Today = Mixture of Emotions

Today, October 17th brings upon me mixed emotions of happiness as well as sadness. For today marks the birth probably one of the 2 most amazing women in my life and the death of dearly loved furry friend.

First off today is my mom’s [insert random number under 40] (haha) birthday.

This is her favorite shirt, trufax.

This is her favorite shirt, trufax.

We don’t have anything planned because that’s the way she likes it, so today ’since she asked’ I tried to clean my room, which I mean it’s picked up, but not really clean, haha.

I just hope she had an alright day, because I know her birthdays now a days are really hard for her :(

One being the passing of her parents, my grandparents these last few years :(

The other being that our dog Jack died last year on her birthday :(

I miss your laugh, Jack

I miss your laugh Jack

You can see more pictures of Jack here Р or read my blog with those same pictures at

I really dont know what else to say, I actually read the blog earlier today looking for the pictures I put up of Jack the day after he died and cried; and I really dont wanna cry anymore :(

My dad did help by making a fucking kick ass dinner tonight. Grilled steaks, shrimp and stuffed mushrooms with crab meat O_o

Not to mention he bought strawberry cheesecake for my mom.

Did I ever mention that i’m a fatty? haha

Needless to say it was a very good day despite the 1st anniversary of Jack being gone.

Rest in Peace Jeckie I hope you’re having fun up there with Mama & Papa.

Happy Birthday Mom, so when are we going back to Titanic?



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