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Who wants to go home early? *hand raises*

Saturday, September 5th, 2009
Finished our work before high noon today!

Finished our work before high noon today!

So I volunteered to go home early, but I actually have a good reason (granted I’m not doing it right now) but shit I have to pack! I leave for the airport in *counts on fingers* 14 hours! Plus I mean we did EVERYTHING we usually have to do on an event day before lunch time, which is crazy! I’m even talking about we did our fucking chair set at 9 fucking 30 in the morning! We usually don’t do that until about 2pm on event days O_o

Normally I would of stayed just because, but I actually figured I could use the extra time to pack, so I dont have a panic attack when I’m at the airport and realize what I forgot – LIKE I ALWAYS DO, haha. Especially this being in another country and being gone for so long, i’m sure i’m gonna need more then what I usually take with me, so yea, gotta fucking make sure I have everything.

But yea pretty much at work everything was done at 11:30, so me, Jay & Jennifer volunteered to go home early. Which Jennifer started talking about not wanting to go home right away, so I told her she could come hang at my house for a bit while I packed, haha.

On the way home I got an IM from a Reject fan telling me that the All-American Rejects just announced their Fall Tour dates (which i just checked their site & they’re not up there) and that it’s ending with 3 shows in Florida o_O

12/04 – The Swamp – Fort Walton Beach, FL
12/05 – House of Blues – Orlando, FL
12/06 – Jackie Gleason Theater – Miami Beach, FL

Yea definately doing that shit, haha. And maybe a few shows before those 3 if they’re not in any crazy places, lol. Like if there’s one on Leilani’s birthday that is driveable O_o

I tweeted about these dates and was instantly IMed about Casey asking about them & she found em on AAR’s message board and come to find out that there’s also 2 Oklahoma shows, which I would LOVE to go to since I havent been back to Oklahoma since 2005 & miss Mama Ritter hardcore :(

11/24 – Coca Cola Bricktown – Oklahoma City, OK
11/25 – Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK

We’ll see how that pans out, but I don’t think it’ll happen since we’re thinking of going to LA for the New Moon premiere, haha.

Around this is when me & Jenn got back to my house. Ate our lunches that we took to work today thinking we were gonna still be there, haha. Then just hung out in my room before leaving to go home & crash.

Starting to feel like home again, lol.

Starting to feel like home again, lol.

I love how trips messes my room up and this being such a long trip I can ONLY IMAGINE how much shit I bring back or how big of a mess it’ll be when I unpack my suitcase & bookbag, lol.

Now I’m just sitting on the computer typing this when I need to be doing other stuff, like packing the important shit ‘camera’, since clothes don’t represent me. Yea i’ll be the naked american walking downtown Vancouver with my camera & bookbag *shakes head* no not really.

I know what I can do that’ll help me later, i’ll make a list of shit I need to pack or need to do before I go to the airport.

Things Amber Needs To Pack/Do:

- toothbrush
- brush
- comb
- hairspray?
- hair bows/headbands
- print out reciepts (hotel, car, plane, etc.)
- ipod
- ipod charger
- ipod car thingy
- phone car charger
- phone charger
- phone usb wire
- check tmobile coverage
- face stuff
- go to Borders
- purse
- sunglasses
- laptop
- laptop charger
- shoes
- socks
- underwear
- buy tapes for video camera?
- shower
- go through phone mail
- update ipod with new songs
- make day by day plans

Well shit I should probably go do the Fitness right now so I can mark that off the list, since I have to go pick Leilani up at 7pm-ish and maybe do a few of the other things on my list.


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