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Sunday, April 18th, 2010

LOL poor Harry Potter refuses Twilight. Hes in so much pain haha

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Thursday, April 15th, 2010


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you ARE my life now.

Monday, November 30th, 2009


I found this yesterday and it reminded me of the summer of ONTD for me, which was when I was on ONTD EVERY FUCKING DAY right before The Dark Knight came out and they would make awesome marcos similar to the one above, but fucking awesome.

And it made me sad because my computer crashed last year which I had TONS of those awesome TDK marcos saved on, so now I dont have any :(

Shit now I wanna see some, hold on let me see if i can find a good one……..



OMG I remembered I almost peed myself when I sawe this picture for the first time, haha. Anyways there’s really no point to this post, just wanted to share with you guys something I found yesterday that reminded me of 2 summers ago and how I miss it.

Do anyone know if there’s other New Moon/Twilight marcos like this? Cuz I know there’s some Twilight ones, but are their other New Moon ones?

Please let me know! :)


Re-Reading the Twilight Saga

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Yea that totally just happened….


So I had made a promise to myself to start to reread the Twilight books starting November 1st. Well since I had a CRAZY work schedule this weekend I couldnt really start it until tonight. Which to be honest I’m kinda nervous to read these books over, because I’m so obsessed with Twilight Fan Fictions now that I really don’t remember the basic Twilight storyline, haha.

Plus I’m NOT looking forward in reading New Moon at all, omg I hated that book so much the first time I read it. Twilight I couldn’t put down, seriously I read it in 9 hours straight.

New Moon, took me like 2 fucking weeks.


True story, but anyways I’m gonna try to keep my stats and maybe even comments/commentaries while reading the books in this blog, so check back from time to time to see if i’ve updated it.

Otherwise I’m sure alot of my blogs from here on out might be Twilight related because of me rereading the books AND our trip to LA being next week!

ReReading Twilight:

Date: 11/4/09
Started Reading: 9:24pm
Stopped Reading: 10:48pm on Chapter 4


Date: 11/5/09
Started Reading: 1:39am
Stopped Reading: 3:22am on Chapter 7


Started Reading: 3:51pm
Stopped Reading: 4:23pm on Chapter 9


Date: 11/7/09
Started Reading: 2:42am
Stopped Reading: 3:52am on Chapter 12


Date: 11/8/09
Started Reading: 2:50am
Stopped Reading: 4:13am on Chapter 15


Started Reading: 12:17pm
Finished Twilight: 4:37pm


ReReading New Moon:

Date: 11/8/09
Started Reading: 4:42pm
Stopped Reading: 5:16pm on Chapter 2


Date: 11/9/09
Started Reading: 12:59am
Stopped Reading: 2:28am on Chapter 5


Date: 11/19/09
Started Reading: 3:21pm
Stopped Reading: 7:56pm on Chapter 20


Date: 11/21/09
Started Reading: 9:00pm
Finished New Moon: 11:11pm


ReReading Eclipse:

Date: 11/21/09
Started Reading: 11:20pm
Stopped Reading: 1:30am on Chapter 5


Date: 11/24/09
Started Reading: 2:03am
Stopped Reading: 2:44am on Chapter 7


Started Reading: 12:32pm
Stopped Reading: 2:35pm on Chapter 12


Started Reading: 9:29pm
Stopped Reading: 11:59pm on Chapter 19


Date: 11/25/09
Started Reading: 1:09am
Stopped Reading: 2:27am on Chapter 22


Date: 11/27/09
Started Reading: 7:42pm
Stopped Reading: 8:43pm on Chapter 24


Date: 11/28/09
Started Reading: 3:12am
Stopped Reading: 3:43am on Chapter 25


Started Reading: 2:43pm
Finished Eclipse: 4:08pm


ReReading Breaking Dawn:

Date: 11/28/09
Started Reading: 4:11pm
Stopped Reading: 4:51pm on Chapter 3


Started Reading: 8:34pm
Stopped Reading: 12:18am on Chapter 12


Date: 11/29/09
Started Reading: 2:20am
Stopped Reading: 3:10am on Chapter 14


Date: 11/30/09
Started Reading: 1:54am
Stopped Reading: 2:38am on Chapter 16


Started Reading: 11:44pm
Stopped Reading: 2:54am on Chapter 21


Date: 12/1/09
Started Reading: 8:00pm
Stopped Reading: 9:51pm on Chapter 24


Date: 12/2/09
Started Reading: 12:27am
Stopped Reading: 1:15am on Chapter 26


Started Reading: 8:12pm
Stopped Reading: 8:43pm on Chapter 28


Date: 12/3/09
Started Reading: 12:42am
Stopped Reading: 1:40am on Chapter 31


Date: 12/4/09
Started Reading: 9:09pm
Finished Breaking Dawn: 12:17am on 12/5/09