Seriously only 2:57am?

Only way to make my eyes stop burning from being away since 6am YESTERDAY.

Only way to make my eyes stop burning from being away since 6am YESTERDAY.

I have pretty much been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I did my fitness for yesterday & took a shower like I said I was going to do. Then waited til my mom got home to borrow her car (i barely have any gas) to go get Leilani. Was a bit freaked out by the fact that our Magicial Marquee was turned off. Usually everytime I pass this specific marquee it has a pretty awesome quote of wisdom that for some weird reason always tends to relate to whatever i’m going through at the moment.

And in this case where we’re about to leave on this trip and it’s off, yea that kinda freaked me out O_o

Get to Leilani’s house and OH MY FUCKING GOD she’s hyper as hell because she’s so excited for this trip. It still hasn’t hit me, in fact I’m still more nervous then anything else. We go straight to Borders to copy down some addresses from this $12 ‘Tour Twilight’ book that really is no point in my fishing out that money when I could just write down the few addresses it has in it and be on my merry way.

To think we might have the real thing the very next day.

To think we might have the real thing the very next day.

So we leave Borders once we’re done, NO IDEA why i didnt think to look through some of the Vancouver books, but by the time i DID think of that we had settled in my room with KFC and was watching ‘Taken’ which I had never seen, but had wanted to for so long & omg such a good fucking movie. I mean the ending sucked with how it just ENDS, but we can’t everything, now can we? haha

After which we just sat around watching tv (Three Amigos – LOVE THAT MOVIE), I continued to slowly pack and slowly be distracted by the internet like I always am. Showed Leilani some videos including the drunk video that she wont let me upload to youtube for WHATEVER reason, so in subsitution I’ll show you this one….

After that since I really didnt have much else to do & it seemed like the list I made earlier wasn’t getting anything crossed off of it, I offered Leilani my computer to register or Vancouver trip into the U.S. Department of State and I went into the computer room and printed out all the receipts (car, hotel, etc.), which knocked off one of the things i needed to do on my list :)

When I got back into my room, Leilani gave up and decided to go lay down for a bit before heading to the airport. Which I have of course been sitting here in front of the computer ever since trying to remember what else i’m probably forgetting to do or pack, but coming up blank :(

Oh man I’m starting to get one of those tired headaches, lol.

*continues to pack*

FINALLY it’s getting closer to leave, cuz now it’s almost like i’m just doing stuff to keep my ass awake, man I have a feeling i’m forgetting something i’m definately gonna be pissed about if I dont bring it *sigh*

OH SHIT! I just remembered I was supposed to cut Leilani’s bangs for her tonight O_o

*goes back to packing*

Totally just repacked my 2 bags, haha. I’m taking one of those rolly suitcases (1st time ever) and a bookbag as my 2 carry on bags because I dont play that $15 a bag to check them in. And well my book bag is a WEEEE bit too big to be the bag I have to put under the seat in front of me, so I had to figure out a way to flatten that bitch a bit more, haha.

Well hello 4am, thank you for finally fucking showing up, haha.

Wait didnt Leilani say she was setting her alarm to go off at 3:30am to wake her up O_o

I bet she didn’t even hear that shit, lol.

*goes to check on her*

Haha her alarm was supposed to go off at 2:40am, lol.

Oh hai awkward pimple, thanks for showing up RIGHT BEFORE A TRIP >:o

Angelina is on the way to come pick us up to go to the airport, so i’ll be tweeting from here until we get to the hotel. So make sure to check my twitter from time to time for updates –

Bye BBz – next stop Seattle :)

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