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Jared Leto your talent….

Friday, January 15th, 2010

….continues to amaze me. Seriously.

I just hate the fact that you’re not that good live. And i’m not saying the music or your voice, because you guys sound EXACTLY like your albums, but for some reason you are just more focused on having the crowd singing your songs. And I dont mean like just the popular parts of popular songs or just the popular songs in general, but the 3 times I saw you guys (all Free!) you were trying to get the crowd to sing like ALL your songs. And especially all the parts of songs I wanted to see you sing.

So it’s not like I said that your sound is horrible live, it’s just that you seem to be more distracting with boosting your ego then giving the crowd their money’s worth.

I of course have seen you 3 times and luckily didn’t have to pay for any of them, one of which I was snuck into and was probably my favorite show of ya’lls because we ended up doing what me & my friends call the “Congo Line with Jared Leto”.

No shit.

We did a fucking congo line with Jared Leto.

True Story.

Anyways after the last show I saw you guys live, I kinda forgot about you and to be honest was hoping you’d go back into movies, because I was a fan of your acting first, but then of course I second guessed myself when you guys released From Yesterday, cuz omg are you delicious in that fucking video. Then after that I didn’t hear anything from you guys.

Then this fucking video comes into my life because of @kimvi and no lie this song has been on fucking repeat the last few days, it’s ridiculous.

First of all I heard about this song & video from my friend Courtney a few weeks ago, cuz she had asked me if I heard it and just pretty much down played the whole song, saying how his hair is fucking weird in the video and they’re riding bikes. Yea the way she described it sounded like he had gone off the deep end, but let me tell you….

…I watched it and just the first few seconds sounds of epicness.

Needless to say I caught myself almost crying during the part with the horse running and just the ending where everyone was singing together.

It’s a very uplifting sounding song, with the chanting with everyone at the beginning and end, the guy getting hit by a car but then getting back up. It’s almost like a theme song for being the kings & queens of our own destiny once the darkness has set in on our lives.

It’s really hard to explain, but it’s fucking deep and I get it.

Touche Leto, I applaud you once again.

One request though, if I buy a ticket, being the first time purchasing a ticket to see you, would you please fucking sing this song yourself, except of course the chanting parts, i’ll understand that.

thanks <3

Kings & Queens
by 30 Seconds To Mars
Into the night
Desperate and broken
The sound of a fight
Father has spoken.
We were the kings and queens of promise
We were the victims of ourselves
Maybe the children of a lesser god
Between heaven and hell, Heaven and hell.
Into your eyes
Hopeless and taken
We stole our new lives
Through blood and pain
In defense of our dreams
In defense of our dreams
We were the kings and queens of promise
We were the victims of ourselves
Maybe the children of a lesser god
Between heaven and hell, Heaven and hell.
The age of man is over
The darkness comes and all
These lessons that we've learned here
Have only just begun
We were the kings and queens of promise
We were the victims of ourselves
Maybe the children of a lesser god
Between heaven and hell.
We are the kings
We are the queens
We are the kings
We are the queens
Into your eyes....

Into your eyes....hopeless & taken.

 P.S. – Aint he PURDY?!

The birth of my Bamboo

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010


Bamboo? Right? lol

What you dont know is that I had a really fucking awesome Christmas this year. My family gave me $450 worth of gift cards for BEST BUY……..yea me the dvd addict, that’s ALL I NEED RIGHT?!

Well believe it or not i’ve only spent $250 of it so far since Christmas and $200 went towards my Bamboo. What is a Bamboo you ask? Well its this….


It’s like a huge touch pad you can use as a mouse with your finger or a pen and well it makes DRAWING ON YOUR COMPUTER FUCKING AWESOMELY EASY. I just bought it last week, so I thought since I was bored instead of staring at my computer refreshing twitter WISHING someone would talk to me, that I’d try tracing an rpattz picture.

You’re probably wondering how the FUCK you trace a picture on your computer.

It’s simple really, open up any kinda of photo editing software, for me that’s photoshop. Choose the picture you wanna trace and open it up in that program, then of course you create a new layer and just start tracing lines and stuff on top of the picture.

It’s really not that important but it is pretty hard if you dont know what the fuck you’re doing.

ANYWAYS, here’s the picture I traced and how it turned out!



Normally I don’t give myself any credit but I’m sorry when I actually do something really good, I can’t help but beam with a huge smile on my face, like right now. Which if you know me is very fucking rare =)

I think the MAIN reason why I’m so proud of it, is whenever I have traced pictures in the past I used Adobe Illustrator not Photoshop because the ‘pen tool’ which is what I would use in Illustrator never worked the same way for me in photoshop like it did in illustrator.

So when I went to trace/draw this picture I ended up just using the brush tool instead.


At first it really was looking like shit, but omg i’m so proud of it now! =D

I think I might blow it up a bit and print it out/frame it or maybe put it on a tshirt?!

I dunno, I’m just so happy with how it turned out and now I’m kinda overwhelmed with what I could probably do with this Bamboo after seeing how good this turned out! =D

Goodbye 2009

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I will miss you.

You were definately a very fun, very adventurous, a very OMG year and a year of alot of 1st times. The only way I can think of to give you an idea is to show you with a few pictures.


Went to Orange Bowl Fan Fest in Miami to see The All-American Rejects.

 Found out that The All-American Rejects were playing in Miami at the Orange Bowl Fan Fest, so me, Leilani & Jennifer drove our ass down there to hang with Nadia, take pictures and watch the boys own the crowd’s faces with how awesome they are live.

Celine Dion played at my work O_o

Celine Dion played at my work O_o

Then towards the end of the month it got really busy at work, because the Super Bowl was gonna be in Tampa this year and all these celebrities would be in town trying to have shows for all the people coming from all over to Tampa for the Super Bowl. Which means where I worked had a week full of back to back shows, Dane Cook, Lightning games, random concerts and more importantly TO ME Celine Dion. I actually spent $140 on tickets to go see Celine Dion live for the very first time. It was the greatest $140 I spent on a show like ever, literally I cried when she appeared on the stage. She didn’t even say anything and I was bawling like a retard. And then lost my shit when she encored to ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

Yea that shit got real <3


Me & Mom after a funeral in New Jersey.

Me & Mom after a funeral in New Jersey.

 My parents & I attended my dad’s Aunt’s funeral; my dad had flew up there a few days before us to be with his aunt before she passed away and then when she did my mom & I flew up there for the funeral. I think me & my mom were up there maybe a complete day, I can’t really remember, but despite the circumstances it was fun! I got to see snow fall while we were driving around and I can’t remember the last time I saw that!

A community I inspired was born.

A community I inspired was born.

I had become a regular on ONTD’s comments for any posts that had to deal with Twilight or Robert Pattinson. Spamming those posts with funny pics of rpattz or Twilight and through the months I became friends with several of the same posters that would also spam the same posts, so instead of having to wait for a rpattz or twilight posts on ONTD my friend Emily created the community, spammerpattz. A community for all the spammers that love rpattz and spam pics of him.


Trip to see How To Be in Alabama, we went & visited the King.

Trip to see How To Be in Alabama, we went & visited the King.

I saw a movie trailer for the movie ‘How To Be’ the year before staring Robert Pattinson and wanted to see it. Well it’s a very low budget film and ONLY because rpattz was so popular at the moment they got enough money to start screening it across the US at film festivals. The closest one to us was in Florence, AL so me, Leilani & Katie decided to drive up to Corinth, MS to visit my family and then the next day on our way back home drive over to Florence for the screening of How To Be.

Which ended up being an adventure all on it’s own because we trusted Leilani’s phone’s gps and when her phone said “your destination is to your left” we all turned to the left to see a huge field with one cow staring back at us. That was DEFINATELY NOT the University of North Alabama which is where the film festival was.

Oh did I mention that we had no idea where we were, besides out in the boonies. We barely had ANY connection on our phones which is what Leilani needed for her gps to work AND we only had like 20 minutes before the movie started to get there.

With the grace of God we got there right when the movie was supposed to start (had a run around cuz Leilani was too much of a chicken shit to actually ask someone where exactly the movie was being showed) but once we got to the door we found out that to view it was free! AND that they hadn’t even started the movie yet (ended up starting maybe 20 mins after we got there), plus there was barely anyone there! Movie was heart breaking, hilarious and cute, we all were glad we made the trip up to see it & as soon as it was over we were on the road home – 12 hours!

Went to see Val Emmich in GA & SC :)

Went to see Val Emmich in GA & SC :)

Later in the month we confinced Erin to go with me & Leilani to GA & SC to see our favorite solo artist, Val Emmich! Erin was also awesome enough to let us take her car instead of wasting money on a rental! Was the first time I seen Val play live in 2 years, so an emotional experience it really was for me. It was Erin’s first time seeing him live altogether and needless to say we had her hooked after that trip :)


Went to see How To Be in Orlando

Went to see How To Be in Orlando

Leilani, Katie, Jennifer, Erin & me all drove to Orlando to see How To Be, because of wrong directions and near death situations we missed the whole money but the last 20 minutes. Will Call was closed already so me & Katie couldnt pick up our tickets and everyone else was gonna buy theirs there, but the lady let us in anyways! We did however get to see the Q&A with the cast after the movie was played which was hilarious. Didn’t get to talk to the cast because they were being hogged by a ton of twimoms, but we didn’t let it bother us because we were going to one of the other FL screenings, so we knew we had another chance to talk to them :)

Went to FL screenings of How To Be. Met the cast :)

Went to Tallahasse screening of How To Be. Met the cast :)

 Very next day, Erin, Leilani, Katie & me drove 4 hours to Tallahassee to see the screening of How To Be and this time around since there wasn’t that many people that stayed after to talk to the director and cast, we actually got to! Again we were pushing it with time and got there right before they were to start showing the movie, stayed afterwards for the Q&A again, which didnt last long at all and someone ended up asking a pretty stupid question about Robert Pattinson, but can’t remember what it was. Just remember thinking ‘omg are you serious?’ haha.

Talked to the director & cast and confirmed to myself that I need to at least date a british man before I die, because the director said my name and I fell in love. Seriously I have never heard my name sound so magicial in all my life.


Drove 40 hrs (2476 miles) in 3 days.

Drove 40 hrs (2476 miles) in 3 days.

 May 1st began our 2,476 mile/40 hour road trip to Richmond, VA so Leilani could get some paperwork that would of took WEEKS to get, but only took 30 minutes since we drove up there. Then the SAME DAY drove to Corinth, MS to visit my family for a few hours, before the next afternoon driving to Birmingham, AL to see The All-American Rejects play live. Then right after the show drive back home to Tampa, FL to get a few hours of sleep before driving to Miami, FL (the same day) to see Little Ashes at the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

We didn’t think we’d make it or if we did we’d be deader then shit, but surprisingly the challenge is what made it fun as hell and the inside jokes that it created made it memorable and wiped our memories of how tired we actually were driving all that way, haha.

I got blamed for leaking the New Moon script.

I got blamed for leaking the New Moon script.

Not even days after we got back home from that trip, my friend on twitter (who will remain nameless since I don’t throw people under buses unless they piss me off & deserve it) sent all her followers the New Moon script. So I downloaded it and saw that it was jumbled up like one huge paragraph, so I copy & pasted it into word & took 2 hours to reformat it so you can at least read it. Saved it & uploaded it to megaupload or something and then tweeted that one back to my friend so she could read it. Called it a night and logged off.

Next afternoon at work, I notice that I have a TON of replies on twitter telling me my link doesnt work, which I had no idea what they were talking about.

SideNote: I’d had twitter for 2 years but still didnt understand how it worked, I just tweeted what I was thinking or doing and sometimes someone would respond to it, I didnt know there was a search or anything where u can find tweets that were about specific things.

I’m all like ‘wtf’ on my way home from work cuz I just keep getting more and more replies as the hours went on at work. When I get home and check my mail I have a TON of emails about someone adding me on twitter, so I logged into twitter. I went from I dunno how many followers, maybe  60 to almost 350. Then upon reading my replies realized they were talking about the script link I sent my friend.

Long story short, I found out someone retweeted my link and then some sites got wind of it and posted articles about the leaked script and linking MY TWITTER PROFILE O_o

Articles about me leaking the New Moon Script:
Went to EyeCon in Orlando. Met Kellan Lutz & Jackson Rathbone.

Went to EyeCon in Orlando. Met Kellan Lutz & Jackson Rathbone.

 Then that very weekend, Leilani, Katie & Me decided to go to this Twilight Convention, EyeCon that was happening in Orlando. The main reason why we went was because Leilani LOVES Jackson Rathbone and he was gonna be there; and Katie LOVES Peter Facinelli & Kellan Lutz and they were both going to be there. So I just went for the experience and to take pictures while the other 2 wanted to meet them or just see them in person.

Going to EyeCon opened our eyes to how the Twilight fans really are and that what you read in the news or hear is in fact true, especially about the TwiMoms, omg, haha. Leilani ended up buying me a photo opp for Jackson Rathbone (even though I really didnt want one) so I at least got a pic with him & Katie bought us a Kellan Lutz one, so me & Leilani decided to take it together and ask him if we could do the ‘too much rock for one hand’ pose which he smiled and said ‘hell yeah! I love that pose!’ :)


Went to Harlem to sign the wall at the Apollo for MJ.

Went to Harlem to sign the wall at the Apollo for MJ.

 I couldn’t think of anything to do ’special’ for my birthday this year, so my first official thought was to go to LA for a few days since we hadn’t been since spring 2008; but then I found out that rpattz was filming in NYC and upon thinking about it realized that we hadn’t been to NYC in over 2 years! So we all decided to go to NYC for a weekend & some change. Drove up to Philly to do the Rocky Balboa challenge, which I totally owned, Leilani & Katie didn’t however, haha. Then dropped off our rental in Newark & then took the train into the city.

Katie & Leilani surprised me and booked us a hotel room at the fucking Waldorf-Astoria O_o which is just crazy expensive but omg I’m one of very few people that can say they’ve stayed there. Well not few, but for people with our kind of limited means, it’s pretty few i’m sure, haha. They even gave us champagne because it was my birthday trip!

On one of our days we were watching the news and saw tons of people outside of the Apollo signing this wall in honor of Michael Jackson since he had passed away just a few days before we left on this trip, so we ended up going to Harlem (scared shitless) to check it out and so we could at least say ‘we were there when..’ when we’re older, you know? Katie & Leilani ended up getting a boyfriend on our way out of Harlem, hahahahaha, too funny.

Watching the filming of 'Remember Me'.

Watching the filming of 'Remember Me'.

 Also a main goal of the trip was to catch some of the filming of ‘Remember Me’ but being as this would be our first time EVER trying to watch a filming of something we really had no idea what the fuck we were doing. Thankfully we met some really cool people on twitter that helped us figure shit out and where/what time things were and was actually able to see the DAZZLE in person 2 different times on our trip. Got close enough to touch, but each time was overwhelmed with my eyes trying to convince my brain that he was in fact standing in front of me and not looking at a picture.

Hearing his laugh was pretty much fixed that problem for me.


Went to the Titanic exhibit for my birthday.

Went to the Titanic exhibit for my birthday.

 We were still in NYC the first few days of July, but once we got back it was time to celebrate the actual date of my birth, so we went to the Titanic exhibit like we usually do. Went to Disney World to get my free birthday admission ticket even though we weren’t going, then headed back to Tampa to go eat dinner at Tias :)

Applied for a passport & got it few weeks later.

Applied for a passport & got it few weeks later.

 Few weeks later my dad had me and my mom apply for passports in case anything happened to my brother, who was stationed in Japan, so we’d already have the passports and could just fly over there. They tell you it takes 4-8 weeks to process but I got mine in a little under 2 weeks, which surprised the shit out of me, but who cares……just think of the possibilites of where I can go NOW O_o


Got in a car accident on the way to see Bobby Long. Missed his set, but met the man <3

Got in a car accident on the way to see Bobby Long. Missed his set, but met the man <3

 Jennifer had finally been given a ship date for basic training at the end of September so me & Leilani thought we’d take her to Corinth, MS since that’s my favorite place ever, not only because it’s where all my family is, but also because it just holds such magicial emotions & love for me in the atmosphere. The day before we left for that trip though was the first Bobby Long show in the Tampa area, so after we picked up the car rental for our trip, we went and picked up Angelina, Jennifer, Katie & Leilani and went on our way to the Bobby show.

Ended up hitting a car on our way, which turned out to be a judge! He hardly had any damage done to his car and to be honest I was just grateful that no one was hurt AND that it was a rental i was driving and not my car, haha.

The police department ended up doing a circus act on trying to figure out which one would be covering it, troopers or actual police, before giving me 2 tickets and letting us go on our way.

Missed Bobby’s set, but got in free to actually meet the man, who was incredibly sweet and concerned for us since we got in an accident on our way to see him. We then found out that he liked the venue so much that he was coming back that thursday to play again, which thankfully we were driving back from Mississippi that day, so we’d finally get to see him live!

Took Jennifer to Corinth, MS to meet my favorite place & people on earth.

Took Jennifer to Corinth, MS to meet my favorite place & people on earth.

 Made it to Corinth, MS with no problems, had a BLAST like we always do. Rode my uncle’s four wheeler, which was the first time Jennifer had ever done that, so I swear we almost died a few times. Went walking through the woods, drove around town getting lost. Got some good ass Corinth snow cones and ate at Don Julios. We also took Jennifer to Graceland, which she liked Elvis, but after we went she REALLY LIKED Elvis :)


Forks Highschool

Went to Forks Highschool in Forks, WA.

 After the fun we had on my birthday trip in NYC, we decided that for Katie’s & Leilani’s birthday we would go on a trip as well. Katie decided that for her birthday (9/11) that she wanted to go to Vancouver and hopefully maybe see them filming Eclipse a little bit. So we planned a trip where we’d fly into Seattle (it was cheaper then vancouver) stay in Forks for the nite, then the next day drive up to Vancouver and stay there for 9 days.

Boy we had no idea what we were in for.

Flew into Seattle, meant with rain just like the books said and Forks was exactly the same way, but I had no idea I would fall in love with their nature’s beauty, omg. Katie got sick so once we got to the hotel in Forks she went to sleep and Leilani & I went to La Push to look around and was met with a breath taking sunset. Who knew something so beautiful would greet us in the land of the Failcob.

Taylor Lautner leaving set for the day.

Taylor Lautner leaving set for the day.

 Speaking of Failcob….

After Forks we drove up to Vancouver, which that very night we got lucky and Bobby Long was in town, so we got to see him perform live again and got a glimpse of rpattz & kstew at the end of it too O_o

The rest of the time in Vancouver was spent getting lost, trying to figure out the Canadian ways, looking for Eclipse sets and staying away from the crazy Twilight fans, haha.

Oh and dissing Taylor Lautner and not even knowing it was him, haha. That was priceless oh and then seeing him again the next day (the above picture) leaving the set of Jacob’s house.


Went back to Corinth to get Leilani a puppy named Lo.

Went back to Corinth to get Leilani a puppy named Lo.

 When we went to Mississippi back in August to show Jennifer it’s magic, we were introduced to my aunt’s dog, Lo. Which Leilani immediately fell in love with and jokingly asked my aunt a few times that she wanted Lo. My aunt would of course joke back and say ‘take her with you’ haha.

Well little did we know my aunt wasn’t joking at all, so in October we went back to Mississippi just to pick up Lo and bring her back to FL so Leilani could keep her :)

I’ve never drove across country with a dog before, except with my parents when we’d be moving, but even then it was organized. This trip back home we didn’t know if she was gonna be crazy running around the car peeing on everything and just being distracting while we tried to drive back home.

Boy were we surprised, aside for a few times were she just had to lick our faces, she was a very good dog in the car. She mainly sleeped the entire time and only peed in the car ONCE out of the whole 13 hour drive!

Scored free tickets to see KISS for the first time!

Scored free tickets to see KISS for the first time!

 So KISS had a show in Tampa and me, Angelina & myself actually scored free tickets to! I’ve never seen them and really didnt have much of a desire to see them but since we got free tickets we went and omg had such a blast! I didn’t realize I knew that many KISS songs, haha!


Welcome back Bobby Long <3

Welcome back Bobby Long <3

 Bobby Long blessed the Dunedin Brewery with his talent once more. Best believe me, Angelina & Leilani were there. I dont see us ever messing a Bobby Long performance in our neck of the woods unless we’re just not in town, haha.

His show was amazing as always, but the fans were the worst at this show. Yelling at him to play certain songs and then just yelling out loud about how they didnt like a song he was playing. It was all fucking horrible and just completely rude, to be honest, but he still put on a good show & we got to talk to him for a little bit afterwards :)

Went to LA for the New Moon Premiere.

Went to LA for the New Moon Premiere.

 Katie, Leilani and me last year when we saw Twilight all agreed that no matter what we would be going to the New Moon premiere that following year. Well for a few months before the actual premiere we didn’t know if we we’d be able to afford to go, especially after spending 10 days in Vancouver, but with my skills at finding cheap deals on hotels, rental cars & flights I was able to find a way for us to go :)

Boy was I glad we did go, because it really was an experience that we all treasured. Not only that but we made some friends and made fun of all the drama going on with the Twilight Fans. We slept for 3 days in the street, in line just so we can get a glimpse of the stars of New Moon and it was our first premiere and I’d do it again in a heart beat!


Went to Orlando & Miami to see AAR.

Went to Orlando & Miami to see AAR.

 The All-American Rejects were co-headling with Taking Back Sunday a tour that came to FL. So me, Angelina, Leilani, Katie & Erin went to see them at the House of Blues in Orlando. Needless to say Katie got TRASHED and wanted to motorboat Tyson real bad, so much so that she was yelling it every 2 seconds and crying when we were trying to leave, haha.

Then the next day me & Katie drove to Miami to see them perform as well and then went to the meet & greet afterwards at a shop down the street where Katie drank some more, haha. The drive home wasn’t quiet, let me tell you, haha.

Went to Ft. Jackson for Jennifer's Army graduation.

Went to Ft. Jackson for Jennifer's Army graduation.

That very next weekend Leilani & Me drove up to Ft. Jackson, SC to see Jennifer’s graduation from the Army boot camp. First day was Family Day so we got to hang out with her and her family. We ended up playing basketball, Wii, did some shopping and then went and had dinner later that night. The next day was her graduation which right before it was to start someone pulled the fire alarm so we had to leave so they can check the building, haha.

After graduation we went and had lunch with her & her family at Ryan’s before me & Leilani headed back home to FL. Which before we left SC we decided to go try and find The Notebook house that Ryan Gosling’s character rebuilt in the movie :)

Which was an adventure all by itself, since we didn’t get to the address til after dark, so I THINK I saw it, but I’ll never know until we go another time to see it :)

So as you can see I tried to go somewhere every month of 2009 and surprisingly we pulled it off, even though after Vancouver we didn’t think we’d be able to afford to go anywhere after that, lol.

Another reason 2009 was so great was I became friends & actually met alot of awesome people because of Twitter: @lafemmeluna @jebs @kimvi @_beccaspage_ @nattycakes @_bitca_ @quartzlyn @caseymariex @raineradaire @pickyourpoison @cantidiamore @enthropologie @dcdazzlesme @ttlindsay @shanzer22 @lauramaniscalco @madiemma @krystle_ewe @dreamsofedward @atr81 @hiscoldtouch @annechantal @robisthedevil @pokerstarlight @candykizzes24@linzkittie @yankeegirl51680 @gabby1017 @robpattznews

The names in bold I actually met, but I hope that changes and I get to meet more of these amazing people!

So 2009 was probably the most adventurous year I’ve had since 2005, even if most of it had to deal with Robert Pattinson events. I seriously wouldnt change this ‘Year of Rpattz’ for anything, because it brought new friends into my life as well as amazing new experiences!

I just hope 2010 is half as amazing as 2009 turned out to be =D


Thursday, December 24th, 2009


I miss these billboards *sigh*

But I miss seeing HIM period.

Well, as of yesterday that wait/missing ended, because I saw Vinnie!

I don’t know what it is but this whole fucking season I have hardly seen Vinnie at work. I think I’ve seen him a total of maybe 2 or 3 times, but it was always from afar or him leaving….pretty much he didn’t see me.

Yesterday at work we were really busy, which is odd for a hockey game setup because it’s pretty much our ‘default’ event at work, but we were kinda behind because the crew from the night before didn’t get the majority of the stuff done, so we had to finish it.

santa hat

Also it being the last game before Christmas we had to worry about the santa hat give away we had to put out for the game. I of course decided to wear my awesome santa hat, since I knew people would be wearing them, which ended up not being true. I didn’t see someone wearing a santa hat until like 30 mintues before it was time for me to leave!

If I had a dollar for everytime someone said ‘nice hat’ or asked me where I got it or asked FOR IT altogether, I would be a rich girl, no bullshit, but then again I knew that would happen, because even though I got this from Spencer’s years ago, I have still til this day never seen anyone with one…..EVER.

Which to be honest I thought they would give me hell for wearing the hat, because of how long it was, it could get in the way of working and could be a hazard towards me..? I dunno I could see them saying that, lol. Plus that day I didn’t have any clean work shirts, so I ended up wearing my Vinnie shirt.

I think should be a rule/suggestion towards staff, to either wear your work shirts or Lightning shirts on game days, to show support and stuff. But then again I guess that’s just me being the fan that I am *shrugs*

Anyways, I don’t know what I was walking back from, but I was walking towards our office and I had just unwrapped my santa hat from around my neck (i’d wrap it around my neck like a scarf if it got in my way while I was working) to let it hang behind me, when I looked up to see someone walking towards me.


Now all day I would get a ping of nervousness, but would immediately squash it because of how I really haven’t seen Vinnie at all so far this season (which started at the beginning of October). So like any other time I shrugged the nervousness off, just telling myself it was just some other hockey player.

As we got closer to passing each other, I finally looked up at him, since I could tell he was on his phone from my side view. I was not expecting what I saw when I looked up at the guy.


Not only was it Vinnie in all his glory yumminess, but on top of that his hair was………..are their really words to describe it? It was pretty much sex hair, it was sticking up ALL OVER THE PLACE, but then on top of that it was wet or at least look like it, I didn’t really get enough time to commit to memory because within those seconds of looking, he looked up at me, still on the phone and 4 things happened….haha ‘4′ that’s his number :)

1. He did this double take thing, like he was looking at me just to be polite and give me a nod hello like he would with anyone passing him in the hall.

2. Realizing it was me, he then smiled the biggest and cutest smile I have seen from him in a long time.

3. He ‘finger’ waved at me. You know instead of waving with your hand, you wave your individual fingers at the person? Yea, he did that – still smiling.

4. I died.

I was just overwhelmed, first I was seeing Vinnie for the first time in months, he was SMILING at me AND he fucking did that cute as finger wave that he’s done to me a few other times.

Just OMG, his finger waves are like he’s casting some sorta magical dazzle spell on you, but I fall victim to EVERYTIME.

In fact if he didn’t stop finger waving at me, I would of never heard him ask me, “How are you?”….yes I would of still been staring at his fingers like they were the most talented things in the world.

I practically whispered ‘Goooood’ because I realized I hadn’t breathed the whole time and immediately asked him how he was, which he said ‘good’ as well and that was it.

He was on the phone and I didn’t wanna bother him so I let him walk on by, but seriously, omg.

I know this really isn’t anything at all and believe me half the time I don’t think he likes me at all, but then he constantly does cute shit like that and I cant help but just *sigh*

I mean seriously, an EXTREMELY good looking talented man, goes out of his way to smile, wave AND ask me how i’m doing? That has to mean he at least likes me right? And I don’t mean like he ‘liiiiiiiikes me’ but that he likes seeing me or whatever.

I’d rather have that then nothing at all, because I have seen the looks he’s given other people and I would assume with how he was looking that he didn’t like that person AT ALL, haha.

ANYWAYS as soon as he passed me and was completely out of my sight I immdiately did a silent screen. Opened mouth and all as I walked back to our office. Entered the office and then wrote this on our dry erase board….


….the same dry erase board I drew Jurassic Park’s logo on and some asshole erased a few months back *shakes head*

Co-workers just rolled their eyes at me, cuz they are always making fun of how I am around Vinnie, lol.

Jennifer ended up showing up an hour or so after that to visit everyone and give cookies. She kinda got cockblocked by some of our co-workers since they were talking to her when Vinnie left, but she at least got to ask how he was and wished him a Merry Christmas :)

Definately the best part of the day was seeing him and maybe walking into going to the game, but we lost 5-2…..ugh Smith, but whatever, was still an awesome day because of Vinnie :)

you ARE my life now.

Monday, November 30th, 2009


I found this yesterday and it reminded me of the summer of ONTD for me, which was when I was on ONTD EVERY FUCKING DAY right before The Dark Knight came out and they would make awesome marcos similar to the one above, but fucking awesome.

And it made me sad because my computer crashed last year which I had TONS of those awesome TDK marcos saved on, so now I dont have any :(

Shit now I wanna see some, hold on let me see if i can find a good one……..



OMG I remembered I almost peed myself when I sawe this picture for the first time, haha. Anyways there’s really no point to this post, just wanted to share with you guys something I found yesterday that reminded me of 2 summers ago and how I miss it.

Do anyone know if there’s other New Moon/Twilight marcos like this? Cuz I know there’s some Twilight ones, but are their other New Moon ones?

Please let me know! :)


Saw Bobby Long last nite

Sunday, November 8th, 2009


And as always was amazing as shit. Not only LIVE playing his music but also afterwards when I got to talk to him for a few minutes. Plus I think it’s cute that he always ask me if I’m ok everytime he seems me now, because the first time we were to see him me & my friends got in a car accident and missed his set completely but went afterwards just to say ‘hi’ :)


The fucking crowd.

First of all me and my friends we’re looking forward to this one lady that we ASSUMED would be going to this show since she was at the other two. And the reason for that was she was talking all through Bobby’s set in August and making really gross flirty comments. Then on top of that after the show in August she took a long time with Bobby (the bar was getting pissed cuz the m&g was taking so long) and we almost didnt get to talk to him or anything.

My friend Jennifer isnt a very paitent person and mumbled something as the lady FINALLY finished with Bobby, which the lady then either called my friend a bitch or said something like ‘wow bitchy?’ or some shit. Which she wouldnt of been that way if you didnt have Bobby sign like a MILLION SHITTY ASS PICTURES and then stand there and try to conversate with him forEVER.

So like I said that was one thing we were really not looking forward to AT ALL about the show, but when we GOT to the show that was a whole other story.

First there was some bullshit where they let everyone in at 8pm, but then kicked everyone out just to re-let everyone BACK IN at 8:30pm. It took us almost an hour and a half just to get in the place just because they didnt fucking know what they were doing and at one point didnt look like they were gonna sell tickets to the people that didn’t have tickets already (i.e. us).

Also all through all this I was literally playing hide & seek with @pokerstarlight via texts since she was at that show as well. I am ALL FOR meeting people, but it’s just so funny how shy I get about it! hahaha – I of course ended up meeting her once we got in and talked for a few minutes before she ditched me to go talk to Phil!!!! lol

We finally get in and have to go stand all the way to the left of the stage since everyone is crowded around the right of the stage. Which our spot wasn’t bad at all since it looked like everyone was gonna sit on the floor like we did last time!


Yea so me and all my friends last time at the Bobby show started a trend and EVERYONE up front sat on the floor during his entire set, true story. It was actually probably one of my favorite concert experience, i dunno it was relaxing and I just could appreciate the music more even though I was taking pictures at the same time. But it wasn’t stressful at all or anything because I didn’t have anyone blocking my view and I knew I wasn’t blocking anyone else’s view.

So we all got happy seeing that people were gonna do that again (sit during his set)………….yea WRONG ANSWER! As soon as Bobby got on stage EVERYONE STOOD THE FUCK UP! Which sucked cuz most of them were either the same height as me or a little bit taller.


That of course depressed me a little because that limited me being able to take pictures at all for this show, which don’t get me wrong I walked around trying to find other angles or openings I could find to take pictures, but couldn’t find anything :(

So I went back to standing with the ladies by the left of the stage.

Enter in first group of girls that almost got their ass stomped to the ground.


Ok this hand doesn’t belong to the main girl I’m about to rant about, but if I remember correctly she was friends with that girl and because of that she would of ended up with a broken camera and an empty can of whoopass.

This one girl stood in front of me and my friends (a person away from the stage) and the ENTIRE TIME while Bobby played she’d either sway back and forth (not to the music) and constantly whisper something into her friend’s ear in which they would then start laughing about WHATEVER.

Then to make matters worse, from what Leilani & Angelina told me was that her big ass purse she was wearing she kept hitting them with it, not on purpose (I HOPE NOT) but still annoying because she kept having to move to tell her friend something.

Oh also did I mention that she was like 3 or 4 inches taller then me?! Yea so if you want a reason to why I don’t have that many pictures of Bobby from this show, you best believe I’m blaming that shit ON HER.

The ONLY good thing about this group of girls was that they seemed to be making fun of the lady (I was talking about above) on how she was taking pictures, which I will admit was funny because we were doing it too at some point, haha.


The other issue we had with the group was right before Bobby played Two Years Old these loud VERY DRUNK girls showed up and was yelling out different songs they wanted him to sing, in which I think he played 2 Years Old since they kept yelling it at one point. Then of course since he played a song they yelled out they very loudly and very DRUNKLY SANG THE LYRICS WITH HIM.


Don’t get me wrong, singing along is fine and all, but when it’s just like 4 girls that are so loud that you cant help but hear them instead of Bobby, yea people should get cut. And I’m being serious, which these girls almost did, because at one point they spilled their beer on Angelina’s feet.

Yea like I said *shakes head* some girls almost got swung on, for real, but I for one didn’t wanna freak Bobby out, because they were annoying him as well, you could tell, so I just let it go, but Angelina & Leilani I think almost went on a murder spree, for real, haha.

Why we had to have all the assholes where we were standing is beyond me, but we did and it almost ruined the whole show, but Leilani shooting people with her iPhone made it down right hilarious. Also some of the remarks Bobby would say in between songs would help as well :)

These were also the same girls that when I was talking to Bobby after the show (having a good convo, which is very rare for me) but in and tried to guilt trip him into leaving with her & her friends, even though he had a HUGE line of fans waiting to talk to him. The girl really had some nerve, if you ask me and I of course was too shocked to have whooped her ass myself, haha.

But seriously I good 90% of that crowd last nite you could tell weren’t there because of the music and was more there to either hit on Bobby or to use him to get to Robert, who he is really close friends with.

Which is fucking LAME.

Don’t get me wrong if it wasn’t for him being friends with Robert I would of never heard his music, but now that I have I’m more focused on just the music aspect, plus it doesnt help that he’s really sweet and funny :)


Re-Reading the Twilight Saga

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Yea that totally just happened….


So I had made a promise to myself to start to reread the Twilight books starting November 1st. Well since I had a CRAZY work schedule this weekend I couldnt really start it until tonight. Which to be honest I’m kinda nervous to read these books over, because I’m so obsessed with Twilight Fan Fictions now that I really don’t remember the basic Twilight storyline, haha.

Plus I’m NOT looking forward in reading New Moon at all, omg I hated that book so much the first time I read it. Twilight I couldn’t put down, seriously I read it in 9 hours straight.

New Moon, took me like 2 fucking weeks.


True story, but anyways I’m gonna try to keep my stats and maybe even comments/commentaries while reading the books in this blog, so check back from time to time to see if i’ve updated it.

Otherwise I’m sure alot of my blogs from here on out might be Twilight related because of me rereading the books AND our trip to LA being next week!

ReReading Twilight:

Date: 11/4/09
Started Reading: 9:24pm
Stopped Reading: 10:48pm on Chapter 4


Date: 11/5/09
Started Reading: 1:39am
Stopped Reading: 3:22am on Chapter 7


Started Reading: 3:51pm
Stopped Reading: 4:23pm on Chapter 9


Date: 11/7/09
Started Reading: 2:42am
Stopped Reading: 3:52am on Chapter 12


Date: 11/8/09
Started Reading: 2:50am
Stopped Reading: 4:13am on Chapter 15


Started Reading: 12:17pm
Finished Twilight: 4:37pm


ReReading New Moon:

Date: 11/8/09
Started Reading: 4:42pm
Stopped Reading: 5:16pm on Chapter 2


Date: 11/9/09
Started Reading: 12:59am
Stopped Reading: 2:28am on Chapter 5


Date: 11/19/09
Started Reading: 3:21pm
Stopped Reading: 7:56pm on Chapter 20


Date: 11/21/09
Started Reading: 9:00pm
Finished New Moon: 11:11pm


ReReading Eclipse:

Date: 11/21/09
Started Reading: 11:20pm
Stopped Reading: 1:30am on Chapter 5


Date: 11/24/09
Started Reading: 2:03am
Stopped Reading: 2:44am on Chapter 7


Started Reading: 12:32pm
Stopped Reading: 2:35pm on Chapter 12


Started Reading: 9:29pm
Stopped Reading: 11:59pm on Chapter 19


Date: 11/25/09
Started Reading: 1:09am
Stopped Reading: 2:27am on Chapter 22


Date: 11/27/09
Started Reading: 7:42pm
Stopped Reading: 8:43pm on Chapter 24


Date: 11/28/09
Started Reading: 3:12am
Stopped Reading: 3:43am on Chapter 25


Started Reading: 2:43pm
Finished Eclipse: 4:08pm


ReReading Breaking Dawn:

Date: 11/28/09
Started Reading: 4:11pm
Stopped Reading: 4:51pm on Chapter 3


Started Reading: 8:34pm
Stopped Reading: 12:18am on Chapter 12


Date: 11/29/09
Started Reading: 2:20am
Stopped Reading: 3:10am on Chapter 14


Date: 11/30/09
Started Reading: 1:54am
Stopped Reading: 2:38am on Chapter 16


Started Reading: 11:44pm
Stopped Reading: 2:54am on Chapter 21


Date: 12/1/09
Started Reading: 8:00pm
Stopped Reading: 9:51pm on Chapter 24


Date: 12/2/09
Started Reading: 12:27am
Stopped Reading: 1:15am on Chapter 26


Started Reading: 8:12pm
Stopped Reading: 8:43pm on Chapter 28


Date: 12/3/09
Started Reading: 12:42am
Stopped Reading: 1:40am on Chapter 31


Date: 12/4/09
Started Reading: 9:09pm
Finished Breaking Dawn: 12:17am on 12/5/09 



This Is It Again

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009


Went with my mommy today to see ‘This Is It’ again (her first time) and I cried like a little bitch this time. Because this time I went into it as a MJ fan and not a critic like I usually do and did the first time I saw it, haha.

I don’t even know where to begin, because leaving the theater today I had all this shit I wanted to say about this great entertainer, this amazing human being, but now that I’ve let time go by, my brain has gone on to other things.

Watching the movie this time around, I couldnt help but feel like a kid again and related to every song of his that he would perform on the screen in front of me and remember where I was when I first heard it or what that song meant to me as a child – BECAUSE HIS MUSIC MEANT ALOT TO ME GROWING UP.

I wanted TO BE Micheal Jackson in this video….

…and anyone that was a kid or even AN ADULT when this video came out did too, i don’t care what you say now haters, you know that you were rocking those fucking moves everytime you had the chance. Well I WAS every FUCKING DAY! My mom taped it on a vhs for me as well as the Making of Thriller and we watched it everyday and I danced to it everyday.



Because it didn’t end there…..I soon got hooked to ‘Beat It’ and his little ‘card throwing move’ that he does at the end, OMG I wanted to dance just like him!

Hell as I write this I have the Thriller playing in the background and I cant help but sway to it and fight the urge to get up and scream -


The man was a fucking genius as a child, teenager and an adult, why anyone let stupid RUMORS blind them to his genius is just pathetic to me and fucking sad as hell, because it took away from us fans because it pretty much haulted his creativity if you ask me and now he’s gone and we’ll never have that again.

And watching the movie during ‘thriller’ you could see him smiling like a little kid as him and his dancers did the dance and it made me love him more, because to me that smile symbolized that he was having fun because he KNEW by him doing that dance with his backup dancers that he was fullfilling one of their childhood dreams – to dance with MJ and not just ANY DANCE – THE FUCKING THRILLER DANCE!

That then made me sad because I would give ANYTHING to at least to do ONE OF THE MOVES from Thriller with him, but I can’t :(

HOLY SHIT SIDENOTE: I’m looking for MJ videos on this one MJ fan youtube account and i just opened their profile and ‘I wanna’ just started playing, which is the new video from The All-American Rejects, a.k.a. MY BOYS – total full circle O_o

But yea back to the movie, just watching it, the whole time it was like hit after hit after hit, that meant so much to me at some point in my life, whether it was wanting to be a dancing fool to one of his songs cuz it was that good or for other emotional reasons.

For example….

I never felt like I fit in ANYWHERE because I moved every 2 years of my life (until 10th grade) and then on top of that I’m half black & half white. So I was either to black to hang with the white kids or I acted to white to hang with the black kids, so half my life I just ended up being my own friend. Then to make things worse that caused me to pretty much destroy any self esteem I could of had growing up.

Constantly had my mom putting me on diets (which looking back now I WASNT FAT), people calling me ugly and then guys hitting on me, I never knew what to believe. So I would just think I was hideous and hide behind pony tails, jeans and baggy tshirts.

From The All-American Rejects' video 'Dirty Little Secret'.

From The All-American Rejects' video 'Dirty Little Secret'.

This card was actually used because it reminded them of me and it totally captures how i’ve felt about myself and how I think i’ll always feel about myself. Regardless I do have a ‘i dont care’ attitude to help with all that, but it still is the complete truth.

So in all that sense when Black or White came out, I felt like Michael Jackson write that especially for people like me, because he too was going through the same thing when it came to color and it’s just stupid. See me as a person or a personality not what I AM, because WHAT I AM isn’t WHO I AM.

I mean I even remember where I was when it premiered after The Simpsons, my family was all in the living room watching/waiting for it to start then when it did I’m pretty sure I went to my room and was immediately screaming the lyrics like it was sorta bible verse. Then the next day at school when EVERYONE was talking about it, I couldn’t help but feel proud like the video/song was in fact written about me, because it’s how I always felt……it doesnt matter if you’re black or white……..and people would always tell me it does.

Well once MJ says it, it’s truth.

And i’ve loved that song for that reason ever since then :)

Another song of MJ’s that i love dearly is the theme song from Free Willy ‘Will You Be There’. I used to make fun of the movie ALL THE TIME when it came out, but truth be told I went over and over to see it because of Michael’s song.

Even though this song was for a movie with a whale, i always felt this video was about Michael and that’s why I loved it so much. Because no matter how horrible people and the media were to him, this man, this incredible genius was still all about spreading the love and awareness on us making the world a better place.


He loved the simple things of life, the mystery of nature and the innocence of children. I LOVE THESE THINGS TOO and is, i believe the reason why people think I’m weird as well.

I am a 27 year old woman, who would rather go climb trees, color, giggle and just watch cartoons with my closest friends, then what other normal people my age would be doing, which is going out to clubs, drinking, having kids and getting married.

Which don’t get me wrong, having kids & getting married aren’t bad at all and I hope to do those things as well, but it’s because of my age and the fact that I don’t have these things or planning to do them LIKE RIGHT NOW that people see me as weird.

And I feel thats why people judged Michael so harshly as well, because we were the same in that aspect & probably another if not the main reason why I love and supported him so much, especially through the trails and stuff, trust me I cussed out ALOT of people in 6th grade, you don’t even wanna know.

I was lucky though and he didn’t perform this song in the movie, because I WOULD OF been a crying mess. And when I say crying mess, I mean can’t see, speak or keep quiet because I would be crying so hard. TRUFAX

However, they did play my recent favorite song and if that wasn’t bad enough they ENDED the movie with it….

I say recent favorite song, because it was just earlier this year that I rediscovered it and Leilani & me would jam it in the car on roadtrip dubbing it ‘Going to Church’ time, because if you listen to the song especially at the end, you REALLY feel like you’re in church.

And then on top of that, I need to change alot of things about me in order to do anything with my life (not true, just how i feel) so when he died, this song’s lyrics REALLY HIT ME HARD and now it’s almost as hard to listen to as ‘Will You Be There’.

So as soon as I heard the beginning chords start playing in the movie, i choked up and grabbed my hoodie since I immediately started silently crying. It was short lived though, because some kid was running around the theater crying because he couldn’t find his mom, which made me laugh, no idea why, haha

But yea seeing this movie again today with my mommy felt right, I got to see it as the MJ fan that I am and just realize how much I really do love this man, not just because of his talent but as a person who truely LOVES and believes in the power of love for making everything right.

I just wish this world would take his messages, his words and truely live by it as well.

I’m trying, its really hard, but that’s all that matters.

And don’t get me wrong, I WILL flick off an MJ hater………..its all for love.


SMEYER Allows Moaning

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Oh. My. GOD.



What I Don’t Approve Of:
- lack of hands/fingers in Edward’s hair
- not showing his hand go through her hair/back of her neck
- Bella’s fingers imprinting on Edward’s chin (also see 1st disapproval)

But Edward’s moaning makes up FOR ALL OF THAT.

To calm yourself down, watch this video.

Kill the wolf at 0:45 – y/n?

Back to rpattz hottness (thanks to @kimvi):


That is all, i’m off to go see Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ in exactly 2 hours & 11 minutes!



Monday, October 26th, 2009

First of all, thewallfollower is my new favorite person in the whole wide world for putting this clip up on youtube. Sorry just had to throw it out there, because it’s true.


For those of you that DO NOT KNOW and it would REALLY surprise me if you did……..Val Emmich is a genius and quite frankly my favorite solo artist………yea it’s THAT SERIOUS. I accidently discovered him 4 or 5 years ago opening for Butch Walker and I have been in love with his voice & music ever since.

Little did I know that he would produce what I can now easily say is my favorite fucking song of all fucking time – ‘High Noon’ which is what is in the clip above. Also the clip above is the making of his album ‘Sunlight Search Party’ which has High Noon on it (obviously).

Like all my other blogs there really is no point to this one except the fact that I wanted to share with you the genius that is Val Emmich and my favorite fucking song, not only of his, but thus far in my life. Seriously I can listen to this song on repeat for DAYS and still wanna punch dance the ENTIRE TIME, lol.

This is how I got introduced to ‘High Noon’:

While I was waiting for him to release his new album, he released this trailer for the dvd that would be coming with the album, showing the making of it & the song at the end had me, hook, line & sinker. So much so that when he put the album’s tracks up on itunes (before u could buy the album) I bought the song itself. And the repeat playing was well in it’s 50s before I even got an actual hard copy of the song, haha.

Then months later he actually came to FL and I got to see it LIVE for the first time….

Lets just say there was alot of dancing (even though you cant tell by the video) lots of singing and lots of tears. I swear I heard angels singing backup during that song.

So yea, thats all I really wanted to say, I love Val, I love High Noon and you should too. The End.

Really wanted to use this pic though, but it won’t let me save it –