Hello it’s 2013!

Been awhile since I updated this blog!

Was bored a few months ago at work and for some reason came back to here and was reading some old posts of mine and holy cow was I laughing so hard I was crying!

It’s a pity I  didn’t keep it up instead found Tumblr and just linked my tumblr to it for what seems like ever. Kind of took the per…


So this is a few days later from when I wrote the above start of this post since my computer at work crashed and I’m just now getting a free minute to finish this, haha.

I think what I was going to put was I was kind of sad that I ended up not keeping this blog up since all the funny old posts I saw when I was reading through it a few months ago and how the tumblr posts kind of took away from the personality that this blog had started to grow into.

Anyways, so I just wanted to give a quick little update about what’s going on so far!

Right now I just finished a few hours of editing my photography site I hope to be launching really soon! Trying to move on from the job I have currently and figured I’d start with something I love doing which is taking pictures! Plus I just finished a few weeks ago a 8 week online photography course and boy did I learn alot! Very grateful for that course, which you guys can take yourself over at Bellapop.com!

Other then that, same ole same ole. Working a ton so that I can take off and have some fun! Right now, I’m gearing up for our FOURTH trip to Comic Con! Can you believe we’ve been 3 times and survived!!! So much amazing stuff has happened those trips and I’m hoping for the same this time around.

Which you’ll be able to keep up with semi up to date updates from that trip as a ton of others on the tumblr blog we started here: OurTravelingLife.tumblr.com

I have started writing in another blog a few months ago (not as much as I did here) but it’s a start, since I’m hoping to have this site closed down by the end of this year! I’m sure once that blog goes public (isn’t yet) I’ll be posting the link up here, I guess?

Til then here’s all the blogs/links you can keep up with me at:







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