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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Leilani’s movie review for ‘Kick-Ass’.

The Runaways

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Regardless what people may think of me, I went into this movie thinking I would like it. With that said, I liked it, but then I didn’t. Or that’s at least how I felt last nite. Leaving that movie left me with the biggest feeling of confusion….which now that I think about it is just like what New Moon did.

Which I was gonna try my hardest to keep Twilight away from this review, but it really did. Sleeping on that feeling I think I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason why I liked it, was because I liked the music…..alot. Seriously I’m listening to Cherry Bomb right now ;)

The movie as a whole to me felt like they were going for a ‘Monster’ (info/trailer) type of feel. A sorta lesbian bound between Cherie Currie & Joan Jett. But with how the movie was edited/written confused the hell out of me. It was like they wanted you to emotionally connect to that bount, but then in the blink of an eye they didn’t, they wanted you to connect with Cherie’s horrible home life & drug problems.

It was just confusion in the sense that you can tell Dakota Fanning was the lead in the movie, but midway through it the editor/writer was struggling to keep Kristen in it just as much, even when she doesn’t need to be?

I really don’t know how to describe it, the movie to me was a half assed explained confusing story about how The Runaways began & ended + a few side dishes of what was going on with Cherie Currie’s life during it all.

The singing wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I was completely surprised at how much Dakota UNDERacted in this movie. It felt like she was holding back alot of emotions in alot of key scenes, which really bothered me, because Dakota is a great actress, but I feel maybe this role was maybe too intense for her at the age she’s at?

Just seemed like the early stages of what I believe Christina Ricci used to suffer from, which was that child actor-acting. This movie is pretty much the testing the waters into prolonging your career into adulthood for Dakota and I really think she held back alot with it :(

Kristen Stewart on the other hand was alright as Joan Jett. Bless her for cutting her hair that way, because her bangs distracted you from her blinking a million times, which she didn’t seem to do alot in this movie, but who knows lol. Haha ok poking fun aside…….you could tell with her acting that this role meant a great deal to her. So much so that it seem like she was over doing it.

Maybe that has something to do with the rumor of Joan Jett making Kristen cry after yelling at her about being a shitty actress? We will never know, but her acting in this movie seemed pressured to me, which again is understandable with trying to cut loose from the Twilight shit and having Joan Jett on set every day….hovering. But again her acting in this movie falls back on the fact that she pretty much acts like herself in all her other movies….again. This one being different because she has that crazy black 70s hair, rocking on her guitar and has a bit of a what……Jersey accent?

It was frustrating for me to watch her (but not as bad as it usually is) because there were so many different parts in the movie where there would be a GLIMPSE at the actress I know she could be & it would make me yell in my head, ”SEE! I KNOW U HAVE IT IN YOU!” and then she’d fall right back into being Kristen. But overall she is improving, which IS GOOD, but she’s young so I can’t really dog on her. I just wish people would stop praising her like she’s fucking Michelle Pfieffer or something *shrugs*

Over all the movie seemed like it lacked a sober writer & editor, because scenes didnt seem to flow well or were explained well enough not to ask “wait, what the fuck is going on?” – But I’m sure every kstew fan will love it regardless because it’s her playing a badass like all her fans think she is, haha.

It definately could of been way better, but like I said earlier the music kinda makes up for everything else. It’s a One-Timer (seeing a movie once), so there’s no real rush to go see it – wait for it to be at the RedBox :)

The Runaways < Remember Me

Remember Me

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Thanks to Katie for finding out about the free screening for the movie Remember Me, here & Erin were able to score us tickets to it. The screening was last night to a pretty packed and diverse crowd. Saw people from grandpa grey haired couples to the teeny Twilight fans with their mothers……of course.

I even saw a few people reading bibles as they waited for the movie start, as well as club attired girls walking around, perhaps thinking that with this screening that the Robert Pattinson on the screen could indeed see them *shakes head*

One of the reasons I think for the packed house was the buzz about the Eclipse trailer being shown before the Remember Me movie. And the general public aren’t used to going to free screenings for movies, but me who have gone to a ton, know that it’s VERY RARE that they show trailers.

The other reason there was a packed house was because this was the first big movie for Robert Pattinson since the Twilight movies have come out (yes I didn’t forget Little Ashes, but that’s an indie – how many of you got to see that one IN a theater?). So it’s a no vampire makeup, no in pained, completely human look at Robert Pattinson (since the interviews with him aren’t enough for his fans).

I was fortunate enough to last June go and watch a few days of filming for this movie, which for the longest time was my driving force to see it (other then Rob), until I got my hands on the script. It’s a good script in the sense that it really was gonna all fall on the acting in this movie and I was really excited to see how Rob protrayed his character Tyler.

In Remember Me Tyler is (in my opinion) a lost soul, still coping 6 years later with the death of his brother and trying to act as the glue in keeping his family involved with each other every so often. From picking up his little from school everyday, to trying to convince his father who is played by Pierce Bronson to be more involved with his daughter. Which in itself is diffcult enough for Tyler to deal with, because his relationship with his father was damaged with the death of his brother & the divorce from his mother.

Then add into the mix that one night Tyler tries to help these random people out in a fight gets thrown into jail after back talking a true NYC cop played by Chris Cooper. Tyler’s roommate, Aiden finds out that the cop has a daughter, Ally played by Emilie De Raven and suggests Tyler go out with her to get back at Cooper, but what happens is a beautiful & semi tortured love story.

But what happens when Ally finds out the truth?

This movie is filled with cute and hilarious moments as well as heartfail so be sure to bring tissues. Robert Pattinson was so amazing in this movie it’s ridiculous; it’s not really a surprise to me, because to take a character from How To Be and then go to Little Ashes character to Edward Cullen, looking at rpattz by himself you’d never guess he was all 3 of those characters. Well except for the fact that he looks like all of them, haha.

It’s very Leonardo DiCaprio, if I can so amazingly say and that’s another major draw to Robert for me, I see alot of Leo in him and with years of experience I believe he will be an even more amazing actor then he is right now. This movie is the stepping stones that prove it.

So whether you’re just a Twifan, like i am sometimes.

A Rob fan – like i am.

Or more importantly a movie fan – like i am….you should definately go see this movie because it will not disappoint at all.

You WILL laugh, you WILL get mad and you WILL cry, it’s really one of those great movies that’s a rollercoster of emotions. Those movies to me are the best kind!

Oh and did I mention the sex scenes?

*bites fist*

Count freckles bbz, it’ll change your life.

Alice In Wonderland

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

I have been waiting to see this movie since I heard that Tim Burton was making it. All the movies that I wanna see badly I always go to the midnight showings the Thurs (or sometimes Tues) night before the movie is released, REGARDLESS of if I work the next morning. I wasn’t given that opportunity with Alice in Wonderland because my travel plans had changed to that Thursday before it came out.

So I didn’t get to see it until the Tuesday after it came out; which means I had to get all the hype of what people thought about it. Which usually any hype for anything repels me from it, for example the Twilight books. It wasn’t until I heard Rob sing that I read those books, which was the day before the first movie came out, haha.

Well the repeling hype doesn’t fall under any Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaberation (or Leo for that matter), so Leilani and I went and saw it Tuesday night.

I LOVED it simple as that. The girl that played Alice was freaking me out with how much she looked like Gwyneth Paltrow, but I made it through. The beginning is a bit boring, but as soon as you enter Wonderland you’re hooked right in and anxious to see the Mad Hatter.

Which Johnny Depp was amazing as, but who ever doubt that to be the outcome is truely a moron. I was VERY happy to see that Crispin Glover was in this movie. I hardly EVER see him in any movies now a days, but so glad to see him make it into such an amazing movie. Helena Bonham Carter is perfect as the Queen of Hearts. Not gonna lie to you the makeup on Anne Hathaway was distracting as well as her ever floating hands/arms as she walked *shakes head*

Watching the movie you can’t help but giddy of having flashbacks of stuff that happened in the old cartoon disney movie and although we knew the Mad Hatter wouldnt be doing the Unbirthday song, we did get to hear the twinkle twinkle song, haha.

Oh and did I mention my favorite character in this movie is not the Mad Hatter but…….Hare. OMG he had me & Leilani rolling with his crack addict type of randomness. Sppppppoon! hahaha

In conclusion this movie is for all ages, because it sucks you in and really turn us all into the little kid that some of us like to hide away (not me, haha). So go see it! I haven’t seen it in 3D yet cuz I’m sure it’ll make me sick, but just know you dont have to see it in 3D to be truely entertained with this movie. It’s just as entertaining in regular 2D!

Last but not least….

Leilani’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Review

Leland saw The Lovely Bones

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

And her review of it as I suspected is epic in all her angry :)

The Lovely Bones

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

lovelybonesThis past Saturday, Katie & me were at the mall picking up some stuff for a few gifts she’s making for someone special in her life (please dont ask) when as we were walking across one of the intersections in the mall I noticed 2 or 3 girls with ‘The Lovely Bones’ tshirts on.

Totally ignoring what Katie was talking about, I picked up my speed and walked straight up to one lady since the other lady we walked by looked at me, snarled and pretty much jumped in front of a couple to talk to them. I went up to this other lady and before she could say anything I said, “yes i would like whatever it is you have.”

Which made her laugh and she was like ‘you would like tickets?’ and I pointed at her shirt and was like “To that….yes I would.” She then proceeded to give us instructions on how to obtain free tickets to see The Lovely Bones before it came out.

Yea so tonight was the free screening of The Lovely Bones (even though we showed up Monday for it, since she told us that, but that was totally wrong) and with as much hype as this movie is getting we decided to go almost 2 hours ahead of time in case there was a line. Which of course when we got there we felt dumb for doing so because we were like 6th in line when we showed up (which ended up being an hour before the movie started instead of the 2 we had planned on).

I pretty much was nervous as hell up until we got into the actual theater because we seemed to be the only people in line that DIDN’T have a ticket. The lady we talked to in the mall told us we were gonna be on a list, but we got in with no problems, thank god.

The people running it had a mini fight with the girl next to us because she was saving a seat for someone that went to the bathroom, but of course the 2 people arguing were too dumb to realize what the other one meant *shakes head*

After they teased us with walking in with a shitload of shirts………..for like a Q&A they usually do before a screening………they walk right back out.

No Q&A.

No Free Lovely Bones Shirts.


Whatever I got over it since this screening actually had a preview, which turned out to be Shuttle Island, one of Leo’s new movies. And that was the only trailer, which I made the comment, “Yea that’s all you really need.”

Movie started after that, so I put my game face on and tried to remember how the book went. I read the book like 2 or 3 years ago, before they had announced they were making it a movie, so I knew the main plot to it, but some of the details of the book I just couldn’t remember.

Needless to say, it didn’t even fucking matter, because the movie is good……… really good.

The Lovely Bones is about a 14 year old girl, Susie Salmon who gets murdered on her way home from school. The book is told from her POV and the movie beautifully portrays Susie being stuck between Heaven & Earth as she tries to somehow help her family cope with her murder & catch her murderer.

One of my major pet peeves with movies is having to pay to see a movie that is getting SO MUCH FUCKING HYPE. It always feels like I’m jumping on a bandwagon, so when I get wind of a free screening for a movie that is getting huge hype I jump on it.

With Lovely Bones I actually really wanted to see it because I read the book, but the hype it’s been getting had been turning me off from it. I’m really glad we got lucky enough to attend this free screening, because I definately would of waited til I earned free tix through my movie watcher card to see it. Then I would of been pissed at myself for waiting so long to see it, haha.

I’m not gonna lie to you I was a little critical towards Mark Walhberg (don’t get me wrong I LOVE Marky Mark) because he replaced Ryan Gosling who was the original actor casted as the dad. In the beginning of the movie Mark comes off as a little hokey/trying to hard, but once the emotional aspect of the movie kicks in, he’s on his A game.

Rachel Weiss, I’m not too fond of, but thankfully didn’t really had to pay her too much mind :)

Saoirse Ronan I knew would be excellent in this as soon as I heard she was casted as Susie and she really was. She brought Susie’s struggle with dealing with her life being over to the screen beautifully…..think Patrick Swayze in Ghost (R.I.P.), but better…………wait is that even possible?

There were a handful of times where it seriously was hard for me not to cry, but I’m not the type to wanna bawl like a baby in a room full of strangers, so I fought the tears back and just watched the movie.

I really loved how Peter Jackson pulled off the whole ‘caught in the middle’ between Earth & Heaven with Susie. Some of the scenery, shit ALL OF IT is just breath taking, I had to catch myself a few times day dreaming of having photo shoots in some of the places. Just sucks since they don’t actually exist, haha.

It’s just a really good movie and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you see it, if you’re looking for a good teary jerker movie to watch, then go see it.

I WILL be seeing it again………..maybe even 3 times, we’ll see.


Side Note: OMG I saw the Remember Me poster on my way to the theater to see Lovely Bones tonight and it just made the night even better. Seeing the poster in person made it real I guess? Cuz it’s weird you see a movie’s poster online, it’s just a picture, right? Well it is until you see it in a display case with ‘coming soon’ under it. Man the first half of this year is gonna be awesome with movies :)

P.S. – Sorry for the randomness & jumping around of things in this blog, I was doing 3 or 4 different things as I wrote this and that always results in half ass/sucky written blogs, haha.


This Is It

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

thisisitposterFirst off let me just say that I AM a Michael Jackson fan.

So before even seeing this movie I knew I was gonna love it, but even with that knowledge I still went in it as someone that might just be going to see it so they can ’say’ that they ’saw that Michael Jackson’ movie in theaters. Since this movie is only having a 2 week movie theater run before it’s gone from theaters and HOPEFULLY they release it on DVD.

But back to the movie itself. I would like to say that me and my friends Leilani & Katie were lucky with the audience we saw this movie with. On the way to the movie theater I was kinda sitting on the fence on what to expect. Half of me thought OH SHIT ITS GONNA BE MADNESS, where the other half felt that it probably wouldnt be bad at all, because it’s the midnight showing on a Tuesday night. People gotta go to work in the morning, right?

We get there, get our tickets – which was my first time EVER using haha, kinda a cool way to buy tickets, but I really don’t see me using it all that much – went to the concession stand to get something to drink since we made a quick stop at our favorite BK Lounge and figured I’d need something to drink with my food :)

Ordered my New Moon cup (which the cashier hated her life, cuz for some reason she didnt understand that I wanted fruit punch with some blue rasberry icee mixed *shakes head*) and went to our theater, which on the way to it we passed the other midnight showing for ‘This Is It’ and was immediately like ‘oh shit’ because there was a HUGE GROUP of people standing in the aisles arguing with their friends on where to sit. Which instantly told me there was a shitload of people already seated in that theater.

Walk into our theater and there’s MAYBE 8 people spread out in one of the largest theaters they have in this AMC Theater, haha. Katie had a few set backs with getting her ticket, but got it solved and then joined us in our theater as well. We ended up having MAYBE 20 people in our theater for the movie. Which was great because that meant no distractions :)

One thing I wasn’t expecting was movie previews, because to be honest this movie for me has been presented more as a special engagement/memorial type of thing and not a movie. So when actually movie trailers/previews started playing I couldn’t help but get lost in them like I always do to the point that when they end you’re like “wait what are we watching again?”.

But the realization hits you as soon as the beginning of the movie begins and you read the name ‘Michael Jackson’ in the scrolling text. Not gonna lie to you, I almost started crying by just what you read in the beginning of the movie, let alone the introduction into the actual show.

The movie as a whole, for me I thought was great, it jumps right into the rehearsal of the ‘This Is It’ tour with ‘Gotta Be Starting Something’ so immediately you’re wanting to get up and dance, if not just sing along. That’s mostly how the whole movie is, fighting urges to wanna dance, sing and cry, because this genius is no longer with us.

There’s also very cute & funny parts of the movie, because let’s face it, the fans that really truely saw the heart of Michael Jackson through his dancing & more importantly heard it in his music. We knew he was a kind, caring, gentle person just by that and it truely shows in this movie. All the perfection & hard work he put into everything.

Like I said before, being a Michael Jackson fan I knew I was gonna love all 2 hours of this movie, I mean it’s the behind the scenes of GENIUS, this movie could of been 6 hours for all I cared and I still would of loved the shit out of all the singing and dancing…however I really don’t see EVERYONE enjoying this movie.

It might ‘drag’ or be ‘boring’ to them, because this truely is a ‘rehearsal’/behind the scenes movie. Think the MTV show ‘making the tour’ with NSYNC back in the day, except minus seeing how everything looked as a finish project at the end of the show. There is no finished project to this movie and that’s where the sad part of the movie comes in.

You witness the making of such an amazing show and then at the end when it fades to black you realize that no one will ever know how this would of looked as a finished project and that’s just heartbreaking.

Micheal Jackson was truely an amazing form of life. And i’ve loved & been a fan of his ever since I was a little girl learning the Thriller dance in my living room. So to be able to watch this movie which consisted of his last few weeks & even days of his life, hard at work, doing what he does best……is all the closure I can ask for.

I just hope that now people will see this movie – fan or not – and be reminded of the genius he really was and not the monster people tend to have too much fun trying to make him seem; even after his death.

So if you’re a fan or not, I suggest you go see this on the BIG SCREEN, because lets face it, you know at some point in your life at least ONE of his songs hit that ‘dance nerve’ in you and whenever you hear that ONE song of his you just have to get up and let go. If anything go see this movie FOR THAT one song, it’ll be worth it, i promise you.


Stay through the credits, there’s a cute clip of MJ at the end ;)


Sunday, October 4th, 2009

zombielandposterI remember seeing the trailer for this a few weeks ago and was torn with seeing it, because in the trailer it looked funny but also stupid as hell. So I didn’t know if it was gonna be one of those movies I just wait til I have a free movie ticket for or sneak into to go see.

The one thing I knew that was helping me wanna see it was the fact that Woody Harrelson is in it. I love that kid, he’s just hilarious in everything he does, plus after seeing Adventureland I like Jesse Eisenberg’s style of humor, so that was the main reason I wanted to see it. The thought of them interacting with one another plus adding in zombies, just seemed funny as hell.

Well since there seems to not be ANYTHING in theaters right now that I wanna see (besides Toy Story) me & Leilani decided to just cave in and go see Zombieland.

Boy was I glad we did.

Woody & Jesse are HILARIOUS in this movie. The movie from start to finish is just one big round of amazing quotes & situations.

The plot of the movie is the US (and maybe even the world) has fallen to a virus turning everyone into flesh eating zombies (which they very graphically show). So like any other zombie movie there’s survivors who haven’t fallen to this virus trying to find zombie-less areas and other survivors.

Well in this story Woody’s & Jesse’s characters are loners and have been for awhile fighting off the Zombies and just trying to survive, when they randomly cross each others paths. Jesse on his way to Ohio to see if his parents survived and Woody just looking for zombies to kill AND for a very tastey treat.

The whole movie is pretty much them trying to get along, fighting zombies and running into two sisters that are on their way to Pacific Playground where there are no Zombies.

It’s an all around fun movie.

I will admit when it was over I felt like there was something missing to it, for it to be just INCREDIBLY EPIC but I still enjoyed it alot and recommend everyone to go see it :)

Also if you do go see it, make sure to stay after the credits for a scene with Bob Marley :)