Uneventful Eventful Day

Today was one of those – UGH WHY AM I AT WORK STILL – days because there was barely anything to do until about 2pm, because there were meetings and press conferences to break down and set for other meetings.

Speaking of press conference, there was a press conference for the Lingerie Bowl which is girls playing football in pretty much swimsuits *gag*

The funny thing about this press conference was there was more MALE EMPLOYEES at it then there was press. Seriously there were like 3 people sitting in the 24 chairs we set up for the damn thing, lol.

Not to mention there’s like fucking 15 different quarterbacks on their team! [theres only 10 players on their team]

They did some ‘plays’ for the press which just looked nasty/dirty with them bending over and shit in those bikinis and their throwing is crap, but some of them can catch kinda good *shakes head*

After the press conference we of course went to break it down and on my way out to the field I heard my name being called, which I thought it was coming from the field so I started walking faster but then heard it again and realized it was behind me & not in front of me. So I turned and saw that Courtney was behind me waving.

I can’t even tell you the last time I saw Courtney, so I was immediately nervous, but when she got up to me the nervousness was gone completely. It was like old times and I really loved that.

She was late for work, but ended up standing there talking to me for a few good minutes about Miley Cyrus’ show last night, The Next Big Thing, AAR and her going to school next month, which I’m happy for her :)

It was also cute because she was blushing & her hands were shaking the whole time while talking to me, like she was really nervous to talk to me. So I pointed it out and asked her if she wanted to give me a hug, cuz I dunno it looked like she really wanted to.

I then let her go cuz she was crazy late for work, but hopefully I can hang out with her soon, but we’ll see.

All I know is……

…..i really miss shit like this.

So talking to her was probably a highlight for me for today, because seriously it was like no time has passed between us seeing each other in person…which has been like MONTHS. It was like old times and it sucks because when it comes to wanting to be Courtney’s friend I have Leilani & Katie not wanting that, so I’m completely alone with that, but it’s whatever, I’m friends with alot of people online that they dont like, what’s one more person gonna do? LOL

Besides I think Leilani would be her friend again & Katie if they just talked to her and got all their issues worked out *shrugs*

Onto other things, I want to do this on Friday….

….but I have no one to go with me.

It’s for The All-American Rejects show in Ft Walton Beach, FL on Friday, then they’re in Orlando, FL…Saturday (going) and then they’re in Miami, FL on Sunday (need someone to go with).

I hate that Leilani wont be able to go to 2 out of the 3 shows, but I almost feel like I  need to start doing things with other friends? I dunno, like branch out, because I know I won’t be able to guilt trip Leilani into doing alot of the normal shit we used to do. She just has too much on her plate now and I’d feel really bad, I just love her for trying her hardest to want me to go to those shows regardless if she could go or not.

Because going to AAR shows is a me & her ‘thing’. Seriously since 2003 we have been to 60+ AAR shows and this would be the FIRST shows I went to without her, so it’s really hard to wrap my mind around going, especially when I have no one to go with.

Like I could take Katie but she doesn’t wanna get in the crowd :(

So I dunno i probably will only go to the Orlando show which is the one Leilani is able to go to *shrugs*

Moving on….

Just took me almost an HOUR to find a watchable pilot episode for the show Glee and its alright, I’m guessing the 2nd episode will be the one that sells me on this show, otherwise I really don’t see me watching it like everyone seems to be doing :-/

Oh random fact I am OBSESSED with this song for WHATEVER reason….

i dunno what it is, but it’s on repeat thanks to my brother Travis, lol.


P.S. – WTF? = The Plan is Flawless

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