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Harper’s Bizaar

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009


The outtakes of the Harper’s Bizaar photoshoot that Rob & Kristen did were posted up today and my boy rpattz is looking fucking good as always. Which you can see all the outtakes at Robert Pattinson Life.

Aside from the annoying photoshoping the photographer/magazine did to some of the pictures and Kristen’s weave track showing, I really like this photoshoot. Like my gurl, Frenchie (@lafemmeluna) said it captures the dorks that they really are, for example….

can we say adorable rob?

can we say adorable rob?

I mean how fucking adorable is Robert in that picture and there’s a few others if you go check the 50+ others out where they’re both laughing. Plus this picture looks like one of those fucking pictures the highschool couples go to the mall to get pictures done, haha.

Speaking of couples, the one thing I hate to admit it because I know some of my bbz are robsten supporters (i’m not at all) but I just wasn’t picking up the ‘im with him’ kinda vibe from Kristen in any of these pictures. To me it seems like Rob is totally comfortable with being all up in her personal space, where is Kristen it doesnt seem like that. For some poses she’ll get close but for just the pose and others it looks like Rob is pulling her to him – sorry bbz :(

So it just came off as a “we’re really good friends” kinda vibe, because I know with alot of my guy friends I was ok being that close to them and such, because we weren’t attracted to each other at all and we were really good friends – so if anyone EVER wants to say I’m jealous of Kstew, you can say I am because she’s good friends with rpattz :)


Pics like this one has gotten me thinking Kristen should think about modeling more then acting. I’m sorry guys but her acting is just horrible! But she takes really good pictures even if alot of them are the same facial expressions =-/

When I saw these pictures on my phone as I was leaving work today, I couldn’t really see much on my small ass screen, but I’m telling you now that I am in love with this picture right here….


i LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic, jsyk.

…but it’s more or less because of the artsy-ness of the photo, being who it is makes it better for me. Robert looks good, what he’s doing is fucking cute and just ugh to Kristen’s expression, but we won’t go there. I was joking earlier that if one picture could sum up/describe what I THINK a relationship between Kristen & Robert would be like – that it would be this picture, haha.

He adores her and Kristen could obviously careless, haha I’m sorry but that’s how I think it would be, if they were ‘together’ *shrugs*

So that’s my opinion on this photoshoot (not that it matters) – i liked it, it’s really cute, but like i’ve been saying all along that I don’t think they’re dating, they’re just really close – think Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio (two people WHO SHOULD BE TOGETHER – OMG DONT GET ME STARTED).

But yea I really liked the photoshoot, makes me wanna go take pictures now.


If I got a picture with RPATTZ….

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

If for some reason I was blessed by the angels above even for a few mintues to meet Robert Pattinson, I would just want to talk to him, but more importantly get a picture with him, because I will more then likely not remember anything or that it even happened afterwards.

I haven’t come across alot of ‘good’ fan pictures with Rob. In fact just thinking about it, I think i’ve seen 2 and in one of them the girl is making a fish face *rolls eyes*. The other one being this one:


I would very much like to have Robert smiling in my picture like this, not like alot of all the other fan pictures where he looks fucking miserable or is trying to escape.

For Example:


This isnt the actual picture, but a pappz picture during it.

This picture kinda scares me because it looks like he’s doing that nervous laugh thing he does and is trying to walk away but is being held in place by the lady’s hand O_o

Which in turn reminds me of this picture:

'The Nervous RPATTZ Smile'

'The Nervous RPATTZ Smile'

He’s obviously in a very scary situation, but still wants to seem nice, so he nervously laughs it off :( Where is in the 1st picture above that looks like a very geniune smile. That’s what I’d like to have in my picture, which sucks because the twilight fans have pretty much ruined the likelihood of that happening.

So the setting of how I meet him before I die, I have no idea how it’ll happen, since when I was actually in Vancouver I refused to stand outside the hotel everyone ASSUMED they were staying at. Yea I wanted to, but once we were actually in the city, it was just too creepy, besides I’d rather see them filming then ambush them on the street for a picture =-\

This blog is totally pointless but was just thinking about how I NOW have to plan a conversation if I ever was lucky enough to meet him, so that he’d smile like the 1st picture…in my picture.

Good thing some people think alot of what I say can be sometimes funny :)