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Problems so far

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Not that anyone cares or are reading this, but the big reason for me putting this blog up is since I’m going to Vancouver for Katie’s birthday starting Sunday for 9 or 10 days (cant remember) so I figured instead of updating all the other blogs i have, i’d just make one huge one to keep people up to date.

Not that they wont get update tweets from me, well i hope they will, no idea how busy i’ll be, but i do know i’ll probably doing all the driving, so maybe there wont be that many tweets.

ANYWAYS, here are the problems i’m having so far with this blog:

Layout: the jake picture i put up in the other post expressing my love for Word press at the moment is too big for this layout, but i dunno I also like my creepy smiling face in the top left, i dunno, the layout really isnt important right now, but it will be, i’m sure, lol

Media Upload: the media upload thing for wordpress keeps telling me ‘missing temp folder’ or ‘error something something’ and I cant figure out how to fix that, which means I cant upload any videos or pics through this site until thats fixed, which i WOULD want that fixed before saturday, but who knows.

FTP: I found out a few months ago that you can FTP files through internet explorer but for some reason its not working right now, i’m thinking that’s yahoo’s fault (web provider) and not internet explorer because every help page i’ve read say it’s either the web provider or ur internet connection. Which is obviously not the case since i’m posting this up right now, haha.

So if there’s any techie-brainy peeps out there thats willing to help, please do! I know Elisa will probably be helping, but just in case she can’t (she has a life unlike me, lol) please help! haha

Shit since i already made a semi long post, should give you a little run down on my day today.

Woke up around 10:30am from a weird dream about Tyson Ritter yelling at me for all the free merch they were giving me O_o

yea weird.

Heard that my mom was on the phone with my aunt (her sister) so I just blurted out that i was going to Vancouver on Sunday (she knew i was going, i just never confirmed it). I dunno what it is but i knew by her being distracted by her sister on the phone, would lessen the blow I THOUGHT that would be heavy.

But it wasn’t. In fact the rest of the day was pretty fucking awesome, since my mom and I went to Goodwill as soon as she got off the phone. Bought me & Leland & Katie some shirts. Then went to payless and got some new shoes – THANK GOD CUZ I NEEDED SOME!

Then came back home and watched 17 Again with my mom (she’d never seen it). Which I was nervous about because for a few years now my mom has forbidden herself to see comedies – why…I HAVE NO IDEA.

Thankfully she loved it, thought it was really cute, which it is & freaking hilarious. NOT TO MENTION, um yummy zefron is in it and is fucking hilarious.

Then after that I went and did my 10 minute fitness, while she went and got her 12 minutes at the tanning bed.

Then after that we just lounged around in the living room, until my dad got home &  kicked the suitcase I took from the garage/storage building.

Dad: “Someone going somewhere?”


Me: “I’m going to Vancouver on Sunday…”

Dad: “Which one?”

Mom: “There’s more then one?”

Me: “Yea there’s one in Washington.”

Mom: “DC or the state?”


Twas a good day.

Thought it was cute that my dad was all like, “Man i wish you would of told me you were going i would of went with you.”

Even after i told him it was for Katie’s birthday “What she can’t go anywhere else?” lol

After dinner I got online and have been fooling around with this damn site ever since. Feeling all…

Hopefully though, I can turn this thing around and it actually be long going, for your guys’ viewing pleasure as well as my dying memory =(

: ) amber ( :