BSB seriously WTF?!

Ok I haveĀ a few questions after watching this video:

1. Why are you guys in Japan?

2. Why is AJ wearing eyeliner?

3. Why are ya’ll still allowing Brian to play/sing in the streets? Especially in a different country? Didn’t you see ‘Closer’ how Natalie Portman got hit by a car?

4. Why the FUCK is there SO MUCH NICK in this video?

5. What does this have to do with the actual song ‘Bigger’?

6. Why does Nick look like a crack addict?


This video makes me sad and so did the ‘Straight Through My Heart Video’ because that is SUCH AN AWESOME song! And you messed it up with making it all vampire related…..I don’t even know because I still haven’t seen the whole video, but I do love the shit out of that song and ‘Bigger’.

This video also pisses me off because there’s SO MUCH FUCKING NICK shots in it and he doesn’t really have that big of a singing part in it, just like the chorus and shit, or at least I think so. I dunno this video just makes it seems like it’s Nick Carter & the Backstreet Boys.


7. When is Kevin coming back?

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