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Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

FROtography of the Day: Nick Wheeler of The All-American Rejects performing at ETSU in 2007.


Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Nothing interesting happened today at work, like seriously we’ve pretty much had a whole week to set up for the Metallica show that yesterday at work our supervisors were like “i have NO IDEA what we’re gonna be doing tomorrow”, haha.

Normally on concert set ups the big ball buster is having to set up the floor seats, but for Metallica it was GA (general admission) and we had did all our other set ups around the building so aside from setting up their dressing rooms and the gates to get into the building, we all knew there wasn’t gonna be shit to do.

So since I really don’t have much to say about work today except with how bored I was, I’ll just show you the 3 or 4 pictures I took and be on my way closer to catching some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs lol.


4 hours worth of work.

This is what it looked like yesterday before I left work, we went from full hockey arena to this so they could set up Metallica’s stage and stuff today for the show.


Cool welcome sign someone made for Metallica on our chalkboard backstage :)


Metallica directions for backstage.

Setting up Metallica's stage.

Setting up Metallica's stage.

My friends for the day.

My friends for the day.

I was in a weird mood all day today so thankfully they gave me stuff to do by myself so I wouldnt snap at anyone and at one point I was buy myself for almost 2 hours replacing the handicapped sections chairs, since alot of those sections were missing them. And since I STILL DONT HAVE INTERNET the chairs on the car ended up being my friends for those almost 2 hours, haha.

This is what boredom & random crayons equals.

This is what boredom & random crayons equals.

At some point we had caught up with all the little jobs we actually end up doing, so we really had nothing to do. I got lucky and found some random crayons in our office and some pieces of paper and decided to make my mom some drawings, since I like doing random 3 year old shit like that for her :)

Just random Metallica tour boxes that I thought looked cool.

Just random Metallica tour boxes that I thought looked cool.

After work, I went upstairs and bought Leilani a $30 Metallica tshirt since I didnt feel like throwing down $80 A PIECE for tickets (she LOVES them), so I got her the shirt since I knew she didnt have a Metallica shirt :)

I then left from there to go pick up Leilani, since we were gonna hang out, get dinner and go see either Zombieland or the Toy Story 3d Double Feature. I pick her up and immediately go over to Best Buy, because earlier in the day i saw that today marked my 3 year anniversary of being a Best Buy Rewards Member :)

So I went and bought 3 DVDs, which two of them ended up being Patrick Swayze movies :( (point break & tall tale) and bought Where The Red Fern Grows because I LOVE THAT BOOK and never saw the movie so I thought I’d give it a chance for $18 :)

We then go back to my house so I can change out of my work clothes and end up going to Sonny’s for dinner, which I think Leilani didn’t like her food, but my stuff was good, omg their garlic bread is OFF THE CHAIN, js.

After that we decided we were gonna go see the 9:55pm Zombieland and since we pretty much had almost 2 hours to kill we went to Walmart, since I had to buy new bras, cookies to bake next week & maybe my lovely kit kat/reese’s bag i always buy. But of course¬†when we got there, Twilight hilarity was born – AS ALWAYS, lol.

rpattz even gets new bras thrown at him.

rpattz even gets new bras thrown at him.

We discovered that there’s new New Moon posters, which one is of Robward by himself (christmas presents, bbz – js) and one of Failcob – NO IDEA WHY, but Leilani took a picture of it, so I dont have it, haha.


A message from Leilani to Failcob.

LOL – we then went to magazines and drooled over the rpattz pictures in the teenie magazines & took the quizes, which Leilani totally didn’t get Robert in one of them, but that guy from the Hannah Montana movie, lol.

We then went and checked out & headed to the movies since it was about 30 minutes until the movie started :)

And there’s no way I couldnt take it as anything BUT signs, but the New Moon trailer was shown in front of Zombieland which was TOTALLY random to me. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

Then IN the beginning of Zombieland they played a Metallica song, haha.

So i swear it was like i woke up screaming METALLICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! And ended the night screaming the same thing, haha.