Day 3: WTF did we do today?

Woke up and right away freaked out because our internet situation was still all fucked up & I realized if I didn’t find a solution to it today that I would be freaking out the entire time we were in Vancouver. Which is when the awesome idea came to mind….i’d ask if we could get a room closer to the middle of the hotel (where the internet connection is its strongest), because we need internet for ‘work purposes’ which is HALF TRUE, haha.

So I woke up a little and then yelled to wake Leilani up because I needed her ‘customer service skills’ to go downstairs and ask if we could change rooms, which I was expecting her to be like ‘hell no i don’t wanna do that’, but she was actually like ‘true, thats a good idea’. We rehearsed what she should say and then we went (since i offered to at least go with her) down to the front desk.

Luckily it was the idiot (very nice) grandpa that was there last nite AND THANKFULLY this guy was just as nice if not more, because he offered to move us with no problems at all, granted it was a floor up (doesnt matter) and was maybe 4 doors down from where the elevator is (center of the hotel). So we asked him if we could go test it out by the door before we switch which he let us, so we ran back to the hotel room, grabbed my laptop and went up to the room we were about to move to and checked the connection outside the door, which we had a connection!

So we went back downstairs to tell him we had a connection and would love to have that room, so he gave us new keys and we went back up to the new room & for some reason Leilani wanted to pull a prank on Katie, who was busy getting ready in or original room. So she picked up the phone and called our room pretending to be the clerk at the front desk. Telling Katie that something was wrong with her credit card and that we need her to some time today come see them about it.

Katie paused for a few seconds and then was like, “Ok i’ll be down there in a minute.” that’s when Leilani started laughing and was like, “Katie you’re a fucking dumbass.” since she totally believed Leilani was the clerk at the front desk, lol.

Leilani was a little jealous of my strawberry smoothie, lol

Leilani was a little jealous of my strawberry smoothie, lol

We then returned to our hotel room to help Katie move all our stuff to our new room, before heading out to go get lunch. Which we didn’t know where to go, so we decided to just eat at the Blue Mountain Cafe since it was across the street and so Leilani could use the wi-fi to look up the directions to the  capilano suspension bridge, since we had decided to do that today.

It was our first taste of canadian prices at restraunts and such, haha. I ended up getting a strawberry smoothie, shrimp quesadillas and bought Leilani her lunch which I can’t remember what it was, but needless to say the smoothie was delicious.

I was really scared to try the shrimp quesadillas that I ordered, but I thought i’d try something different which is why I got them and omg they were so freaking good! I dunno cheddar cheese & shrimp just didn’t seem like they’d work out well together, but it actually was delicious as hell! :)

I had to go poop after eating, so we went back to the hotel so I could do my business before going to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Needless to say I ended up messing up the toliet. Why don’t they give people in hotel rooms plungers? Granted I guess it’s the hotel’s job to do it, but I mean I’m not snobby enough that I can’t plung a fucking toliet if it’s backed up. Now if it wont unclog after plunging it that’s when I’d calling the front desk about it, but pff fuck being an ass and having someone else do it.

So I figured if we just left it, it would unclog itself. So we left to go find the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which was a big ‘to do’ on list of things to do while we were in Vancouver :)

got bed bugs?

Saw some pretty interesting things on our way to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, like a bus advertising on bed bugs extermination and other things. The LionGate Bridge, or at least I think that’s what it was called, was really pretty as well, but as soon as we got on it I started freaking out, because it was so FREAKING HIGH!liongate bridge

And i’m not talking like bridge high, i’m talking like We were like miles HIGHER then their HIGHEST fucking hotel, it was ridiculous! But I wanted to walk across it so bad the moment I realized how high it was, haha.

We get to Capilano Suspension Bridge just to find out we have to pay $5 for parking, which kinda sucked, but we got over it thinking I’m sure anyone would park there to walk through the park. Little did we know that once we got up to the entrance that it was $30 JUST to get in to see the suspension bridge O_o

That really messed up everything for us, because I only had $90 left in canadian money until Thursday night when I got paid, so if me & Katie went half and half with admission it would be $45 from both of us which would then only leave me with $45 until Thursday. And it was barely Tuesday, so we decided that maybe we could just come a different day.

 So we decided to go back to the hotel to look up the address and directions to the Rickshaw Theater since we had tickets to see 100 Monkeys there on Saturday and directions to Robert Burnaby Park since I heard they were filming there today :)

Get back to the hotel to see that the toliet is still messed up so Leilani calls down to tell them & it’s a totally different guy at the front desk, that apparently hates his life. From what Leilani said he sighed really deeply and told us he was gonna have to move us to a different room, since the guy to fix it was no there. I immediately freaked out because we had JUST moved to this fucking room for the internet, but luckily we only moved 2 doors down.

Granted we still really couldnt get internet, but I figured out if I laid on the floor by the door that I could get internet, so once we moved everything to the new room, I laid down in the floor and looked up directions to Rickshaw Theater & Robert Burnaby Park and left to go find them and better yet get lost in Vancouver :)

Mr. Lube: Doing It Right Before Your Eyes O_o

Mr. Lube: Doing It Right Before Your Eyes O_o

Rickshaw Theater was actually on Hastings, so I didnt even need to write down directions for it, since we had to go down hastings to take Brianne home the night before. It also freaked me out that it was on Hastings, because I didnt want it on the crackhead part of Hastings. We were hoping it was more towards Howe St or Hornby on Hastings, but in the long run couldn’t find it on Hastings at all.

Seriously we drove up & down Hastings a good 3 or 4 times and could not find the Rickshaw Theater, found JACQUES, which I thought was hilariously random, but no Rickshaw Theater :(

Which we gave up and decided to go by the Robert Burnaby Park so we knew how to get there for tomorrow and on the way we found a ‘Mr. Lube’ which I thought was funny cuz their slogan was “Doing It Right Before Your Eyes” hahaha.

We end up thinking we were going the wrong way so we go the other way and still can’t figure it out, so Leilani had to turn on her internet just to guide us in the right direction. Found in after about a 45 minute drive, which was so funny because we were doing all these twists and turns on these random roads to get to it. At some point I was looking down at my ipod to change the song, looked up and was like “HOLY SHIT TRAILERS!”.

Cuz seriously I looked up and was met with white, because we were driving right past all these trailers, NO IDEA why Leilani & Katie didn’t say something about them as we were approaching them & I was looking down, because they would have to be blind to not have noticed them, haha. Right as we passed the trailers, I looked over to my right and saw a small group of girls sitting on the sidewalk eating.

So we turned around and came back around & since Leilani and Katie are DOUCHEBAGS I ended up asking the girls sitting on the sidewalk if they were filming (katie & leilani refused to ask).  One girl was like “no, nothing is going on” kinda like she was trying to lie so we’d go away. Which was when I said, “Well then why are ya’ll sitting here?” She didn’t have anything to say, just went back to eating her sandwich – NO IDEA WHY SHE FELT THE NEED TO GIVE ME ATTITUDE BUT SHE OBVIOUSLY DIDNT LIKE IT WHEN I GAVE IT BACK.

Right then these 2 girls came up to our window to tell us that they heard their was filming today and came by but haven’t seen anyone yet. Which is when I told them that I found out (when we last were at the hotel) that they ended up moving it to the studio since it was too sunny out today, but will probably be back tomorrow.

The girls ended up being really nice & informative and we found out that we were staying at the same hotel! haha, i ended up realizing that they were whispering all their info because they didn’t want these other girls to hear, which I didn’t blame them because they were kinda mean, to be honest, lol.

After that we told em that maybe we’ll see them tomorrow and left to go get something to eat and go back to the hotel. The whole drive up to Vancouver yesterday we kept seeing signs for ‘Taco Time’ so we were kinda obsessed with wanting to eat there, so Leilani looked it up and we actually found one pretty close to the park, so we went searching for it.

We didn’t find the Taco Time, but we did find a Best Buy and a mall that we decided we wanted to go to one of the days. Leilani then looked up a route back to the hotel and we ended up running into a Burger King & McDonalds so we decided on visiting the BK Lounge.

$9 for a Whopper meal?!

$7 for a Whopper meal?!

Ended up getting just a whopper, cheeseburger, hamburger, whopper jr & a drink and it was like $21 O_o yea we decided not to go back to Burger King on our trip…..well at least while we were in Canada, lol.

Get our food and needless to say it smelt like home to Leilani, haha.

bk home smell

We then went back to the hotel after that, ate our food and just watched tv for awhile until of course Leilani’s snoring got to be a little too distracting, so we called it a night and went to sleep.

bosmans sleep leilani

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