cloudy liongateToday started like any other day, me waking up incredibly early, before the other 2 and then trying to find if there’s any info about filming that day. Except this day I really could not find any news of filming that day.

So I decided maybe we should try the location we tired the day before, since there were rumors that they went and filmed at a different location since the weather was so good.

After everyone was ready to go we took off over the Lionsgate Bridge thing, which is funny with how many times we had already gone over this bridge in a matter of days, haha.

I was glad we drove by the location the night before, because it made it completely easy for me in the daylight, but was VERY overwhelming when we turned the last street and it was lined with at least 50 cars!

Not to mention the random secruity guard sitting in the trees at the beginning of the turn onto that road. My worry of ‘nothing happening at this spot’ today was of course destroyed with that site, because why else would a street that was completely empty the night before….at a time of night where everyone that lived on that street would be home, would not have tons of cars lined along it?

Questions were answered as we continued to drive along it when people were walking in & out of the trailers that were set up there last nite. THANKFULLY as we passed the trailers we only saw 2 girls and some weird old guy with a camera and umbrella standing on the opposite of the road from the trailers.

I drove up the street a little more, did a u-turn and came back down that same street & parked within the masses of cars along the street and then tried to figure out what we were doing, because it was raining a little bit. Well more like sprinkling, but you know what I mean, lol.

I knew Leilani & Katie probably didn’t wanna go stand out in the rain, so I volunteered myself to at least go out and ask the people that were there to see if they knew what was going on or if they had seen anything. So I grabbed my hoodie and ventured out into the rain in shorts & flip flops, oh yeah that’s how I roll ;)

Red jacket, true story.

Red jacket, true story.

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