Alice In Wonderland

I have been waiting to see this movie since I heard that Tim Burton was making it. All the movies that I wanna see badly I always go to the midnight showings the Thurs (or sometimes Tues) night before the movie is released, REGARDLESS of if I work the next morning. I wasn’t given that opportunity with Alice in Wonderland because my travel plans had changed to that Thursday before it came out.

So I didn’t get to see it until the Tuesday after it came out; which means I had to get all the hype of what people thought about it. Which usually any hype for anything repels me from it, for example the Twilight books. It wasn’t until I heard Rob sing that I read those books, which was the day before the first movie came out, haha.

Well the repeling hype doesn’t fall under any Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaberation (or Leo for that matter), so Leilani and I went and saw it Tuesday night.

I LOVED it simple as that. The girl that played Alice was freaking me out with how much she looked like Gwyneth Paltrow, but I made it through. The beginning is a bit boring, but as soon as you enter Wonderland you’re hooked right in and anxious to see the Mad Hatter.

Which Johnny Depp was amazing as, but who ever doubt that to be the outcome is truely a moron. I was VERY happy to see that Crispin Glover was in this movie. I hardly EVER see him in any movies now a days, but so glad to see him make it into such an amazing movie. Helena Bonham Carter is perfect as the Queen of Hearts. Not gonna lie to you the makeup on Anne Hathaway was distracting as well as her ever floating hands/arms as she walked *shakes head*

Watching the movie you can’t help but giddy of having flashbacks of stuff that happened in the old cartoon disney movie and although we knew the Mad Hatter wouldnt be doing the Unbirthday song, we did get to hear the twinkle twinkle song, haha.

Oh and did I mention my favorite character in this movie is not the Mad Hatter but…….Hare. OMG he had me & Leilani rolling with his crack addict type of randomness. Sppppppoon! hahaha

In conclusion this movie is for all ages, because it sucks you in and really turn us all into the little kid that some of us like to hide away (not me, haha). So go see it! I haven’t seen it in 3D yet cuz I’m sure it’ll make me sick, but just know you dont have to see it in 3D to be truely entertained with this movie. It’s just as entertaining in regular 2D!

Last but not least….

Leilani’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Review

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