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Dear Friday

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Why are you doing this to me?

Bitch you know I’ll be at work this time…….so now I’m gonna be all like AHHHH up until that time so I can buy fucking tickets.

I wonder if our box office is a ticketmaster? I bet it’s not, because that would make it TOO FUCKING EASY FOR ME.



I miss Kevin & Skinny AJ

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

So I’ve been listening/watching this video on repeat for the past hour….

Which I havent listened or watched this video in almost 4 yrs (which is when it came out) because it reminds me of my grandma who passed away when this single was released. And its weird cuz I just noticed that there is like NO BRIAN parts in this song, it was replaced with Nasaly Nick *sigh*

So upon watching that I was looking for a embed code for it since EVERYONE that i found that had it refused to let you do that, and that’s when I came across this video for their single ‘Drowning’ that I have NEVER seen before.

Why? Because BSB hated how it turned out (after watching this i don’t blame em) and redid the video to what everyone probably remembers and more importantly the video for this song that I love….

The ‘wet version’ of ‘Drowning’ is really bad granted fucking AJ looks good in his lameass fish net shirt, but I DONT CARE OK? He can drown in my life WHENEVER HOWEVER so be quiet.

Watching these videos I have come to realize one thing – why THE FUCK does Nick insist on his lip sycing to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO dramatic? Over moving his mouth for certain notes and just his movements & facial expressions, its pathetically funny (is that a word) especially since everyone else seems natural in the videos with their singing and stuff.

*shakes head*

Also I’m thinking the departure of Kevin has cursed this group, not only with hits, but also made Nick skinny & AJ fat, and that my friend is fucking wrong, because AJ is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay finer then Nick’s crackhead ass.


BSB seriously WTF?!

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Ok I haveĀ a few questions after watching this video:

1. Why are you guys in Japan?

2. Why is AJ wearing eyeliner?

3. Why are ya’ll still allowing Brian to play/sing in the streets? Especially in a different country? Didn’t you see ‘Closer’ how Natalie Portman got hit by a car?

4. Why the FUCK is there SO MUCH NICK in this video?

5. What does this have to do with the actual song ‘Bigger’?

6. Why does Nick look like a crack addict?


This video makes me sad and so did the ‘Straight Through My Heart Video’ because that is SUCH AN AWESOME song! And you messed it up with making it all vampire related…..I don’t even know because I still haven’t seen the whole video, but I do love the shit out of that song and ‘Bigger’.

This video also pisses me off because there’s SO MUCH FUCKING NICK shots in it and he doesn’t really have that big of a singing part in it, just like the chorus and shit, or at least I think so. I dunno this video just makes it seems like it’s Nick Carter & the Backstreet Boys.


7. When is Kevin coming back?