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Saturday, April 17th, 2010

LoL poor Robward seems no one likes him, haha

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SMEYER Allows Moaning

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Oh. My. GOD.



What I Don’t Approve Of:
- lack of hands/fingers in Edward’s hair
- not showing his hand go through her hair/back of her neck
- Bella’s fingers imprinting on Edward’s chin (also see 1st disapproval)

But Edward’s moaning makes up FOR ALL OF THAT.

To calm yourself down, watch this video.

Kill the wolf at 0:45 – y/n?

Back to rpattz hottness (thanks to @kimvi):


That is all, i’m off to go see Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ in exactly 2 hours & 11 minutes!


I Forgot – Edward vs. Felix

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

So yesterday the New Moon Clip of Edward protecting Bella from Felix, which then results in a mini fight was posted online. This shit looks so fucking epic it’s unreal. But what really had me rewatching this clip over and over, was the fucking expression on Edward’s face when he’s slammed into the floor.

I’m not gonna lie to you, I died inside and was caught off guard by the urge to want to cry. Rob just does an excellent job in showing the pain that I THOUGHT Vampires never experienced it, but since this is such a short clip makes it a mystery as to why it’s like that. Plus what was up with his cheek cracking a little bit?

Just so many questions that I hope gets answered when I see it next month. Speaking of next month selected theaters in my area is gonna start playing Twilight again next month and omg best believe i’m going to see it! Me & Katie actually went and saw the last showing of it earlier this year and it was so crazy because during the last scene (which is my fave scene) I almost cried and remember gasping as he kissed her.


Oh also!

The other day i saw the ‘break up’ scene from New Moon (which has already been taken down) and *sigh* everyone was boohooing that Edward was too harsh to Bella. My only problem with the scene is what I knew it would be……freaking Kristen. I hate making it sound like I’m just pro Robert all the time (which I am) and anti Kristen (which I am) but I really DO try to give her the benefit of the doubt, but its like every fucking clip I keep seeing from New Moon, she just keeps proving me more and more right.

So my question to Kristen is…..

When is YOUR Bella gonna start acting like she NEEDS Edward, like the real Bella does in the book? Because Edward on & off screen is almost if not dead on with the need for Bella.