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Day Off? Pfff riiight

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

So today was my only day off before we leave for Vancouver on Sunday and holy shit it was so much fun! Of course it didn’t fucking start that way >:o

The plan was Jennifer was gonna come over around 9:50am and then we were gonna drive to Brandon to see if Vinnie was skating today. Well for me NOT being a morning person I was planning on waking up at 9:30am, doing my fitness, getting ready and then by that time I figured Jennifer would be at my house.

Yea totally didn’t work out that way.

First of all, I had the urge to blow up a college campus today, ONLY BECAUSE I get a motherfucking phone call at 9:06am from an unknown number (i dont answer my phone EVER cuz i hate talking on phones), look at the time and seriously almost threw my phone out the window because I knew there was NO POINT in trying to go back to sleep when I knew my alarm clock would be going off in less then 30 minutes.


I laid in bed for a few more minutes to let the anger ease a little before rolling out of bed with a sigh. Did my fitness, ate half a bowl of cheerios and then tried to activate my new credit card just to find out i didnt have all the info to do that, so I had to actually talk to an operator for them to activate it, but Jennifer showed up while I was trying to settle all that mess.

We left a little passed 10am and headed for Brandon, giggling at the Magicial Marquee’s new saying (sorry i didnt tweet about it, but i’m picking up Leilani up tomorrow and figured i’d do it then) & trying to see if we could see any cars as we passed the skating rink. We pulled into the parking lot & the first thing I noticed was like 2 or 3 people standing by this black car with a tall ass guy facing them. Which immediate thing that pops in my head is it’s a hockey player, then of course my brain goes through the database of who it could be, well in this case I didnt even have to do that because I knew who it was immediately.

And just as instant as I knew who it was, I was overcome with uncontrollable sadness :(

It was Vaclav Prospal #20 of the Tampa Bay Lightning (or was, now with the New York Rangers) or to me & my friends ‘Prospal’ *sigh* He’s been a favorite of mine since the first time he was here with the Lightning (he’s left us 2 other times as well), he was just always so animated and funny & over the past few seasons has been really sweet to me at work *sigh*

Trust me I can go on and on about him, but as I pointed out to Jennifer, which went something like…

Me: “UGH!!!! Please tell me that’s NOT WHO THAT IS!”
Jennifer: “WHO?! WHERE?!”
Jennifer: “PROSPAL!!! AWWWW”

Or it at least went something like that, but anyways I swear the driving to park Jenn’s car across from his went in slow mo. He was signing autographs for people and as soon as we parked had already gotten into his car and was backing out.

Right as I opened my door, he had pulled fully out and his window was down, so i started waving and smiling, which he looked over, waved, then smiled soooooooo fucking sad and waved some more. IT WAS SO SAD OMG UGH

I really am gonna miss Bling Bling man.

NYC trip to see a Rangers vs Lightning game, anyone? yes/yes?

We ended up leaving right after that since we saw that obviously the players had already skated and were leaving & it was DEFINATELY too hot to go all old school and sit out and wait for Vinnie to leave to see if he’d stop and we could talk to him.

So we end up going to the mall since that was the plan for the day – go see vinnie, hang out with leilani at the mall. Yea well Leilani I guess felt like being a douche (j/k STOP GIVING ME EVIL EYE LELAND) and stay home, so me & Jen went and hung out at the mall. Ended up buying me a mini wallet & a fucking hat THAT ACTUALLY FITS MY BIG ASS HEAD from Spencer’s.

Look how big this Edward Cullen doll is compared to a bookmark. Who the fuck would pay $150 for this?!

Look how big this Edward Cullen doll is compared to a bookmark. Who the fuck would pay $150 for this?!

Then since I’ve been looking for WEEKS for this doodle book I suggested we go to the book store they had in the mall which ended up being a Books A Million which I have never been in one of those & now that I have I enjoyed it. But just like anytime I go visit a book stores I go straight for the magazines first, then the journals and now a days look for Twilight stuff, haha.

Which omg ngl to you guys someone needs to buy me the edward doll with sunglasses so I can take funny pics of him in different places like those stupid twimoms do. SERIOUSLY I THINK IT WOULD BE FUNNY!

Anyways got to see the New Moon bookmarks finally in person, which I’m kinda disappointed, cuz they’re so much smaller then my Twilight one Leilani bought me last year & plus they’re like old school bookmarks with no plastic protector thing around it, so I dunno if I want this one, even though fucking Robert is looking DELISH on it.

Another good thing about Books A Million is Jennifer found the Michael Jackson magazine she had been looking for that I had (my mom bought it) but didnt know what store it was from. So when we went to check out we were stunned at the HUGE ASS Edward Cullen doll sitting in front of the cash register.

The hilarious part is it does NOT look ANYTHING like Edward at all, it’s so ridiculous with how big it is AND there was no Bella doll, haha. Who would pay $150 for that or $130 if you have a ‘rewards’ card, haha. Is it weird that the first thing I thought of when I saw this and how big it was, was Kellan Lutz talking about the ‘vibrating edward doll’ some fan had showed him at one of the conventions he was at O_o

Yea, moving on.

Jen preparing her yogurt at Green Berry.

Jen preparing her yogurt at Green Berry.

After Books A Million me & Jennifer were pretty hungry so we ended up going to Green Berry which is this yummy yogurt place Leilani took me too & had told Jennifer about, so I took her there and got some yummy fucking yoguart, seriously I think i’m obsessed with that place now, lol.

We paid for our yummy yogurt then decided to drive back to my house, have Katie pick us up, since she owed me her half of the money for the Vancouver trip and today was the last day I could go deposit in my account (since I work tomorrow) before the trip & then go eat lunch.

So Katie picks us up and we head to my bank and holy hell I have never had so much money in cash in my hands before and probably never will ever again. Haha even the lady at the bank was like ‘holy hell girl’ haha. I ended up depositing $1,888 into my account, putting $1,300 back into my savings (i had to borrow $1,000 from savings to cover Katie’s half til she paid me) which leaves me with $588 until next Friday, haha.

I’m thinking I’m really gonna know what a starving college student really feels like these first few days in Vancouver, haha.

After we left the bank we answered my every lasting question of “I Can Has Tias?” and went & actually had some fucking yummy Tias :)

After Tias I didnt really wanna go home yet, so I suggested we go to Borders since I had no luck at finding that doodle book, so we did. Of course traffic made it seem like it took us an hour just to get to the Borders, which in the heat we had today omg, sucked so much ass it wasnt even funny.

Got to Borders & actually found the doodle book I’ve been looking for, for WEEKS! PLUS I found a whole bunch of other ones that look even better then the one I originally found! So when i get back from Vancouver (or if i find it in Vancouver) I’m definately buying that shit :)

After Borders we went back to my house, watched the drunk video of Leilani (it’s on my facebook if you wanna see it, she for some reason doesnt want people seeing videos of her anymore *sigh*), some elvis & val videos, then Katie left to go pack and me & Jenn ended up watching Fanboys before she left to go to a dance at her church :)

I hadn’t had dinner yet, so at 9:25pm I made me some yummy sausage & onions for dinner and have been on the computer ever since, lol.

Aside from seeing Prospal being a highlight of the day, this one tops that.

Highlight of the Day

Bobby Long loves Sharks.

Bobby Long loves Sharks.

 I’ll explain the story behind this message another day, but just the ‘dont hit no sharks’ made me laugh/giggle like a 13 year old, it was funny/cute, lol. I also found out that he’s 22 years old today, which I dunno why I thought he was older then that and i dont know why when I found that out that the phrase “aw he’s a baby” popped in my head, cuz he’s not, but ugh i dunno.

What else, there was some other things i wanted to comment about, but now I can’t remember. Whatever if it comes to me (which I’m sure it wont) i’ll write about it, but I seriously gotta go to bed, i gotta wake up at 6am for work (XFC Championship) get off at 4:30pm, come home and FINALLY start packing *pulls hair out*

So have a goodnight if you’re not already, since most normal people are sleeping at 1:40am and not blogging. But for those of you that are night owls like me and havent gone to bed yet, I leave you with this……..