I miss Kevin & Skinny AJ

So I’ve been listening/watching this video on repeat for the past hour….

Which I havent listened or watched this video in almost 4 yrs (which is when it came out) because it reminds me of my grandma who passed away when this single was released. And its weird cuz I just noticed that there is like NO BRIAN parts in this song, it was replaced with Nasaly Nick *sigh*

So upon watching that I was looking for a embed code for it since EVERYONE that i found that had it refused to let you do that, and that’s when I came across this video for their single ‘Drowning’ that I have NEVER seen before.

Why? Because BSB hated how it turned out (after watching this i don’t blame em) and redid the video to what everyone probably remembers and more importantly the video for this song that I love….

The ‘wet version’ of ‘Drowning’ is really bad granted fucking AJ looks good in his lameass fish net shirt, but I DONT CARE OK? He can drown in my life WHENEVER HOWEVER so be quiet.

Watching these videos I have come to realize one thing – why THE FUCK does Nick insist on his lip sycing to be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO dramatic? Over moving his mouth for certain notes and just his movements & facial expressions, its pathetically funny (is that a word) especially since everyone else seems natural in the videos with their singing and stuff.

*shakes head*

Also I’m thinking the departure of Kevin has cursed this group, not only with hits, but also made Nick skinny & AJ fat, and that my friend is fucking wrong, because AJ is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay finer then Nick’s crackhead ass.


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