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where the fuck have I been?

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Busy, bored, lazy?

Yea pretty much, haha.

I have so much stuff I need to blog about but lately I have just been completely lazy, too bored to WANT to blog about stuff or actually busy with work, haha. To show you what I mean here’s a recap of what’s been going on since the last time I blogged….

- saw AAR in Orlando & Miami
- went into work the monday after the Miami show, even though I wasnt supposed to (2 hrs of sleep)
- worked to set up for a hockey game that wednesday
- left that night for SC for Jennifer’s graduation
- went looking for The Notebook house on our way back home that friday
- worked to set up for Jingle Ball that sunday
- whole weeks work of setting up for the NCAA women’s volleyball tournament
- go with Leilani to see Brothers
- Jennifer came home the 18th
- FINALLY going Christmas shopping (8 & 1/2 hours & $350+ spent)
- seeing Avatar
- hung out with Jen
- take Jen to see New Moon 
- employee ice skating party
- worked set up for hockey game
- went to hockey game with Jennifer

And of course in the middle of all that was other random shit like trying to catch up on sleep, dealing with drama and trying NOT to break my Christmas Rule which is on Dec 1st i cant buy myself anything, which I broke this year, haha.

Either way I have tons of pictures I need to edit and all that jazz, but who knows when that’ll happen.

Anyways the real reason why I came on here was to wish everyone a safe & Happy Holidays!

My present to you, an oldie but goodie for us AAR fans :)

Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!

Wide Awake @ 4:44am

Friday, October 30th, 2009

And we’re not talking the normal wide awake at 4:4am because I HAVEN’T gone to sleep yet, but the I went to sleep at 8:40pm last nite and woke up an hour ago and can’t back to sleep, type of awake, haha.

Upside to this, is I’m blogging, but more importantly sitting in my floor in my favorite fucking hoodie that I haven’t been able to wear for like a YEAR because it’s so fucking HOT in Florida, OMG.

Oh and also I have the band, Action Action’s song ‘120 Ways To Kill You: An Illstruated Children’s Book’ on repeat. Ever since I was jamming out on my ipod a few days ago (if u follow me on twitter i’m sure you saw that) I rediscovered how much I love this song and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. So yea it’s been on repeat for the past few days, haha

 Don’t really have much of anything exciting to say, but omg yesterday as a whole was fucking awesome! First of all I dreaded it & expected the worse because for some stupid reason I could not sleep the night before and ended up only getting about 2 hours asleep! Pick Angelina up & get to work just to find out that DJ had CALLED IN O_o

That alone showed such promise in the day, you guys have no idea, especially since it was an event day (hockey game = easy day)! Had fun as always working with Angelina, the only down fall of the day was having to dress about a million tables outside in the 90 degree heat while our lazy ass guys sat around smoking or just shooting the shit with the housekeeping staff >:o

Didn’t get to see Vinnie, but I did get to FINALLY hang up this wall map that has just been rolled up & collecting dust in our office for like well over a month & added some of the places i’ve been :)

I really should hit the central North more.

I really should hit the central North more.

Which I’m sure some asshole will rip down, since we saw how long our ‘fake tv’ lasted – WHICH I STILL NEED TO WRITE ABOUT OMG DRAMA – but whatever, I’m all about trying to find stupid cute things for us to do in the office to help us bond, but I guess there’s just assholes in our department like being destructive? Did I spell that right? Probably not, if it is in fact even a word, lol.

OH! I’ve been meaning to talk about this discovery thanks to my bb Erin (@enthropologie) of! It’s JUST LIKE where you can take a picture with your phone or upload a pic to twitpic & the pic gets tweeted to your twitter. Well instead of pictures it’s video! Which will come in GREAT handy for you peeps stalking me while I attempt at this New Moon premiere craziness next month, haha. The first video I did was the other day to test it out to see if it works and it did!

So I’m really excited about using this for you guys next month and in any future trips! Also yesterday I was bored and random took video at work, which its so funny because it looks totally rehearsed like its for a tv show, but it’s not omg! LOL

Angelina tried to call DIBS on a guy today that I CLEARLY had dibs on FOR A LONG ASS TIME AND she used to MAKE FUN OF ME ABOUT! Funny how sense gets knocked in to people, haha.

Had a discussion about the 97 cookies I made last saturday and how the assholes at work ate em all within 10 minutes, which fucked over ALOT of people in getting cookies – UGH.

Left work, dropped Angelina off and pretty much sped home since my mom had promised to make me taco meat for dinner (i had called her ‘half joking’ at lunch to see if she’d bring me McDonalds knowing she wouldn’t, haha) and 2 streets down from my house I see this huge red ‘STORE CLOSING – EVERYTHING MUST GO’ sign and realized it was for Blockbuster.



Ran into the house yelling “MOM OMG WE HAVE TO GO TO BLOCKBUSTER THEY’RE CLOSING!” She immediately was O_O and was like “SHIT! They have that Michael Jackson frame picture I want! If I give you $60 would you run over there and get it if they still have it?!”

Me: “How much is it?” O_o

Mom: “$20″

Me: “Then wtf why are you giving me $60?”

Mom: “In case you see anything else good!”

LOL – long story short I end up driving back over there with $45 in hand (she obviously forgot spending one of her $20s haha) and had a pic text/phone call discussion with my mom about buying this:


Which she ended up asking me to get it, so I asked the cashier to hold it behind the counter for me while I browsed, which omg I was overwhelmed with how many movies there was! Granted it’s Blockbuster, but I had no idea how long they had that sign out since I go like NO WHERE except to work and back, haha and well I hadn’t worked since Friday!

I was there almost 2 hours and ended up buying $62.77 worth of stuff! Which was only like 4 dvds, the MJ thing, some New Moon chocolate (mmm Edward) and these cool back cover things (20 for $1)!

Got home showed my her MJ thing and she was like,

“Yea that’s not the one I was talking about, but oh well.”

hahaha, it was the only MJ thing they had which was funny because when I had asked the cashier to hold it for me he had just got off the phone telling the person they were out of MJ art, haha

I really didn’t care at that point because right after I gave her the MJ pic I started burping up acid, meaning that I was starving! So I loaded a plate full of taco heaven and went back to my room to eat. The WHOLE time extremely wide awake, which I still can’t believe because like I said earlier I only had like 2 hours asleep, but I knew once I ate that would all change and I’d pass out.

Which is what happened, as soon as I got full my eyelids started getting heavy, hence the reason why I went to be at 8:40pm and i’m awake now HOURS before my alarm clock goes off to wake me up to get ready for work, lol.

Now I think I’ll probably edit some pictures since I have an hour left before getting ready for work, even though I should cook myself some breakfast but i’m ENTIRELY too lazy to do that, haha. Oh well *shrugs*

I am supposed to be going to Howl-O-Scream tonight with Leilani, but I have NO IDEA how that’s gonna work out, lol.

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