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Wasted day?

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

So I was busy doing some work for the AAR and just overall feeling pretty good about myself because of how productive I was being for the day. I mean I called up a casting agency I was with to cancel it just to find out that they had cancelled it 2 days prior ($50 more for me a month), then I went through  some of my phone mail and just being productive.

The one downfall was I had twitter open the whole time and they have this new system where if you leave it on your main page or you @replies page it’ll tell you when there’s a new tweet or what not. So instead of obsessingly refreshing my @ page all the time, I didnt have to, I just left it on the @ page and waited for the tab to say something like “(1) Twitter / @am13er” that meaning I had one reply I hadn’t read yet.

Well it actually ended up helping me get work done since I knew I didnt have any replies and didnt have to refresh the page, well upon refreshing the main page at some point I came across my friend @_beccaspage_ retweeting tweets that looked like were coming from a New Moon Press Conference LIVE.


I haven’t really been keeping up with the New Moon stuff (and when I say keeping up with, I mean GOING OUT AND LOOKING FOR THE LATEST NEWS) so I had no idea there was a press conference or anything today. Which I also found out today that the press got to see New Moon last nite and alot of people liked it…..which I’ve been saying how good it looks compared to Twilight ever since the teaser trailer was released, but what’s really gonna kill it for me is the acting.

ANYWAYS, so I ended up stopping everything I was doing just to stalk these entertainment news twitters with up to date quotes from the press conference. It was in difference sections, Kstew went first, then the Cullens, then the director, producer & writer; then the volturi (i think); then the wolf pack; then Taylor/FAILcob and then Rob.

All day long waiting around for Rob’s turn, I felt like I was indeed wasting my fucking day away, because I wanted to get off the computer and go finish Twilight so I can start on New Moon, since I know that’s gonna take me weeks to finish, haha man I can’t stand that book, lol.

But then Katie came over to give me the money she owes me for the LA trip which made waiting through Failcob’s interview go by fast and then magically it was Rob’s turn. Everything he said was pretty much hilarious or cute, but it wasn’t until he said this……


…..that I truely felt that I didn’t waste my day away.

Well I did, but that quote made me feel better, because omg we totally need to be friends, like seriously. I mean WHAT GUY admits he has watched Titanic and combines it with trying to be romantic?

A guy like that I need to either:

a) date
b) marry
c) be friends with
d) support
e) all of the above

The only realistic one of the bunch is of course c & d, but seriously OMG! I’ve only known maybe half a handful of guys that would admit that and/or say they enjoyed that movie. So for Robert to say that, even if it was a joke, just for him to say it – MAJOR FUCKING BROWNIE POINTS.

I also saw a few different video interviews he did for ET, Extra and E! and this is probably my favorite one….

He totally just confirmed that he likes having fingers ran through his hair, look how he’s blushing & I’m sorry but was that an almost jizz in my pants face?!


The biggest surprise for me during this whole press conference thing was this awesome Kstew said, which pretty much marks how I feel about how you should live your life (granted i’m failing miserably).


Yea you guys should know by now that I’m not a big supporter of the Kstew, but I’m not a complete asshole, I’ll give credit where credit is due and I really liked this quote from her today :)

In other news today……


Why you ask?


And some of you should know that I WILL be in California for the New Moon Premiere, which oddly enough I thought it was funny to book our flight to California on Leo’s birthday (nov 11th), but TOTALLY forgot he was filming Inception (although it was filming in London for the longest) but I juts looked up what movies were filming and saw it was in Pasadena all this week.

SO I’m HOPING that it’s NOT filming next week.


We’re talking about me possibly seeing my NUMERO UNO celebrity IN THE FLESH EVEN IF ITS FROM FAR AWAY.

BBz, I do not know what to expect of myself, therefore I hope not to be put into that situation…….AT ALL.

Yes BOTH are GQMFs

Yes BOTH are GQMFs



Harper’s Bizaar

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009


The outtakes of the Harper’s Bizaar photoshoot that Rob & Kristen did were posted up today and my boy rpattz is looking fucking good as always. Which you can see all the outtakes at Robert Pattinson Life.

Aside from the annoying photoshoping the photographer/magazine did to some of the pictures and Kristen’s weave track showing, I really like this photoshoot. Like my gurl, Frenchie (@lafemmeluna) said it captures the dorks that they really are, for example….

can we say adorable rob?

can we say adorable rob?

I mean how fucking adorable is Robert in that picture and there’s a few others if you go check the 50+ others out where they’re both laughing. Plus this picture looks like one of those fucking pictures the highschool couples go to the mall to get pictures done, haha.

Speaking of couples, the one thing I hate to admit it because I know some of my bbz are robsten supporters (i’m not at all) but I just wasn’t picking up the ‘im with him’ kinda vibe from Kristen in any of these pictures. To me it seems like Rob is totally comfortable with being all up in her personal space, where is Kristen it doesnt seem like that. For some poses she’ll get close but for just the pose and others it looks like Rob is pulling her to him – sorry bbz :(

So it just came off as a “we’re really good friends” kinda vibe, because I know with alot of my guy friends I was ok being that close to them and such, because we weren’t attracted to each other at all and we were really good friends – so if anyone EVER wants to say I’m jealous of Kstew, you can say I am because she’s good friends with rpattz :)


Pics like this one has gotten me thinking Kristen should think about modeling more then acting. I’m sorry guys but her acting is just horrible! But she takes really good pictures even if alot of them are the same facial expressions =-/

When I saw these pictures on my phone as I was leaving work today, I couldn’t really see much on my small ass screen, but I’m telling you now that I am in love with this picture right here….


i LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic, jsyk.

…but it’s more or less because of the artsy-ness of the photo, being who it is makes it better for me. Robert looks good, what he’s doing is fucking cute and just ugh to Kristen’s expression, but we won’t go there. I was joking earlier that if one picture could sum up/describe what I THINK a relationship between Kristen & Robert would be like – that it would be this picture, haha.

He adores her and Kristen could obviously careless, haha I’m sorry but that’s how I think it would be, if they were ‘together’ *shrugs*

So that’s my opinion on this photoshoot (not that it matters) – i liked it, it’s really cute, but like i’ve been saying all along that I don’t think they’re dating, they’re just really close – think Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio (two people WHO SHOULD BE TOGETHER – OMG DONT GET ME STARTED).

But yea I really liked the photoshoot, makes me wanna go take pictures now.


SMEYER Allows Moaning

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Oh. My. GOD.



What I Don’t Approve Of:
- lack of hands/fingers in Edward’s hair
- not showing his hand go through her hair/back of her neck
- Bella’s fingers imprinting on Edward’s chin (also see 1st disapproval)

But Edward’s moaning makes up FOR ALL OF THAT.

To calm yourself down, watch this video.

Kill the wolf at 0:45 – y/n?

Back to rpattz hottness (thanks to @kimvi):


That is all, i’m off to go see Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ in exactly 2 hours & 11 minutes!


If I got a picture with RPATTZ….

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

If for some reason I was blessed by the angels above even for a few mintues to meet Robert Pattinson, I would just want to talk to him, but more importantly get a picture with him, because I will more then likely not remember anything or that it even happened afterwards.

I haven’t come across alot of ‘good’ fan pictures with Rob. In fact just thinking about it, I think i’ve seen 2 and in one of them the girl is making a fish face *rolls eyes*. The other one being this one:


I would very much like to have Robert smiling in my picture like this, not like alot of all the other fan pictures where he looks fucking miserable or is trying to escape.

For Example:


This isnt the actual picture, but a pappz picture during it.

This picture kinda scares me because it looks like he’s doing that nervous laugh thing he does and is trying to walk away but is being held in place by the lady’s hand O_o

Which in turn reminds me of this picture:

'The Nervous RPATTZ Smile'

'The Nervous RPATTZ Smile'

He’s obviously in a very scary situation, but still wants to seem nice, so he nervously laughs it off :( Where is in the 1st picture above that looks like a very geniune smile. That’s what I’d like to have in my picture, which sucks because the twilight fans have pretty much ruined the likelihood of that happening.

So the setting of how I meet him before I die, I have no idea how it’ll happen, since when I was actually in Vancouver I refused to stand outside the hotel everyone ASSUMED they were staying at. Yea I wanted to, but once we were actually in the city, it was just too creepy, besides I’d rather see them filming then ambush them on the street for a picture =-\

This blog is totally pointless but was just thinking about how I NOW have to plan a conversation if I ever was lucky enough to meet him, so that he’d smile like the 1st picture…in my picture.

Good thing some people think alot of what I say can be sometimes funny :)

I love rpattz, but DAMN.

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

First of all, look how adorable….

That smile & laugh is just so fucking cute, omg.

From: - If anyone has the HQ version of this please send it my way!

From: - If anyone has the HQ version of this please send it my way!

But this is my favorite find from today….

I seriously need to watch this movie again, like ASAP, lol. By the way for those of you that dont know it’ll be available on DVD for us US of A peeps November 17th & you can preorder it now (i think) on :)

Anyways I was looking for a specific robert/rpattz picture and upon looking for it I came across this: Project F.L.A.N.S.

Which ‘F.L.A.N.S.’ stands for ‘Fangirl Leaders Against Needless Stalking’.


Don’t get me wrong I am all against the craziness that is the stalking fans and the aggressive pappz, but as soon as I read this it just got this weird twi-hard vibe.

Because it’s pretty much a……not a pointless effort but a hopless one I guess?

I mean I hate the harassment this poor kid has to deal with like all the rest of my closest bbz, but stuff like making ‘projects’ for it, just makes it seem like you’re doing it more for the ‘attention’ then the actually effort, when in fact it won’t really make much of a difference.

And that was it, that was just how I felt, but then I clicked on the ‘get involved’ link and I just couldnt stop shaking my head the more and more I read.

To get involved that want you to do this:

» Don’t buy tabloids or other paparazzi publications.
» Don’t visit gossip sites that feed off paparazzi and rumours.
» Write to websites that host and spread paparazzi material and tell them how you feel.
» Don’t spread links to gossip sites, etc.
» Put banners, etc. on your personal sites to show your support for Rob. (see below)

Its almost like you cant watch tv or read magazines, because that’s all thats on tv and in print now a days and god forbid the shit you see online, when it comes to twilight/robert news its almost IMPOSSIBLE not to be exposed to this kinda stuff. Doesn’t make it right, but I’m not obsessing over having to SEE EVERY SINGLE PICTURE OF ROBERT. Plus I mean anyone with a heart or common sense finds the pappz pics creepy, so when we do see them, we just express our rage towards the papz or fans that are harassing him and move on, because I dunno I feel like there’s nothing we can do about it.

To be honest all you really can do is just wait it out, I mean remember Titanic & the shit Leo DiCaprio had to go through? His shit was AWFUL and he didn’t even have the craze tha the internet causes for celebs now.

Plus you gotta think, what about the other celebs? You’re just focusing on one celebrity and not all in a whole, if you’re gonna do a ‘project’ like this, you should just make it a general celebrity thing, not just Rob. Granted you’re a rob fansite, but when you just single him out like that makes it seem like you really are just doing it to get his attention :(

Also when you continue to read the ‘get involved’ page, they list websites/magazines not to purchase or look out and a few of them I understood but one, I was like “really? wtf?”, are you serious? Dude they JUST put out ON STANDS a New Moon EXCLUSIVE magazine, but I guess we can’t read those cuz they theatren Rob’s safety?


The ONTD site I can understand, but to be honest I dont go there for the gossip and I know its not just me when I say that I go there to read the comments, cuz they’re fucking hilarious.

But anyways I’m not trying to piss on anyone’s front yard, I was just expressing my opinion on something I agree with what you’re trying to do, but just doesn’t feel right.


Day 2 of our 10 Day Vaca

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

We woke up to more beautiful Forks weather – POURING RAIN, haha.

Beautiful Forks, WA weather.

Beautiful Forks, WA weather.

Our whole plan was to leave Forks by 11am since it was gonna take 5-6 hrs to get to Vancouver, giving us enough time so we weren’t late for the Bobby Long show that nite.

We got ready & checked out of our little Forks hotel. Saw a twimom & her daughter leave their (probably twilight room), which the mom was wearing a Jasper shirt O_o

Since we got into Forks so late the day before & cuz Katie was sick we didn’t really see much, so we decided to go look at certain places before leaving Forks – HOPEFULLY before 11am like we planned.

Found the 2nd ‘welcome to Forks’ sign that me & Leilani were talking about the night before when we were driving back from Port Angeles.

I'm smiling so big cause Leilani just slipped in the mud trying to get to the Forks sign and well it was kinda funny.

I'm smiling so big cause Leilani just slipped in the mud trying to get to the Forks sign and well it was kinda funny.

Then drove over to Forks Outfitters where me & Katie went in to look at Forks shirts, since I wanted one.

The Twilight Zone at Forks Outfitters

The Twilight Zone at Forks Outfitters

Ended up buying a ‘Team Edward’ shirt that says ‘forks, wa’ under it and Leilani a Jasper shirt (don’t remember what it said, haha).

Forks Hospital

Then we drove over to Forks Community Hospital and visited Dr. Cullen’s parking spot.

In which Katie was trying to steal, lol.

In which Katie was trying to steal, lol.

After that we went over to City Hall since that’s where the police station was & took a picture with one of the cruisers.

Seriously this is like the best mustache picture of ALL TIME, just saying.

Seriously this is like the best mustache picture of ALL TIME, just saying.

Leaving City Hall to turn around we randomly found the ’supposedly’ Cullen House, haha.

Cullen Mailbox

But after that we went to the Dazzled by Twilight store and was in there for awhile trying to figure out what to buy, which I ended up getting something stupid/little for Jennifer & Angelina and Katie got something I don’t remember what it was though, oh wait she bought a shot glass I think, haha

Dazzled By Twilight

Left there to go look at the other Dazzled by Twilight store which was for booking their tours, haha.

After which we left to go fill up the car and then left Forks for Vancouver.

Welcome To Port Angeles

Upon arriving into Port Angeles our directions told us we were taking a ferry from there, so we pull up to the ferry ticket booth – never done this before so completely confused the whole time.

The bubble gum smacking girl (looked like a teenager) said all this shit really fast, something about it being $77, which i repeated “dollars?!” and she’s like “Yea & I need your passports.” Which all of us were like O_O ‘wtf?’ handed it over and just sat there like wtf.

She gave us a ticket for the car, told us the ferry will board at 4:45pm, when drive forward & some guy stamped it and told us where to park. Thats when the car just fell into silence and then I asked Leilani to show me the directions on her phone. Yea the fucking ferry we just paid $77 for was taking us into Canada & then we’d drive a few & then have to take ANOTHER ferry.

Plus it was only like 2pm or some shit and that’s just crazy to sit here and wait that long for a fucking ferry knowing you’d have to be taking another one & no idea how long we’d have to wait for that ferry. So I told Leilani to look up direction to Seattle from where we were, to see how far of a drive that was.

It ended up being like an hour & a half drive and there were ferries leaving at 3:45 & 4:30, so after arguing with Leilani to go back inside & see if we could get a refund, her & Katie went in to see if we could get a refund and leave.

LUCKILY they were and we halled ass out of there and back through Port Angeles towards the Kingston Ferry. The other plus to this route was there was only ONE ferry & then 3 hour drive to Vancouver, which would put is arriving at our hotel around 7pm.

We get to the Kingston pier or whatever it’s called and miss the 3:45 ferry, but pay $15 for the 4:30 one. So not only did we pay less for this ferry but we would also be leaving before the other one (since yea it was loading at 4:45 but it actually left at 5:15).

The Kingston Ferry

The Kingston Ferry

Watched the rain fall & these huge ass seagulls fight over food, before they loaded us onto the ferry, which then Leilani lost her damn mind because we had never been on a ferry WITH A CAR, haha.

I had to go to the bathroom so me & Leilani went and find the bathroom, she went first & then I did. Doing my business when I hear this indian couple arguing outside the door, when all of a sudden the door opens & a guy was like O_O

Which I was like O_O

Da fuck? I thought the door was lock AND on top of that I’m gonna have to kill Leilani cuz she LEFT ME! SOLIDER DOWN!

Luckily they were probably as embarassed as I was because they weren’t outside the door when I left to go back to the car, haha.

Our rental can drive across water, trufax.

Our rental can drive across water, trufax.

Got back to the car and had to deal with my small case of sea sickness & Leilani’s retardness with how cool she thought it was to be on the ferry in a car, lol.

Finally the ferry docks and we leave to start our 3 hr drive to Vancouver.

71 Miles To Vancouver

Which the drive ended up not seeing like it took 3 hours, but that might of been just because we all kept reading the ‘food signs’ and everytime we’d yell ‘Taco Time!’ if there was a Taco Time listed on it, haha.

Pulled up to the canadian border & Leilani lost her shit, dunno why, lol. I of course was nervous as hell, because at this point we were so tight for time that if we had a delay (even though it was like a 30 minute wait line) we might miss the Bobby Long show. We still had to check into the hotel, find an ATM and HOPE it gives me Canadian money (haha yes i was thinking this) andthen go pick up my new twitter frie nd Brianne.

Canadian Border

The Canadian Border

Finally it’s our turn at the border person’s booth, which Leilani falls silent out of no where, haha. He asked us maybe 6 questions, handed us our passports back and that was it O_o

And here the whole time Leilani is pretty much telling us we’re gonna get butt raped with questions O_o

We then turn on our new favorite song which has been dubbed the Canada Song which is the Christian Bale remix. You know the audio of him telling some guy off on the terminator salvation set? Well they remixed it unto this techno dance type of thing and it’s really addicting, especially with all the f bombs, haha.

First thing that hit us with the BEAUTIFUL smell of Canada, which smelled like someone took a gigantic piss then went and gathered all kinds of different animals’ poop mixed it in with the puddle of piss & just let it sit and dry out in the sun.

It smelled DELICIOUS!

Finally entering the city the first thing I realize is we need gas, so I’m about to turn into this Chevron when I look up at the price and saw that it said 112.7


Yea we were all like, “Um wtf does that mean?” haha. We decided just to check into the hotel and ask the front desk guy what that meant since like I said we were kinda tight on time.

To get to downtown you gotta go over this bridge and I dunno what it was but looking at the buildings in downtown for some reason reminded me of the end of the world. It was like driving into a deserted city, it kinda freaked me out to be honest.

Welcome to Downtown Vancouver

Welcome to Downtown Vancouver

Get into downtown Vancouver and it’s totally not what I expected. It’s like NYC mixed with New Orleans; its dirty and old and just so not what I expected it at all. For some reason I guess I was expecting a more natural type of setting, but oh was I surprised, haha.

Found our hotel which me & Leilani both said a “oh…” when we saw the sign, haha. Pulled up & I got out to check in just to be told we were gonna have to pay an extra $80, blah. Luckily he took US Dollars since that’s all we had at the moment. Asked him where the nearest ATM & Bank was (so I could get money out & Katie could exchange her US money) and then went up to our room at 226.

First thing I did while everyone was unpacking was tested the wireless internet we were guaranteed & yea there was none at all.

Made Leilani call down to see what the hell was up, which since it was grandpa around the desk he had no idea what the fuck she was talking about & just repeated what he told me at the desk. Which then reminded me that he did say something about the connection being very weak & having to move towards the center of the hotel.

So I took my laptop out to by the elevators and yea totally worked fine >:O

Not gonna lie, up until that point I was freaking out because when we got to the canadian border I turned my phone off and then just to get to our room to see we have no internet, I freaked the fuck out, because we didn’t know where the bobby long show was at our how to get there. So I NEEDED internet so I knew how to get there, but Leilani ended up just saying ‘fuck it’ and turning her phone on to help us get there.

Everyone got ready and we left to go pick up Brianne at the Sheraton which was right up the street from us, haha. Funny thing is I was actually walking up to the Sheraton to see if they had an ATM, so right as I got to the bellhop/valet people to ask them, Brianne came walking out the hotel, haha.

Ended up being a 7-11 right behind the hotel, so I took her back to where the car was parked, introduced her to Leilani & Katie and then took off for the 7-11.

The whole time I was trying to take money out of the atm, I kept asking if not praying that it would give me Canadian money & not US Dollars. Granted I figured it wouldnt since I was in Canada, but I dunno for some reason there was this fear that I would get US Money.

I giggled out loud when the Canadian money was spit out of the ATM machine. It looks like play money! haha

High roller in TWO countries, lol.

High roller in TWO countries, lol.

Ran back to the car and took off for the Bobby Long show at the Backstage Lounge. Which was an adventure all by itself trying to find, THEN having to find a place to park. Let me just say that the area it was in at night looks like a haunted carnival, which was alone creepy as hell, haha.

Once we did park, I realized that I forgot my professional camera O_o

So I went and got everyone into the show & then me and Leilani left to go back to the hotel to get the camera, haha.

Got the camera and got back to the venue, which we did get lost again, but got there right before Bobby started playing at little after 10:30pm, haha.

Stood dead center about 4 people back, which was fine with me until this girl with a HUGE FUCKING HEAD AND HUGE FUCKING HAIR that she had put up all ‘pretty’ stood right in front of me >:o

Brianne ended up helping me move more to the left of the stage, which I then spotted a small spot up front that no one was standing in, so I cut through the crowd to the spot and sat on the stage for the whole show.

Bobby Long performs at Backstage Lounge in Vancouver.
Bobby Long performs at Backstage Lounge in Vancouver.

Words can not explain to you the amazingness that is Bobby Long. I remember before I left Leilani to go sit on the stage that I told her something was wrong with him and it made me sad. Then as I sat on the stage halfway through his set (which he wasnt talking much) he said something about him being depressed, which really made me sad, because I totally could pick up on it and felt bad and then for all the twimoms that were there to still be acting all flirty with him, when he’s clearly upset with something, but he did still made a few jokes, still didnt shake off the really sad vibe he was giving off :(

At one point towards the end of the show I get a tap on my shoulder & look over at Brianne that was trying to mouth something to me, but I didnt understand, so she gave me her phone and saw all these tweets about some of the cast members being at the show.


Yea that messed up my whole night, but a HUGE part of me wanted to stay and watch the rest of Bobby’s set, but then the other part wanted to at least get a glimpse of the cast that was there, because to be honest I didn’t have my hopes up at seeing them at all this whole trip, just so I could handle the disappointment. So I wait til Bobby finishes the song he was singing and then left the crowd.

She told me that supposedly Nikki Reed, her boyfriend Paris, Jackson, Elizabeth, Kristen & Robert were there and standing somewhere near the door/merch. We ended up walking to the bathroom to see if we could see anything, which I didn’t, but once we got in the bathroom Brianne thinks she saw Nikki & Elizabeth.

Some lady that was in the bathroom said that Elizabeth took some pictures with fans in the bathroom, so not to take away from the show, but other then that no one was bothering them, which I thought was good.

We then thought the show was almost over so we decided to go outside hopefully to catch them leaving. Which was not the case at all, the show ended up ending like 30 minutes later and what went from like 4 papz & just maybe 4 fans outside, turned into triple that and this crazy shit happened….



All my friends at home are gonna hate me since I’m the one that filmed this video.

It was probably the saddest thing I’ve ever seen (well i dunno the whole Remember Me set was pretty depressing). One thing I thought was funny was I stood right next to the front of the taxi trying to record and EVERYONE and I do me EVERYONE was glued to the back passenger door which is where Rob was, fighting for a shot.

As soon as the taxi started to leave people started crowding around me, since the taxi pulled up and stopped right in front of me, which is when that drunk girl screamed out “Kristen you’re a bitch!” No idea why she said that, but she was drunk off her ass, granted that shouldnt give her an ‘thats ok’ reason for saying it.

And if you guys know me, i’m not a Kristen fan at all, but even I WOULDN’T of said that to her, especially in that situation, I felt so bad for her and Robert with how crazy the papz & fans were.

But for those of you that want to track down and kill the girl that said that, she’s the girl that says ‘i dont give a shit, i wanna go home’ in my video, lol.

 After that I went back inside, because i wanted to talk to Bobby, guy at the door (like before) wouldn’t let me in because of my big ass camera (I guess once the show is over i’m considered papz? since they didnt care either – seriously i asked AJ Mclean and he didnt care [sorry the guy was trying to look like AJ from BSB so we kept calling him that all night]), so I gave Leilani my camera to hold and he let me in.

Bought a shirt & poster, yea got the hook up, Phil is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Talk to Bobby for a few seconds, but he was still trying real hard to fight off the depressing vibe, but it was still there, especially in his eyes. He signed my poster and rolled it up, which I joked about how he should get tipped for doing that & that I would of but I didnt have anything smaller then a $20 lol.

I asked for a picture, which he explained he would but he had to leave in 10 minutes for a flight and if he took one he’d be stuck taking tons, which i totally understood, he didn’t have to explain at all, i just thought i’d asked. It was just really sad to watch him explain, cuz he looked like he thought I would hate him if he didn’t take a picture with him, which just made me think that I’m sure some twi-mom/hards gave him lip for that very excuse.

Ugh, i can’t stand this fanbase for realz. Well wait fanbases in general, jesus – Lightning/Rejects/Twilight *shakes head*

After that we all left, took Brianne home, which consisted of driving through Cracktown Vancouver on Hastings, lol.

Dropped her off & went back to the hotel & crashed.

Day Off? Pfff riiight

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

So today was my only day off before we leave for Vancouver on Sunday and holy shit it was so much fun! Of course it didn’t fucking start that way >:o

The plan was Jennifer was gonna come over around 9:50am and then we were gonna drive to Brandon to see if Vinnie was skating today. Well for me NOT being a morning person I was planning on waking up at 9:30am, doing my fitness, getting ready and then by that time I figured Jennifer would be at my house.

Yea totally didn’t work out that way.

First of all, I had the urge to blow up a college campus today, ONLY BECAUSE I get a motherfucking phone call at 9:06am from an unknown number (i dont answer my phone EVER cuz i hate talking on phones), look at the time and seriously almost threw my phone out the window because I knew there was NO POINT in trying to go back to sleep when I knew my alarm clock would be going off in less then 30 minutes.


I laid in bed for a few more minutes to let the anger ease a little before rolling out of bed with a sigh. Did my fitness, ate half a bowl of cheerios and then tried to activate my new credit card just to find out i didnt have all the info to do that, so I had to actually talk to an operator for them to activate it, but Jennifer showed up while I was trying to settle all that mess.

We left a little passed 10am and headed for Brandon, giggling at the Magicial Marquee’s new saying (sorry i didnt tweet about it, but i’m picking up Leilani up tomorrow and figured i’d do it then) & trying to see if we could see any cars as we passed the skating rink. We pulled into the parking lot & the first thing I noticed was like 2 or 3 people standing by this black car with a tall ass guy facing them. Which immediate thing that pops in my head is it’s a hockey player, then of course my brain goes through the database of who it could be, well in this case I didnt even have to do that because I knew who it was immediately.

And just as instant as I knew who it was, I was overcome with uncontrollable sadness :(

It was Vaclav Prospal #20 of the Tampa Bay Lightning (or was, now with the New York Rangers) or to me & my friends ‘Prospal’ *sigh* He’s been a favorite of mine since the first time he was here with the Lightning (he’s left us 2 other times as well), he was just always so animated and funny & over the past few seasons has been really sweet to me at work *sigh*

Trust me I can go on and on about him, but as I pointed out to Jennifer, which went something like…

Me: “UGH!!!! Please tell me that’s NOT WHO THAT IS!”
Jennifer: “WHO?! WHERE?!”
Jennifer: “PROSPAL!!! AWWWW”

Or it at least went something like that, but anyways I swear the driving to park Jenn’s car across from his went in slow mo. He was signing autographs for people and as soon as we parked had already gotten into his car and was backing out.

Right as I opened my door, he had pulled fully out and his window was down, so i started waving and smiling, which he looked over, waved, then smiled soooooooo fucking sad and waved some more. IT WAS SO SAD OMG UGH

I really am gonna miss Bling Bling man.

NYC trip to see a Rangers vs Lightning game, anyone? yes/yes?

We ended up leaving right after that since we saw that obviously the players had already skated and were leaving & it was DEFINATELY too hot to go all old school and sit out and wait for Vinnie to leave to see if he’d stop and we could talk to him.

So we end up going to the mall since that was the plan for the day – go see vinnie, hang out with leilani at the mall. Yea well Leilani I guess felt like being a douche (j/k STOP GIVING ME EVIL EYE LELAND) and stay home, so me & Jen went and hung out at the mall. Ended up buying me a mini wallet & a fucking hat THAT ACTUALLY FITS MY BIG ASS HEAD from Spencer’s.

Look how big this Edward Cullen doll is compared to a bookmark. Who the fuck would pay $150 for this?!

Look how big this Edward Cullen doll is compared to a bookmark. Who the fuck would pay $150 for this?!

Then since I’ve been looking for WEEKS for this doodle book I suggested we go to the book store they had in the mall which ended up being a Books A Million which I have never been in one of those & now that I have I enjoyed it. But just like anytime I go visit a book stores I go straight for the magazines first, then the journals and now a days look for Twilight stuff, haha.

Which omg ngl to you guys someone needs to buy me the edward doll with sunglasses so I can take funny pics of him in different places like those stupid twimoms do. SERIOUSLY I THINK IT WOULD BE FUNNY!

Anyways got to see the New Moon bookmarks finally in person, which I’m kinda disappointed, cuz they’re so much smaller then my Twilight one Leilani bought me last year & plus they’re like old school bookmarks with no plastic protector thing around it, so I dunno if I want this one, even though fucking Robert is looking DELISH on it.

Another good thing about Books A Million is Jennifer found the Michael Jackson magazine she had been looking for that I had (my mom bought it) but didnt know what store it was from. So when we went to check out we were stunned at the HUGE ASS Edward Cullen doll sitting in front of the cash register.

The hilarious part is it does NOT look ANYTHING like Edward at all, it’s so ridiculous with how big it is AND there was no Bella doll, haha. Who would pay $150 for that or $130 if you have a ‘rewards’ card, haha. Is it weird that the first thing I thought of when I saw this and how big it was, was Kellan Lutz talking about the ‘vibrating edward doll’ some fan had showed him at one of the conventions he was at O_o

Yea, moving on.

Jen preparing her yogurt at Green Berry.

Jen preparing her yogurt at Green Berry.

After Books A Million me & Jennifer were pretty hungry so we ended up going to Green Berry which is this yummy yogurt place Leilani took me too & had told Jennifer about, so I took her there and got some yummy fucking yoguart, seriously I think i’m obsessed with that place now, lol.

We paid for our yummy yogurt then decided to drive back to my house, have Katie pick us up, since she owed me her half of the money for the Vancouver trip and today was the last day I could go deposit in my account (since I work tomorrow) before the trip & then go eat lunch.

So Katie picks us up and we head to my bank and holy hell I have never had so much money in cash in my hands before and probably never will ever again. Haha even the lady at the bank was like ‘holy hell girl’ haha. I ended up depositing $1,888 into my account, putting $1,300 back into my savings (i had to borrow $1,000 from savings to cover Katie’s half til she paid me) which leaves me with $588 until next Friday, haha.

I’m thinking I’m really gonna know what a starving college student really feels like these first few days in Vancouver, haha.

After we left the bank we answered my every lasting question of “I Can Has Tias?” and went & actually had some fucking yummy Tias :)

After Tias I didnt really wanna go home yet, so I suggested we go to Borders since I had no luck at finding that doodle book, so we did. Of course traffic made it seem like it took us an hour just to get to the Borders, which in the heat we had today omg, sucked so much ass it wasnt even funny.

Got to Borders & actually found the doodle book I’ve been looking for, for WEEKS! PLUS I found a whole bunch of other ones that look even better then the one I originally found! So when i get back from Vancouver (or if i find it in Vancouver) I’m definately buying that shit :)

After Borders we went back to my house, watched the drunk video of Leilani (it’s on my facebook if you wanna see it, she for some reason doesnt want people seeing videos of her anymore *sigh*), some elvis & val videos, then Katie left to go pack and me & Jenn ended up watching Fanboys before she left to go to a dance at her church :)

I hadn’t had dinner yet, so at 9:25pm I made me some yummy sausage & onions for dinner and have been on the computer ever since, lol.

Aside from seeing Prospal being a highlight of the day, this one tops that.

Highlight of the Day

Bobby Long loves Sharks.

Bobby Long loves Sharks.

 I’ll explain the story behind this message another day, but just the ‘dont hit no sharks’ made me laugh/giggle like a 13 year old, it was funny/cute, lol. I also found out that he’s 22 years old today, which I dunno why I thought he was older then that and i dont know why when I found that out that the phrase “aw he’s a baby” popped in my head, cuz he’s not, but ugh i dunno.

What else, there was some other things i wanted to comment about, but now I can’t remember. Whatever if it comes to me (which I’m sure it wont) i’ll write about it, but I seriously gotta go to bed, i gotta wake up at 6am for work (XFC Championship) get off at 4:30pm, come home and FINALLY start packing *pulls hair out*

So have a goodnight if you’re not already, since most normal people are sleeping at 1:40am and not blogging. But for those of you that are night owls like me and havent gone to bed yet, I leave you with this……..



RPattz Drawing

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

I drew this drawing of Robert Pattinson 2 weeks ago and it still blows my mind that I drew this. It actually took me 6 hours to make and is probably the most detailed drawing I have EVER done of anyone.

The most I’ve ever been able to draw of someone is the eyes, maybe the nose and the mouth. I think because i took my time and was freaking out the entire time that it turned out so well.

Like seriously I don’t know how else to describe to you that I’m not able to draw like this like EVER. I’m starting to think that my bbz are right and I was possessed by the Dazzle. I did think it was cute that my mom wants to frame it, even though I dont wanna tear it out of my sketchbook and I don’t know how you can scan it with high quality, you know right?

Wait did i seriously just say ‘you know right?’ what does that even fucking mean? LOL

ANYWAYS, I wanna draw another picture, but because of how awesome this one turned out I am super fucking nervous about screwing up the next one. I wanna try to finish the Leo drawing I started years ago, but I dunno I’m just completely afraid of me not being able to draw any good (like i’m used to) and that this drawing ends up being the only good drawing I’ll ever do.

Then on the other hand i also wanna try drawing one of the GQ Magazine pictures that Robert did, but just thinking about it is freaking me out =(

WHOA Michael Jackson’s funeral is happening right now?! HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME?!!

Wait nevermind, it’s not gonna be televised since it’s a private ceremony……..good :)

You know I really really really really really REALLY hope they turn Neverland Ranch into a Graceland for MJ. Like seriously it just has to happen, if it doesn’t it’s just fucking wrong.

When we went to Mississippi last week we went to Graceland (again) and it just makes you realize how much you WISH that someone does that for MJ with Neverland Ranch. And i’m not even thinking of it as a profit thing like i’m sure some of his behind the scenes team would be. I’m thinking of it from a fan’s prospective and how cool it would be be able to visit that. Kinda like the MJ Kingdom……….i dunno it just really has to happen :(

Anyways I think i’m gonna go read for awhile since Jennifer is gonna be at my house around 9:50am to go see if Vinnie is skating tomorrow :)

Nite bb <3

: ) amber ( :