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Goodbye 2009

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I will miss you.

You were definately a very fun, very adventurous, a very OMG year and a year of alot of 1st times. The only way I can think of to give you an idea is to show you with a few pictures.


Went to Orange Bowl Fan Fest in Miami to see The All-American Rejects.

 Found out that The All-American Rejects were playing in Miami at the Orange Bowl Fan Fest, so me, Leilani & Jennifer drove our ass down there to hang with Nadia, take pictures and watch the boys own the crowd’s faces with how awesome they are live.

Celine Dion played at my work O_o

Celine Dion played at my work O_o

Then towards the end of the month it got really busy at work, because the Super Bowl was gonna be in Tampa this year and all these celebrities would be in town trying to have shows for all the people coming from all over to Tampa for the Super Bowl. Which means where I worked had a week full of back to back shows, Dane Cook, Lightning games, random concerts and more importantly TO ME Celine Dion. I actually spent $140 on tickets to go see Celine Dion live for the very first time. It was the greatest $140 I spent on a show like ever, literally I cried when she appeared on the stage. She didn’t even say anything and I was bawling like a retard. And then lost my shit when she encored to ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

Yea that shit got real <3


Me & Mom after a funeral in New Jersey.

Me & Mom after a funeral in New Jersey.

 My parents & I attended my dad’s Aunt’s funeral; my dad had flew up there a few days before us to be with his aunt before she passed away and then when she did my mom & I flew up there for the funeral. I think me & my mom were up there maybe a complete day, I can’t really remember, but despite the circumstances it was fun! I got to see snow fall while we were driving around and I can’t remember the last time I saw that!

A community I inspired was born.

A community I inspired was born.

I had become a regular on ONTD’s comments for any posts that had to deal with Twilight or Robert Pattinson. Spamming those posts with funny pics of rpattz or Twilight and through the months I became friends with several of the same posters that would also spam the same posts, so instead of having to wait for a rpattz or twilight posts on ONTD my friend Emily created the community, spammerpattz. A community for all the spammers that love rpattz and spam pics of him.


Trip to see How To Be in Alabama, we went & visited the King.

Trip to see How To Be in Alabama, we went & visited the King.

I saw a movie trailer for the movie ‘How To Be’ the year before staring Robert Pattinson and wanted to see it. Well it’s a very low budget film and ONLY because rpattz was so popular at the moment they got enough money to start screening it across the US at film festivals. The closest one to us was in Florence, AL so me, Leilani & Katie decided to drive up to Corinth, MS to visit my family and then the next day on our way back home drive over to Florence for the screening of How To Be.

Which ended up being an adventure all on it’s own because we trusted Leilani’s phone’s gps and when her phone said “your destination is to your left” we all turned to the left to see a huge field with one cow staring back at us. That was DEFINATELY NOT the University of North Alabama which is where the film festival was.

Oh did I mention that we had no idea where we were, besides out in the boonies. We barely had ANY connection on our phones which is what Leilani needed for her gps to work AND we only had like 20 minutes before the movie started to get there.

With the grace of God we got there right when the movie was supposed to start (had a run around cuz Leilani was too much of a chicken shit to actually ask someone where exactly the movie was being showed) but once we got to the door we found out that to view it was free! AND that they hadn’t even started the movie yet (ended up starting maybe 20 mins after we got there), plus there was barely anyone there! Movie was heart breaking, hilarious and cute, we all were glad we made the trip up to see it & as soon as it was over we were on the road home – 12 hours!

Went to see Val Emmich in GA & SC :)

Went to see Val Emmich in GA & SC :)

Later in the month we confinced Erin to go with me & Leilani to GA & SC to see our favorite solo artist, Val Emmich! Erin was also awesome enough to let us take her car instead of wasting money on a rental! Was the first time I seen Val play live in 2 years, so an emotional experience it really was for me. It was Erin’s first time seeing him live altogether and needless to say we had her hooked after that trip :)


Went to see How To Be in Orlando

Went to see How To Be in Orlando

Leilani, Katie, Jennifer, Erin & me all drove to Orlando to see How To Be, because of wrong directions and near death situations we missed the whole money but the last 20 minutes. Will Call was closed already so me & Katie couldnt pick up our tickets and everyone else was gonna buy theirs there, but the lady let us in anyways! We did however get to see the Q&A with the cast after the movie was played which was hilarious. Didn’t get to talk to the cast because they were being hogged by a ton of twimoms, but we didn’t let it bother us because we were going to one of the other FL screenings, so we knew we had another chance to talk to them :)

Went to FL screenings of How To Be. Met the cast :)

Went to Tallahasse screening of How To Be. Met the cast :)

 Very next day, Erin, Leilani, Katie & me drove 4 hours to Tallahassee to see the screening of How To Be and this time around since there wasn’t that many people that stayed after to talk to the director and cast, we actually got to! Again we were pushing it with time and got there right before they were to start showing the movie, stayed afterwards for the Q&A again, which didnt last long at all and someone ended up asking a pretty stupid question about Robert Pattinson, but can’t remember what it was. Just remember thinking ‘omg are you serious?’ haha.

Talked to the director & cast and confirmed to myself that I need to at least date a british man before I die, because the director said my name and I fell in love. Seriously I have never heard my name sound so magicial in all my life.


Drove 40 hrs (2476 miles) in 3 days.

Drove 40 hrs (2476 miles) in 3 days.

 May 1st began our 2,476 mile/40 hour road trip to Richmond, VA so Leilani could get some paperwork that would of took WEEKS to get, but only took 30 minutes since we drove up there. Then the SAME DAY drove to Corinth, MS to visit my family for a few hours, before the next afternoon driving to Birmingham, AL to see The All-American Rejects play live. Then right after the show drive back home to Tampa, FL to get a few hours of sleep before driving to Miami, FL (the same day) to see Little Ashes at the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

We didn’t think we’d make it or if we did we’d be deader then shit, but surprisingly the challenge is what made it fun as hell and the inside jokes that it created made it memorable and wiped our memories of how tired we actually were driving all that way, haha.

I got blamed for leaking the New Moon script.

I got blamed for leaking the New Moon script.

Not even days after we got back home from that trip, my friend on twitter (who will remain nameless since I don’t throw people under buses unless they piss me off & deserve it) sent all her followers the New Moon script. So I downloaded it and saw that it was jumbled up like one huge paragraph, so I copy & pasted it into word & took 2 hours to reformat it so you can at least read it. Saved it & uploaded it to megaupload or something and then tweeted that one back to my friend so she could read it. Called it a night and logged off.

Next afternoon at work, I notice that I have a TON of replies on twitter telling me my link doesnt work, which I had no idea what they were talking about.

SideNote: I’d had twitter for 2 years but still didnt understand how it worked, I just tweeted what I was thinking or doing and sometimes someone would respond to it, I didnt know there was a search or anything where u can find tweets that were about specific things.

I’m all like ‘wtf’ on my way home from work cuz I just keep getting more and more replies as the hours went on at work. When I get home and check my mail I have a TON of emails about someone adding me on twitter, so I logged into twitter. I went from I dunno how many followers, maybe  60 to almost 350. Then upon reading my replies realized they were talking about the script link I sent my friend.

Long story short, I found out someone retweeted my link and then some sites got wind of it and posted articles about the leaked script and linking MY TWITTER PROFILE O_o

Articles about me leaking the New Moon Script:
Went to EyeCon in Orlando. Met Kellan Lutz & Jackson Rathbone.

Went to EyeCon in Orlando. Met Kellan Lutz & Jackson Rathbone.

 Then that very weekend, Leilani, Katie & Me decided to go to this Twilight Convention, EyeCon that was happening in Orlando. The main reason why we went was because Leilani LOVES Jackson Rathbone and he was gonna be there; and Katie LOVES Peter Facinelli & Kellan Lutz and they were both going to be there. So I just went for the experience and to take pictures while the other 2 wanted to meet them or just see them in person.

Going to EyeCon opened our eyes to how the Twilight fans really are and that what you read in the news or hear is in fact true, especially about the TwiMoms, omg, haha. Leilani ended up buying me a photo opp for Jackson Rathbone (even though I really didnt want one) so I at least got a pic with him & Katie bought us a Kellan Lutz one, so me & Leilani decided to take it together and ask him if we could do the ‘too much rock for one hand’ pose which he smiled and said ‘hell yeah! I love that pose!’ :)


Went to Harlem to sign the wall at the Apollo for MJ.

Went to Harlem to sign the wall at the Apollo for MJ.

 I couldn’t think of anything to do ’special’ for my birthday this year, so my first official thought was to go to LA for a few days since we hadn’t been since spring 2008; but then I found out that rpattz was filming in NYC and upon thinking about it realized that we hadn’t been to NYC in over 2 years! So we all decided to go to NYC for a weekend & some change. Drove up to Philly to do the Rocky Balboa challenge, which I totally owned, Leilani & Katie didn’t however, haha. Then dropped off our rental in Newark & then took the train into the city.

Katie & Leilani surprised me and booked us a hotel room at the fucking Waldorf-Astoria O_o which is just crazy expensive but omg I’m one of very few people that can say they’ve stayed there. Well not few, but for people with our kind of limited means, it’s pretty few i’m sure, haha. They even gave us champagne because it was my birthday trip!

On one of our days we were watching the news and saw tons of people outside of the Apollo signing this wall in honor of Michael Jackson since he had passed away just a few days before we left on this trip, so we ended up going to Harlem (scared shitless) to check it out and so we could at least say ‘we were there when..’ when we’re older, you know? Katie & Leilani ended up getting a boyfriend on our way out of Harlem, hahahahaha, too funny.

Watching the filming of 'Remember Me'.

Watching the filming of 'Remember Me'.

 Also a main goal of the trip was to catch some of the filming of ‘Remember Me’ but being as this would be our first time EVER trying to watch a filming of something we really had no idea what the fuck we were doing. Thankfully we met some really cool people on twitter that helped us figure shit out and where/what time things were and was actually able to see the DAZZLE in person 2 different times on our trip. Got close enough to touch, but each time was overwhelmed with my eyes trying to convince my brain that he was in fact standing in front of me and not looking at a picture.

Hearing his laugh was pretty much fixed that problem for me.


Went to the Titanic exhibit for my birthday.

Went to the Titanic exhibit for my birthday.

 We were still in NYC the first few days of July, but once we got back it was time to celebrate the actual date of my birth, so we went to the Titanic exhibit like we usually do. Went to Disney World to get my free birthday admission ticket even though we weren’t going, then headed back to Tampa to go eat dinner at Tias :)

Applied for a passport & got it few weeks later.

Applied for a passport & got it few weeks later.

 Few weeks later my dad had me and my mom apply for passports in case anything happened to my brother, who was stationed in Japan, so we’d already have the passports and could just fly over there. They tell you it takes 4-8 weeks to process but I got mine in a little under 2 weeks, which surprised the shit out of me, but who cares……just think of the possibilites of where I can go NOW O_o


Got in a car accident on the way to see Bobby Long. Missed his set, but met the man <3

Got in a car accident on the way to see Bobby Long. Missed his set, but met the man <3

 Jennifer had finally been given a ship date for basic training at the end of September so me & Leilani thought we’d take her to Corinth, MS since that’s my favorite place ever, not only because it’s where all my family is, but also because it just holds such magicial emotions & love for me in the atmosphere. The day before we left for that trip though was the first Bobby Long show in the Tampa area, so after we picked up the car rental for our trip, we went and picked up Angelina, Jennifer, Katie & Leilani and went on our way to the Bobby show.

Ended up hitting a car on our way, which turned out to be a judge! He hardly had any damage done to his car and to be honest I was just grateful that no one was hurt AND that it was a rental i was driving and not my car, haha.

The police department ended up doing a circus act on trying to figure out which one would be covering it, troopers or actual police, before giving me 2 tickets and letting us go on our way.

Missed Bobby’s set, but got in free to actually meet the man, who was incredibly sweet and concerned for us since we got in an accident on our way to see him. We then found out that he liked the venue so much that he was coming back that thursday to play again, which thankfully we were driving back from Mississippi that day, so we’d finally get to see him live!

Took Jennifer to Corinth, MS to meet my favorite place & people on earth.

Took Jennifer to Corinth, MS to meet my favorite place & people on earth.

 Made it to Corinth, MS with no problems, had a BLAST like we always do. Rode my uncle’s four wheeler, which was the first time Jennifer had ever done that, so I swear we almost died a few times. Went walking through the woods, drove around town getting lost. Got some good ass Corinth snow cones and ate at Don Julios. We also took Jennifer to Graceland, which she liked Elvis, but after we went she REALLY LIKED Elvis :)


Forks Highschool

Went to Forks Highschool in Forks, WA.

 After the fun we had on my birthday trip in NYC, we decided that for Katie’s & Leilani’s birthday we would go on a trip as well. Katie decided that for her birthday (9/11) that she wanted to go to Vancouver and hopefully maybe see them filming Eclipse a little bit. So we planned a trip where we’d fly into Seattle (it was cheaper then vancouver) stay in Forks for the nite, then the next day drive up to Vancouver and stay there for 9 days.

Boy we had no idea what we were in for.

Flew into Seattle, meant with rain just like the books said and Forks was exactly the same way, but I had no idea I would fall in love with their nature’s beauty, omg. Katie got sick so once we got to the hotel in Forks she went to sleep and Leilani & I went to La Push to look around and was met with a breath taking sunset. Who knew something so beautiful would greet us in the land of the Failcob.

Taylor Lautner leaving set for the day.

Taylor Lautner leaving set for the day.

 Speaking of Failcob….

After Forks we drove up to Vancouver, which that very night we got lucky and Bobby Long was in town, so we got to see him perform live again and got a glimpse of rpattz & kstew at the end of it too O_o

The rest of the time in Vancouver was spent getting lost, trying to figure out the Canadian ways, looking for Eclipse sets and staying away from the crazy Twilight fans, haha.

Oh and dissing Taylor Lautner and not even knowing it was him, haha. That was priceless oh and then seeing him again the next day (the above picture) leaving the set of Jacob’s house.


Went back to Corinth to get Leilani a puppy named Lo.

Went back to Corinth to get Leilani a puppy named Lo.

 When we went to Mississippi back in August to show Jennifer it’s magic, we were introduced to my aunt’s dog, Lo. Which Leilani immediately fell in love with and jokingly asked my aunt a few times that she wanted Lo. My aunt would of course joke back and say ‘take her with you’ haha.

Well little did we know my aunt wasn’t joking at all, so in October we went back to Mississippi just to pick up Lo and bring her back to FL so Leilani could keep her :)

I’ve never drove across country with a dog before, except with my parents when we’d be moving, but even then it was organized. This trip back home we didn’t know if she was gonna be crazy running around the car peeing on everything and just being distracting while we tried to drive back home.

Boy were we surprised, aside for a few times were she just had to lick our faces, she was a very good dog in the car. She mainly sleeped the entire time and only peed in the car ONCE out of the whole 13 hour drive!

Scored free tickets to see KISS for the first time!

Scored free tickets to see KISS for the first time!

 So KISS had a show in Tampa and me, Angelina & myself actually scored free tickets to! I’ve never seen them and really didnt have much of a desire to see them but since we got free tickets we went and omg had such a blast! I didn’t realize I knew that many KISS songs, haha!


Welcome back Bobby Long <3

Welcome back Bobby Long <3

 Bobby Long blessed the Dunedin Brewery with his talent once more. Best believe me, Angelina & Leilani were there. I dont see us ever messing a Bobby Long performance in our neck of the woods unless we’re just not in town, haha.

His show was amazing as always, but the fans were the worst at this show. Yelling at him to play certain songs and then just yelling out loud about how they didnt like a song he was playing. It was all fucking horrible and just completely rude, to be honest, but he still put on a good show & we got to talk to him for a little bit afterwards :)

Went to LA for the New Moon Premiere.

Went to LA for the New Moon Premiere.

 Katie, Leilani and me last year when we saw Twilight all agreed that no matter what we would be going to the New Moon premiere that following year. Well for a few months before the actual premiere we didn’t know if we we’d be able to afford to go, especially after spending 10 days in Vancouver, but with my skills at finding cheap deals on hotels, rental cars & flights I was able to find a way for us to go :)

Boy was I glad we did go, because it really was an experience that we all treasured. Not only that but we made some friends and made fun of all the drama going on with the Twilight Fans. We slept for 3 days in the street, in line just so we can get a glimpse of the stars of New Moon and it was our first premiere and I’d do it again in a heart beat!


Went to Orlando & Miami to see AAR.

Went to Orlando & Miami to see AAR.

 The All-American Rejects were co-headling with Taking Back Sunday a tour that came to FL. So me, Angelina, Leilani, Katie & Erin went to see them at the House of Blues in Orlando. Needless to say Katie got TRASHED and wanted to motorboat Tyson real bad, so much so that she was yelling it every 2 seconds and crying when we were trying to leave, haha.

Then the next day me & Katie drove to Miami to see them perform as well and then went to the meet & greet afterwards at a shop down the street where Katie drank some more, haha. The drive home wasn’t quiet, let me tell you, haha.

Went to Ft. Jackson for Jennifer's Army graduation.

Went to Ft. Jackson for Jennifer's Army graduation.

That very next weekend Leilani & Me drove up to Ft. Jackson, SC to see Jennifer’s graduation from the Army boot camp. First day was Family Day so we got to hang out with her and her family. We ended up playing basketball, Wii, did some shopping and then went and had dinner later that night. The next day was her graduation which right before it was to start someone pulled the fire alarm so we had to leave so they can check the building, haha.

After graduation we went and had lunch with her & her family at Ryan’s before me & Leilani headed back home to FL. Which before we left SC we decided to go try and find The Notebook house that Ryan Gosling’s character rebuilt in the movie :)

Which was an adventure all by itself, since we didn’t get to the address til after dark, so I THINK I saw it, but I’ll never know until we go another time to see it :)

So as you can see I tried to go somewhere every month of 2009 and surprisingly we pulled it off, even though after Vancouver we didn’t think we’d be able to afford to go anywhere after that, lol.

Another reason 2009 was so great was I became friends & actually met alot of awesome people because of Twitter: @lafemmeluna @jebs @kimvi @_beccaspage_ @nattycakes @_bitca_ @quartzlyn @caseymariex @raineradaire @pickyourpoison @cantidiamore @enthropologie @dcdazzlesme @ttlindsay @shanzer22 @lauramaniscalco @madiemma @krystle_ewe @dreamsofedward @atr81 @hiscoldtouch @annechantal @robisthedevil @pokerstarlight @candykizzes24@linzkittie @yankeegirl51680 @gabby1017 @robpattznews

The names in bold I actually met, but I hope that changes and I get to meet more of these amazing people!

So 2009 was probably the most adventurous year I’ve had since 2005, even if most of it had to deal with Robert Pattinson events. I seriously wouldnt change this ‘Year of Rpattz’ for anything, because it brought new friends into my life as well as amazing new experiences!

I just hope 2010 is half as amazing as 2009 turned out to be =D

you ARE my life now.

Monday, November 30th, 2009


I found this yesterday and it reminded me of the summer of ONTD for me, which was when I was on ONTD EVERY FUCKING DAY right before The Dark Knight came out and they would make awesome marcos similar to the one above, but fucking awesome.

And it made me sad because my computer crashed last year which I had TONS of those awesome TDK marcos saved on, so now I dont have any :(

Shit now I wanna see some, hold on let me see if i can find a good one……..



OMG I remembered I almost peed myself when I sawe this picture for the first time, haha. Anyways there’s really no point to this post, just wanted to share with you guys something I found yesterday that reminded me of 2 summers ago and how I miss it.

Do anyone know if there’s other New Moon/Twilight marcos like this? Cuz I know there’s some Twilight ones, but are their other New Moon ones?

Please let me know! :)


New Moon Premiere L.A. Trip – Day 1

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

So I didn’t get to blog at all on our L.A. trip like I was hoping, but in this up and coming series of blogs about that trip you’ll understand why, haha. Enjoy!

After I packed up my laptop like I said I was doing in my last blog, me & Leilani jetted over to Katie’s house to pick her up and come back to my house so my mom could take us all to the airport instead of having to go to Katie’s first and then the airport.

Did a quick sweep of my dirty ass room to make sure I got everything I needed/packed for the week long trip and then left for the airport. Midway there I felt really guilty about my mom taking us because when you leave the airport there’s this looping ramp to get onto the interstate and my mom gets SICK on it. It’s really funny to watch her driving it cuz she’ll literally has her forehead on the steering wheel while she’s turning, lol.

But I felt guilty because she’d be doing that turn by herself and that made me sad and a little worried :(

Got to the drop off area, said our goodbyes and walked into the airport. I don’t know what it is about me, but always when I walk into an airport I get excited, because it obviously symbolizes a trip to new experiences even if it’s to a place you’ve been before or for a not so good trip like a funeral, i dunno I just always get excited.

Getting our tickets is always funny because we always take 2 bags and NEVER have em checked and they’re pretty big bags, lol. But it’s funny because everytime we go to get our tickets one of the attendants always stares at us & our bags for awhile then it’s like right before the tickets start printing out they come over and ask us if we’re checking any of the bags, lol.

Tickets in hand we went on our way to the secruity check in and I don’t know if I mentioned it before but since it was Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday (november 11th) I wore my famous Leo shirt from the movie ‘Celebrity’….which I’m glad I did because as soon as I got to the guy at secruity that checks your ID & ticket looked at my shirt & smiled.

Secruity: “I like your shirt, that’s my boy, Leo.”

Which I then told him how it was his birthday….which he doubted me for maybe half a second and then was like “OMG it is!” and then we debated how old he was and agreed that we think he was turning 35, haha. Needless to say he was cool as hell since I actually stood there a good 5 minutes talking to him about Leonardo DiCaprio :)

The guy obviously wasn’t THAT cool because he ended up picking me to get screened or scanned or w/e the fuck it was they did to me in that glass display case >:o

I think it was because I’m brown to be honest, but I had to stand in this huge glass case, you know the things that they blow air up from underneath you? Which when I stepped in, I started to freak out cuz he told me to put my arms up and the first thing I thought was how my shirt would totally blow up over my head since its such thin material and really loose, but thankfully this laser thing just scanned me instead.


I don’t remember much of the flights, just that after I got screened at secruity, Katie had to get her bag searched, but didn’t have to throw anything away. While we were sitting at our gate waiting to board a whole bunch of Leilani’s family members walked by looking busted (not really her family members – lol) and Leilani & I were starting to laugh at just about everything since we hadn’t gone to sleep yet, lol.


Which sucks that I was so tired because this flight ended up being the only one we had interactive touch screens to play with even though they were slow as hell, haha, but oh well sleep is GOOD.

Woke up in Texas, don’t remember what city it was but it’s where ever the George Bush International Airport is. All I remember was saying ‘Youre Welcome America’ over and over and laughing like W, haha. Also when we were in line to board the plane this black girl that worked there walked by me and was like ‘ooh i like your shirt! Thats my boy Leo!’.

No idea why people think that Leo is their boy, when it’s been clear for HOW MANY YEARS that he’s really MY BOO, ok?

Anyways I laughed and told her it was his birthday, which she had no idea about because she responded with ‘oh REALLY?’ and just kept on walking, after that we were on the plane and yea totally have no memory of anything else, except waking up and seeing that the on flight movie was the newest Harry Potter movie, lol.

Since our car rental was so freaking cheap ($271 for 7 days) it was only fair that it would be confusing or diffcult for us to get to the actual rental place, since it ended up not being at the airport at all. We had to ride the airport shuttle to the rental car grand station, which was where all the main car rental places were. Then once we got there we had to go stand by the curb and call our rental place to come pick us up, haha.

Which HUGE party foul because when the shuttle got there and I got on ‘red wine’ was blasting on the stereo, but as soon as he loaded all the people’s luggage onto the shuttle he changed it to some Salvador Dali’s Favorite Hits type of music. I was all like booooooooooo the whole way to the rental place, lol.

The rental place was like a good 10-15 minute ride from the airport, but it seriously looked more like a walk in clinic then it did a rental place since there was like 2 smart cars in front and that’s it, haha.

Which I think I was supposed to get a smart car (which i made a joke saying that the way she said it sounded like an iPhone but its a car), because the lady asked me how many people were with me, which I told her 2 others and she gave me a free upgrade which ended up being a *drum roll*


LOL – I swear EVERY fucking trip we’ve been on since Bobby Long in August has been an Avenger as a rental car (except for Vancouver), haha. The guy that took us to the rental car and showed us all the dents it already had on it and shit, was the same guy that picked us up with the shuttle. This guy was cool as shit! Told us not to drive on the freeway from 4am-7am cuz traffic was HORRIBLE and not to Compton, South Central or East L.A. because we might get car jack.

No lie the whole time he was telling me this I laughed, even though I knew he was being serious with the expression he was getting me, but seriously it was like right out of a movie, thats why it was funny to me.

Then right before we got in the car and left he asked us what we were in town about and asked us where we were from just to tell us not to tell him cuz he wanted to guess and guessed we were from Seattle……yea, i DEFINATELY laughed at that, i mean HELLO we were in town for the NEW MOON premiere which the movie is based in Forks which is like 4 hrs from Seattle.

He told us he guessed Seattle because we dressed and had tattoos like the people do up there O_o

Anyways we left after that and decided to make the drive into L.A. before we got anything to eat since we had flown (sp?) into Ontario, California. Which on the drive into LA the first thing we see is a huge side that says ‘EDWARD’ and upon passing it realized it was ‘Edward’s Cinemas’ haha. Saw about 2 of those and also an Edward’s Steakhouse (no lie!) and a few New Moon billboards :)

Since it was almost time to check into the hotel (1pm) we decided to head in that direction, which I ended up missing the exit but since I knew where we were I took us to Hollywood Blvd real quick to turn around to head back. Kinda to prove to myself that I was in fact in L.A. because it still really didn’t hit me at all, haha.

Get to the exit where our hotel is on and immediately start laughing because yea we’re pretty much in the asian ghetto, haha. Get to our hotel and thank the stars that the hotel has walls to enclose it from the streets. Check in, which the indian lady at the counter gave me attitude because the AAA card didn’t have my name on it, which never really mattered before. Or at least I thought it didnt? Right its as long as the person is with you? Or thats what I always thought, lol.

Since she gave us attitude for the card I ended up writing down that there was only 2 of us staying in the room, because the last thing I wanted was her giving us shit for being 3 of us and only paying for 2 adults, haha. So we had Katie hiding in the back of the car while we put all our luggage in the room, which the room ended up looking nice. Then turning around to leave to go back to Hollywood Blvd to eat at Sizzler, mmmmm.

I was fucking tired as hell after we finished eating at Sizzler from being so full of food and well for not having that much sleep, haha. So we ended up trying to knock one of our ‘to do’ things on this trip off our list. Which was to go see Marylin Monroe’s grave, which once we found it we realized we had to pay for parking, so we were like ‘fuck that’ and then decided to go drive past the theater where the premiere was gonna be at to see if there was a line yet.

Which there wasn’t and to be honest that completely surprised me, haha.

We then just drove around getting lost around UCLA and Rodeo Dr just site seeing. That didn’t last long because Katie needed a hair dryer so we ended up going to Target to get her a hair dryer, Leilani a car charger for her iPhone and me some hair spray. When we went to check out we accidently found the DVD Robsessed which I had heard wasn’t supposed to be out until 2010.

Katie immediately started freaking out wanting to buy it, but she had JUST finished checking out, so I convinced her that we’d just go next door to Best Buy and buy it there, which let me tell you their Best Buy is crazy big O_o

But thankfully we went in there found the dvd and left, otherwise I’m sure i would of been up and down their dvd aisles looking for shit, haha.

Made it with like 2 minutes to spare for free parking to get out of the parking garage, but the mission then was to find CHEAP GASOLINE since we had been driving on fumes the past hour. Which thanks to Leilani’s many crazy iPhone apps we found one, which also helped us kill time til we went to Pink’s Hot Dogs.


The only reason we went to Pink’s was they were having some anniversary celebration and they were having random celebrities each day show up and make hot dogs and that night it was Jason Alexander, so I figured in case the New Moon Premiere didn’t work out at least I had seen ONE celebrity while I was there. Even if it wasnt one of my ‘OMG’ celebrities, still I saw one, lol.

Leilani didn’t wanna get out of the car to go see him, so Katie & Me braved crossing the street, took some pictures and then left, since the line stretched what seemed like 2 blocks, haha.

Since it was pretty much dark and a little past 7pm (meaning i’m sure alot of the shit we wanted to do was closed) we ended up agreeing on going to Hollywood Blvd and just walking around a bit. Which we ended up walking maybe half a block and crossing the street to go to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum; which was closing, but they assured us we could still go in and take all the time we wanted.


And you best believe we did JUST THAT! Cuz the lady also gave us some stupid discount which if you added all the money we got off, it added up to one of the tickets being free :)



Too bad it wasnt actually Leo, well actually no I take that back, its a good thing because I’m sure I wouldnt of died? Maybe? Yea definately, lol.

After spending almost 2 hours (past closing time) & taking MILLIONS of pictures (evidence of us ‘dating’ a bunch of different celebrities) in the museum we left and recrossed the street to eat at Baja Fresh, which is one of my fave things about California, since we don’t have Baja Fresh over here in FL *le sigh*

We were all tired at that point since it was almost 11pm, so we headed back to the hotel, which I purposely drove down Hollywood Blvd in case we could spot anything. Thank god I did because I saw this mini red carpet thing set up, which all the signs said ‘Kress – Playhouse’ and slowed down to see and right as we passed it this short guy turned around in the doorway and OMG IT WAS FUCKING SETH GREEN!

Yea best believe we ended up circling that block 2, 3 or 4 times, which the only other person we saw was Brent Bolthouse and a whole bunch of people that looked like people but weren’t them, lol.  It was also because of us seeing that little set up that we ended up driving up and down Sunset Blvd in case there was anything there, which there wasn’t.

So we then drove past the ‘Kress – Playhouse’ thing again which by then the photographers were packing up and leaving. We called it a night and went back to the hotel, which I don’t remember much of anything at the hotel since I know as soon as I hit that bed i died of exhaustion, lol.


Wasted day?

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

So I was busy doing some work for the AAR and just overall feeling pretty good about myself because of how productive I was being for the day. I mean I called up a casting agency I was with to cancel it just to find out that they had cancelled it 2 days prior ($50 more for me a month), then I went through  some of my phone mail and just being productive.

The one downfall was I had twitter open the whole time and they have this new system where if you leave it on your main page or you @replies page it’ll tell you when there’s a new tweet or what not. So instead of obsessingly refreshing my @ page all the time, I didnt have to, I just left it on the @ page and waited for the tab to say something like “(1) Twitter / @am13er” that meaning I had one reply I hadn’t read yet.

Well it actually ended up helping me get work done since I knew I didnt have any replies and didnt have to refresh the page, well upon refreshing the main page at some point I came across my friend @_beccaspage_ retweeting tweets that looked like were coming from a New Moon Press Conference LIVE.


I haven’t really been keeping up with the New Moon stuff (and when I say keeping up with, I mean GOING OUT AND LOOKING FOR THE LATEST NEWS) so I had no idea there was a press conference or anything today. Which I also found out today that the press got to see New Moon last nite and alot of people liked it…..which I’ve been saying how good it looks compared to Twilight ever since the teaser trailer was released, but what’s really gonna kill it for me is the acting.

ANYWAYS, so I ended up stopping everything I was doing just to stalk these entertainment news twitters with up to date quotes from the press conference. It was in difference sections, Kstew went first, then the Cullens, then the director, producer & writer; then the volturi (i think); then the wolf pack; then Taylor/FAILcob and then Rob.

All day long waiting around for Rob’s turn, I felt like I was indeed wasting my fucking day away, because I wanted to get off the computer and go finish Twilight so I can start on New Moon, since I know that’s gonna take me weeks to finish, haha man I can’t stand that book, lol.

But then Katie came over to give me the money she owes me for the LA trip which made waiting through Failcob’s interview go by fast and then magically it was Rob’s turn. Everything he said was pretty much hilarious or cute, but it wasn’t until he said this……


…..that I truely felt that I didn’t waste my day away.

Well I did, but that quote made me feel better, because omg we totally need to be friends, like seriously. I mean WHAT GUY admits he has watched Titanic and combines it with trying to be romantic?

A guy like that I need to either:

a) date
b) marry
c) be friends with
d) support
e) all of the above

The only realistic one of the bunch is of course c & d, but seriously OMG! I’ve only known maybe half a handful of guys that would admit that and/or say they enjoyed that movie. So for Robert to say that, even if it was a joke, just for him to say it – MAJOR FUCKING BROWNIE POINTS.

I also saw a few different video interviews he did for ET, Extra and E! and this is probably my favorite one….

He totally just confirmed that he likes having fingers ran through his hair, look how he’s blushing & I’m sorry but was that an almost jizz in my pants face?!


The biggest surprise for me during this whole press conference thing was this awesome Kstew said, which pretty much marks how I feel about how you should live your life (granted i’m failing miserably).


Yea you guys should know by now that I’m not a big supporter of the Kstew, but I’m not a complete asshole, I’ll give credit where credit is due and I really liked this quote from her today :)

In other news today……


Why you ask?


And some of you should know that I WILL be in California for the New Moon Premiere, which oddly enough I thought it was funny to book our flight to California on Leo’s birthday (nov 11th), but TOTALLY forgot he was filming Inception (although it was filming in London for the longest) but I juts looked up what movies were filming and saw it was in Pasadena all this week.

SO I’m HOPING that it’s NOT filming next week.


We’re talking about me possibly seeing my NUMERO UNO celebrity IN THE FLESH EVEN IF ITS FROM FAR AWAY.

BBz, I do not know what to expect of myself, therefore I hope not to be put into that situation…….AT ALL.

Yes BOTH are GQMFs

Yes BOTH are GQMFs



Re-Reading the Twilight Saga

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Yea that totally just happened….


So I had made a promise to myself to start to reread the Twilight books starting November 1st. Well since I had a CRAZY work schedule this weekend I couldnt really start it until tonight. Which to be honest I’m kinda nervous to read these books over, because I’m so obsessed with Twilight Fan Fictions now that I really don’t remember the basic Twilight storyline, haha.

Plus I’m NOT looking forward in reading New Moon at all, omg I hated that book so much the first time I read it. Twilight I couldn’t put down, seriously I read it in 9 hours straight.

New Moon, took me like 2 fucking weeks.


True story, but anyways I’m gonna try to keep my stats and maybe even comments/commentaries while reading the books in this blog, so check back from time to time to see if i’ve updated it.

Otherwise I’m sure alot of my blogs from here on out might be Twilight related because of me rereading the books AND our trip to LA being next week!

ReReading Twilight:

Date: 11/4/09
Started Reading: 9:24pm
Stopped Reading: 10:48pm on Chapter 4


Date: 11/5/09
Started Reading: 1:39am
Stopped Reading: 3:22am on Chapter 7


Started Reading: 3:51pm
Stopped Reading: 4:23pm on Chapter 9


Date: 11/7/09
Started Reading: 2:42am
Stopped Reading: 3:52am on Chapter 12


Date: 11/8/09
Started Reading: 2:50am
Stopped Reading: 4:13am on Chapter 15


Started Reading: 12:17pm
Finished Twilight: 4:37pm


ReReading New Moon:

Date: 11/8/09
Started Reading: 4:42pm
Stopped Reading: 5:16pm on Chapter 2


Date: 11/9/09
Started Reading: 12:59am
Stopped Reading: 2:28am on Chapter 5


Date: 11/19/09
Started Reading: 3:21pm
Stopped Reading: 7:56pm on Chapter 20


Date: 11/21/09
Started Reading: 9:00pm
Finished New Moon: 11:11pm


ReReading Eclipse:

Date: 11/21/09
Started Reading: 11:20pm
Stopped Reading: 1:30am on Chapter 5


Date: 11/24/09
Started Reading: 2:03am
Stopped Reading: 2:44am on Chapter 7


Started Reading: 12:32pm
Stopped Reading: 2:35pm on Chapter 12


Started Reading: 9:29pm
Stopped Reading: 11:59pm on Chapter 19


Date: 11/25/09
Started Reading: 1:09am
Stopped Reading: 2:27am on Chapter 22


Date: 11/27/09
Started Reading: 7:42pm
Stopped Reading: 8:43pm on Chapter 24


Date: 11/28/09
Started Reading: 3:12am
Stopped Reading: 3:43am on Chapter 25


Started Reading: 2:43pm
Finished Eclipse: 4:08pm


ReReading Breaking Dawn:

Date: 11/28/09
Started Reading: 4:11pm
Stopped Reading: 4:51pm on Chapter 3


Started Reading: 8:34pm
Stopped Reading: 12:18am on Chapter 12


Date: 11/29/09
Started Reading: 2:20am
Stopped Reading: 3:10am on Chapter 14


Date: 11/30/09
Started Reading: 1:54am
Stopped Reading: 2:38am on Chapter 16


Started Reading: 11:44pm
Stopped Reading: 2:54am on Chapter 21


Date: 12/1/09
Started Reading: 8:00pm
Stopped Reading: 9:51pm on Chapter 24


Date: 12/2/09
Started Reading: 12:27am
Stopped Reading: 1:15am on Chapter 26


Started Reading: 8:12pm
Stopped Reading: 8:43pm on Chapter 28


Date: 12/3/09
Started Reading: 12:42am
Stopped Reading: 1:40am on Chapter 31


Date: 12/4/09
Started Reading: 9:09pm
Finished Breaking Dawn: 12:17am on 12/5/09 



SMEYER Allows Moaning

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Oh. My. GOD.



What I Don’t Approve Of:
- lack of hands/fingers in Edward’s hair
- not showing his hand go through her hair/back of her neck
- Bella’s fingers imprinting on Edward’s chin (also see 1st disapproval)

But Edward’s moaning makes up FOR ALL OF THAT.

To calm yourself down, watch this video.

Kill the wolf at 0:45 – y/n?

Back to rpattz hottness (thanks to @kimvi):


That is all, i’m off to go see Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ in exactly 2 hours & 11 minutes!


I Forgot – Edward vs. Felix

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

So yesterday the New Moon Clip of Edward protecting Bella from Felix, which then results in a mini fight was posted online. This shit looks so fucking epic it’s unreal. But what really had me rewatching this clip over and over, was the fucking expression on Edward’s face when he’s slammed into the floor.

I’m not gonna lie to you, I died inside and was caught off guard by the urge to want to cry. Rob just does an excellent job in showing the pain that I THOUGHT Vampires never experienced it, but since this is such a short clip makes it a mystery as to why it’s like that. Plus what was up with his cheek cracking a little bit?

Just so many questions that I hope gets answered when I see it next month. Speaking of next month selected theaters in my area is gonna start playing Twilight again next month and omg best believe i’m going to see it! Me & Katie actually went and saw the last showing of it earlier this year and it was so crazy because during the last scene (which is my fave scene) I almost cried and remember gasping as he kissed her.


Oh also!

The other day i saw the ‘break up’ scene from New Moon (which has already been taken down) and *sigh* everyone was boohooing that Edward was too harsh to Bella. My only problem with the scene is what I knew it would be……freaking Kristen. I hate making it sound like I’m just pro Robert all the time (which I am) and anti Kristen (which I am) but I really DO try to give her the benefit of the doubt, but its like every fucking clip I keep seeing from New Moon, she just keeps proving me more and more right.

So my question to Kristen is…..

When is YOUR Bella gonna start acting like she NEEDS Edward, like the real Bella does in the book? Because Edward on & off screen is almost if not dead on with the need for Bella.


Come on Kstew

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Come on gurl….

…you know I don’t like you because of your acting and the vibes you give off, but I can SEE that you MIGHT be able to actually do a good job, but it’s like you just don’t.


Please dazzle me with your performance in New Moon, because with all the clips & trailers I’ve seen so far, I really don’t see that happening and god damnit there are TONS of unknown actress that would KILL to have that part and would own it.

And it pisses me off that you just always seem like you don’t fucking care.

So please come off your high horse and own this shit, PLEASE?

Sidenote: Why doesn’t Bella break her hand when she punches Paul like it does in the book? Just wondering….

My plans for tonight….

Sunday, October 11th, 2009


Which is funny because we were just up there in August with Jennifer (just me & Leilani are going this trip around) and we actually got to stay up there a few days, which is very rare when we go up there. Like this trip we’re really only gonna be up there tomorrow (monday) and then we’ll leave tuesday night to come back home.

The whole reason we’re going up there is so Leilani can pick up my aunt’s puppy, Low that she’s giving to her and because my aunt just sold her house and she’s lived in that house since before I was born, so its kinda a big deal that she wont be living in that house anymore. So yea I kinda wanna say goodbye to her house *sigh*

I know that sounds stupid, but the whole reason that Corinth, MS is like my FAVORITEST PLACE IN THE WORLD is because to me (and probably to my lil brother, Travis) it represented our happiest times in our childhood. In fact I pretty much mold my whole childhood around my memories there, since we only went there to visit my grandparents, who I miss dearly.

And is it weird that I’m excited to go see them? Even though they’re dead? *sigh* I really miss them alot :(

Anyways so Angelina is taking us to pick up our rental tonight at 6:30pm, then I’m coming back home to do some last minute packing or whatever. Then I’ll go pick Leilani up and we’ll leave from there!

12 hour drive, which it used to be 13 hours, but now we dont have to go through Atlanta anymore because of this highway that mapquest discovered that bypasses it and cuts almost 2 hours off the drive :)

LOL! I love how its like 2 hours until we’re going to pick Leilani up from work so we can get the car & I havent even ATTEMPTED to pack yet! hahaha, wow I love how i’m so last minute on this shit, but then again it’s hardly a trip (day & a half?) so I dont think i’m gonna freak out too much if I forget something, haha.

Which reminds me I need to go through my phone pics to make room in case i have twitpics to share :)

And speaking of twitpics, Angelina invited me to the mall yesterday to check out Hot Topic’s clearance on Twilight stuff and needless to say I was overwhelmed with New Moon shit, even before we got to fucking Hot Topic!

Found the Bella dress in a plus size store.

Found the Bella dress in a plus size store.

Dr. Mom, please buy me this vest, not the Neverending Story wannabe necklace, js.

Dr. Mom, please buy me this vest, not the Neverending Story wannabe necklace, js.

Angelina said I should wear this to the Bobby Long show cuz it has flannel in it, lol.

Angelina said I should wear this to the Bobby Long show cuz it has flannel in it, lol.

Those pictures of course were from the store Torrids, I believe its called, we left there and started heading towards Hot Topic, which I knew on the way FYE would pop up and I KNEW I’d want to go in there, not only to see what they had left of Twilight shit, but more importantly DVDS!

Thankfully I didn’t have to suggest going in, because as soon as it came into view Angelina said she wanted to go in, but I had to end up running her out of it, because I was getting the urge to go through all the dvds and I REALLY didn’t have the money to be spending and I knew once I had a handful of DVDs it would be hard not to put em back, lol.

So upon leaving I totally realized that we didn’t even look to see if they had any standies, because I’ve been wanting to see/buy the new moon edward standie cuz from the picture I’ve seen of it weeks ago, he looks fucking GOOD in his suit. Angelina just waved it off saying they didnt have any, but as we were walking towards the door I looked to their front windows because that’s usually where they had em & saw that there was one there, but it looked like it was probably Miley Cyrus or something.

We leave FYE and round the corner & I’m trying to see what the standie actually is & upon seeing it, lose my shit COMPLETELY.



Seriously my eyes started watering and I think i did in fact shout out ‘OMG’, in which Angelina just said ‘oh’ and then continued to laugh at me freaking out. Which was weird because she’s a bigger twilight fan then me, I’m just all about the Robert to be perfectly honest, haha.

I’m sorry but seeing the picture of the standie I freaked out, but jesus to see it IN PERSON was just omg, I can’t even explain it to you, haha.

So I twitpic that picture of him and my friend Jenni (a.k.a. toooWAH) said that it looks like someone wiped shit on his top lip with the way he’s looking, haha. Which is true but I simply responded with as long as he’s not looking at me like that, I didn’t give a fuck, haha.

We then get to Hot Topic after that and OMG YOU GUYS! There is SO MUCH New Moon shit it’s not even funny! I mean I’m talking about there’s so much shit that there’s like NO POINT for it, like all the wereolves/failcob shirts, i mean PFF burn that shit, for realz.

One of my MAIN BEEFs with Twilight type of shirts is they’ll have an awesome design or just picture of robert, but then it’s RUINED with the HUGE UGLY FUCKING WORDS OF – ‘Twilight’ or ‘New Moon’ or something gay like that. Why can’t I just have a picture of just HIM and NOTHING THE FUCK ELSE? Take this shirt I was drooling over for example….



See I would buy THE SHIT out of it even though its on a white shirt, but because it has New Moon SOMEWHERE on it, I wont. I mean it’s not like people DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS, why put the fucking title on it?

This is a prime example why I wanna make my own tshirts *shakes head*

Saw this walking around Hot Topic & LOLd

Saw this walking around Hot Topic & LOLd

It was cute to see all the little girls come in and freak out over all the stuff & start grabbing at things they wanted. I think I saw alot of them grab the New Moon rings they have out. Speaking of which, what is UP with the fucking ‘edward masen’ ring they’re trying to sell now. Since WHEN does Edward wear a fucking ring? Just FUCKING Saying.

Didn’t take long for a Twimom to show up to check out the New Moon stuff though….

Twimom = Neglected Child *hugs kid*

Twimom = Neglected Child *hugs kid*

Husband got yelled at for touching the Jacob shirts LOL.

Husband got yelled at for touching the Jacob shirts LOL.

We left a little after me observing the Twi-Family and went and got me some lunch because I was freaking dizzy as hell from not eating at all since I woke up that day, haha.



We left after that and had to walk through Dick’s Sporting Goods to get back to Angelina’s car and OMG saw the funniest picture ever….

What did her hand do for her to be so mad at it?

What did her hand do for her to be so mad at it?

I laughed out loud so hard when I saw that, because it looks like she’s screaming at her hand with anger, haha.

I’m still trying to figure out what her hand did for her to be screaming at it so hardcore like that. LOL

Angelina dropped me off at home after that & I went back to doing nothing as always, haha. BUT THAT’S CHANGING TONIGHT!


I probably wont be able to blog until we get home, but I will probably be twittering like crazy, so make sure to follow my tweets, other then that you guys have an awesome week & I’ll blog ya when I get home!