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30 years ago today….

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

…this beautiful creature was brought into this world.

I know there’s only like 8 minutes left of your day, but I hope you spent it having a good time Vinnie. Your last birthday before becoming a father!

Either way, I hope you had a good day, filled with good times & most importantly laughs.

I miss our silly joking around & laughs. You’re a great guy, with a good heart Vinnie. I just hate that you’ve been under so much pressure since you were like 16 years old, but either way I really hope the best for you.

As something you always signed to me….

“All the best…..”


Do you have any lotion? My hands Re dry lol and I’m almost to your house :)

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Yes, yes I do :)

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How young are you and have you lived anywhere other than FL?

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Yes I’ve lived in CA, HI, FL, MS, VA, RI and some of those states in 2 different cities :)

How young am I? Mentally 15? I may be 16 now, but I dunno, but really…? I’ll be 28 in July *runs away screaming*

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If you could be anywhere in the world atm…where would you most like to be?

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Good question, um…..its a toss up between NYC & Corinth, MS :)

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If you love me, then you’ll do me this favor.

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

My favorite solo artist, Val Emmich yesterday leaked his 2nd song from his new album yesterday called ‘E.S.T.’ which is fucking AMAZING, no lie I’ve had it on repeat since yesterday, haha.

Anyways last nite he posted this…

“Hey guys. I really appreciate all the kind things everyone is saying about the new songs. Here’s the reality though. In order for this record to see the light of day, I need to spread the word about these new songs. You can really help out by embedding these videos of the new songs on your own pages or just telling your friends via wall post or word of mouth. EST only has 100 plays on Youtube today and Sidekick hasn’t broken 1000 in a week. That’s just sad, I can’t even explain the frown on my face. Let’s get those numbers up. 5,000 at the least. I can’t convince someone to release this record if I can’t show a demand. Forgive the forwardness but If the record is going to come out, that’s what we are looking at. Love you all!!” —VE

Um I WANT this fucking album to be released, so all I need you guys to do is exactly what he said to do in his note. Listen to the leaked songs on youtube and if you like it post em up or tweet them so that more people would watch them.

I think we should try and get both songs at least 5,000 views like he said and hopefully that helps with the record label *crosses fingers*

So here’s the 2 leaked songs I need you guys to listen to and repost anywhere or tweet if you like them………..which I KNOW you will.




I’ll probably be posting about him alot the coming days, so why not fall in love with this musical genius and help me?

Either way thanks for reading and listening if you dont decide to help, that alone helps <3

Dear Friday

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Why are you doing this to me?

Bitch you know I’ll be at work this time…….so now I’m gonna be all like AHHHH up until that time so I can buy fucking tickets.

I wonder if our box office is a ticketmaster? I bet it’s not, because that would make it TOO FUCKING EASY FOR ME.



what do you really think of bon jovi?

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Personally I love Bon Jovi I would just much rather have his 80s/90s type of music back.

His music now a days sounds like instead of reinventing himself he’s trying to make 2nd rate copies of his awesome shit from earlier in his career :(

I won’t deny I was kinda annoyed with how LOCKED DOWN the building was when he got inside on Saturday.

I mean wtf I’ve seen other stars walking around backstage saying hi to people and stuff. It was a bit disappointing to say the least, but then again it was like that last time.

I’m hoping it’s just a phobia or routine he’s just gotten used to over the years, but I think that’s what bothers me. Is how he comes off in interviews & stuff you would NEVER guess it was like that for his shows, but whatever I still rock out to his old shit =D

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how much money do you make? ;(

Monday, April 19th, 2010

If i’m lucky I make $400 every 2 weeks O_o

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Let me tell you a story about Kevin Costner

Monday, April 19th, 2010

My Aunt Jeannie’s favorite actor and biggest celebrity crush is of Kevin Costner. Which is funny because she still hasn’t seen all his movies, but does TRY to have a Kevin Costner movie nite whenever possible at her house, which my cousins can not stand, haha.

Anyways last month when I was driving home from California with my Brother, when we were passing through Mississippi I saw a billboard advertising that Kevin Costner and his band would be playing in Biloxi (this passed Saturday) so I immediately texted my aunt about it, REGARDLESS of it being early in the morning…yea its THAT serious with her, haha.

Which the text back was amazing….


Yea I saved it.

Anyways today I see my friend Loren posted a new blog and I open it to realize it was a review of the MS Kevin Costner show that was this weekend.

Her Blog:

Reading it I was like this O_O the whole time and wondering “I REALLY hope Jeannie went to this.”

So I went into my mom’s room to ask if she had heard from her sister, which she hadn’t, which I knew that meant she’d never went and that she was going to be sooooooooooooooooo pissed when I tell her how awesome the show as AND the fact that he walked through the fucking crowd.

Long story short, she was LIVID and the only reason she couldn’t go was she couldnt afford the hotel, which made me sad because I TOTALLY would of paid for that shit for her.


Hopefully she’ll have another chance, but so far that seemed like it was the golden opportunity for her to ‘suck on those lips’ as she ALWAYS says when you’re talking about Kevin Costner with her.

hahaha, i <3 her

Oh gosh, you read the Remember Me script? Do you still have it?! (:

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Yea I still have it :) I have a few others too :)

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