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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Last Night

I had a weird fucking dream. I don’t remember much about it, which is normal for me once I wake up or start talking about it.

All I remember was that there was a shitload of trips coming up and I just randomly got lucky with have a stack of cash, so it was up to me to pay for everyone’s tickets and them pay me back.

Well all I remember was freaking the fuck out about not having enough money for all the different tix/trips I was paying for. From what I remember was one trip/tix total was like $396; then there was one that was like $542 and then one that was like $209.

And all I kept thinking was ‘omg I dont have that fucking much in my banking account’. It also seemed no one else was freaking out or cared, because I made sure to say it over and over, since I was hanging out with Leilani, Katie, Angelina & Erin….which so happened to be the people that would at some point have to pay me back for these tickets.

I woke up feeling like I wasn’t going to get paid back by any of them. Twas a fucking weird ass dream. Really felt real too because even halfway through the day today I had to check my banking account to realize that I didnt actually make those purchases.

Which ended up being funny because Katie texted me later in the day saying that there were tickets in fact available for 30STM (we thought it was sold out) so I did end up actually making a few tix purchases for us today, haha.

Night Before Last

I had a dream that I went over to Vinnie’s house…..kinda for like a ‘goodbye’ since the hockey season just ended and I defiantely wont be seeing him til MAYBE August. Plus when I do see him next he’s gonna be a damn daddy, since his girlfriend is due in May, i think O_o

To me it felt like a ‘closure’ type of visit……it was also one of those outer body experience dreams but then it wasn’t, it was weird.

Anyways, I was sitting on his couch, which was this really long black leather couch. Wait I take that back I sat on his coffee table or was it a foot stool first? Because I remember I was sitting in front of him when I first congratulated him on becoming a daddy which he smiled really big and thanked me………THEN I sat on the couch.

Which like I said was REALLY LONG, he sat on the other side and even though it looked like I should be yelling at him to hear me, we never raised our voices over a regular conversation volume.

Anyways the convo like i said started with me congratulating him on being a daddy and then just went into ‘remember when’s and shit, since I’ve been a fan of this guy for 10 years now. It was a really cute conversation with alot of laughing, it felt like talking with an old friend. Which it normally does with Vinnie, but him being celebrity I can’t help but feel like he doesn’t see it the way I do.

Either way everytime I would turn my head while talking for whatever reason I would turn back and Vinnie would have scooted a little closer towards me on the long ass couch.


Then at one point I think (cant really remember) that he got up and went to get him something to drink (i declined) and when he came back to sit on the couch he sat even more closer to me. Like we went from like to a 2 person length space apart to maybe an arm apart. Which I’m VERY aware of this, I would keep stopping in whatever it was I was saying, realize I was staring and then try to continue AND remember what i was talking about, since I’d start freaking out.

By then I kinda wanted to test out this theory, so I turned my head again, looking around the room and within seconds before I turned my head back, I could hear the leather creak & moan as he moved closer to me. And of course once I turn back around he was half an arms length from me.

Needless to say I giggled a little, because the whole time he’s doing this everytime I would look back at his face he’d have this complete pokerface like nothing was happening. Even when I giggled this last time!

I like playful Vinnie so I waited a few minutes before turning my head again and kept my head turned a bit longer then all the times I did before and that’s when I felt his leg touch mine.


As I turned back to him, my whole body became flush with his and again I look up at him with I know I had a deer in the headlights/hot & bothered face (YES IT DOES EXIST) and again saw his pokerface.

My brain at this point is going absolutely insane, because he was sitting RIGHT NEXT to me, which then made me think if I turn my head again does that mean he’ll be in my lap? Or vice versa?

Oh how my inner self started clapping and yelling “HERCULES! HERCULES!” in my head.

That’s also around the same time I realized that ever since he sat back down from getting his drink that he hadn’t uttered a word.

And I had already made up my mind that I wanted to turn my head to see what happened next, so I started talking about something totally pointless since I knew neither of us were really paying attention or trying to keep a conversation.

Then everything that happened next happened in slow mo.

I turned my head.

And then I felt a pressure on my lips.

A warm and wet kinda nice pressure.

Slow mo over, I turn my head back to him in alarm.

Did he just kiss me?

Noooooooooooo FUCKING way.

Looking at his lips confirmed it, because they were now wet and yummier looking.

Time must of went on forever and I must of been staring, because his pokerface immediately started to melt away and the left side of his lips turned up in a sweet little smile.

Which I turned my body towards his side and smiled back.

I then gripped his shirt collar using it to pull myself onto him, straddling his lap.

I kneeled like that over him, gripping his collar and just looking into his eyes and just got lost in them.

I was asking for permission to kiss him just by staring at him like this, even though he had kissed me first.

I never thought the permission would ever been given until I felt his huge warm, rough hands rest on my back, inching up under the back of my shirt.

Which I sighed to myself and then started pulling his collar, bringing his beautiful face towards me.

Then I woke up.

*throws bucket of cold water on self*

Oh and did I mention Vinnie looks like this?

A Dream I WOULD Like To Have

Besides the continious of the dream of above, lol.

I would like to have a dream about Murdoch. I was talking to my friend Megan on twitter the other day and she lost her dog 4 years ago and she had a dream about saying goodbye to her dog.

And I would love to have that, because I never got to say goodbye to Murdoch either, granted I know he’s still here with me, but I would love to talk to him and see his butt shake one last time :-/

But if its one of those this or that type of situations, then I rather just have Murdoch with me always then saying goodbye…..just so there’s no confusion :)