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Come on Kstew

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Come on gurl….

…you know I don’t like you because of your acting and the vibes you give off, but I can SEE that you MIGHT be able to actually do a good job, but it’s like you just don’t.


Please dazzle me with your performance in New Moon, because with all the clips & trailers I’ve seen so far, I really don’t see that happening and god damnit there are TONS of unknown actress that would KILL to have that part and would own it.

And it pisses me off that you just always seem like you don’t fucking care.

So please come off your high horse and own this shit, PLEASE?

Sidenote: Why doesn’t Bella break her hand when she punches Paul like it does in the book? Just wondering….

Thank God Tyson. Thank God.

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Thank God you’re fucking ok!

I can’t really go into detail how I know he’s ok or what really was going on with him, but just know that he’s fucking ok and gonna be ok! And just thank god he gets enough rest – that he’s not getting pressured to GET BETTER quick like I know he’s used to having :)

In other news my friend Jennifer was to ship off for the Army today, so me & Leilani got up at 8:30am to go see her sworn in & ship out, just to find out that because of our stupid car accident A MONTH AGO that she’d have to be reevaluated to leave.

We had to leave at 11am so I could take Leilani to work and then I went home to take a nap, so I have no idea if she got to go, but she did send me a text around 2pm telling me thank you for coming. Which I responded to but never heard anything back, so I’m hoping she got to leave today since she’s been waiting for this for months :)


*sigh* is it REALLY that serious?

*sigh* is it REALLY that serious?

I don’t even know how to discuss this picture without just rambling about probably nothing. I’m seriously tired of the kbitch bird pictures, like I’m pretty sure the photographer made her do this, but seriously girl………..just……….ugh nevermind. Her whole luck in this world just bothers the shit out of me, so when I see pictures like this, it just pisses me off.

Posed or not.

*shakes head*