Gary knows.

Gary Knows

First of all today at work was fun, but drug like no other, so I was REALLY GLAD to get home and just relax, before the craziness tomorrow that is setup for the Metallica concert.

I get home and of course the first thing I do is turn my laptop on since for some WEIRD ASS REASON my phone ALL DAY LONG would not connect to the internet. So I get on and log into facebook & twitter and just begin my normal internet routine.

Check my @ on twitter & my notifications on facebook, which to my surprise i had freaking 16 notifications on facebook. So I checked all of those and then went back to twitter to realize that I was on 4 or 5 people’s Follow Friday lists.

Which if you don’t know what ‘Follow Friday’ is….Follow Friday is where people on Friday suggest people that THEY’RE following on twitter to their own followers. For example I’m following Leilani (@laylawnknee) on twitter & wanna suggest her to be followed so I’d tweet something like “Follow Friday – @laylawnknee [insert more suggestions]“.

I’m sure you get the picture, ANYWAYS, so I start my own batches of Follow Fridays, since I tend to have alot. Which I did my first batch of my normal people that I always suggest on Follow Friday. When I finished I had maybe 10 characters left of room on that tweet, so I decided to add Katie, because just like everyone else she’s a friend of mine.

I knew that she hardly used twitter, but being that she’s my friend (even though we’re sorta mad at each other right now) I decide to add her to that Follow Friday as well so she doesnt feel left out AND that she doesnt use that for ANOTHER REASON to be mad at me. Type her username in (@ccchariot) and hit send.

Since I’m logged into AIM whenever I get new mail to my aol account a little notification window pops up in the bottom right corner of my screen, so maybe 5 minutes after I tweeted my follow fridays that notification popped up.

Usually when i see those mail notifications I go over to facebook, because for the most part it’s usually telling me that someone commented on something on my facebook. Opening up my facebook I see that I have one notification, so I open up the notification page and it says that Katie commented on my status.

So I’m immediately trying to think of what I wrote today and why she would comment on it while the page is loading. Once it loaded I saw that it was the Follow Friday tweet (my facebook is connected to my twitter, so all my tweets show up as new facebook statuses) and then read her comment (these are direct quotes by the way):

“Please remove me from the following shit. I dont use twitter at all. Nor want nothing part of it. thank you”

Call me crazy, because I know it’s not JUST ME that can see how snotty/bitchy this comment comes off. I mean aside from the bad grammar just the whole vibe of it is fucking stank as hell, so when I read it I actually laughed out loud because it was funny how easily this stupid little comment pissed me off.

Instead of commenting back like I wanted to, I imed Leilani for a second opinion to make sure that I WASN’T overreacting (which I do alot with Leilani, i’m surprised she doesnt hate my guts for it, lol). Leilani of course told me it sounded like she ‘hated me’ and that it comes off very stank, which I was just gonna leave it at that and just vent to Leilani, but then I got another notification and saw that Leilani had left a comment:

Leilani: “Holy shit, calm the fuck down. Probably was a simple mistake and she wasn’t thinking. Jesus!”

Which for some reason flashed a green light in my head because she was being so ‘nice’ about the situation and I was just in a mood to NOT BE NICE today and just commented right away:

Me: “actually i was trying to be nice and include all my friends, but whatever let her throw her little fit over something stupid.”

As you can tell by what I said that I really didn’t care at all how that statement made her feel, because to be honest I hoped she’d attack me back the very same way, since she started this whole thing with bringing such ugly stankness to a ‘what i thought’ was nice gesture *shakes head*

Of course the almost instant back and forth argument went into affect….

Katie: “I actually am FUCKING CALM. thanks But no thanks. i just dont use twitter .”

The mention of ‘no thanks’ through me over the edge, you know the saying ’seeing red’ well i saw a blue FUCKING FLAME. The reason behind such rage is because when we were on our Vancouver trip every few times we would suggest to eat somewhere or do something Katie would sometimes answer not with a ‘no’ or ‘nah’ or ‘no but how about this…’ she would simply say ‘no thanks’. Which to me sounded like the snottiest/stuck up shit EVER. And we told her this WHILE WE WERE STILL IN VANCOUVER! Which she told use she didnt mean it like that, how anyone can say ‘no thanks’ and not meaning the way it sounds, is beyond me.

I swear it was almost like she was really saying “no you idiot I would never get caught doing that, try again…” but we knew no matter what we suggested we’d get that dreaded ‘no thanks’. So for her to throw this into this argument, I knew I was definately flying off the seat of my pants.

Me: “yea stank fucking calm”

Right after I sent that comment, without thinking I wrote this one also:

Me: “and you really should shove that ‘no thanks’ up you fucking ass. KTHANKS :)

I was so angry that I was laughing after I posted this comment, because I could not WAIT to see how she would respond to it.

Katie: “Yeaaahh NOOO THANKS !!!!!and to be completely honest im just done with everything and everyone.”

LOL, this of course made me laugh out loud because of how childish the repeating of ‘no thanks’ were, so I then saw how for some easy reason I had the upper hand in this argument. Probably because I’m so much older then her, either way I couldnt stop making comments.

And for this specific comment she made for some reason had Christian Bale’s rant pop into my head….

Download Song Here:

Me: “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOD FOR YOU ;) How’s that going for ya?”

Katie: “Its going fantastic.”

Which she’s lying about because I KNOW she’s hating fucking life right now, because the message I sent her on facebook trying to tell her why I was angry with her, BOTH replies she sent me, like 4 sentences were about why she was annoyed with me/us and then i swear the rest of the message (which i swear was 2 pages) was of EVERYTHING ELSE that was pissing her off. Work, her parents, personal stuff and even old anger towards our friend Courtney.

So yea Katie I know it’s not fantastic at fucking all.

Me: “Sure as hell sounds like it, I’m happy for you.”

Which then Leilani trying to play referee popped in with…

Leilani: “I really don’t know where the anger for everything and EVERYONE is coming from, but you’re just gonna wind up only hurting yourself. And I’m not trying to be stank here for once.”

Me: “I don’t see how i’m fucking gonna hurt myself when she’s the one that left the fucking stankass comment in the first place. And I know where my anger is coming from, I’m just sorry that it’s in the form of I DONT GIVE A FUCK. Besides I still have to go through her fucking reply & write back and just the thought of that gives me a headache. Just whatever dude.”

Once i commented that, Leilani IMed me and told me that Katie deleted us from facebook, which literally had me on the floor rolling around with laughter. I’m sorry if you’re gonna delete me over a stupid LITTLE arguement as that, then you obviously have problems, because it just shows me that you obviously dont care enough to wanna fight for yourself as well as this friendship.

But here’s where its gets even better, because once Leilani told me she deleted us, i went back to my status that we left all these awesome comments on to reread it, but just to discover that all the comments were gone, which pissed me off, because that meant she deleted them all (thank god i get emails for each comment, haha)!

So i decided to open my inbox up to go to the message she sent me, since I wanted to go see if she updated her status to something mean on her facebook & that was the only way I knew how to get to her profile since she deleted me.

Yea, I open the letter, just to realize that she had DELETED HER FACEBOOK…….yea not deleted us, but deleted her ENTIRE PROFILE.

How fucking sad is that?

I mean seriously somethingn THIS SMALL you feel the need to just run away at the first noise of raised voices and upset feelings. So I tweeted something like “Yea Katie run away from your problems instead of fixing them. RUN FOREST RUN!”.

Which granted I know was really bitchy, but again I didnt give a fuck because she was the one that brought the fucking stankness and you dont get stank with me on a day/week where my emotions are all out of wack, lol.

Then just a few minutes ago I was curious and went to Katie’s twitter…………………………yea she deleted that shit too.

*shakes head*

And I wouldnt be shocked if she deleted my number from her phone too, because that’s what Katie does when she gets mad, she deletes all her online profiles and deletes your number from her phone.

So typical.

So stupid.

So sad.

I mean HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i know where you live & unlike Courtney I have a car, so if I wanted to I can drive over to your house and confront the hell out of you. I’m not some scared little kid like Courtney was to confront you about shit.


Which all friends should be that way with others, otherwise you’re not being honest with them and more importantly you’re lying & hurting yourself by not being honest with your friends.

Plus Katie, I know you pretty much have NO ONE to talk to now, since you hate everyone at work, your parents are up your ass about everything, you cut off all your old friends and well we were like your only friends.

I love you to death kid, but you really have some issues, which doesn’t make you any different from me or Leilani, but more of the same because we have issues as well, but with you still being so much younger then us, I feel sometimes you feel intimidated & that you have to act more our age, when you shouldnt….just be yourself.

And with our whole ‘Vancouver Issues’ with each other, sounds like it was nothing but miscommunications on BOTH parts. I wanted you to come out and STRAIGHT OUT OFFER to do your half and you didn’t, you threw out hints or questions that would never make someone think you were offering to pay for something.

And you DID complain alot about being homesick, you just like myself forget alot of the times how much we REPEAT OURSELVES and you repeat yourself ALOT. Especially when you’re bored & upset.

But to clear the Vancouver trip up for you, I had a blast. Yea there were alot of things you did that piss me off, but mainly it was the money since I had to spend my $600 birthday money to feed me & leilani & gas and it just seemed like you didnt wanna help out at all.

Where from what you say is that you did try to offer, but of course the way you offered weren’t offers at all, but were undiscovered hints & random questions. You need to stop being so scared and just be straight up and say exactly what you wanna say otherwise you’re just gonna be taken advantage of or make other people think you’re taking advantage of them.

Which is how I felt with the whole Vancouver trip.

And all the other stuff you brought up, if you want we can discuss whenever you want, but as of right now the thing that was really bothering me & had me upset with you was the fucking Vancouver trip. So for me to even give a SHIT about the other shit that was ‘bothering you’ you have to help me understand why you acted & did the things you did in Vancouver first, so I can forgive you.

THEN I’ll be more then happy to be the awesome friend I am and be that shoulder to cry on, but until then.

If you just wanna be stank like this, then maybe we shouldnt be friends, but it’s really totally up to you really.

You know how to reach me and if you’ve deleted EVERYTHING of mine from your computer/phone, well you know where I live and I dont think no matter how hard you try you’ll never forget where I live.

Let me know.

And with ALL THAT FINALLY OUT IN THE OPEN, I can’t help but feel….


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  1. Rainer says:

    wowww. dramarama lol

  2. amber says:

    yea but i cant help but laugh at the pictures, haha

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