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Monday, April 12th, 2010

HAHAHA omg Ralph’s face, hahahaha

(Pic via: thefilthyyouth)

Leland saw The Lovely Bones

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

And her review of it as I suspected is epic in all her angry :)

you ARE my life now.

Monday, November 30th, 2009


I found this yesterday and it reminded me of the summer of ONTD for me, which was when I was on ONTD EVERY FUCKING DAY right before The Dark Knight came out and they would make awesome marcos similar to the one above, but fucking awesome.

And it made me sad because my computer crashed last year which I had TONS of those awesome TDK marcos saved on, so now I dont have any :(

Shit now I wanna see some, hold on let me see if i can find a good one……..



OMG I remembered I almost peed myself when I sawe this picture for the first time, haha. Anyways there’s really no point to this post, just wanted to share with you guys something I found yesterday that reminded me of 2 summers ago and how I miss it.

Do anyone know if there’s other New Moon/Twilight marcos like this? Cuz I know there’s some Twilight ones, but are their other New Moon ones?

Please let me know! :)


Saw Bobby Long last nite

Sunday, November 8th, 2009


And as always was amazing as shit. Not only LIVE playing his music but also afterwards when I got to talk to him for a few minutes. Plus I think it’s cute that he always ask me if I’m ok everytime he seems me now, because the first time we were to see him me & my friends got in a car accident and missed his set completely but went afterwards just to say ‘hi’ :)


The fucking crowd.

First of all me and my friends we’re looking forward to this one lady that we ASSUMED would be going to this show since she was at the other two. And the reason for that was she was talking all through Bobby’s set in August and making really gross flirty comments. Then on top of that after the show in August she took a long time with Bobby (the bar was getting pissed cuz the m&g was taking so long) and we almost didnt get to talk to him or anything.

My friend Jennifer isnt a very paitent person and mumbled something as the lady FINALLY finished with Bobby, which the lady then either called my friend a bitch or said something like ‘wow bitchy?’ or some shit. Which she wouldnt of been that way if you didnt have Bobby sign like a MILLION SHITTY ASS PICTURES and then stand there and try to conversate with him forEVER.

So like I said that was one thing we were really not looking forward to AT ALL about the show, but when we GOT to the show that was a whole other story.

First there was some bullshit where they let everyone in at 8pm, but then kicked everyone out just to re-let everyone BACK IN at 8:30pm. It took us almost an hour and a half just to get in the place just because they didnt fucking know what they were doing and at one point didnt look like they were gonna sell tickets to the people that didn’t have tickets already (i.e. us).

Also all through all this I was literally playing hide & seek with @pokerstarlight via texts since she was at that show as well. I am ALL FOR meeting people, but it’s just so funny how shy I get about it! hahaha – I of course ended up meeting her once we got in and talked for a few minutes before she ditched me to go talk to Phil!!!! lol

We finally get in and have to go stand all the way to the left of the stage since everyone is crowded around the right of the stage. Which our spot wasn’t bad at all since it looked like everyone was gonna sit on the floor like we did last time!


Yea so me and all my friends last time at the Bobby show started a trend and EVERYONE up front sat on the floor during his entire set, true story. It was actually probably one of my favorite concert experience, i dunno it was relaxing and I just could appreciate the music more even though I was taking pictures at the same time. But it wasn’t stressful at all or anything because I didn’t have anyone blocking my view and I knew I wasn’t blocking anyone else’s view.

So we all got happy seeing that people were gonna do that again (sit during his set)………….yea WRONG ANSWER! As soon as Bobby got on stage EVERYONE STOOD THE FUCK UP! Which sucked cuz most of them were either the same height as me or a little bit taller.


That of course depressed me a little because that limited me being able to take pictures at all for this show, which don’t get me wrong I walked around trying to find other angles or openings I could find to take pictures, but couldn’t find anything :(

So I went back to standing with the ladies by the left of the stage.

Enter in first group of girls that almost got their ass stomped to the ground.


Ok this hand doesn’t belong to the main girl I’m about to rant about, but if I remember correctly she was friends with that girl and because of that she would of ended up with a broken camera and an empty can of whoopass.

This one girl stood in front of me and my friends (a person away from the stage) and the ENTIRE TIME while Bobby played she’d either sway back and forth (not to the music) and constantly whisper something into her friend’s ear in which they would then start laughing about WHATEVER.

Then to make matters worse, from what Leilani & Angelina told me was that her big ass purse she was wearing she kept hitting them with it, not on purpose (I HOPE NOT) but still annoying because she kept having to move to tell her friend something.

Oh also did I mention that she was like 3 or 4 inches taller then me?! Yea so if you want a reason to why I don’t have that many pictures of Bobby from this show, you best believe I’m blaming that shit ON HER.

The ONLY good thing about this group of girls was that they seemed to be making fun of the lady (I was talking about above) on how she was taking pictures, which I will admit was funny because we were doing it too at some point, haha.


The other issue we had with the group was right before Bobby played Two Years Old these loud VERY DRUNK girls showed up and was yelling out different songs they wanted him to sing, in which I think he played 2 Years Old since they kept yelling it at one point. Then of course since he played a song they yelled out they very loudly and very DRUNKLY SANG THE LYRICS WITH HIM.


Don’t get me wrong, singing along is fine and all, but when it’s just like 4 girls that are so loud that you cant help but hear them instead of Bobby, yea people should get cut. And I’m being serious, which these girls almost did, because at one point they spilled their beer on Angelina’s feet.

Yea like I said *shakes head* some girls almost got swung on, for real, but I for one didn’t wanna freak Bobby out, because they were annoying him as well, you could tell, so I just let it go, but Angelina & Leilani I think almost went on a murder spree, for real, haha.

Why we had to have all the assholes where we were standing is beyond me, but we did and it almost ruined the whole show, but Leilani shooting people with her iPhone made it down right hilarious. Also some of the remarks Bobby would say in between songs would help as well :)

These were also the same girls that when I was talking to Bobby after the show (having a good convo, which is very rare for me) but in and tried to guilt trip him into leaving with her & her friends, even though he had a HUGE line of fans waiting to talk to him. The girl really had some nerve, if you ask me and I of course was too shocked to have whooped her ass myself, haha.

But seriously I good 90% of that crowd last nite you could tell weren’t there because of the music and was more there to either hit on Bobby or to use him to get to Robert, who he is really close friends with.

Which is fucking LAME.

Don’t get me wrong if it wasn’t for him being friends with Robert I would of never heard his music, but now that I have I’m more focused on just the music aspect, plus it doesnt help that he’s really sweet and funny :)


Wasted day?

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

So I was busy doing some work for the AAR and just overall feeling pretty good about myself because of how productive I was being for the day. I mean I called up a casting agency I was with to cancel it just to find out that they had cancelled it 2 days prior ($50 more for me a month), then I went through  some of my phone mail and just being productive.

The one downfall was I had twitter open the whole time and they have this new system where if you leave it on your main page or you @replies page it’ll tell you when there’s a new tweet or what not. So instead of obsessingly refreshing my @ page all the time, I didnt have to, I just left it on the @ page and waited for the tab to say something like “(1) Twitter / @am13er” that meaning I had one reply I hadn’t read yet.

Well it actually ended up helping me get work done since I knew I didnt have any replies and didnt have to refresh the page, well upon refreshing the main page at some point I came across my friend @_beccaspage_ retweeting tweets that looked like were coming from a New Moon Press Conference LIVE.


I haven’t really been keeping up with the New Moon stuff (and when I say keeping up with, I mean GOING OUT AND LOOKING FOR THE LATEST NEWS) so I had no idea there was a press conference or anything today. Which I also found out today that the press got to see New Moon last nite and alot of people liked it…..which I’ve been saying how good it looks compared to Twilight ever since the teaser trailer was released, but what’s really gonna kill it for me is the acting.

ANYWAYS, so I ended up stopping everything I was doing just to stalk these entertainment news twitters with up to date quotes from the press conference. It was in difference sections, Kstew went first, then the Cullens, then the director, producer & writer; then the volturi (i think); then the wolf pack; then Taylor/FAILcob and then Rob.

All day long waiting around for Rob’s turn, I felt like I was indeed wasting my fucking day away, because I wanted to get off the computer and go finish Twilight so I can start on New Moon, since I know that’s gonna take me weeks to finish, haha man I can’t stand that book, lol.

But then Katie came over to give me the money she owes me for the LA trip which made waiting through Failcob’s interview go by fast and then magically it was Rob’s turn. Everything he said was pretty much hilarious or cute, but it wasn’t until he said this……


…..that I truely felt that I didn’t waste my day away.

Well I did, but that quote made me feel better, because omg we totally need to be friends, like seriously. I mean WHAT GUY admits he has watched Titanic and combines it with trying to be romantic?

A guy like that I need to either:

a) date
b) marry
c) be friends with
d) support
e) all of the above

The only realistic one of the bunch is of course c & d, but seriously OMG! I’ve only known maybe half a handful of guys that would admit that and/or say they enjoyed that movie. So for Robert to say that, even if it was a joke, just for him to say it – MAJOR FUCKING BROWNIE POINTS.

I also saw a few different video interviews he did for ET, Extra and E! and this is probably my favorite one….

He totally just confirmed that he likes having fingers ran through his hair, look how he’s blushing & I’m sorry but was that an almost jizz in my pants face?!


The biggest surprise for me during this whole press conference thing was this awesome Kstew said, which pretty much marks how I feel about how you should live your life (granted i’m failing miserably).


Yea you guys should know by now that I’m not a big supporter of the Kstew, but I’m not a complete asshole, I’ll give credit where credit is due and I really liked this quote from her today :)

In other news today……


Why you ask?


And some of you should know that I WILL be in California for the New Moon Premiere, which oddly enough I thought it was funny to book our flight to California on Leo’s birthday (nov 11th), but TOTALLY forgot he was filming Inception (although it was filming in London for the longest) but I juts looked up what movies were filming and saw it was in Pasadena all this week.

SO I’m HOPING that it’s NOT filming next week.


We’re talking about me possibly seeing my NUMERO UNO celebrity IN THE FLESH EVEN IF ITS FROM FAR AWAY.

BBz, I do not know what to expect of myself, therefore I hope not to be put into that situation…….AT ALL.

Yes BOTH are GQMFs

Yes BOTH are GQMFs



Re-Reading the Twilight Saga

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Yea that totally just happened….


So I had made a promise to myself to start to reread the Twilight books starting November 1st. Well since I had a CRAZY work schedule this weekend I couldnt really start it until tonight. Which to be honest I’m kinda nervous to read these books over, because I’m so obsessed with Twilight Fan Fictions now that I really don’t remember the basic Twilight storyline, haha.

Plus I’m NOT looking forward in reading New Moon at all, omg I hated that book so much the first time I read it. Twilight I couldn’t put down, seriously I read it in 9 hours straight.

New Moon, took me like 2 fucking weeks.


True story, but anyways I’m gonna try to keep my stats and maybe even comments/commentaries while reading the books in this blog, so check back from time to time to see if i’ve updated it.

Otherwise I’m sure alot of my blogs from here on out might be Twilight related because of me rereading the books AND our trip to LA being next week!

ReReading Twilight:

Date: 11/4/09
Started Reading: 9:24pm
Stopped Reading: 10:48pm on Chapter 4


Date: 11/5/09
Started Reading: 1:39am
Stopped Reading: 3:22am on Chapter 7


Started Reading: 3:51pm
Stopped Reading: 4:23pm on Chapter 9


Date: 11/7/09
Started Reading: 2:42am
Stopped Reading: 3:52am on Chapter 12


Date: 11/8/09
Started Reading: 2:50am
Stopped Reading: 4:13am on Chapter 15


Started Reading: 12:17pm
Finished Twilight: 4:37pm


ReReading New Moon:

Date: 11/8/09
Started Reading: 4:42pm
Stopped Reading: 5:16pm on Chapter 2


Date: 11/9/09
Started Reading: 12:59am
Stopped Reading: 2:28am on Chapter 5


Date: 11/19/09
Started Reading: 3:21pm
Stopped Reading: 7:56pm on Chapter 20


Date: 11/21/09
Started Reading: 9:00pm
Finished New Moon: 11:11pm


ReReading Eclipse:

Date: 11/21/09
Started Reading: 11:20pm
Stopped Reading: 1:30am on Chapter 5


Date: 11/24/09
Started Reading: 2:03am
Stopped Reading: 2:44am on Chapter 7


Started Reading: 12:32pm
Stopped Reading: 2:35pm on Chapter 12


Started Reading: 9:29pm
Stopped Reading: 11:59pm on Chapter 19


Date: 11/25/09
Started Reading: 1:09am
Stopped Reading: 2:27am on Chapter 22


Date: 11/27/09
Started Reading: 7:42pm
Stopped Reading: 8:43pm on Chapter 24


Date: 11/28/09
Started Reading: 3:12am
Stopped Reading: 3:43am on Chapter 25


Started Reading: 2:43pm
Finished Eclipse: 4:08pm


ReReading Breaking Dawn:

Date: 11/28/09
Started Reading: 4:11pm
Stopped Reading: 4:51pm on Chapter 3


Started Reading: 8:34pm
Stopped Reading: 12:18am on Chapter 12


Date: 11/29/09
Started Reading: 2:20am
Stopped Reading: 3:10am on Chapter 14


Date: 11/30/09
Started Reading: 1:54am
Stopped Reading: 2:38am on Chapter 16


Started Reading: 11:44pm
Stopped Reading: 2:54am on Chapter 21


Date: 12/1/09
Started Reading: 8:00pm
Stopped Reading: 9:51pm on Chapter 24


Date: 12/2/09
Started Reading: 12:27am
Stopped Reading: 1:15am on Chapter 26


Started Reading: 8:12pm
Stopped Reading: 8:43pm on Chapter 28


Date: 12/3/09
Started Reading: 12:42am
Stopped Reading: 1:40am on Chapter 31


Date: 12/4/09
Started Reading: 9:09pm
Finished Breaking Dawn: 12:17am on 12/5/09 



Happy Birthday Erin!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Just wanted to share my birthday shout out for Erin (@enthropologie) with everyone, since I thought it was pretty fucking hilarious!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Hope you had an awesome day bb! <3

Acting Class & Orange Nick Carter

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Not much has been going on with me lately, just kinda laying low, being lazy on my days off & all that jazz.

Getting ready for the home opener for the Lightning tomorow (hockey) which I’m sure is gonna be a fucking madhouse at work *sigh*

Last night though me & Leilani went and observed this acting class that’s at where she works and omg, I wanna sign up so bad, but knowing my luck its gonna be like a $600 class *sigh*

Anyways, we get there & Leilani is FREAKING OUT and I’m just wondering how old the people in the class are gonna be and how many of those ‘know it all’ actors are gonna be in it.

Turns out there was just a handful of people in the class, like seriously like 8 people and we ended up only have ONE know it all, THANK GOD. He drove me crazy even before I KNEW he was in the damn class!

Which I came to realize an hour into the class that he just fucking talks to hear himself talk – OMG the most annoying type of person, right? lol

So we get in there and its this big wide open room, tall ceiling and the walls are lined with black drapes and the floor is a chalk black & to the left when you walk in is bleacher seats that had been compacted & pressed up against the walls.

And lined against them are black chairs which the people in the class started sitting in, so I took it upon myself to sit in the chair next to the last student, which when we sat down I realized there was 2 other people watching the class as well.

The first thing the teacher had us do, was this warm up game where we had to put our chairs in a circle and one person had to stand in the middle & walk up to people and ask “polly wanna cracker” or something like that I know it wasnt ‘polly’ but it was something wants a cracker & whoever the person is asking/saying that to has to respond “go ask my neighbor”.

And while that exchange is going on, the other people in the circle are supposed to try to switch chairs with anyone they make eye contact with. Which the person asking everyone that question is supposed to try to steal their seat while they’re switching. It was alot of fun & was the only time we participated that night because I really just wanted to watch & plus half the time I had no idea what he was talking about, haha.

They ended up doing this exercise where he handed out a sheet of paper with lines people had to memorize and they were simple the sheet looked something like:

A. Hi
B. Hello
A. How is everything?
B. Fine I guess.
A. Do you know what time it is?
B. No.
A. Don’t you have a watch?
B. Not on me.
A. Well?
B. Well what?
A. What did you do last nite?
B. What do you mean?
A. What did you do last nite?
B. Nothing.
A. Nothing?
B. I said nothing.
A. Sorry I asked.
B. It’s alright.

HOLY SHIT I CANT BELIEVE I REMEMBERED THAT WHOLE THING! Seriously that was EVERYTHING on that sheet of paper! lol too weird, lol But the exercise was he had everyone pair up and the one person was ‘A’ and the other was ‘B’. He gave em 5 minutes to memorize their lines and then gave them a ‘plot’ to go with their lines.

For instance, one pair had to play a newlywed couple that had a fight the night before and the husband left & returned the next day and that’s the conversation they have when he walks through the door.

Another pair was some girl that randomly bumps into a friend she knows that just got out of the psych ward for stabbing another friend with a butcher knife, haha.

Then another pair was a drunk mother & son.

It was really cool to watch and I loved how it made me think “well i would of done it like this” or “i would of done this instead of that” kinda shit :)

He gave them a 5-10 minute break after that and then afterwards had them….wait that exercise above is what he had them do after the break, BEFORE the break he had them doing this ‘give & take’ exercise where people were in groups or just pairs and 2 groups went up at the same time and acted out their scenes at the same time, but whoever demanded all the focus from the audience the other scene had to stop and let them have it and then try to retake over that focus from that scene.

And it would just go back and forth like that.

He then passed out scenes to his students that they’re gonna be working on for the next few weeks and went over some memorizing techiniques which I was kinda in awe about, cuz I never thought of some of the way he was talking about would help remember lines.

Like recording the lines before & after yours, leaving a space for you to say your lines and play it in the car or on your ipod over and over.

That’s just fucking genius if you ask me, haha

After that the class was over, which we thanked the teacher (who was fucking AWESOME) for letting us sit in his class and just asked general questions about the class before leaving to go pig out at TGIFridays :)

Then today I didnt do shit ALL DAY LONG, haha.

Well I did end up taking Leilani home around 2:30pm, then came back and just did random shit until I left to go pick up Angelina at 5:30pm for the stupid employee rally we had.


Which unlike every OTHER year where it’s INSIDE & 2 hours long, this one was OUTSIDE and lasted just a little over an hour! Not to mention people were being crazy greedy with the food this year *shakes head*

Took Angelina home and got online for a few minutes before realize I had to bake cookies for Tone tomorrow since it’s the game opener & Jennifer would usually bake them cookies. Tone informed me that it was my job now, lol

Which I’m only going to do it for the opening game, i mean i made 56 fucking cookies!

While I was eating a late dinner (10pm haha) and baking the cookies I was talking to Brianne & Nikki to kill the time. Yea Brianne ended up making my whole existance, because she sent me this link to this song she likes and we got to talking about Nick Carter because he sings in the song. She then asks me if I had seen the ‘orange’ pics, which I of course had no idea what she was talking about.

So she sends me a link to this picture & it made my whole life:


Yea I cant figure out what’s more funny, the fact that Nick Carter is like a ‘throw himself a doo doo’ brown orange or the girl’s eyes being ALL FUCKED UP. I mean I know this is EXTREMELY MEAN BUT OMG I’M SORRY IT’S JUST SO LMAO IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY.

Like I can’t control it. Plus I mean wtf Nick Carter reminds me of Ross from Friends:


And if it could get any better then that Brianne finds more pictures of the orange Nick Carter & granted they’re not as good as that first one, still thought I’d share:

Why does Nick look more hispanic then Howie in this picture?

I'm probably gonna have nightmares of this lady's face tonight.

I’m pretty much gonna have nightmares of that lady’s face and wtf is up with Nick looking more hispanic then Howie in that one picture?! Again I’m not trying to intentionally be mean about these fans, it’s just omg it’s kinda hard not to make a comment on these pictures, you know?

There was some other things I wanted to comment about as well, but can’t remember and I REALLY should be going to bed since it’s almost fucking 2am now *sigh*


Sunday, October 4th, 2009

zombielandposterI remember seeing the trailer for this a few weeks ago and was torn with seeing it, because in the trailer it looked funny but also stupid as hell. So I didn’t know if it was gonna be one of those movies I just wait til I have a free movie ticket for or sneak into to go see.

The one thing I knew that was helping me wanna see it was the fact that Woody Harrelson is in it. I love that kid, he’s just hilarious in everything he does, plus after seeing Adventureland I like Jesse Eisenberg’s style of humor, so that was the main reason I wanted to see it. The thought of them interacting with one another plus adding in zombies, just seemed funny as hell.

Well since there seems to not be ANYTHING in theaters right now that I wanna see (besides Toy Story) me & Leilani decided to just cave in and go see Zombieland.

Boy was I glad we did.

Woody & Jesse are HILARIOUS in this movie. The movie from start to finish is just one big round of amazing quotes & situations.

The plot of the movie is the US (and maybe even the world) has fallen to a virus turning everyone into flesh eating zombies (which they very graphically show). So like any other zombie movie there’s survivors who haven’t fallen to this virus trying to find zombie-less areas and other survivors.

Well in this story Woody’s & Jesse’s characters are loners and have been for awhile fighting off the Zombies and just trying to survive, when they randomly cross each others paths. Jesse on his way to Ohio to see if his parents survived and Woody just looking for zombies to kill AND for a very tastey treat.

The whole movie is pretty much them trying to get along, fighting zombies and running into two sisters that are on their way to Pacific Playground where there are no Zombies.

It’s an all around fun movie.

I will admit when it was over I felt like there was something missing to it, for it to be just INCREDIBLY EPIC but I still enjoyed it alot and recommend everyone to go see it :)

Also if you do go see it, make sure to stay after the credits for a scene with Bob Marley :)


Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Nothing interesting happened today at work, like seriously we’ve pretty much had a whole week to set up for the Metallica show that yesterday at work our supervisors were like “i have NO IDEA what we’re gonna be doing tomorrow”, haha.

Normally on concert set ups the big ball buster is having to set up the floor seats, but for Metallica it was GA (general admission) and we had did all our other set ups around the building so aside from setting up their dressing rooms and the gates to get into the building, we all knew there wasn’t gonna be shit to do.

So since I really don’t have much to say about work today except with how bored I was, I’ll just show you the 3 or 4 pictures I took and be on my way closer to catching some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs lol.


4 hours worth of work.

This is what it looked like yesterday before I left work, we went from full hockey arena to this so they could set up Metallica’s stage and stuff today for the show.


Cool welcome sign someone made for Metallica on our chalkboard backstage :)


Metallica directions for backstage.

Setting up Metallica's stage.

Setting up Metallica's stage.

My friends for the day.

My friends for the day.

I was in a weird mood all day today so thankfully they gave me stuff to do by myself so I wouldnt snap at anyone and at one point I was buy myself for almost 2 hours replacing the handicapped sections chairs, since alot of those sections were missing them. And since I STILL DONT HAVE INTERNET the chairs on the car ended up being my friends for those almost 2 hours, haha.

This is what boredom & random crayons equals.

This is what boredom & random crayons equals.

At some point we had caught up with all the little jobs we actually end up doing, so we really had nothing to do. I got lucky and found some random crayons in our office and some pieces of paper and decided to make my mom some drawings, since I like doing random 3 year old shit like that for her :)

Just random Metallica tour boxes that I thought looked cool.

Just random Metallica tour boxes that I thought looked cool.

After work, I went upstairs and bought Leilani a $30 Metallica tshirt since I didnt feel like throwing down $80 A PIECE for tickets (she LOVES them), so I got her the shirt since I knew she didnt have a Metallica shirt :)

I then left from there to go pick up Leilani, since we were gonna hang out, get dinner and go see either Zombieland or the Toy Story 3d Double Feature. I pick her up and immediately go over to Best Buy, because earlier in the day i saw that today marked my 3 year anniversary of being a Best Buy Rewards Member :)

So I went and bought 3 DVDs, which two of them ended up being Patrick Swayze movies :( (point break & tall tale) and bought Where The Red Fern Grows because I LOVE THAT BOOK and never saw the movie so I thought I’d give it a chance for $18 :)

We then go back to my house so I can change out of my work clothes and end up going to Sonny’s for dinner, which I think Leilani didn’t like her food, but my stuff was good, omg their garlic bread is OFF THE CHAIN, js.

After that we decided we were gonna go see the 9:55pm Zombieland and since we pretty much had almost 2 hours to kill we went to Walmart, since I had to buy new bras, cookies to bake next week & maybe my lovely kit kat/reese’s bag i always buy. But of course when we got there, Twilight hilarity was born – AS ALWAYS, lol.

rpattz even gets new bras thrown at him.

rpattz even gets new bras thrown at him.

We discovered that there’s new New Moon posters, which one is of Robward by himself (christmas presents, bbz – js) and one of Failcob – NO IDEA WHY, but Leilani took a picture of it, so I dont have it, haha.


A message from Leilani to Failcob.

LOL – we then went to magazines and drooled over the rpattz pictures in the teenie magazines & took the quizes, which Leilani totally didn’t get Robert in one of them, but that guy from the Hannah Montana movie, lol.

We then went and checked out & headed to the movies since it was about 30 minutes until the movie started :)

And there’s no way I couldnt take it as anything BUT signs, but the New Moon trailer was shown in front of Zombieland which was TOTALLY random to me. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

Then IN the beginning of Zombieland they played a Metallica song, haha.

So i swear it was like i woke up screaming METALLICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! And ended the night screaming the same thing, haha.