought the show was almost over so we decided to go outside hopefully to catch them leaving. Which was not the case at all, the show ended up ending like 30 minutes later and what went from like 4 papz & just maybe 4 fans outside, turned into triple that and this crazy shit happened….



All my friends at home are gonna hate me since I’m the one that filmed this video.

It was probably the saddest thing I’ve ever seen (well i dunno the whole Remember Me set was pretty depressing). One thing I thought was funny was I stood right next to the front of the taxi trying to record and EVERYONE and I do me EVERYONE was glued to the back passenger door which is where Rob was, fighting for a shot.

As soon as the taxi started to leave people started crowding around me, since the taxi pulled up and stopped right in front of me, which is when that drunk girl screamed out “Kristen you’re a bitch!” No idea why she said that, but she was drunk off her ass, granted that shouldnt give her an ‘thats ok’ reason for saying it.

And if you guys know me, i’m not a Kristen fan at all, but even I WOULDN’T of said that to her, especially in that situation, I felt so bad for her and Robert with how crazy the papz & fans were.

But for those of you that want to track down and kill the girl that said that, she’s the girl that says ‘i dont give a shit, i wanna go home’ in my video, lol.

 After that I went back inside, because i wanted to talk to Bobby, guy at the door (like before) wouldn’t let me in because of my big ass camera (I guess once the show is over i’m considered papz? since they didnt care either – seriously i asked AJ Mclean and he didnt care [sorry the guy was trying to look like AJ from BSB so we kept calling him that all night]), so I gave Leilani my camera to hold and he let me in.

Bought a shirt & poster, yea got the hook up, Phil is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Talk to Bobby for a few seconds, but he was still trying real hard to fight off the depressing vibe, but it was still there, especially in his eyes. He signed my poster and rolled it up, which I joked about how he should get tipped for doing that & that I would of but I didnt have anything smaller then a $20 lol.

I asked for a picture, which he explained he would but he had to leave in 10 minutes for a flight and if he took one he’d be stuck taking tons, which i totally understood, he didn’t have to explain at all, i just thought i’d asked. It was just really sad to watch him explain, cuz he looked like he thought I would hate him if he didn’t take a picture with him, which just made me think that I’m sure some twi-mom/hards gave him lip for that very excuse.

Ugh, i can’t stand this fanbase for realz. Well wait fanbases in general, jesus – Lightning/Rejects/Twilight *shakes head*

After that we all left, took Brianne home, which consisted of driving through Cracktown Vancouver on Hastings, lol.

Dropped her off & went back to the hotel & crashed.

Seriously only 2:57am?

Sunday, September 6th, 2009
Only way to make my eyes stop burning from being away since 6am YESTERDAY.

Only way to make my eyes stop burning from being away since 6am YESTERDAY.

I have pretty much been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I did my fitness for yesterday & took a shower like I said I was going to do. Then waited til my mom got home to borrow her car (i barely have any gas) to go get Leilani. Was a bit freaked out by the fact that our Magicial Marquee was turned off. Usually everytime I pass this specific marquee it has a pretty awesome quote of wisdom that for some weird reason always tends to relate to whatever i’m going through at the moment.

And in this case where we’re about to leave on this trip and it’s off, yea that kinda freaked me out O_o

Get to Leilani’s house and OH MY FUCKING GOD she’s hyper as hell because she’s so excited for this trip. It still hasn’t hit me, in fact I’m still more nervous then anything else. We go straight to Borders to copy down some addresses from this $12 ‘Tour Twilight’ book that really is no point in my fishing out that money when I could just write down the few addresses it has in it and be on my merry way.

To think we might have the real thing the very next day.

To think we might have the real thing the very next day.

So we leave Borders once we’re done, NO IDEA why i didnt think to look through some of the Vancouver books, but by the time i DID think of that we had settled in my room with KFC and was watching ‘Taken’ which I had never seen, but had wanted to for so long & omg such a good fucking movie. I mean the ending sucked with how it just ENDS, but we can’t everything, now can we? haha

After which we just sat around watching tv (Three Amigos – LOVE THAT MOVIE), I continued to slowly pack and slowly be distracted by the internet like I always am. Showed Leilani some videos including the drunk video that she wont let me upload to youtube for WHATEVER reason, so in subsitution I’ll show you this one….

After that since I really didnt have much else to do & it seemed like the list I made earlier wasn’t getting anything crossed off of it, I offered Leilani my computer to register or Vancouver trip into the U.S. Department of State and I went into the computer room and printed out all the receipts (car, hotel, etc.), which knocked off one of the things i needed to do on my list :)

When I got back into my room, Leilani gave up and decided to go lay down for a bit before heading to the airport. Which I have of course been sitting here in front of the computer ever since trying to remember what else i’m probably forgetting to do or pack, but coming up blank :(

Oh man I’m starting to get one of those tired headaches, lol.

*continues to pack*

FINALLY it’s getting closer to leave, cuz now it’s almost like i’m just doing stuff to keep my ass awake, man I have a feeling i’m forgetting something i’m definately gonna be pissed about if I dont bring it *sigh*

OH SHIT! I just remembered I was supposed to cut Leilani’s bangs for her tonight O_o

*goes back to packing*

Totally just repacked my 2 bags, haha. I’m taking one of those rolly suitcases (1st time ever) and a bookbag as my 2 carry on bags because I dont play that $15 a bag to check them in. And well my book bag is a WEEEE bit too big to be the bag I have to put under the seat in front of me, so I had to figure out a way to flatten that bitch a bit more, haha.

Well hello 4am, thank you for finally fucking showing up, haha.

Wait didnt Leilani say she was setting her alarm to go off at 3:30am to wake her up O_o

I bet she didn’t even hear that shit, lol.

*goes to check on her*

Haha her alarm was supposed to go off at 2:40am, lol.

Oh hai awkward pimple, thanks for showing up RIGHT BEFORE A TRIP >:o

Angelina is on the way to come pick us up to go to the airport, so i’ll be tweeting from here until we get to the hotel. So make sure to check my twitter from time to time for updates –

Bye BBz – next stop Seattle :)

Who wants to go home early? *hand raises*

Saturday, September 5th, 2009
Finished our work before high noon today!

Finished our work before high noon today!

So I volunteered to go home early, but I actually have a good reason (granted I’m not doing it right now) but shit I have to pack! I leave for the airport in *counts on fingers* 14 hours! Plus I mean we did EVERYTHING we usually have to do on an event day before lunch time, which is crazy! I’m even talking about we did our fucking chair set at 9 fucking 30 in the morning! We usually don’t do that until about 2pm on event days O_o

Normally I would of stayed just because, but I actually figured I could use the extra time to pack, so I dont have a panic attack when I’m at the airport and realize what I forgot – LIKE I ALWAYS DO, haha. Especially this being in another country and being gone for so long, i’m sure i’m gonna need more then what I usually take with me, so yea, gotta fucking make sure I have everything.

But yea pretty much at work everything was done at 11:30, so me, Jay & Jennifer volunteered to go home early. Which Jennifer started talking about not wanting to go home right away, so I told her she could come hang at my house for a bit while I packed, haha.

On the way home I got an IM from a Reject fan telling me that the All-American Rejects just announced their Fall Tour dates (which i just checked their site & they’re not up there) and that it’s ending with 3 shows in Florida o_O

12/04 – The Swamp – Fort Walton Beach, FL
12/05 – House of Blues – Orlando, FL
12/06 – Jackie Gleason Theater – Miami Beach, FL

Yea definately doing that shit, haha. And maybe a few shows before those 3 if they’re not in any crazy places, lol. Like if there’s one on Leilani’s birthday that is driveable O_o

I tweeted about these dates and was instantly IMed about Casey asking about them & she found em on AAR’s message board and come to find out that there’s also 2 Oklahoma shows, which I would LOVE to go to since I havent been back to Oklahoma since 2005 & miss Mama Ritter hardcore :(

11/24 – Coca Cola Bricktown – Oklahoma City, OK
11/25 – Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK

We’ll see how that pans out, but I don’t think it’ll happen since we’re thinking of going to LA for the New Moon premiere, haha.

Around this is when me & Jenn got back to my house. Ate our lunches that we took to work today thinking we were gonna still be there, haha. Then just hung out in my room before leaving to go home & crash.

Starting to feel like home again, lol.

Starting to feel like home again, lol.

I love how trips messes my room up and this being such a long trip I can ONLY IMAGINE how much shit I bring back or how big of a mess it’ll be when I unpack my suitcase & bookbag, lol.

Now I’m just sitting on the computer typing this when I need to be doing other stuff, like packing the important shit ‘camera’, since clothes don’t represent me. Yea i’ll be the naked american walking downtown Vancouver with my camera & bookbag *shakes head* no not really.

I know what I can do that’ll help me later, i’ll make a list of shit I need to pack or need to do before I go to the airport.

Things Amber Needs To Pack/Do:

- toothbrush
- brush
- comb
- hairspray?
- hair bows/headbands
- print out reciepts (hotel, car, plane, etc.)
- ipod
- ipod charger
- ipod car thingy
- phone car charger
- phone charger
- phone usb wire
- check tmobile coverage
- face stuff
- go to Borders
- purse
- sunglasses
- laptop
- laptop charger
- shoes
- socks
- underwear
- buy tapes for video camera?
- shower
- go through phone mail
- update ipod with new songs
- make day by day plans

Well shit I should probably go do the Fitness right now so I can mark that off the list, since I have to go pick Leilani up at 7pm-ish and maybe do a few of the other things on my list.


: ) amber ( :

Problems so far

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Not that anyone cares or are reading this, but the big reason for me putting this blog up is since I’m going to Vancouver for Katie’s birthday starting Sunday for 9 or 10 days (cant remember) so I figured instead of updating all the other blogs i have, i’d just make one huge one to keep people up to date.

Not that they wont get update tweets from me, well i hope they will, no idea how busy i’ll be, but i do know i’ll probably doing all the driving, so maybe there wont be that many tweets.

ANYWAYS, here are the problems i’m having so far with this blog:

Layout: the jake picture i put up in the other post expressing my love for Word press at the moment is too big for this layout, but i dunno I also like my creepy smiling face in the top left, i dunno, the layout really isnt important right now, but it will be, i’m sure, lol

Media Upload: the media upload thing for wordpress keeps telling me ‘missing temp folder’ or ‘error something something’ and I cant figure out how to fix that, which means I cant upload any videos or pics through this site until thats fixed, which i WOULD want that fixed before saturday, but who knows.

FTP: I found out a few months ago that you can FTP files through internet explorer but for some reason its not working right now, i’m thinking that’s yahoo’s fault (web provider) and not internet explorer because every help page i’ve read say it’s either the web provider or ur internet connection. Which is obviously not the case since i’m posting this up right now, haha.

So if there’s any techie-brainy peeps out there thats willing to help, please do! I know Elisa will probably be helping, but just in case she can’t (she has a life unlike me, lol) please help! haha

Shit since i already made a semi long post, should give you a little run down on my day today.

Woke up around 10:30am from a weird dream about Tyson Ritter yelling at me for all the free merch they were giving me O_o

yea weird.

Heard that my mom was on the phone with my aunt (her sister) so I just blurted out that i was going to Vancouver on Sunday (she knew i was going, i just never confirmed it). I dunno what it is but i knew by her being distracted by her sister on the phone, would lessen the blow I THOUGHT that would be heavy.

But it wasn’t. In fact the rest of the day was pretty fucking awesome, since my mom and I went to Goodwill as soon as she got off the phone. Bought me & Leland & Katie some shirts. Then went to payless and got some new shoes – THANK GOD CUZ I NEEDED SOME!

Then came back home and watched 17 Again with my mom (she’d never seen it). Which I was nervous about because for a few years now my mom has forbidden herself to see comedies – why…I HAVE NO IDEA.

Thankfully she loved it, thought it was really cute, which it is & freaking hilarious. NOT TO MENTION, um yummy zefron is in it and is fucking hilarious.

Then after that I went and did my 10 minute fitness, while she went and got her 12 minutes at the tanning bed.

Then after that we just lounged around in the living room, until my dad got home &  kicked the suitcase I took from the garage/storage building.

Dad: “Someone going somewhere?”


Me: “I’m going to Vancouver on Sunday…”

Dad: “Which one?”

Mom: “There’s more then one?”

Me: “Yea there’s one in Washington.”

Mom: “DC or the state?”


Twas a good day.

Thought it was cute that my dad was all like, “Man i wish you would of told me you were going i would of went with you.”

Even after i told him it was for Katie’s birthday “What she can’t go anywhere else?” lol

After dinner I got online and have been fooling around with this damn site ever since. Feeling all…

Hopefully though, I can turn this thing around and it actually be long going, for your guys’ viewing pleasure as well as my dying memory =(

: ) amber ( :