California Here WE COME!

So it’s OFFICIAL…………….I’m going to California!

Me, Leilani & Katie will be L.A. November 11th-18th for Leilani’s birthday trip, but more importantly for the New Moon Premiere! Which we’ve never done/been to a premiere before so I’m sure we’ll fuck up something somehow and it’ll turn out a bust.

But if you have any helpful tips & such please let us know, because we really have no idea what we’re doing when it comes to trying to witness this red carpet premiere thing, lol.

The last time we went to California was last year for Bamboozle LEFT and we pretty much took the city over!

Chillin at Bamboozle LEFT 2008

Chillin at Bamboozle LEFT 2008

Chilled at Bamboozle LEFT all day until the Rejects played later that night, which I was also surprised with the beginning of ‘Sweetness’ while waiting & immediately took off running towards the other stage to watch Jimmy Eat World play!

Jimmy Eat World!

Jimmy Eat World!

 But then went back to take a few pictures of the Rejects doing what they do best :)

Mike from The All-American Rejects

Mike from The All-American Rejects

Then the rest of that trip was spent doing tourist things, since every other time we’ve been to California we were only there a few days and only for AAR shows and never had the time do do anything else but go to their shows.



 Which we ended up going to Universal Studios Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, got to sit on 2 filmings of Deal or No Deal and alot of random other stuff. Overall it was probably the best trip we’ve had to California and we were only there 3 days!

I can only imagine the fun we’re gonna have being there a complete week AND adding the madness of the New Moon Premiere in the mix of it all!

Stuff We Wanna Do This Trip:
- Conan O’Brien
- New Moon Premiere
- Universal Studios
- Disneyland?
- Six Flags?
- See Neverland
- Ellen Show?
- Find Move Along hotel set (for memories)

And some other shit I can’t even think of at the moment, plus I’m sure Leilani & Katie has some shit they wanna check out too, but other then that yea we’re pretty much winging it, so if you’re in the LA area and wanna hang out, better make an appointment cuz I’m sure once we’re there it’s gonna be ridiculous! LOL

But not gonna lie to you guys that my main wish for this whole trip is that I can at least witness something like this.

Its not like I’m asking to meet him or anything (not saying I wouldnt LOVE to), but I try to live in reality unlike alot of twilight/rob fans. So yea if I could just witness red carpet hotness rpattz, my trip will have been a success.

Plus you guys know I’ll be tweeting & twitpic-ing like a madman the ENTIRE trip, so at least you guys have that to look forward :)


Did I mention I was born in California but never lived there? O_o

True story.

ONE MORE FUCKING THING….this picture probably birthed one of the funniest if not just truest questions out of me, lol.


Upon seeing this picture, I tweeted this:

“ok rpattz i cant figure out wats more distracting ur lips, teeth, eyes or the fact that theyre all on the SAME FACE.”

True? y/n?

Also has NOTHING to do with this at all, but more about something that happened today that I thought was cute with my dad, lol. Today I didn’t do much because I was in alot of pain (which is most ‘off days’ for me from work, but today i didnt care cuz of cramps), well around 4:40pm Leilani came over to hang out until about 8pm.

We just lounged around, I showed her New Moon clips and she helped me start dinner, start the dish washer & watched me call people about my fucking driving school shit, haha.

ANYWAYS, so my dad comes home at some point and I had gone back into the kitchen to check on dinner, which is where he was unloading bags of groceries and as I was passing him he opens this plastic bag and turns to me and is like,

“Hey are these the ones you bought to make those cookies?”

In his hangs was the exact peanut butter cookie dough I had used to make the peaunt butter cookies I made on Saturday. Which at the sight of them I giggled and immediately responded with,

“Yea, were they any good?”

Which could of came off sarcastic to him (something we’re both very good at – gee wonder where I get it from) but I was actually asking because that was the first time I ever made the peanut butter ones. He gave me his signature ‘pfff, are you kidding?’ stare/grin thing that he does.

Just add grin & this is it - LOL

Which made me bust out laughing, which he then smiled bigger and said,


Which made me laugh more and then I responded with,

“Oh is that WHY they’re all gone?” LOL, which at that point my mom walked in and asked us what we were talking about and I told her how dad had bought 2 things of the peanut butter cookie dough I used to bake the cookies from Saturday and my mom was all like,

“I told you he’d eat the hell out of him, he’s a peanut butter nut.”

Which my dad mumbled and said something like, “…yea well peanut butter cookies are ok..”

I rolled my eyes to and messed around with dinner, then I forgot what it was my mom said, but I responded with,

“Well I guess i’m baking cookies tomorrow?”

And my dad was still putting stuff away was all like,

“I’m not saying you have to bake all of them, but you need to BAKE ALOT.”

Hahaha, yea so I thought it was cute as hell, that he went out and bought the dough, not having ANY IDEA which brand I used, because he obviously liked the ones I made Saturday that much.

Maybe me feel good, since I just started trying to bake stuff!


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  1. Rainer says:

    i believe that is what you could call a cookie win?
    and duuude that photo. stop posting that lol its distracting as all hell and i moaned again lol

    and i know you’re not a squee’r, but you have to squee for me, at the premiere, at least a little bit. like, a half squee? lol


  2. am13er says:

    I will gurrl, just for you, at least once anyways, haha :)

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