zombielandposterI remember seeing the trailer for this a few weeks ago and was torn with seeing it, because in the trailer it looked funny but also stupid as hell. So I didn’t know if it was gonna be one of those moviesĀ I just wait til I have a free movie ticket for or sneak into to go see.

The one thing I knew that was helping me wanna see it was the fact that Woody Harrelson is in it. I love that kid, he’s just hilarious in everything he does, plus after seeing Adventureland I like Jesse Eisenberg’s style of humor, so that was the main reason I wanted to see it. The thought of them interacting with one another plus adding in zombies, just seemed funny as hell.

Well since there seems to not be ANYTHING in theaters right now that I wanna see (besides Toy Story) me & Leilani decided to just cave in and go see Zombieland.

Boy was I glad we did.

Woody & Jesse are HILARIOUS in this movie. The movie from start to finish is just one big round of amazing quotes & situations.

The plot of the movie is the US (and maybe even the world) has fallen to a virus turning everyone into flesh eating zombies (which they very graphically show). So like any other zombie movie there’s survivors who haven’t fallen to this virus trying to find zombie-less areas and other survivors.

Well in this story Woody’s & Jesse’s characters are loners and have been for awhile fighting off the Zombies and just trying to survive, when they randomly cross each others paths. Jesse on his way to Ohio to see if his parents survived and Woody just looking for zombies to kill AND for a very tastey treat.

The whole movie is pretty much them trying to get along, fighting zombies and running into two sisters that are on their way to Pacific Playground where there are no Zombies.

It’s an all around fun movie.

I will admit when it was over I felt like there was something missing to it, for it to be just INCREDIBLY EPIC but I still enjoyed it alot and recommend everyone to go see it :)

Also if you do go see it, make sure to stay after the credits for a scene with Bob Marley :)

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