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Miley just being Miley?

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

She USED 2 B so cute!

Which means what in particular?

Cause after what I saw today at work I would not want to do anything remotely like Miley. Especially if I had kids that were idolizing her, we would be burning the merch of hers I had bought them right about now.

Let me back up….

Today at work Miley Cyrus’ tour stopped for a show, so all day today I was setting up for it, which is pretty typical on event day. Kinda a calm day even though we were constantly working all day…in fact the Jonas Brothers show was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more stressful then hers today.

Didn’t appreciate the snottiness of one of her crew members……..even when I was BEING NICE and offering her to go ahead of me so she didn’t have to wait for me while I pushed a cart.

*rolls eyes*

Anyways after we finish he crazy chair set…….which I feel bad for the people that got seats in the ‘pit area’, its hard to explain but they’ll be facing the band the whole night, while Miley sings there too but can also walk on this little walk way to this bigger stage behind their seats. Meaning they’d have to turn fully around in their seats to see her.

Like i was saying, after we finished that me & Angelina went looking for a supervisor to find something to do or were we looking for tape? I can’t remember, but anyways leaving the shop we almost ran right into Miley Cyrus…….who was talking on a cellphone, toting TWO PURSES.


That’s not even the worse thing, my short lived giggle at her ‘natural’ snarl was cut short because of the pretty much NOT THERE skirt she was wearing!

Seriously I went from about to barf in my mouth to complete and utter shock.

This 17 year old (she’s 17 now right?) girl is a role model to little girls EVERYWHERE………and I mean LITTLE GIRLS.

Yea, yeah Britney Spears did the same thing too, and I also had this very same opinion about it as well.

What is it with Disney producing whores? I mean seriously….

You know I’ve had a ’shes a skank’ opinion about Miley since she broke up with Nick Jonas, because that’s when she started dressing more trashy and hanging out with that Mandy girl, but I was gonna keep my mind open for if I saw her today or whatever.

Her walking with that skirt on, her nose in the air like she was too good to even look at anyone, her vibe was just all freaking bad. And it threw me into complete & utter shock…….not only because of what she was wearing but how right I was about how she might possibly be!

I’m sure you’re thinking I’m overracting, but obviously I’m not because when she FINALLY appeared for her soundcheck (made her fans wait a little over an hour listening to her band play ‘party in the usa’ over and OVER – without vocals/lyrics) she was wearing shorts!

So obviously she KNOWS how trashy she dresses & that’s just disgusting, i’m sorry.

Then the whole soundcheck I felt bad for her fans because she did maybe a whole ONE song, then took one picture with people and the peaced the hell out. I mean wtf?!

Another thing that pissed me off was the whole time she was on stage for her soundcheck she was interacting with her band/crew, i wanna say she said maybe 4 things to the crowd, it was like she was ignoring them, wtf.

*shakes head*

In conclusion the lesson for the day was that Miley Cyrus in my book is now a confirmed whore…….I’m sorry, but there’s just no coming back from that.


Yea I totally want my future kids idolizing someone like her *shakes head*

Miley I really did use to believe that you really did have the best of both worlds, but your 15 minutes of fame are slowly ticking down, you better come up with a better plan because dressing trashy didn’t work out for Paris Hilton either.

Work Drama – TV

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

So yesterday (Oct 18th) at work, I drew this….

Jurassic Park's on TV!

Jurassic Park's on TV!

I walk in this morning to work and see this….



Confused? Oh well i’ll explain EVERYTHING to you, tomorrow, but now it’s bedtime since i have work in a few hours.


To be continued….

I love rpattz, but DAMN.

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

First of all, look how adorable….

That smile & laugh is just so fucking cute, omg.

From: - If anyone has the HQ version of this please send it my way!

From: - If anyone has the HQ version of this please send it my way!

But this is my favorite find from today….

I seriously need to watch this movie again, like ASAP, lol. By the way for those of you that dont know it’ll be available on DVD for us US of A peeps November 17th & you can preorder it now (i think) on :)

Anyways I was looking for a specific robert/rpattz picture and upon looking for it I came across this: Project F.L.A.N.S.

Which ‘F.L.A.N.S.’ stands for ‘Fangirl Leaders Against Needless Stalking’.


Don’t get me wrong I am all against the craziness that is the stalking fans and the aggressive pappz, but as soon as I read this it just got this weird twi-hard vibe.

Because it’s pretty much a……not a pointless effort but a hopless one I guess?

I mean I hate the harassment this poor kid has to deal with like all the rest of my closest bbz, but stuff like making ‘projects’ for it, just makes it seem like you’re doing it more for the ‘attention’ then the actually effort, when in fact it won’t really make much of a difference.

And that was it, that was just how I felt, but then I clicked on the ‘get involved’ link and I just couldnt stop shaking my head the more and more I read.

To get involved that want you to do this:

» Don’t buy tabloids or other paparazzi publications.
» Don’t visit gossip sites that feed off paparazzi and rumours.
» Write to websites that host and spread paparazzi material and tell them how you feel.
» Don’t spread links to gossip sites, etc.
» Put banners, etc. on your personal sites to show your support for Rob. (see below)

Its almost like you cant watch tv or read magazines, because that’s all thats on tv and in print now a days and god forbid the shit you see online, when it comes to twilight/robert news its almost IMPOSSIBLE not to be exposed to this kinda stuff. Doesn’t make it right, but I’m not obsessing over having to SEE EVERY SINGLE PICTURE OF ROBERT. Plus I mean anyone with a heart or common sense finds the pappz pics creepy, so when we do see them, we just express our rage towards the papz or fans that are harassing him and move on, because I dunno I feel like there’s nothing we can do about it.

To be honest all you really can do is just wait it out, I mean remember Titanic & the shit Leo DiCaprio had to go through? His shit was AWFUL and he didn’t even have the craze tha the internet causes for celebs now.

Plus you gotta think, what about the other celebs? You’re just focusing on one celebrity and not all in a whole, if you’re gonna do a ‘project’ like this, you should just make it a general celebrity thing, not just Rob. Granted you’re a rob fansite, but when you just single him out like that makes it seem like you really are just doing it to get his attention :(

Also when you continue to read the ‘get involved’ page, they list websites/magazines not to purchase or look out and a few of them I understood but one, I was like “really? wtf?”, are you serious? Dude they JUST put out ON STANDS a New Moon EXCLUSIVE magazine, but I guess we can’t read those cuz they theatren Rob’s safety?


The ONTD site I can understand, but to be honest I dont go there for the gossip and I know its not just me when I say that I go there to read the comments, cuz they’re fucking hilarious.

But anyways I’m not trying to piss on anyone’s front yard, I was just expressing my opinion on something I agree with what you’re trying to do, but just doesn’t feel right.


Oh yeah, now i remember.

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Remember how the other day I was all like “i cant fucking remember what else i wanted to say…….” bullshit? Yea well I finally remembered, it was about these weird fucking dreams I had the night before that blog.

When I have very detailed dreams, they tend to either just be one huge full length movie, staring me (obviously) or just a bunch of short stories, in which I keep waking up in between each one.

Well that night it was one of those very detailed short stories dreams, haha.

The first one I was in some sorta restraunt, but it looked more like a small cafeteria. Had the long metal picnic type of table they’d have in the cafeteria at one of my schools I went to. Except in this restraunt it was the ONLY table in the restraunt, which it stretched from 5 ft from the entrance all the way to the back wall was.

So I’m sitting at the end nearest to the entrance, rpattz is sitting next to me and across from him is kstew (no one is sitting in front of me by the way which is kristen’s left side) and then the rest of the eclipse cast & crew filled up the rest of the table.

I have NO IDEA why I was there, but in the dream I was invited to go eat with them and the dream starts with us already being there and just waiting around for our food in an awkward sorta noisy silence. Since the end of the table i was at was quiet (i’m with kstew & rpattz) where is the rest of the table is just noisy with tons of different conversations going on at once.

I don’t really remember what started it or what we exactly was talking about, but I remember thinking how nice Kristen was and it was mostly because she was laughing at just about EVERYTHING I said that I meant to be funny. Robert on the other hand, sat with his head down the whole time and I just got the vibe that he wasn’t allowed to speak unless spoken to or given some sorta of silent approval from whoever, i have no idea.

And the only reason why i picked up on this, was not only cuz of his head being down the whole time, but at some point he started to comment on something I was talking about, but stopped hisself when I guess he realized what he was doing wasn’t allowed. I had looked over at him to see him stop mid sentence to see him TRY to tuck his head even farther down, then saw that Kristen was giving him this evil ass eye as into say “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” kinda look.

It was really quite odd.

But it was cute because a few times I caught him snickering at a few funny things I had said trying to be as quiet as he possibly could. And I shit you not, it looked just like this, when I would look over at him….

so cute :)

I wake up from that dream thinking ‘OMG why was Kristen so freaking nice, but then so controling poor robert’, yea I blame that fucking ‘elevator video’ of Kristen & Robert at their hotel I saw a week ago *shakes head*

The next dream was even more random & made absolutely no sense at all, haha.

Me & Leilani we walking down a street and we were discussing ‘baby names’ which made NO SENSE because neither one of us was pregnant in the dream nor are either one of us in real life.

But the weirdest part is in the dream I had a ‘lightbulb’ moment and thought I had figured out the best kid name ever, so I turn to Leilani and was all like “DUDE OMG! I know what I could name my kid if I had a son!”

Just thinking its the fucking awesomest name EVER for a little boy.

She of course asked me and I blurt out Balboa.

Yea as in Rocky Balboa.

In fact in the dream I think its the greatest name because not only would it be a tribute to Rocky, but also his nicknames would be fucking awesome.

Bal or Boa

Yea I woke up right after that saying, “Balboa? wtFUCK?!”

So all day long I was pretty much walking around saying ‘balboa? lol wtf dude?’ but now i dunno it’s actually kinda cool. Not that I would name my kid that, maybe a dog, but its kinda a cool name, haha.

Ok that’s done, now on to random shit that I’ve done or have thought of this week.

First things first.





Here’s why……………those are 2 different days by the way if you couldnt tell that his shirt is different.

Ok this motherfucker for like 2 or 3 years now is out on Aremina (sp?) & Waters EVERYDAY asking people for money. Walking up and down the medium reading from the bible, blessing people for any donation they give him or his wife that is USUALLY with him, but I havent seen her in a few months.


Not ONCE has this motherfucker had ANY KINDA signs or badges associating himself with ANY KINDA CHURCH.



ANYONE can walk and up and down a street preaching the bible, saying they’re with a church and get money that way, but what it all boils down to is that its fucking WRONG.

Especially now with people are losing their jobs and everyone’s money has pretty much gone to shit, they STILL are out everyday HOUNDING people for money. This motherfucker even tapped on my fucking WINDOW a few fucking times over the years!

This guys pisses me off so much that not once but twice I have seen him and almost just jumped the medium/curb to run his ass over.

I mean I’m sorry, just because you saw that Oprah episode where she had that guy that pretty much did what they were doing and ended up a millionaire, doesnt mean you should.

And what pisses me off even more is seeing people actually GIVING HIM MONEY! Yea that shouldnt piss me off, but it does. IGNORANCE PISSES ME OFF!

Cuz I KNOW its those SAME FUCKING PEOPLE that are complaining about NEVER HAVING ANY MONEY that are the ones falling for this man’s shit and GIVING HIM MONEY! Just handing him $1s & fucking $5s *shakes head*

It blows my mind.

Moving on, cuz omg I just can not stand that guy….the Tampa Bay Lightning’s game home opener was on Thursday (the 8th) and since Jennifer left for boot camp last week, one of the secruity guys told me that it was my duty to pick up Jennifer’s ‘cookie duties’. Which means i was supposed to bake chocolate chip cookies for him on game day.

I decided to do it and bake a few extras for my department as well :) so I went out and bought some cookie dough and the night before the game I baked the cookies (which I almost went to bed totally forgetting about! haha)…….

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

350 Degrees for 15 mins; let cool for 1 minute.

350 Degrees for 15 mins; let cool for 1 minute.

Spoon cookie dough & place on pan.

Spoon cookie dough & place on pan.

Bake for 15 minutes.

Bake for 15 minutes.

After cooled, I put em in a container for tomorrow.

After cooled, I put em in a container for tomorrow.

Top - Home; Middle - Secruity; Bottom - My Department

Top - Home; Middle - Secruity; Bottom - My Department

In the middle of me baking the cookies my dad comes into the kitchen and in his mocking cheery voice is all like, “WHATCHA DOING?!” with a huge smile on his face, so I matched him and with my mocking cheery voice was like, “I’M BAKING COOKIES!” and he was like, “COOKIES?!” and I was like, “YEAH!” and in his normal voice he was all like, “Well i’m making popcorn.” haha

He then started asking me why i was making cookies and stuff, which I told him about the whole secruity thing and how Jennifer used to do it for them last year, which the mention of her name had him asking about her joining the army, lol.

But after that I finished baking and ended up baking 56 chocolate chip cookies!

Since my dad had asked about the cookies I figured that meant that he wanted some, so I ended up leaving 6 cookies in a container for him & maybe mom. Then took 50 to work, 25 for secruity & 25 for my department :)

The day at work however………………………..OMG, had to be the fucking HOTTEST DAY KNOWN TO MAN!

Setting up the tailgate party.

Setting up the tailgate party.

Seriously me and 4 others were outside for 4 fucking hours setting up all the gates and parties that were outside for the game that night and I swear to you it felt like it was 150 degrees with how the heat was, omg!

I mean it was so hot that two of the guys that were out there setting up the stuff with me put their shirts over their head or even one of the linens we needed to dress one of the tables with on their heads to help block the sun. It was THAT HOT!

Thankfully I only had to go out there one other time and it was later in the afternoon, which wasn’t much of a difference, but omg 11am-noon could kill a smile child with that heat, it was no joke.

After work since I was Angelina’s ride to and from work & while I was AT WORK I found out that Leilani was at home and not working like I originally thought….we went and picked Leilani up, so I wouldnt have to rush later to do it. Which halfway there turns out my dad needed my help with picking up or dropping off his car from the dealership, haha.

Got Leilani, played with her puppy for a few and was on our way, when she realized that she forgot her phone, upon reaching her door she realizes she forgot her keys as well, haha. So yea we left after that…dropped Angelina off at home and then went to what I thought was to pick up my dad, but pulled up and turns out he had drove my brother’s car and we were picking up his car.

So since I can’t drive manual, he drove my brother’s car, I drove his truck and Leilani drove my car back to my house, haha.


Get to my house, just so I can change and then leave for the game since it started at 7:30 and it being the home opener, I wanted to see the new intro video. Since last year’s failed so hard it wasn’t even funny. This one from the 07-08 season has got to be the BEST ONE i’ve seen being a fan for 9 years……

DIBS on that tall drink of water on the left walking in – JUST SAYING.

I pretty much walk/ran to the arena since we park out in BFE (bum fucking egypt) since its cheap as hell. Got up to the gate we usually go in to see that it’s closed off cuz of some lame ass party that they were having right in front of it, so we had to go around the front to get in. Which I ALWAYS try to avoid, it just takes waaaaaaaaaaaay longer to get in through the front since that’s where EVERYONE goes through.

Got our thundersticks & magent calendars, ran up the stairs and got inside right as the intro video started.

It was alright, DEFINATE improvement from last year’s gay shit. Seriously last year it was like, hold on i might can find it on youtube…….nope, see that just shows I wasnt the only one that thought it was stupid. I mean it shows the whole downtown area turn into ice after a lightning bolt hits the middle of the city and then our hockey players are SKATING UP TALL FUCKING BUILDINGS shooting pucks.

Yea lame sauce my friend.

Anyways we get to the game and have tickets in the 300s but no where near us (cuz I got HOSED) since I had to buy Leilani’s ticket, but being Going To Lightning Game Fanatics we knew or at least I did that we could go sit in the very last row of any of the end zones and wouldnt be bothered at all, so thats what we did :)

OWNING the last row!

OWNING the last row!

Oh did I forget to mention that I hadn’t eaten all day (well besides lunch) so on the way to the game we stopped at McDonalds to get food. Which for WHATEVER reason Leilani thought she had to eat it in the car before we got there, um NO MY FRIEND. We or at least I WAS gonna sneak my Mickey Ds into the game, because I knew if I ate before the game that once I got INTO the game and smelled all that food I’d be hungry again.

So like the amazing observant person that I am, I stuck in 2 hamburgers and 10 piece mcnuggets into the Lightning game, which as soon as we got to our last row I started grubbing, haha.

Freaking Devils scored on us almost right away, which was no surprise to me since Smith was in goal that night. I have NOTHING GOOD to say about him, so I just simply wont talk about him and will end this sentence with one word: Khabibulin.


Me & Leilani are big supporters of the 2000-2004 Lightning team, mainly because during that time period we had alot of the same players for so long and became very attached to those players & their personalities. This season we only have 2 players from that time period left and wow that’s really depressing to actually type out, cuz I thought we had more then that, but i just realized we dont :(

So when we go to games now, we usually just go to watch (of course) the game, but also to talk shit about alot of the crazy fans that caused us so much drama over the years AND more importantly we go to just……………………..DANCE.

I’m not gonna lie to you at hockey games they tend to play JAMS so me & Leilani to pick a specific dance and dance when they play jams at the games. And well at this game the dance of choice was the ‘Rpattz Dancing on Prince’ dance.

No idea what I’m talking about? Here, let me educate you….

The Rpattz Dancing On Prince Dance

The Rpattz Dancing On Prince Dance

 Not only is the .gif hilarious, but actually trying to do this dance with NO PRINCE or anyone in front of you is almost as funny too. Not to mention we were doing this dance to like EVERY SONG even if it was a slow one or had no beat at all, which made it even funnier, haha. Finally I decided I should take a picture of Leilani, because she does the face so well, haha.

Leilani doing the Rpattz Dance.

Leilani doing the Rpattz Dance.

Also before we got to the game I asked Leilani what she predicted would be the score and I forgot what she said, but I said someone (didnt say who) was gonna win 3-2.

Well after the Devils took the lead we came back in the 2nd & 3rd period and took the lead making it 3-2 O_o

We were all happy cuz the 3rd period was seconds away from ending and we still had the lead, but then the green light went off symbolizing the end of the period but then the red goal one went off right after that, symbolizing that the Devils scored.


Yea they had to review the goal and they even played the replay on the jumbotron and from what I SAW at 0.1 & 0.0 seconds there was no fucking puck in the damn net. But for some reason the refs saw otherwise and gave it to the Devils, meaning we had to go into Overtime.


That is exactly how last season started lots of overtimes & shoot outs that we of course ended up LOSING, so going into overtime wasn’t a good feeling for me.

*sigh* overtime.

*sigh* overtime.

Overtime came and went, which I knew would happen, which meant we had to go into shoot out, which equals a huge aggrvated sigh. Me & Leilani made our predictions on who they’d choose from the Lighting to do the shootout. We thought of course Vinnie, Marty & Stamkos.

Which we were right on one because Stamkos made it to center ice to wait to start the shoot out. Which he ended up getting his shot block *sigh* so the Devils went and of course scored.

Which I then shouted, “Well I think we just lost the game, Leilani” turned back to the ice to see Vinnie skate to center ice, but was alarmed to see our #13 at center ice instead.


He of course got his shot blocked as well and the Devils of course scored again on their next try, ending the game with an overtime lose for the Lightning.

Let Leilani rant a bit while I watched for the Stars of the Game, which ended up being all Lightning players (odd) and then we left.

Leilani left the bag, she was THAT mad.

Leilani left the bag, she was THAT mad.

Drove to drop Leilani off, but got gas for my car first and had a Sonic Slurpee craving, so drove over there just to see that the assholes closed 30 minutes early >:o

So I took Leilani home after that, since I had to work in the morning and went home myself.

The next day at work was pretty chill, we didn’t have much to do, but we kept busy with little things until around 12:30pm when we needed to go put the black floor down.

HUH? You must be saying, lol.

Yea turning a hockey arena into a concert set up, is probably my favorite part of the job, because we get to walk on the NHL ice and put down the black concert floor.

Push the stack of black floor onto the ice.

Push the stack of black floor onto the ice.

Place the floor boards on ice like putting a huge puzzle together!

Place the floor boards on ice like putting a huge puzzle together!

The funny part about this process is pretty much 98% of my department hates walking on the ice, because they’re afraid of falling. The only people that love this, is the ice crew and myself  :)

Angelina also hates doing this.

Angelina also hates doing this.

Once we were done with that, we finished a few little jobs before it was almost time to leave for the day, so we went back to the office and I dont know what came over me, but the thought of using tape to make a mustache instead of just drawing it on your finger was ingenius. So the rest of the time at work was spent making mustaches……..

Trying on my new mustache, lol!

Trying on my new mustache, lol!

Tape Stache #1 - Creepy how real it looks, haha.

Tape Stache #1 - Creepy how real it looks, haha.

Tape Stach #2 - Dali REPRESENT + Unibrow

Tape Stach #2 - Dali REPRESENT + Unibrow

haha, yea I was pretty excited about figuring out that new way to wear mustaches, haha. I ended up putting the mustaches on this stupid fucking skanky calendar the guys hung up in our office. To be honest I think the addition of the staches i made, makes the calendar WAY BETTER, just so ya’ll know.

I love your stache, Ms. November.

I love your stache, Ms. November.

Went home after that to let Angelina borrow some of my movies, then took her home and then came back and died or took a nap since thats what it really is and just fiddled around online for awhile before going to sleep sleep.


Gary knows.

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Gary Knows

First of all today at work was fun, but drug like no other, so I was REALLY GLAD to get home and just relax, before the craziness tomorrow that is setup for the Metallica concert.

I get home and of course the first thing I do is turn my laptop on since for some WEIRD ASS REASON my phone ALL DAY LONG would not connect to the internet. So I get on and log into facebook & twitter and just begin my normal internet routine.

Check my @ on twitter & my notifications on facebook, which to my surprise i had freaking 16 notifications on facebook. So I checked all of those and then went back to twitter to realize that I was on 4 or 5 people’s Follow Friday lists.

Which if you don’t know what ‘Follow Friday’ is….Follow Friday is where people on Friday suggest people that THEY’RE following on twitter to their own followers. For example I’m following Leilani (@laylawnknee) on twitter & wanna suggest her to be followed so I’d tweet something like “Follow Friday – @laylawnknee [insert more suggestions]“.

I’m sure you get the picture, ANYWAYS, so I start my own batches of Follow Fridays, since I tend to have alot. Which I did my first batch of my normal people that I always suggest on Follow Friday. When I finished I had maybe 10 characters left of room on that tweet, so I decided to add Katie, because just like everyone else she’s a friend of mine.

I knew that she hardly used twitter, but being that she’s my friend (even though we’re sorta mad at each other right now) I decide to add her to that Follow Friday as well so she doesnt feel left out AND that she doesnt use that for ANOTHER REASON to be mad at me. Type her username in (@ccchariot) and hit send.

Since I’m logged into AIM whenever I get new mail to my aol account a little notification window pops up in the bottom right corner of my screen, so maybe 5 minutes after I tweeted my follow fridays that notification popped up.

Usually when i see those mail notifications I go over to facebook, because for the most part it’s usually telling me that someone commented on something on my facebook. Opening up my facebook I see that I have one notification, so I open up the notification page and it says that Katie commented on my status.

So I’m immediately trying to think of what I wrote today and why she would comment on it while the page is loading. Once it loaded I saw that it was the Follow Friday tweet (my facebook is connected to my twitter, so all my tweets show up as new facebook statuses) and then read her comment (these are direct quotes by the way):

“Please remove me from the following shit. I dont use twitter at all. Nor want nothing part of it. thank you”

Call me crazy, because I know it’s not JUST ME that can see how snotty/bitchy this comment comes off. I mean aside from the bad grammar just the whole vibe of it is fucking stank as hell, so when I read it I actually laughed out loud because it was funny how easily this stupid little comment pissed me off.

Instead of commenting back like I wanted to, I imed Leilani for a second opinion to make sure that I WASN’T overreacting (which I do alot with Leilani, i’m surprised she doesnt hate my guts for it, lol). Leilani of course told me it sounded like she ‘hated me’ and that it comes off very stank, which I was just gonna leave it at that and just vent to Leilani, but then I got another notification and saw that Leilani had left a comment:

Leilani: “Holy shit, calm the fuck down. Probably was a simple mistake and she wasn’t thinking. Jesus!”

Which for some reason flashed a green light in my head because she was being so ‘nice’ about the situation and I was just in a mood to NOT BE NICE today and just commented right away:

Me: “actually i was trying to be nice and include all my friends, but whatever let her throw her little fit over something stupid.”

As you can tell by what I said that I really didn’t care at all how that statement made her feel, because to be honest I hoped she’d attack me back the very same way, since she started this whole thing with bringing such ugly stankness to a ‘what i thought’ was nice gesture *shakes head*

Of course the almost instant back and forth argument went into affect….

Katie: “I actually am FUCKING CALM. thanks But no thanks. i just dont use twitter .”

The mention of ‘no thanks’ through me over the edge, you know the saying ’seeing red’ well i saw a blue FUCKING FLAME. The reason behind such rage is because when we were on our Vancouver trip every few times we would suggest to eat somewhere or do something Katie would sometimes answer not with a ‘no’ or ‘nah’ or ‘no but how about this…’ she would simply say ‘no thanks’. Which to me sounded like the snottiest/stuck up shit EVER. And we told her this WHILE WE WERE STILL IN VANCOUVER! Which she told use she didnt mean it like that, how anyone can say ‘no thanks’ and not meaning the way it sounds, is beyond me.

I swear it was almost like she was really saying “no you idiot I would never get caught doing that, try again…” but we knew no matter what we suggested we’d get that dreaded ‘no thanks’. So for her to throw this into this argument, I knew I was definately flying off the seat of my pants.

Me: “yea stank fucking calm”

Right after I sent that comment, without thinking I wrote this one also:

Me: “and you really should shove that ‘no thanks’ up you fucking ass. KTHANKS :)

I was so angry that I was laughing after I posted this comment, because I could not WAIT to see how she would respond to it.

Katie: “Yeaaahh NOOO THANKS !!!!!and to be completely honest im just done with everything and everyone.”

LOL, this of course made me laugh out loud because of how childish the repeating of ‘no thanks’ were, so I then saw how for some easy reason I had the upper hand in this argument. Probably because I’m so much older then her, either way I couldnt stop making comments.

And for this specific comment she made for some reason had Christian Bale’s rant pop into my head….

Download Song Here:

Me: “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOD FOR YOU ;) How’s that going for ya?”

Katie: “Its going fantastic.”

Which she’s lying about because I KNOW she’s hating fucking life right now, because the message I sent her on facebook trying to tell her why I was angry with her, BOTH replies she sent me, like 4 sentences were about why she was annoyed with me/us and then i swear the rest of the message (which i swear was 2 pages) was of EVERYTHING ELSE that was pissing her off. Work, her parents, personal stuff and even old anger towards our friend Courtney.

So yea Katie I know it’s not fantastic at fucking all.

Me: “Sure as hell sounds like it, I’m happy for you.”

Which then Leilani trying to play referee popped in with…

Leilani: “I really don’t know where the anger for everything and EVERYONE is coming from, but you’re just gonna wind up only hurting yourself. And I’m not trying to be stank here for once.”

Me: “I don’t see how i’m fucking gonna hurt myself when she’s the one that left the fucking stankass comment in the first place. And I know where my anger is coming from, I’m just sorry that it’s in the form of I DONT GIVE A FUCK. Besides I still have to go through her fucking reply & write back and just the thought of that gives me a headache. Just whatever dude.”

Once i commented that, Leilani IMed me and told me that Katie deleted us from facebook, which literally had me on the floor rolling around with laughter. I’m sorry if you’re gonna delete me over a stupid LITTLE arguement as that, then you obviously have problems, because it just shows me that you obviously dont care enough to wanna fight for yourself as well as this friendship.

But here’s where its gets even better, because once Leilani told me she deleted us, i went back to my status that we left all these awesome comments on to reread it, but just to discover that all the comments were gone, which pissed me off, because that meant she deleted them all (thank god i get emails for each comment, haha)!

So i decided to open my inbox up to go to the message she sent me, since I wanted to go see if she updated her status to something mean on her facebook & that was the only way I knew how to get to her profile since she deleted me.

Yea, I open the letter, just to realize that she had DELETED HER FACEBOOK…….yea not deleted us, but deleted her ENTIRE PROFILE.

How fucking sad is that?

I mean seriously somethingn THIS SMALL you feel the need to just run away at the first noise of raised voices and upset feelings. So I tweeted something like “Yea Katie run away from your problems instead of fixing them. RUN FOREST RUN!”.

Which granted I know was really bitchy, but again I didnt give a fuck because she was the one that brought the fucking stankness and you dont get stank with me on a day/week where my emotions are all out of wack, lol.

Then just a few minutes ago I was curious and went to Katie’s twitter…………………………yea she deleted that shit too.

*shakes head*

And I wouldnt be shocked if she deleted my number from her phone too, because that’s what Katie does when she gets mad, she deletes all her online profiles and deletes your number from her phone.

So typical.

So stupid.

So sad.

I mean HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i know where you live & unlike Courtney I have a car, so if I wanted to I can drive over to your house and confront the hell out of you. I’m not some scared little kid like Courtney was to confront you about shit.


Which all friends should be that way with others, otherwise you’re not being honest with them and more importantly you’re lying & hurting yourself by not being honest with your friends.

Plus Katie, I know you pretty much have NO ONE to talk to now, since you hate everyone at work, your parents are up your ass about everything, you cut off all your old friends and well we were like your only friends.

I love you to death kid, but you really have some issues, which doesn’t make you any different from me or Leilani, but more of the same because we have issues as well, but with you still being so much younger then us, I feel sometimes you feel intimidated & that you have to act more our age, when you shouldnt….just be yourself.

And with our whole ‘Vancouver Issues’ with each other, sounds like it was nothing but miscommunications on BOTH parts. I wanted you to come out and STRAIGHT OUT OFFER to do your half and you didn’t, you threw out hints or questions that would never make someone think you were offering to pay for something.

And you DID complain alot about being homesick, you just like myself forget alot of the times how much we REPEAT OURSELVES and you repeat yourself ALOT. Especially when you’re bored & upset.

But to clear the Vancouver trip up for you, I had a blast. Yea there were alot of things you did that piss me off, but mainly it was the money since I had to spend my $600 birthday money to feed me & leilani & gas and it just seemed like you didnt wanna help out at all.

Where from what you say is that you did try to offer, but of course the way you offered weren’t offers at all, but were undiscovered hints & random questions. You need to stop being so scared and just be straight up and say exactly what you wanna say otherwise you’re just gonna be taken advantage of or make other people think you’re taking advantage of them.

Which is how I felt with the whole Vancouver trip.

And all the other stuff you brought up, if you want we can discuss whenever you want, but as of right now the thing that was really bothering me & had me upset with you was the fucking Vancouver trip. So for me to even give a SHIT about the other shit that was ‘bothering you’ you have to help me understand why you acted & did the things you did in Vancouver first, so I can forgive you.

THEN I’ll be more then happy to be the awesome friend I am and be that shoulder to cry on, but until then.

If you just wanna be stank like this, then maybe we shouldnt be friends, but it’s really totally up to you really.

You know how to reach me and if you’ve deleted EVERYTHING of mine from your computer/phone, well you know where I live and I dont think no matter how hard you try you’ll never forget where I live.

Let me know.

And with ALL THAT FINALLY OUT IN THE OPEN, I can’t help but feel….


Thank God Tyson. Thank God.

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Thank God you’re fucking ok!

I can’t really go into detail how I know he’s ok or what really was going on with him, but just know that he’s fucking ok and gonna be ok! And just thank god he gets enough rest – that he’s not getting pressured to GET BETTER quick like I know he’s used to having :)

In other news my friend Jennifer was to ship off for the Army today, so me & Leilani got up at 8:30am to go see her sworn in & ship out, just to find out that because of our stupid car accident A MONTH AGO that she’d have to be reevaluated to leave.

We had to leave at 11am so I could take Leilani to work and then I went home to take a nap, so I have no idea if she got to go, but she did send me a text around 2pm telling me thank you for coming. Which I responded to but never heard anything back, so I’m hoping she got to leave today since she’s been waiting for this for months :)


*sigh* is it REALLY that serious?

*sigh* is it REALLY that serious?

I don’t even know how to discuss this picture without just rambling about probably nothing. I’m seriously tired of the kbitch bird pictures, like I’m pretty sure the photographer made her do this, but seriously girl………..just……….ugh nevermind. Her whole luck in this world just bothers the shit out of me, so when I see pictures like this, it just pisses me off.

Posed or not.

*shakes head*

Again with the run around….

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009



Why can’t anyone tell us what’s going on, like seriously its just making people worry even more by not saying anything at all & just canceling tour dates.

I am glad that Tyson is getting to rest waaaaay longer then they first intended and I really hope it helps :(

Countdown to how long it takes them to post something on their site….

Tyson Jay

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
ty hospital

Tyson Ritter of The All-American Rejects

I spoke to you just days before this picture was taken and even then I knew something was wrong, despite the cast on your leg. But that heartache that the look in your eyes gave me that day, had NOTHING on the heartbreak I felt at the sight of this picture.

I don’t know WHO’S brillant idea it was to post this picture up with NO DESCRIPTION but I’m starting to wonder if they did it for shits & giggles, when they know what kinda drama by doing so would cause. Because now everyone is freaking out with the sight of this picture and the little to NO information we have with what’s going on with Tyson.

Plus it doesn’t help that Mike (the guitarist) posted up a message the other day announcing the canceling of their appearance on the Blink-182 Birmingham & St. Louis shows; and telling people that it’s nothing to worry about. Day later this picture is posted up on the rejects’ twitter.


It took everything in me not to cry at the site of this picture, he looks like he’s in so much pain and running a high fever with how red his face looks. Not to mention he looks like he’s freezing his ass off despite the site of him looking like he’s burning up with a fever.

And that’s not even the half of it, the first thing that popped in my head was how he looked like he was dying and what if he was the NEXT celebrity to die since celebrities have been just dying like crazy the past few years. Which then threw me into a deep depression, because I can’t even imagine not ever being able to talk to Tyson again.

I mean I’ve known him since 2003 and I wouldnt say we were ‘friends’ or anything, but I do know that he cares a great deal for me & Leilani, because that’s just how he is. He has such a huge heart and tries to care for everyone, but gets taken advantage in the process, so he tends to lash out or just close off to everyone, which I think is what he has done recently and I don’t like it.

I also feel like I may of had a hand in that, since I hardly get to see or talk to them now a days, back in the day I would see/talk to them like once a month because we were going to so many shows. This year I’ve only seen them twice in concert, but only got to talk to them at one show and there’s been a huge change with Tyson since then.

I also feel like his break up with Kim (his girlfriend of 6 years) took him to the top of this tree of change & he’s now taking a nose dive down it, hitting all the branches on the way down. Its just so weird to see someone change so much and I dunno it just seems like I’m watching a car accident in slow mo and I feel utterly helpless.

I mean you can’t deny the difference between 2005 & now 2009.



There’s really no point in this post at all, but that I’m just a stupid worried fan, that I happen to know this guy and just want him to get better, both with what’s going on with him right now & whatever emotional problems he may be battling as well.

This guy means a great deal to me and I think what bothers me most, is his band/music is what helped me through the death of my grandparents and now to see him like this in the hospital just hits me in all kinds of crazy ways.

I mean this was the guy that told me he was sorry about the loss of my grandma, BEFORE I even got a chance to tell him about it (someone else told him) and then proceeded to cry with me & fan my face so that I would stop, lol.

And all kinds of other cherished memories I have with him over these 6 years i’ve known him and to see him in any kind of pain is just unacceptable for me, since he’s brought light in millions of people’s dark days through his music & just being such an all around beautiful person.

Please get well Tyson, I hope to see you soon.