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New Moon Premiere L.A. Trip – Day 1

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

So I didn’t get to blog at all on our L.A. trip like I was hoping, but in this up and coming series of blogs about that trip you’ll understand why, haha. Enjoy!

After I packed up my laptop like I said I was doing in my last blog, me & Leilani jetted over to Katie’s house to pick her up and come back to my house so my mom could take us all to the airport instead of having to go to Katie’s first and then the airport.

Did a quick sweep of my dirty ass room to make sure I got everything I needed/packed for the week long trip and then left for the airport. Midway there I felt really guilty about my mom taking us because when you leave the airport there’s this looping ramp to get onto the interstate and my mom gets SICK on it. It’s really funny to watch her driving it cuz she’ll literally has her forehead on the steering wheel while she’s turning, lol.

But I felt guilty because she’d be doing that turn by herself and that made me sad and a little worried :(

Got to the drop off area, said our goodbyes and walked into the airport. I don’t know what it is about me, but always when I walk into an airport I get excited, because it obviously symbolizes a trip to new experiences even if it’s to a place you’ve been before or for a not so good trip like a funeral, i dunno I just always get excited.

Getting our tickets is always funny because we always take 2 bags and NEVER have em checked and they’re pretty big bags, lol. But it’s funny because everytime we go to get our tickets one of the attendants always stares at us & our bags for awhile then it’s like right before the tickets start printing out they come over and ask us if we’re checking any of the bags, lol.

Tickets in hand we went on our way to the secruity check in and I don’t know if I mentioned it before but since it was Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday (november 11th) I wore my famous Leo shirt from the movie ‘Celebrity’….which I’m glad I did because as soon as I got to the guy at secruity that checks your ID & ticket looked at my shirt & smiled.

Secruity: “I like your shirt, that’s my boy, Leo.”

Which I then told him how it was his birthday….which he doubted me for maybe half a second and then was like “OMG it is!” and then we debated how old he was and agreed that we think he was turning 35, haha. Needless to say he was cool as hell since I actually stood there a good 5 minutes talking to him about Leonardo DiCaprio :)

The guy obviously wasn’t THAT cool because he ended up picking me to get screened or scanned or w/e the fuck it was they did to me in that glass display case >:o

I think it was because I’m brown to be honest, but I had to stand in this huge glass case, you know the things that they blow air up from underneath you? Which when I stepped in, I started to freak out cuz he told me to put my arms up and the first thing I thought was how my shirt would totally blow up over my head since its such thin material and really loose, but thankfully this laser thing just scanned me instead.


I don’t remember much of the flights, just that after I got screened at secruity, Katie had to get her bag searched, but didn’t have to throw anything away. While we were sitting at our gate waiting to board a whole bunch of Leilani’s family members walked by looking busted (not really her family members – lol) and Leilani & I were starting to laugh at just about everything since we hadn’t gone to sleep yet, lol.


Which sucks that I was so tired because this flight ended up being the only one we had interactive touch screens to play with even though they were slow as hell, haha, but oh well sleep is GOOD.

Woke up in Texas, don’t remember what city it was but it’s where ever the George Bush International Airport is. All I remember was saying ‘Youre Welcome America’ over and over and laughing like W, haha. Also when we were in line to board the plane this black girl that worked there walked by me and was like ‘ooh i like your shirt! Thats my boy Leo!’.

No idea why people think that Leo is their boy, when it’s been clear for HOW MANY YEARS that he’s really MY BOO, ok?

Anyways I laughed and told her it was his birthday, which she had no idea about because she responded with ‘oh REALLY?’ and just kept on walking, after that we were on the plane and yea totally have no memory of anything else, except waking up and seeing that the on flight movie was the newest Harry Potter movie, lol.

Since our car rental was so freaking cheap ($271 for 7 days) it was only fair that it would be confusing or diffcult for us to get to the actual rental place, since it ended up not being at the airport at all. We had to ride the airport shuttle to the rental car grand station, which was where all the main car rental places were. Then once we got there we had to go stand by the curb and call our rental place to come pick us up, haha.

Which HUGE party foul because when the shuttle got there and I got on ‘red wine’ was blasting on the stereo, but as soon as he loaded all the people’s luggage onto the shuttle he changed it to some Salvador Dali’s Favorite Hits type of music. I was all like booooooooooo the whole way to the rental place, lol.

The rental place was like a good 10-15 minute ride from the airport, but it seriously looked more like a walk in clinic then it did a rental place since there was like 2 smart cars in front and that’s it, haha.

Which I think I was supposed to get a smart car (which i made a joke saying that the way she said it sounded like an iPhone but its a car), because the lady asked me how many people were with me, which I told her 2 others and she gave me a free upgrade which ended up being a *drum roll*


LOL – I swear EVERY fucking trip we’ve been on since Bobby Long in August has been an Avenger as a rental car (except for Vancouver), haha. The guy that took us to the rental car and showed us all the dents it already had on it and shit, was the same guy that picked us up with the shuttle. This guy was cool as shit! Told us not to drive on the freeway from 4am-7am cuz traffic was HORRIBLE and not to Compton, South Central or East L.A. because we might get car jack.

No lie the whole time he was telling me this I laughed, even though I knew he was being serious with the expression he was getting me, but seriously it was like right out of a movie, thats why it was funny to me.

Then right before we got in the car and left he asked us what we were in town about and asked us where we were from just to tell us not to tell him cuz he wanted to guess and guessed we were from Seattle……yea, i DEFINATELY laughed at that, i mean HELLO we were in town for the NEW MOON premiere which the movie is based in Forks which is like 4 hrs from Seattle.

He told us he guessed Seattle because we dressed and had tattoos like the people do up there O_o

Anyways we left after that and decided to make the drive into L.A. before we got anything to eat since we had flown (sp?) into Ontario, California. Which on the drive into LA the first thing we see is a huge side that says ‘EDWARD’ and upon passing it realized it was ‘Edward’s Cinemas’ haha. Saw about 2 of those and also an Edward’s Steakhouse (no lie!) and a few New Moon billboards :)

Since it was almost time to check into the hotel (1pm) we decided to head in that direction, which I ended up missing the exit but since I knew where we were I took us to Hollywood Blvd real quick to turn around to head back. Kinda to prove to myself that I was in fact in L.A. because it still really didn’t hit me at all, haha.

Get to the exit where our hotel is on and immediately start laughing because yea we’re pretty much in the asian ghetto, haha. Get to our hotel and thank the stars that the hotel has walls to enclose it from the streets. Check in, which the indian lady at the counter gave me attitude because the AAA card didn’t have my name on it, which never really mattered before. Or at least I thought it didnt? Right its as long as the person is with you? Or thats what I always thought, lol.

Since she gave us attitude for the card I ended up writing down that there was only 2 of us staying in the room, because the last thing I wanted was her giving us shit for being 3 of us and only paying for 2 adults, haha. So we had Katie hiding in the back of the car while we put all our luggage in the room, which the room ended up looking nice. Then turning around to leave to go back to Hollywood Blvd to eat at Sizzler, mmmmm.

I was fucking tired as hell after we finished eating at Sizzler from being so full of food and well for not having that much sleep, haha. So we ended up trying to knock one of our ‘to do’ things on this trip off our list. Which was to go see Marylin Monroe’s grave, which once we found it we realized we had to pay for parking, so we were like ‘fuck that’ and then decided to go drive past the theater where the premiere was gonna be at to see if there was a line yet.

Which there wasn’t and to be honest that completely surprised me, haha.

We then just drove around getting lost around UCLA and Rodeo Dr just site seeing. That didn’t last long because Katie needed a hair dryer so we ended up going to Target to get her a hair dryer, Leilani a car charger for her iPhone and me some hair spray. When we went to check out we accidently found the DVD Robsessed which I had heard wasn’t supposed to be out until 2010.

Katie immediately started freaking out wanting to buy it, but she had JUST finished checking out, so I convinced her that we’d just go next door to Best Buy and buy it there, which let me tell you their Best Buy is crazy big O_o

But thankfully we went in there found the dvd and left, otherwise I’m sure i would of been up and down their dvd aisles looking for shit, haha.

Made it with like 2 minutes to spare for free parking to get out of the parking garage, but the mission then was to find CHEAP GASOLINE since we had been driving on fumes the past hour. Which thanks to Leilani’s many crazy iPhone apps we found one, which also helped us kill time til we went to Pink’s Hot Dogs.


The only reason we went to Pink’s was they were having some anniversary celebration and they were having random celebrities each day show up and make hot dogs and that night it was Jason Alexander, so I figured in case the New Moon Premiere didn’t work out at least I had seen ONE celebrity while I was there. Even if it wasnt one of my ‘OMG’ celebrities, still I saw one, lol.

Leilani didn’t wanna get out of the car to go see him, so Katie & Me braved crossing the street, took some pictures and then left, since the line stretched what seemed like 2 blocks, haha.

Since it was pretty much dark and a little past 7pm (meaning i’m sure alot of the shit we wanted to do was closed) we ended up agreeing on going to Hollywood Blvd and just walking around a bit. Which we ended up walking maybe half a block and crossing the street to go to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum; which was closing, but they assured us we could still go in and take all the time we wanted.


And you best believe we did JUST THAT! Cuz the lady also gave us some stupid discount which if you added all the money we got off, it added up to one of the tickets being free :)



Too bad it wasnt actually Leo, well actually no I take that back, its a good thing because I’m sure I wouldnt of died? Maybe? Yea definately, lol.

After spending almost 2 hours (past closing time) & taking MILLIONS of pictures (evidence of us ‘dating’ a bunch of different celebrities) in the museum we left and recrossed the street to eat at Baja Fresh, which is one of my fave things about California, since we don’t have Baja Fresh over here in FL *le sigh*

We were all tired at that point since it was almost 11pm, so we headed back to the hotel, which I purposely drove down Hollywood Blvd in case we could spot anything. Thank god I did because I saw this mini red carpet thing set up, which all the signs said ‘Kress – Playhouse’ and slowed down to see and right as we passed it this short guy turned around in the doorway and OMG IT WAS FUCKING SETH GREEN!

Yea best believe we ended up circling that block 2, 3 or 4 times, which the only other person we saw was Brent Bolthouse and a whole bunch of people that looked like people but weren’t them, lol.  It was also because of us seeing that little set up that we ended up driving up and down Sunset Blvd in case there was anything there, which there wasn’t.

So we then drove past the ‘Kress – Playhouse’ thing again which by then the photographers were packing up and leaving. We called it a night and went back to the hotel, which I don’t remember much of anything at the hotel since I know as soon as I hit that bed i died of exhaustion, lol.