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The Runaways

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Regardless what people may think of me, I went into this movie thinking I would like it. With that said, I liked it, but then I didn’t. Or that’s at least how I felt last nite. Leaving that movie left me with the biggest feeling of confusion….which now that I think about it is just like what New Moon did.

Which I was gonna try my hardest to keep Twilight away from this review, but it really did. Sleeping on that feeling I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason why I liked it, was because I liked the music…..alot. Seriously I’m listening to Cherry Bomb right now ;)

The movie as a whole to me felt like they were going for a ‘Monster’ (info/trailer) type of feel. A sorta lesbian bound between Cherie Currie & Joan Jett. But with how the movie was edited/written confused the hell out of me. It was like they wanted you to emotionally connect to that bount, but then in the blink of an eye they didn’t, they wanted you to connect with Cherie’s horrible home life & drug problems.

It was just confusion in the sense that you can tell Dakota Fanning was the lead in the movie, but midway through it the editor/writer was struggling to keep Kristen in it just as much, even when she doesn’t need to be?

I really don’t know how to describe it, the movie to me was a half assed explained confusing story about how The Runaways began & ended + a few side dishes of what was going on with Cherie Currie’s life during it all.

The singing wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I was completely surprised at how much Dakota UNDERacted in this movie. It felt like she was holding back alot of emotions in alot of key scenes, which really bothered me, because Dakota is a great actress, but I feel maybe this role was maybe too intense for her at the age she’s at?

Just seemed like the early stages of what I believe Christina Ricci used to suffer from, which was that child actor-acting. This movie is pretty much the testing the waters into prolonging your career into adulthood for Dakota and I really think she held back alot with it :(

Kristen Stewart on the other hand was alright as Joan Jett. Bless her for cutting her hair that way, because her bangs distracted you from her blinking a million times, which she didn’t seem to do alot in this movie, but who knows lol. Haha ok poking fun aside…….you could tell with her acting that this role meant a great deal to her. So much so that it seem like she was over doing it.

Maybe that has something to do with the rumor of Joan Jett making Kristen cry after yelling at her about being a shitty actress? We will never know, but her acting in this movie seemed pressured to me, which again is understandable with trying to cut loose from the Twilight shit and having Joan Jett on set every day….hovering. But again her acting in this movie falls back on the fact that she pretty much acts like herself in all her other movies….again. This one being different because she has that crazy black 70s hair, rocking on her guitar and has a bit of a what……Jersey accent?

It was frustrating for me to watch her (but not as bad as it usually is) because there were so many different parts in the movie where there would be a GLIMPSE at the actress I know she could be & it would make me yell in my head, ”SEE! I KNOW U HAVE IT IN YOU!” and then she’d fall right back into being Kristen. But overall she is improving, which IS GOOD, but she’s young so I can’t really dog on her. I just wish people would stop praising her like she’s fucking Michelle Pfieffer or something *shrugs*

Over all the movie seemed like it lacked a sober writer & editor, because scenes didnt seem to flow well or were explained well enough not to ask “wait, what the fuck is going on?” – But I’m sure every kstew fan will love it regardless because it’s her playing a badass like all her fans think she is, haha.

It definately could of been way better, but like I said earlier the music kinda makes up for everything else. It’s a One-Timer (seeing a movie once), so there’s no real rush to go see it – wait for it to be at the RedBox :)

The Runaways < Remember Me