Miley just being Miley?


She USED 2 B so cute!

Which means what in particular?

Cause after what I saw today at work I would not want to do anything remotely like Miley. Especially if I had kids that were idolizing her, we would be burning the merch of hers I had bought them right about now.

Let me back up….

Today at work Miley Cyrus’ tour stopped for a show, so all day today I was setting up for it, which is pretty typical on event day. Kinda a calm day even though we were constantly working all day…in fact the Jonas Brothers show was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more stressful then hers today.

Didn’t appreciate the snottiness of one of her crew members……..even when I was BEING NICE and offering her to go ahead of me so she didn’t have to wait for me while I pushed a cart.

*rolls eyes*

Anyways after we finish he crazy chair set…….which I feel bad for the people that got seats in the ‘pit area’, its hard to explain but they’ll be facing the band the whole night, while Miley sings there too but can also walk on this little walk way to this bigger stage behind their seats. Meaning they’d have to turn fully around in their seats to see her.

Like i was saying, after we finished that me & Angelina went looking for a supervisor to find something to do or were we looking for tape? I can’t remember, but anyways leaving the shop we almost ran right into Miley Cyrus…….who was talking on a cellphone, toting TWO PURSES.


That’s not even the worse thing, my short lived giggle at her ‘natural’ snarl was cut short because of the pretty much NOT THERE skirt she was wearing!

Seriously I went from about to barf in my mouth to complete and utter shock.

This 17 year old (she’s 17 now right?) girl is a role model to little girls EVERYWHERE………and I mean LITTLE GIRLS.

Yea, yeah Britney Spears did the same thing too, and I also had this very same opinion about it as well.

What is it with Disney producing whores? I mean seriously….

You know I’ve had a ’shes a skank’ opinion about Miley since she broke up with Nick Jonas, because that’s when she started dressing more trashy and hanging out with that Mandy girl, but I was gonna keep my mind open for if I saw her today or whatever.

Her walking with that skirt on, her nose in the air like she was too good to even look at anyone, her vibe was just all freaking bad. And it threw me into complete & utter shock…….not only because of what she was wearing but how right I was about how she might possibly be!

I’m sure you’re thinking I’m overracting, but obviously I’m not because when she FINALLY appeared for her soundcheck (made her fans wait a little over an hour listening to her band play ‘party in the usa’ over and OVER – without vocals/lyrics) she was wearing shorts!

So obviously she KNOWS how trashy she dresses & that’s just disgusting, i’m sorry.

Then the whole soundcheck I felt bad for her fans because she did maybe a whole ONE song, then took one picture with people and the peaced the hell out. I mean wtf?!

Another thing that pissed me off was the whole time she was on stage for her soundcheck she was interacting with her band/crew, i wanna say she said maybe 4 things to the crowd, it was like she was ignoring them, wtf.

*shakes head*

In conclusion the lesson for the day was that Miley Cyrus in my book is now a confirmed whore…….I’m sorry, but there’s just no coming back from that.


Yea I totally want my future kids idolizing someone like her *shakes head*

Miley I really did use to believe that you really did have the best of both worlds, but your 15 minutes of fame are slowly ticking down, you better come up with a better plan because dressing trashy didn’t work out for Paris Hilton either.

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6 Responses to “Miley just being Miley?”

  1. Brianne says:

    Even Paris Hilton is less trashy than Miley, at this rate, lol.

  2. April says:

    While I agree that she dresses inappropriately, the more important thing we should be teaching our daughters is how inappropriate it is to call other girls sluts and whores.
    When talking to our daughters about how other girls dress, we should be calling attention to them what message that sends to other women and to guys. But the bottom line is that the whether or not a girl is promiscuous is not always indicated by the types of clothes she wears.
    And whether we should be calling other people these names based on their sexual history is another story altogether that I don’t want to get into.
    In my house, the words slut and whore are just as verbotem as any curse word.
    I hate to quote “Mean Girls” but Tina Fey’s character does have a good point when she says “Calling each other sluts and whores just makes it okay for guys to call us sluts and whores.”

  3. Kaninfisk says:

    I agree with you all the way, April. I don’t even know what else to say, that Mean Girls quote was spot on. I wish I could say these kinds of things with the same eloquence as you :)

    Now, for the author of this little bit of text: Who do you think you are? I’m not some crazy Miley Cyrus fan, so don’t even start with that. If you call other people sluts or whores based on what they’re wearing, I’m sorry, but you just dropped to the bottom of the list of people who are worth talking to. Can you even fathom how hard it must be to basically grow up in the music or movie industry? If you’re a woman, there’s added pressure because of all the sexual stuff. Of course you’re going to be messed up, full of yourself and prepared to act older than you really are. Most teenagers are all that without the added stress of having to perform and live up to everybody’s expectations.

    It is woefully clear that you have your own agenda and choose to see what fits your worldview. The reason she didn’t talk to the audience during the soundcheck is that – and see if you can keep up with me here – IT WAS A SOUNDCHECK! She’s supposed to be focused on her band and crew so the whole thing won’t sound like crap. Let her do your job and learn to control yourself, woman.

    Miley Cyrus is a teenager with anxiety, self-esteem issues and problems like everybody else. Shame on you for calling her names, turning your nose up at her and generally furthering the notion that it’s alright to judge people on how they dress, without knowing anything about them.

    If you procreate, please see to it that there’s a mature female rolemodel around. Otherwise your kid will probably end up like Miley and you’ll call her a slut.

  4. Mion Sonozaki says:

    I must agree with the author of this artical. The two that went bat shit stupid, with “Do not judge others by what they wear”, I must disagree with.

    Wearing a tight little “not even there” skirt is what Miley did. So, tell me, why would you wear such a trashy, skanky, sleazy skirt? Why would you wear clothing that is almost invisible to the eye? Is there something “hot” or “sexy” about showing your oh so gorgoues legs?

    Now, I must say, everyone has their style of clothing, but dressing in such a skanky outfit does not exactly mean she is a skank, but rather, it says that she wants guys to stare at her, she wants guys to be sexually atracted to her, on and on and on. WHY THE HELL ELSE WOULD YOU WEAR SOMETHING THAT SKANKY?! FOR THE PLEASURE OF LOOKING LIKE A WHORE?!

    Now, if I wore an anime (Japanese animation) themed T-shirt, what does that say about me? THAT I AM AN ANIME FAN! My point here is, while you can’t judge others by what they wear, you can judge (I.E Know) what they are if they choose to actually be that way. Eer… If I wore an anime themed T-shirt, obviously that means I like anime, because there is only one specific reason why I would wear such a thing. Because, I like anime, DUH! So wearing such small clothing is for her pleasure and to atract males…. THAT is what makes her a skank. Caring for nothing more than sex. She is a whore. She is not a good role model for my daughter and I assure you my daughter would never even think about being like her. Good role model : Mion Sonozaki!

  5. lil mama says:

    no matter wat ui call aome one there going to do and were wat thay wont my 8year old loves hanna but this ppic was way to much y would u wont to put thats on here 4 the world to see i mean girls that do that don’t have no respect for themselfs and they only wear itn so people will think theyy cute and its really nasty 4 such a pertty girl to put her self out there like that she should think about stuff be4 she dose it thats all i got to say

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