The birth of my Bamboo


Bamboo? Right? lol

What you dont know is that I had a really fucking awesome Christmas this year. My family gave me $450 worth of gift cards for BEST BUY……..yea me the dvd addict, that’s ALL I NEED RIGHT?!

Well believe it or not i’ve only spent $250 of it so far since Christmas and $200 went towards my Bamboo. What is a Bamboo you ask? Well its this….


It’s like a huge touch pad you can use as a mouse with your finger or a pen and well it makes DRAWING ON YOUR COMPUTER¬†FUCKING AWESOMELY EASY.¬†I just bought it last week, so I thought since I was bored instead of staring at my computer refreshing twitter WISHING someone would talk to me, that I’d try tracing an rpattz picture.

You’re probably wondering how the FUCK you trace a picture on your computer.

It’s simple really, open up any kinda of photo editing software, for me that’s photoshop. Choose the picture you wanna trace and open it up in that program, then of course you create a new layer and just start tracing lines and stuff on top of the picture.

It’s really not that important but it is pretty hard if you dont know what the fuck you’re doing.

ANYWAYS, here’s the picture I traced and how it turned out!



Normally I don’t give myself any credit but I’m sorry when I actually do something really good, I can’t help but beam with a huge smile on my face, like right now. Which if you know me is very fucking rare =)

I think the MAIN reason why I’m so proud of it, is whenever I have traced pictures in the past I used Adobe Illustrator not Photoshop because the ‘pen tool’ which is what I would use in Illustrator never worked the same way for me in photoshop like it did in illustrator.

So when I went to trace/draw this picture I ended up just using the brush tool instead.


At first it really was looking like shit, but omg i’m so proud of it now! =D

I think I might blow it up a bit and print it out/frame it or maybe put it on a tshirt?!

I dunno, I’m just so happy with how it turned out and now I’m kinda overwhelmed with what I could probably do with this Bamboo after seeing how good this turned out! =D

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  1. ashley says:

    great job Amber!

    Have fun doing it free hand next time tho! ;)

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