The Lovely Bones

lovelybonesThis past Saturday, Katie & me were at the mall picking up some stuff for a few gifts she’s making for someone special in her life (please dont ask) when as we were walking across one of the intersections in the mall I noticed 2 or 3 girls with ‘The Lovely Bones’ tshirts on.

Totally ignoring what Katie was talking about, I picked up my speed and walked straight up to one lady since the other lady we walked by looked at me, snarled and pretty much jumped in front of a couple to talk to them. I went up to this other lady and before she could say anything I said, “yes i would like whatever it is you have.”

Which made her laugh and she was like ‘you would like tickets?’ and I pointed at her shirt and was like “To that….yes I would.” She then proceeded to give us instructions on how to obtain free tickets to see The Lovely Bones before it came out.

Yea so tonight was the free screening of The Lovely Bones (even though we showed up Monday for it, since she told us that, but that was totally wrong) and with as much hype as this movie is getting we decided to go almost 2 hours ahead of time in case there was a line. Which of course when we got there we felt dumb for doing so because we were like 6th in line when we showed up (which ended up being an hour before the movie started instead of the 2 we had planned on).

I pretty much was nervous as hell up until we got into the actual theater because we seemed to be the only people in line that DIDN’T have a ticket. The lady we talked to in the mall told us we were gonna be on a list, but we got in with no problems, thank god.

The people running it had a mini fight with the girl next to us because she was saving a seat for someone that went to the bathroom, but of course the 2 people arguing were too dumb to realize what the other one meant *shakes head*

After they teased us with walking in with a shitload of shirts………..for like a Q&A they usually do before a screening………they walk right back out.

No Q&A.

No Free Lovely Bones Shirts.


Whatever I got over it since this screening actually had a preview, which turned out to be Shuttle Island, one of Leo’s new movies. And that was the only trailer, which I made the comment, “Yea that’s all you really need.”

Movie started after that, so I put my game face on and tried to remember how the book went. I read the book like 2 or 3 years ago, before they had announced they were making it a movie, so I knew the main plot to it, but some of the details of the book I just couldn’t remember.

Needless to say, it didn’t even fucking matter, because the movie is good……… really good.

The Lovely Bones is about a 14 year old girl, Susie Salmon who gets murdered on her way home from school. The book is told from her POV and the movie beautifully portrays Susie being stuck between Heaven & Earth as she tries to somehow help her family cope with her murder & catch her murderer.

One of my major pet peeves with movies is having to pay to see a movie that is getting SO MUCH FUCKING HYPE. It always feels like I’m jumping on a bandwagon, so when I get wind of a free screening for a movie that is getting huge hype I jump on it.

With Lovely Bones I actually really wanted to see it because I read the book, but the hype it’s been getting had been turning me off from it. I’m really glad we got lucky enough to attend this free screening, because I definately would of waited til I earned free tix through my movie watcher card to see it. Then I would of been pissed at myself for waiting so long to see it, haha.

I’m not gonna lie to you I was a little critical towards Mark Walhberg (don’t get me wrong I LOVE Marky Mark) because he replaced Ryan Gosling who was the original actor casted as the dad. In the beginning of the movie Mark comes off as a little hokey/trying to hard, but once the emotional aspect of the movie kicks in, he’s on his A game.

Rachel Weiss, I’m not too fond of, but thankfully didn’t really had to pay her too much mind :)

Saoirse Ronan I knew would be excellent in this as soon as I heard she was casted as Susie and she really was. She brought Susie’s struggle with dealing with her life being over to the screen beautifully…..think Patrick Swayze in Ghost (R.I.P.), but better…………wait is that even possible?

There were a handful of times where it seriously was hard for me not to cry, but I’m not the type to wanna bawl like a baby in a room full of strangers, so I fought the tears back and just watched the movie.

I really loved how Peter Jackson pulled off the whole ‘caught in the middle’ between Earth & Heaven with Susie. Some of the scenery, shit ALL OF IT is just breath taking, I had to catch myself a few times day dreaming of having photo shoots in some of the places. Just sucks since they don’t actually exist, haha.

It’s just a really good movie and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you see it, if you’re looking for a good teary jerker movie to watch, then go see it.

I WILL be seeing it again………..maybe even 3 times, we’ll see.


Side Note: OMG I saw the Remember Me poster on my way to the theater to see Lovely Bones tonight and it just made the night even better. Seeing the poster in person made it real I guess? Cuz it’s weird you see a movie’s poster online, it’s just a picture, right? Well it is until you see it in a display case with ‘coming soon’ under it. Man the first half of this year is gonna be awesome with movies :)

P.S. – Sorry for the randomness & jumping around of things in this blog, I was doing 3 or 4 different things as I wrote this and that always results in half ass/sucky written blogs, haha.



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