Day 2 of our 10 Day Vaca

We woke up to more beautiful Forks weather – POURING RAIN, haha.

Beautiful Forks, WA weather.

Beautiful Forks, WA weather.

Our whole plan was to leave Forks by 11am since it was gonna take 5-6 hrs to get to Vancouver, giving us enough time so we weren’t late for the Bobby Long show that nite.

We got ready & checked out of our little Forks hotel. Saw a twimom & her daughter leave their (probably twilight room), which the mom was wearing a Jasper shirt O_o

Since we got into Forks so late the day before & cuz Katie was sick we didn’t really see much, so we decided to go look at certain places before leaving Forks – HOPEFULLY before 11am like we planned.

Found the 2nd ‘welcome to Forks’ sign that me & Leilani were talking about the night before when we were driving back from Port Angeles.

I'm smiling so big cause Leilani just slipped in the mud trying to get to the Forks sign and well it was kinda funny.

I'm smiling so big cause Leilani just slipped in the mud trying to get to the Forks sign and well it was kinda funny.

Then drove over to Forks Outfitters where me & Katie went in to look at Forks shirts, since I wanted one.

The Twilight Zone at Forks Outfitters

The Twilight Zone at Forks Outfitters

Ended up buying a ‘Team Edward’ shirt that says ‘forks, wa’ under it and Leilani a Jasper shirt (don’t remember what it said, haha).

Forks Hospital

Then we drove over to Forks Community Hospital and visited Dr. Cullen’s parking spot.

In which Katie was trying to steal, lol.

In which Katie was trying to steal, lol.

After that we went over to City Hall since that’s where the police station was & took a picture with one of the cruisers.

Seriously this is like the best mustache picture of ALL TIME, just saying.

Seriously this is like the best mustache picture of ALL TIME, just saying.

Leaving City Hall to turn around we randomly found the ’supposedly’ Cullen House, haha.

Cullen Mailbox

But after that we went to the Dazzled by Twilight store and was in there for awhile trying to figure out what to buy, which I ended up getting something stupid/little for Jennifer & Angelina and Katie got something I don’t remember what it was though, oh wait she bought a shot glass I think, haha

Dazzled By Twilight

Left there to go look at the other Dazzled by Twilight store which was for booking their tours, haha.

After which we left to go fill up the car and then left Forks for Vancouver.

Welcome To Port Angeles

Upon arriving into Port Angeles our directions told us we were taking a ferry from there, so we pull up to the ferry ticket booth – never done this before so completely confused the whole time.

The bubble gum smacking girl (looked like a teenager) said all this shit really fast, something about it being $77, which i repeated “dollars?!” and she’s like “Yea & I need your passports.” Which all of us were like O_O ‘wtf?’ handed it over and just sat there like wtf.

She gave us a ticket for the car, told us the ferry will board at 4:45pm, when drive forward & some guy stamped it and told us where to park. Thats when the car just fell into silence and then I asked Leilani to show me the directions on her phone. Yea the fucking ferry we just paid $77 for was taking us into Canada & then we’d drive a few & then have to take ANOTHER ferry.

Plus it was only like 2pm or some shit and that’s just crazy to sit here and wait that long for a fucking ferry knowing you’d have to be taking another one & no idea how long we’d have to wait for that ferry. So I told Leilani to look up direction to Seattle from where we were, to see how far of a drive that was.

It ended up being like an hour & a half drive and there were ferries leaving at 3:45 & 4:30, so after arguing with Leilani to go back inside & see if we could get a refund, her & Katie went in to see if we could get a refund and leave.

LUCKILY they were and we halled ass out of there and back through Port Angeles towards the Kingston Ferry. The other plus to this route was there was only ONE ferry & then 3 hour drive to Vancouver, which would put is arriving at our hotel around 7pm.

We get to the Kingston pier or whatever it’s called and miss the 3:45 ferry, but pay $15 for the 4:30 one. So not only did we pay less for this ferry but we would also be leaving before the other one (since yea it was loading at 4:45 but it actually left at 5:15).

The Kingston Ferry

The Kingston Ferry

Watched the rain fall & these huge ass seagulls fight over food, before they loaded us onto the ferry, which then Leilani lost her damn mind because we had never been on a ferry WITH A CAR, haha.

I had to go to the bathroom so me & Leilani went and find the bathroom, she went first & then I did. Doing my business when I hear this indian couple arguing outside the door, when all of a sudden the door opens & a guy was like O_O

Which I was like O_O

Da fuck? I thought the door was lock AND on top of that I’m gonna have to kill Leilani cuz she LEFT ME! SOLIDER DOWN!

Luckily they were probably as embarassed as I was because they weren’t outside the door when I left to go back to the car, haha.

Our rental can drive across water, trufax.

Our rental can drive across water, trufax.

Got back to the car and had to deal with my small case of sea sickness & Leilani’s retardness with how cool she thought it was to be on the ferry in a car, lol.

Finally the ferry docks and we leave to start our 3 hr drive to Vancouver.

71 Miles To Vancouver

Which the drive ended up not seeing like it took 3 hours, but that might of been just because we all kept reading the ‘food signs’ and everytime we’d yell ‘Taco Time!’ if there was a Taco Time listed on it, haha.

Pulled up to the canadian border & Leilani lost her shit, dunno why, lol. I of course was nervous as hell, because at this point we were so tight for time that if we had a delay (even though it was like a 30 minute wait line) we might miss the Bobby Long show. We still had to check into the hotel, find an ATM and HOPE it gives me Canadian money (haha yes i was thinking this) andthen go pick up my new twitter frie nd Brianne.

Canadian Border

The Canadian Border

Finally it’s our turn at the border person’s booth, which Leilani falls silent out of no where, haha. He asked us maybe 6 questions, handed us our passports back and that was it O_o

And here the whole time Leilani is pretty much telling us we’re gonna get butt raped with questions O_o

We then turn on our new favorite song which has been dubbed the Canada Song which is the Christian Bale remix. You know the audio of him telling some guy off on the terminator salvation set? Well they remixed it unto this techno dance type of thing and it’s really addicting, especially with all the f bombs, haha.

First thing that hit us with the BEAUTIFUL smell of Canada, which smelled like someone took a gigantic piss then went and gathered all kinds of different animals’ poop mixed it in with the puddle of piss & just let it sit and dry out in the sun.

It smelled DELICIOUS!

Finally entering the city the first thing I realize is we need gas, so I’m about to turn into this Chevron when I look up at the price and saw that it said 112.7


Yea we were all like, “Um wtf does that mean?” haha. We decided just to check into the hotel and ask the front desk guy what that meant since like I said we were kinda tight on time.

To get to downtown you gotta go over this bridge and I dunno what it was but looking at the buildings in downtown for some reason reminded me of the end of the world. It was like driving into a deserted city, it kinda freaked me out to be honest.

Welcome to Downtown Vancouver

Welcome to Downtown Vancouver

Get into downtown Vancouver and it’s totally not what I expected. It’s like NYC mixed with New Orleans; its dirty and old and just so not what I expected it at all. For some reason I guess I was expecting a more natural type of setting, but oh was I surprised, haha.

Found our hotel which me & Leilani both said a “oh…” when we saw the sign, haha. Pulled up & I got out to check in just to be told we were gonna have to pay an extra $80, blah. Luckily he took US Dollars since that’s all we had at the moment. Asked him where the nearest ATM & Bank was (so I could get money out & Katie could exchange her US money) and then went up to our room at 226.

First thing I did while everyone was unpacking was tested the wireless internet we were guaranteed & yea there was none at all.

Made Leilani call down to see what the hell was up, which since it was grandpa around the desk he had no idea what the fuck she was talking about & just repeated what he told me at the desk. Which then reminded me that he did say something about the connection being very weak & having to move towards the center of the hotel.

So I took my laptop out to by the elevators and yea totally worked fine >:O

Not gonna lie, up until that point I was freaking out because when we got to the canadian border I turned my phone off and then just to get to our room to see we have no internet, I freaked the fuck out, because we didn’t know where the bobby long show was at our how to get there. So I NEEDED internet so I knew how to get there, but Leilani ended up just saying ‘fuck it’ and turning her phone on to help us get there.

Everyone got ready and we left to go pick up Brianne at the Sheraton which was right up the street from us, haha. Funny thing is I was actually walking up to the Sheraton to see if they had an ATM, so right as I got to the bellhop/valet people to ask them, Brianne came walking out the hotel, haha.

Ended up being a 7-11 right behind the hotel, so I took her back to where the car was parked, introduced her to Leilani & Katie and then took off for the 7-11.

The whole time I was trying to take money out of the atm, I kept asking if not praying that it would give me Canadian money & not US Dollars. Granted I figured it wouldnt since I was in Canada, but I dunno for some reason there was this fear that I would get US Money.

I giggled out loud when the Canadian money was spit out of the ATM machine. It looks like play money! haha

High roller in TWO countries, lol.

High roller in TWO countries, lol.

Ran back to the car and took off for the Bobby Long show at the Backstage Lounge. Which was an adventure all by itself trying to find, THEN having to find a place to park. Let me just say that the area it was in at night looks like a haunted carnival, which was alone creepy as hell, haha.

Once we did park, I realized that I forgot my professional camera O_o

So I went and got everyone into the show & then me and Leilani left to go back to the hotel to get the camera, haha.

Got the camera and got back to the venue, which we did get lost again, but got there right before Bobby started playing at little after 10:30pm, haha.

Stood dead center about 4 people back, which was fine with me until this girl with a HUGE FUCKING HEAD AND HUGE FUCKING HAIR that she had put up all ‘pretty’ stood right in front of me >:o

Brianne ended up helping me move more to the left of the stage, which I then spotted a small spot up front that no one was standing in, so I cut through the crowd to the spot and sat on the stage for the whole show.

Bobby Long performs at Backstage Lounge in Vancouver.
Bobby Long performs at Backstage Lounge in Vancouver.

Words can not explain to you the amazingness that is Bobby Long. I remember before I left Leilani to go sit on the stage that I told her something was wrong with him and it made me sad. Then as I sat on the stage halfway through his set (which he wasnt talking much) he said something about him being depressed, which really made me sad, because I totally could pick up on it and felt bad and then for all the twimoms that were there to still be acting all flirty with him, when he’s clearly upset with something, but he did still made a few jokes, still didnt shake off the really sad vibe he was giving off :(

At one point towards the end of the show I get a tap on my shoulder & look over at Brianne that was trying to mouth something to me, but I didnt understand, so she gave me her phone and saw all these tweets about some of the cast members being at the show.


Yea that messed up my whole night, but a HUGE part of me wanted to stay and watch the rest of Bobby’s set, but then the other part wanted to at least get a glimpse of the cast that was there, because to be honest I didn’t have my hopes up at seeing them at all this whole trip, just so I could handle the disappointment. So I wait til Bobby finishes the song he was singing and then left the crowd.

She told me that supposedly Nikki Reed, her boyfriend Paris, Jackson, Elizabeth, Kristen & Robert were there and standing somewhere near the door/merch. We ended up walking to the bathroom to see if we could see anything, which I didn’t, but once we got in the bathroom Brianne thinks she saw Nikki & Elizabeth.

Some lady that was in the bathroom said that Elizabeth took some pictures with fans in the bathroom, so not to take away from the show, but other then that no one was bothering them, which I thought was good.

We then thought the show was almost over so we decided to go outside hopefully to catch them leaving. Which was not the case at all, the show ended up ending like 30 minutes later and what went from like 4 papz & just maybe 4 fans outside, turned into triple that and this crazy shit happened….



All my friends at home are gonna hate me since I’m the one that filmed this video.

It was probably the saddest thing I’ve ever seen (well i dunno the whole Remember Me set was pretty depressing). One thing I thought was funny was I stood right next to the front of the taxi trying to record and EVERYONE and I do me EVERYONE was glued to the back passenger door which is where Rob was, fighting for a shot.

As soon as the taxi started to leave people started crowding around me, since the taxi pulled up and stopped right in front of me, which is when that drunk girl screamed out “Kristen you’re a bitch!” No idea why she said that, but she was drunk off her ass, granted that shouldnt give her an ‘thats ok’ reason for saying it.

And if you guys know me, i’m not a Kristen fan at all, but even I WOULDN’T of said that to her, especially in that situation, I felt so bad for her and Robert with how crazy the papz & fans were.

But for those of you that want to track down and kill the girl that said that, she’s the girl that says ‘i dont give a shit, i wanna go home’ in my video, lol.

¬†After that I went back inside, because i wanted to talk to Bobby, guy at the door (like before) wouldn’t let me in because of my big ass camera (I guess once the show is over i’m considered papz? since they didnt care either – seriously i asked AJ Mclean and he didnt care [sorry the guy was trying to look like AJ from BSB so we kept calling him that all night]), so I gave Leilani my camera to hold and he let me in.

Bought a shirt & poster, yea got the hook up, Phil is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Talk to Bobby for a few seconds, but he was still trying real hard to fight off the depressing vibe, but it was still there, especially in his eyes. He signed my poster and rolled it up, which I joked about how he should get tipped for doing that & that I would of but I didnt have anything smaller then a $20 lol.

I asked for a picture, which he explained he would but he had to leave in 10 minutes for a flight and if he took one he’d be stuck taking tons, which i totally understood, he didn’t have to explain at all, i just thought i’d asked. It was just really sad to watch him explain, cuz he looked like he thought I would hate him if he didn’t take a picture with him, which just made me think that I’m sure some twi-mom/hards gave him lip for that very excuse.

Ugh, i can’t stand this fanbase for realz. Well wait fanbases in general, jesus – Lightning/Rejects/Twilight *shakes head*

After that we all left, took Brianne home, which consisted of driving through Cracktown Vancouver on Hastings, lol.

Dropped her off & went back to the hotel & crashed.

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