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If you love me, then you’ll do me this favor.

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

My favorite solo artist, Val Emmich yesterday leaked his 2nd song from his new album yesterday called ‘E.S.T.’ which is fucking AMAZING, no lie I’ve had it on repeat since yesterday, haha.

Anyways last nite he posted this…

“Hey guys. I really appreciate all the kind things everyone is saying about the new songs. Here’s the reality though. In order for this record to see the light of day, I need to spread the word about these new songs. You can really help out by embedding these videos of the new songs on your own pages or just telling your friends via wall post or word of mouth. EST only has 100 plays on Youtube today and Sidekick hasn’t broken 1000 in a week. That’s just sad, I can’t even explain the frown on my face. Let’s get those numbers up. 5,000 at the least. I can’t convince someone to release this record if I can’t show a demand. Forgive the forwardness but If the record is going to come out, that’s what we are looking at. Love you all!!” —VE

Um I WANT this fucking album to be released, so all I need you guys to do is exactly what he said to do in his note. Listen to the leaked songs on youtube and if you like it post em up or tweet them so that more people would watch them.

I think we should try and get both songs at least 5,000 views like he said and hopefully that helps with the record label *crosses fingers*

So here’s the 2 leaked songs I need you guys to listen to and repost anywhere or tweet if you like them………..which I KNOW you will.




I’ll probably be posting about him alot the coming days, so why not fall in love with this musical genius and help me?

Either way thanks for reading and listening if you dont decide to help, that alone helps <3