Robsten fans vs. Nonsten fans

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart were photographed leaving Budapest yesterday. In the wake of those pictures the start of yet ANOTHER Robsten vs. Nonsten fans battle has begun.

When these battles happen, to me it’s not about what it’s really about robert & kristen ARE dating vs. robert & kristen ARENT dating. To me it’s more of a insane vs. sane battle.

Which to say the least is WAAAAAAAAAY more interesting then what they’re actually arguing about, haha.

And right now because of the above pictures not only are the Robsten saying this is CONFIRMATION that Robert & Kristen are in fact dating, but now from what I just read, because of her visiting him this weekend that Robert is in fact going to PROPOSE to Kristen.


Then you got the Nonsten fans, who I just visited their site and omg, their message board is just too hilarious to read. In fact alot of stuff they point out about these new pictures of rob & kristen are thinks that make you go HMMMMM….

So dare I ask, which fans do you think are sane & insane, based off just this little bit of info?

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