Day 6: God Bless America, Oh & Happy 21st Katie

Woke up around the same time as always and got online to see if there were any details on other filming locations for today.

Past few days really have started just like the others, i wake up an hour or so before one of the ladies starts to wake up & get ready. While they’re getting ready i’m looking up information and/or ways to get to a possible set location, as well as checking my mail, facebook & twitter.

Today though was Katie’s 21st birthday, so we wanted to do what she wanted to do and she did end up wanting to go find the set today.

So a little after noon today we left the hotel for Capalino Park, drove all the way up the street and didnt see anything until we got the end of the road I saw a sign for ‘crew parking’.

We drove up & down that street twice before I realized we were driving on fumes, so we stopped at a Shell but they didnt accept my fucking credit card, so we went down the street to another gas station and got gas.

$37 for 8 fucking gallons, can you believe that shit?! And yea that’s not even a full tank!

We were hungry then so we decided to get something to eat before trying to find the set again. We were gonna go to Earls, but upon parking & walking up to the resturant we saw that it was just way too fucking fancy so we decided on Denny’s next door.

Their fucking Denny’s is fancy & clean as shit compared to our shitty American ones, haha.

The only down fall is Leilani had a cry fest when she found out that they didn’t have Dr. Pepper OR Sweet Tea, haha

While we waiting for our food I asked Leilani to check if she had a wi-fi connection here and she did! I mainly wanted to know because I wanted to see if there was any updated info on a specific location for the filming today.

Which there wasn’t, BUT someone had leaked the New Moon trailer that they’ll be showing on MTV’s VMAs on Sunday, so I tried to watch that and was just blown away.

I seriously can not wait for this movie and I hope to god they give the director at least a chance at directing Breaking Dawn, nothing against the Eclipse director, but just from the New Moon trailer looks fucking epic as shit.


Denny’s of Canada failed in my book simply because their french fries tasted like shit or to be more plain tasted like Burger King’s fries. Sorry their fries are nasty to me, they taste very stale :(

After that since Denny’s was on a one way street we decided to go looking for the Cullen house again since it was supposed to be right around the corner, but because that street was so busy we really couldnt look for it that well.

9/11 Rememberance outside of trail.

9/11 Remembrance on Trail

We then went back to the park to see if we could find any shooting and started where I saw the ‘crew park’ signs. Parked the car and started walking up a mountain trail. NO IDEA why I thought it would be up there, but to be honest I think it was more or less I wanted to go on a trail, but we went halfway up, before Katie decided we should go look at the Dam.

As soon as we left the car and started walking towards the Dam we saw the trailers *face palm* no idea why I didnt check this earlier, haha.

It was pretty much like 4:30ish by the time we got to that area and you could tell they were breaking stuff down, but we decided to walk around anyways. Went up 2 different trails saw them breaking down what looked like fight scene type of equipment. Ladders, spring boards, & landing pads.

Leilani says she thought she saw Bryce Howard, but it was probably her stunt double. The last trail we went on took us down & across the pipeline to almost the bottom of the dam where we ended up seeing them film Victoria’s stunt double doing some sort of stunt on a wire. I guess like she was jumping across a cliff or something?

I dunno we didnt really get to see because this lady was following us with an umbrella, which is kinda creepy. She didn’t say anything just walked behind us until a point where we really couldn’t see anything anymore, then she disappeared.

Leilani at that point was in so much pain for all the walking up & down a fucking mountain that we decided we should finally go get Katie’s bday cupcake (since she ended up not wanting it first thing in the day) and get dinner.

Took us forever & a day to find our way out, which I think they were watching us because the nice traffic secruity guy that gave me the hint to be careful with my big camera – his walkie talkie went off and i think it said something like “the girls are clear” dunno if it was for the stunt doubles or if it were for us, but right after that said that a van came up the trail we were walking up, that probably had the stunt people in them.

Everyone we’ve come in contact with on this shoot was nice (except the creepy umbrella chic, which i would like to point out look like a fucking twi-hard herself), saying ‘hi’ to us and asking us how we’re doing and shit, even though we’re walking through their like headquarters of trailers, haha.

Walking across the dam I look down into it and see that they were setting up another scene right on the side of the dam, so we stood there for awhile watching them set up and realized it was a scene where i guess Victoria lands on the other side of whatever she’s jumping, rolls to get up & takes off running in the woods.

The crazy twi-hard looking umbrella chick kept staring at us, since they didn’t want people to record or take pictures, which I almost did, but decided not too.

I mean I totally understand why we can’t, but it just sucks for me cuz I don’t remember little shit like that and to record it always makes it easier, but of course thinks to crazy attention seeking fans or just the stupid papz filming crews don’t trust anyone :(

We watched a few takes, well until she did one take that we thought was good enough and left.

Drove back to the hotel, but dropped Katie & Leilani off at the cupcake place so they could get their cupcakes and then went into the hotel so Katie could change & Leilani could get more comfortable with her now blustered feet, then we left for La Casita for some mexican food.

Thought we were gonna die, since it’s in a bad part of time and when we parked this smelly bum guy approached me trying to sell me some parking ticket for a dollar less, which I waited for everyone else to get out of the car before we made a decision.

We ended up taking him up for his deal and i’m still trying to figure out how he’s making money out of doing this for us, since we were techincally only paying him cuz it was a dollar more AND he was ‘protecting/watching’ our car for us *rolls eyes*

La Casita was ok, the salad shit they give you with your food was off the chain to mix with your beans and rice, omg, i shit you not. We were maybe there an hour/hour & a half – which no idea why it took them almost 30 minutes to get us our free chips & salsa, but it did, haha.

Left & went back to the car which I didnt see the guy that was supposed to watch our car ANYWHERE, but whatever there was no ticket or boot on my car and that’s all that mattered to me, lol.

Got back to the hotel to chill, but Katie ended up wanting to get something to drink, so I gave her & Leilani directions on how to get to the liquor store a few blocks from here and they left.

I went along with doing my online updates & watching ‘Awakenings’ since thats what they left the tv on. After about almost an hour I started getting worried and looked out the window and was thinking about what I should do.

Right when I decided to just wait and maybe find a way to text them, they knock on the door for me to open it for them. They didnt get any drinks and of course they got lost and was telling me how these guys were hitting on them and wanted them to hang with them at a pub, but of course they declined.

situated the curtains so it wasnt blocking the a/c, found ‘The Bodyguard’ on and watched it for awhile until I couldnt wait for the sleep timer anymore and turned the tv off.

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